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on July 6, 2014
I feel kinda bad for giving this great book by Greig Beck only four stars, because it was another great romp through the world of the unknown even though the unknown is in the farthest hidden corners of our own back yard. I think the Arcadian series is one of the most original concepts that has come out in the last few, vampire and werewolf infested, years. The idea of a Super Soldier is not uncommon. But adding horror, ancient mythos, and urban legends into the mix is quite unique. I have truly enjoyed this series and put all other material aside to read the Arcadian. So why give this one book four stars? The fact that the chronological order of this series is very difficult to keep up with kind of put me off. A brilliant marketing ploy? Maybe. because I had to end up buying them all to figure out what happens where. You start out with Alex Hunter in full swing and already what he is, before you ever found out how he got there or how he became the baddest and best that he is. I was so confused I had to go online to get the order in which they were written. Now, maybe that's how it just worked out but it did seem a bit of a 'self spoiler' so to speak. Most series are clearly marked and defined, but what happened to me is, I found out things that only later made sense, and I KNEW what was coming up. I knew how a certain character would meet his demise before finding out where he came from...?..Stuff like that. It was just more difficult to follow than a normal series. But it's not the first series I've ever read that started in the middle and went both ways before! And this book Black Mountain was just as good as the rest! And another good read.

In this story, the Arcadian awakes from a coma to find he has no memory of who he is, or where he came from. A coma induced by his miraculous healing abilities to neutralize and expell a deadly disease he contracted in the jungles of Paraguay, that had (so far) proven to be one hundred percent fatal to any normal human. But, Alex Hunter survives. He is alive but his memory is a total blank. Adira Senesh, the Israeli agent that he'd befriended on a mission in the dessert of Iran, fights to protect him from both their governments. She holds them at bay by promising them she will persuade Alex to divulge the secret of the Arcadian process...but,she in reality, has a wistful disire to fill in his memory with her own dreams of running away and being together...But when you are two of most skilled operatives in the world, and each from different countries, and each has billions of dollars worth of training (and for Alex, being an irreplaceable proto-scientific miracle) you don't just up and elope. But there time together as Alex heals has her wishing that they could just dissapear. But Alex's memory begins to painfully return;in a gush of blood from his nose, and a spike of blinding pain in the center of his head, he realizes (first) that he has mother. (Second) a mother who thinks he's long dead. A mother that, even though she is halfway round the world, he feels her terror and pain as she is attacked by a nightmare....a nightmare that's haunted the frozen peaks of his childhood home the Black Mountains of Nebraska since before the Paleo-Indians roamed, an old legend come alive. Alex bolts to find the answers to the memories bubbling up. Adira commits treason and runs with him...the Black Mountain awaits.
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on November 23, 2016
The book continues the adventures of Alex Hunter who ends up back home to look for his mother who is captured by a large beast and taken away to Black Mountain. The book starts off great getting the reader interested in this ancient beast but soon the plot turns to Alex Hunter who is awakened in Israel after being recovered from his previous adventure, This Green Hell. I wish Beck would have focused more on the plot regarding the beast because in the middle of the book the story seems to focus more on Alex Hunter trek to America. Don't get me wrong, this part of the book is great, with great story telling at an attack at a beach resort, and this plot alone could make a great book, but I was more interested in the beast than Alex getting there. This Green Hell was much more captivating than this one. Lets hope his next adventure Alex gets mixed up in focuses more on that adventure. 3 stars because even though I wanted more from the beast, both plots could have held their own in separate books.
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on February 15, 2017
Another really great book by Greig Beck. Every book in this series gets better and better. I love to read, love it. And my only negative comment that I will make about this entire series is that I wish there was more. Most series that I read, I get to the 4th or 5th book and I am hoping for it to end. Most series will just get to the point of over-expansion in an attempt to write another book, but this is the first series of books that I sincerely wish had 20 books in it.

The author is so creative in his writing style. He has a remarkable talent in being able to pull you into the action (which there is a lot of) and you feel as though you are a part of the story.
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Four and a Half MASTERFUL Stars! "Black Mountain" is another wild literary ride by author Greig Beck detailing the latest exploits of super soldier Alex Hunter of the "Hotzone All-Forces Warfare Commandos" (HAWCs) and it covers a wide swath of time from 11,000 BC to 1935 to the current times at various locations around the world. In fact, so much is going on in subplots at various locations and is being written about so thoroughly and with such focus, readers may have to re-adjust their mindset back onto the main plot, as each subset plot is finished. Author Beck has jammed this novel full of personages who are the stuff of nightmares, terrorists and counter-terrorists, amazing recoveries by Alex, forensic oddities, mysterious disappearances, and lots of gruesome physical battles. We also see the return of the lovely and dangerous Mossad agent Adira Senesh from "Dark Rising" and Professor Matt Kearns from "Beneath the Dark Ice", plus other surprise characters. The novel opens with Alex recovering in Israel from the near-fatal activities of "This Green Hell", officially presumed dead by the USA and struggling to regain his physical and psychological strengths. Meanwhile, mysterious disappearances are occurring around Black Mountain in North Carolina and author Beck conjures up an accumulation of people who are involved in multiple action sequences that are highly imaginative and over-the-top. I won't give any more information, since the plot develops on many fronts and with many surprises. This is a great read with some 'back story' dependence on previous novels for full enjoyment, but if this is your first Hunter novel, it's best to just `go with it' to reap the best rewards of this particular novel. Author Greig Beck has imaginatively concocted another riveting page-turner, perhaps his best yet, that leaves the door open for various plots in the future, and it is Highly Recommended! Four and a Half CAPTIVATING Stars. (312 pages, reviewed in Kindle text-to-speech and text modes.)
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on February 23, 2014
I don't write professional reviews. What I can tell you is that I have read everyone of the Alex Hunter series and have not been disappointed yet. I don't know that I will ever be. Mr. Beck' s writing is excellent. I just wish our small one room library in Kansas could get his books. They are extremely spell binding. You have no idea how it's going to end until the very end. He definitely has me hooked. I really like to read the notes at the end of each book. Please keep up the awesome work.
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on September 7, 2013
I really, really wanted to like this novel.

Beck has created one of the most interesting characters in a long, long time. He is the Mitch Rapp of "other world adventures." The early books were incredible, I really enjoyed them.

I did not like this book at all. There is very little here to add to the character.

There are a lot of "good bits."


The scene with the terrorists was very good. The death of his mother was not. In fact the "big foot" monster is neither interesting nor scary. Yes, yes, "he/big foot" kills a lot, yes it is very bloody, but no, it is not interesting.

The local police chief is a good character. Matt from the first novel shows up and the author mentions that he might show up again as a member of the team.

I generally run when I see the following descriptions: "big foot", "possessed children", "alien parasites", etc. Why? Because they are boring. I have yet to read a novel that makes any of them interesting. Too many books, too little time. And I, because of Beck's excellent earlier novels, read Black Mountain, even though I knew it had a "big foot." And it was boring. The "big foot" is tedious and not interesting. Look, Beck has to try and make this a "sympathetic character." Why? Because it hides. It is man who has forced it to do bad things. You can get into a philosophