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on January 2, 2006
I got this unit for Christmas this year and at first I was generally pleased with its performance despite the ugly silver painted plastic. Then today I turned it on to preheat it, left the kitchen for a moment and heard a crash. Returned to find the glass door had exploded and sprayed glass bits all over my kitchen. B&D office is closed today so I can't contact them about this yet.
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on December 4, 2006
My glass door exploded too. B&D wanted to:

1. Send me the same model again.

2. Charge me for shipping and handling for their trouble.

After some work, they agreed to send a different model and wave the s & h. I can't believe they haven't had a recall yet.
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on January 23, 2008
I think B and D sold off their toaster oven division because they were for most part, crap. We have bought 6 of the mountable type and they all lasted LESS THEN 2 years before they stopped working for one reason or another. How ridiculous is that? We have a tiny kitchen so the mountable model was perfect for us=or so we thot. But they were all crap. I give up. I'm going back to Cuisinart. I'll never buy anything from Black and Decker again.
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on December 12, 2005
We bought this oven at Target about 18 months ago. Oven worked OK, not great. It toasted bread fine but more "cooking" type functions, such as heating up frozen garlic bread, seemed to take forever. The biggest problem, we later learned however, is that the design of the curved glass door seems to be inherently unsafe. My wife was using the toaster to heat something up the other day when the glass door spontaneously EXPLODED, not just shattered, spraying glass up to 5 feet away. Fortunately my wife was not injured but the food she was making on the stove nearby was ruined due to all the glass debris. Needless to say, the toaster was "toast".

We called Black and Decker to report the issue and they referred us to a different company that manufactures the product for them. The other company (I cannot recall the name) said they no longer manufacture this model (go figure) and they were unwilling to offer a replacement of another kind. Both companies, B&D and the contract manufucaturer, were more or less unconcerned about the safety issue.

Beware of this model. I'm sure there are much better ovens available from other manufacturers for a similar price.
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on March 15, 2010
Mounted under cabnet to save space works great for toasting or cooking small portions with out having to turn on the big oven
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on January 27, 2006
If you read my review of the Black & Decker TRO-355, this is the one replaced it with. (Applica bought B&D's household appliances division, but they still sell the products under the B&D brand.)

I hate that it's not mountable. I'll never understand why B&D decided to discontinue under-cabinet mountable toaster ovens. What's the advantage of having a toaster oven take up precious counter space and be inconveniently low besides?


There are three controls: one dial to control the baking temperature, another to time the baking cycle, and a third to time the toasting. Why are there three dials? The first dial must be in the Off position for the toasting dial to operate, so why not eliminate the toasting dial and let the baking timer control the toasting cycle, too. B&D needs a new user interface engineer.


I use a toaster oven primarily for toasting bread. The first thing I noticed is that, even on the maximum setting, it doesn't toast sufficiently. The maximum setting doesn't even start to brown the bread. I suspect it's because the extra height of the oven means that the top and bottom heating elements are too far away to do the job. So I have to set it to Dark, wait a couple minutes, then turn it up to Dark again. Of course, after it's warmed up, it can toast subsequent pieces quite well. Unfortunately, I rarely need to use it twice in a row.


The glass door is curved. The manual practically drools over the special "curved door." Why? The only thing it does for me is make it take up more room. (I read the reviews about the glass door shattering. Fortunately that hasn't happened (yet). I'll be sure to update this if it does.) I'm more disappointed that this model doesn't automatically pull out the rack for you when you open the door. Every time I use it, I have to get a utensil or a hot pad to pull out the rack. And when you close the door, crumbs that fell onto the open door slide down the "curved glass" and fall onto your counter, instead of inside the oven into the crumb tray.


I really like the baking timer--being able to heat something up for 20 minutes and not worry about forgetting it's on is wonderful. Unfortunately, if you forget to turn the temperature dial back to Off, the next time you toast something, the heating elements won't turn on. The oven will chime to signal the toasting cycle is over and you'll wonder why everything is still cold. (Yet another reason to combine the two dials.)

Safe but annoying.

I like the stand-offs they put on the back so that you're forced to provide sufficient room for air circulation.


All in all, I'm unhappy. If I'd bought it, I'd return it, but B&D sent it to me to replace the TRO-355 (which failed a week after I bought it) so I'm stuck with this. B&D toaster ovens aren't what they used to be.
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on May 20, 2008
The toaster oven door exploded, spraying burning hot glass shards flying. If anyone had been near it, they could have been seriously injured. Easily, someone could have lost an eye.
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on June 6, 2006
The first review notes that there oven's glass door exploded. The same thing just happened to me. I was preheating the oven to broil something and there was literally an explosion with the glass door breaking and bits of glass blown over 12 feet to the other side of the room.

Black and Decker sent me a much more expensive model as a replacement but actually it is bigger than I wanted. Unfortunately they didn't have any white models available other than the exploding unit or the one they sent me.

I reported the incident to the Consumer Product Safety Commision. Clearly there was a batch with problems as I got mine arount Feb. 06, apparently close to the same time the other reviewer had their problem.
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on February 6, 2006
We had this oven less than two months. Was not too happy with it's ability to toast. I could have turned on my regular oven, and made my toast in it, in the time it "barely" toasted the bread.

But then.....my husband was making toast one night and the glass oven door EXPLODED everywhere, melting the vinyl kitchen floor in one area, from the heat of the glass. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but what a mess to clean up. Black and Decker were very helpful, and offered a new oven, but I told them not to send this type. Waiting to see what comes, but won't stand near it when it's running. I assume there is no recall, although many have had this occur. Beware!
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on November 15, 2006
Mine exploded last night! It never toasted worth a flip anyway, but made heating the kids' pizza an easier (and cheaper) experience. I haven't contacted B&D yet, but if they send me another one, I'll give it a shot. I'll just put a rope around the counter to keep the kids away.
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