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on April 22, 2015
I've read a few books in this series before so it was fun to go back to the beginning of this series to the early days of Harry 'Hieronymus' Bosch and interesting to learn of his time in the Vietnam war as a tunnel rat and the way in which it has shaped him. Written over 20 years ago, Harry now seems a little cliched in terms of antihero detectives (a loner, who drinks, smokes, forgets to eat, ignores his health, has few friends and pisses off his work colleagues) but nevertheless he is still very good as the honest cop who prefers to take his time to reconcile all the facts of a case and not jump to conclusions for an easier life.

The plot is complicated one, with it's origins in Vietnam involving some corrupt Vietnamese officials and some ex-tunnel rats who know their secrets. After an ex comrade of Harry's is found dead, Harry believes he has been murdered and suspects a link to a previous bank unsolved robbery and he is paired up to work with an FBI agent, Eleanor Wish. There are many layers to the plot and Connelly handles them masterfully, keeping a good pace and unravelling the story piece by piece. Even then the final revelations were a surprise to me.
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on May 4, 2017
This is the first in the Bosch series. It's a little dated, but a good mystery. I started to read it because the Amazon 3rd Bosch movie series is based on book 1 and 7. I can now see the similarities in story lines. Next I will read #7. But, you have to know what a Black Echo is. Read to find out. Hint, it's a military thing.
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on September 23, 2017
I gave Season 1 of Bosch on Amazon Prime Video only 3 stars, because it was too typical of a cop story. I gave Season 2 a chance to improve, and it did not disappoint me. When Season 3 came out, I couldn't wait to watch, and it was the best, so far. Rather than waiting for Season 4, I thought I'd check out Michael Connelly's page on Amazon, and I was surprised to find how many books he'd written. I ordered the first book, Black Echo, just to see how the whole thing started, and was into the story from Page 1. Connelly just has the knack: the story development, the working of phrases, the technical cop talk, and the humanity of his creation, Harry Bosch. After watching Titus Welliver portray Bosch for 3 seasons, I could see him in my mind as I read this book, and it absolutely enhanced my experience.
Connelly does not resort to pacing, chase scenes, and the like to drive the story. Nor does he leave the reader hanging at the end of a chapter, then change the scene in the next chapter, just to create tension. He just tells a damn good story and lets it play out. I 'm glad there are 20+ books on Harry Bosch, because I'm already addicted.
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on September 28, 2016
Very complex story you want to stay with to the end. But it's outrageously long with too much repetition. Considering how highly I admire the more current novels of Michael Connelly, my praise for this one is mediocre. I liked the ending although I thought it was rough hewn and deserved to be a bit smoothed out. All in all, if you settle in for a good story and don't care how long it is, you'll find the mystery fun to solve.
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on June 21, 2017
Below are a few of my favorite quotes or scenes from The Black Echo, then my thoughts at the end.
BOSCH is a methodical, traditional, superstitious and intriguing detective!!

 As one of Bosch's bosses was talking to him, Harry stopped listening to what he was saying and all that Bosch could think about was this guy's eyebrows. . . "Bosch decided that watching his eyebrows was like watching two caterpillars charging each other." THEN later. . . "The caterpillars seemed to quiver with fear. " LOVE IT! !

When he teamed up with J. Edgar for the first time .  .  .  
Hieronymus Bosch . . . Jesus, that’s your first name?” Edgar said. “Harry for short. How’d your momma come up with that one?” “She had a thing about fifteenth-century painters. It goes with the last name. Go check on the file, then call me back. I’ll wait here.” “I can’t even pronounce it, man.” “Rhymes with ‘anonymous.’” “Okay, I’ll try that.

 “Hieronymus Bosch.… The only thing your mother gave you was the name of a painter dead five hundred years.

 “Harry, be careful with that stuff about an inside man. If you go trying to sell that and it’s not true, you could give your enemies all they need to bury you.” Enemies, Bosch thought. Who are my enemies this time?

" Bosch had taken a shower, but his clothes were as fresh as the ashtray in a used car."

I really liked HARRY BOSCH - THE BLACK ECHO !!! And I have really enjoyed all of the Seasons of BOSCH on Amazon Prime! Great show! I am looking forward to the next book BLACK ICE and to the next season! Thanks Michael Connelly , I AM NOW A ADDICT OF HARRY BOSCH!
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on September 5, 2017
Thoroughly enjoyed the novel. Having read other police procedurals, thought it was a little flat. There wasn't much suspense or action. I felt that the plot just chugged along. Granted Bosch and Wish were trying to build a case and I understand the process of building one. The novel still seemed to be an uphill battle. The novel did touch upon some interesting pieces, such as Bosch's time in Vietnam, the connection between the Vietnamese and the diamonds and touched loosely on the Fall of Saigon in 1975. It wasn't as well constructed as his later books. Great intro to Bosch and the Bosch Universe. All in all it was a good read. Not sure if I'd continue the series, although it was his first novel, great writers only get better with time.
I'm still on the fence on whether to read another Bosch novel. I prefer his Haller series over Bosch.
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on August 1, 2017
Our introduction to the character Harry Bosch is skillfully done. The plot revolves around murder and high stakes theft which have their roots in Vietnam and the tunnel rats of the 1970's; as well as some self-serving South Vietnamese officials.
Harry's non-conventional character is developed well in this first installment of the Bosch series. In addition, the author leaves Harry's character room to grow in the future, as well.
Harry winds up with a love interest in FBI agent Eleanor Wish. Many authors provide the almost required girlfriend, but here we wonder if she's as straight an arrow as projected. The story, as it unfolds, is very detailed and full of twists; its sure to hold the readers' interest. Mr. Connelly ends with an epilogue which wraps the novel up very well.
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on February 4, 2016
Watched the Bosch Amazon Prime Original and cannot wait for the second. After power watching the season, I looked up the author. Since this was the first in the series, I figured that this was the best place to start. The story was fantastic and the character is great as well. I read most of the book on flight from PA to TX with some layovers. Finished and bought up the second. I have not cracked it yet as studying and work is taking up a lot of my time at the present but cannot wait to get into it. If you are a person that likes the genre crime/drama and action, this is a book for you. Loved each page and the characters.
Don't forget to check out the series on Prime. If that does not peak your interest in this author, just wait for more seasons. I know I am.
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on October 8, 2017
A lot of people like Michael Connelly. If you do, you might like Black Echo. I found the characters to be without much life to them. Bosch, the detective, an exception. Not that Bosch is on a level with Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe, he isn’t. But he is the central character in a lot of novels. Maybe he grows on you.

There is a fair amount of inside knowledge here. The police, other than Bosch, are not very capable. Nor is the FBI very sophisticated. After Bosch solves the crime, his FBI partner provides a long and emotionless addendum. It doesn't help. The story should be over. The additional material makes everyone seem both corrupt and stupid.

Still, people like this series. It is not terrible. Maybe a good book for a long plane ride.
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on March 24, 2015
I have read a couple of Michael Connelly books, though none in the Harry Bosch series. I recently streamed Bosch on Amazon Prime and was absolutely in love with the character and the actor that plays him. I'm really glad that I saw the 10 part season 1 first, since that allowed me to put faces to some of the characters, especially Harry. He is one of my very favorite characters! He is an excellent murder detective that is compelled to find the answers and the bad guys. He doesn't always follow police procedures, does things his way, and often gets in trouble for it. To me that makes him a more interesting character. Connelly has shown himself, in this book, to be a master at character development and capable of developing a strong, complex plot that easily draws the reader along to the very end. Harry is drawn deeply into the investigation because he personally knows the murder victim. Connelly entwines Harry's experiences in Vietnam into the investigation. This allows the reader to get to know Harry better than most first novels (in a series) do. He is a loner, who doesn't have a problem with being a loner, but who can be drawn closely to someone. You get to see how he handles IAD cops and superiors that he doesn't like and has no respect for. You even see what he does when (the right thing) when someone he knows and cares for disappoints him. I was really drawn in even though this is a very complex, twisting and turning, plot. There is some nostalgia in the reading because it takes place in the 80's (I think), so not many cell phones, lots of stops at pay phones to make calls (ah, the days!). I can't more highly recommend this book specifically, and this series. I LOVED it! If you like a great, complex murder mystery and police procedural, then this book is for you! It certainly was for me! I've already bought the next book in the series, The Black Ice.
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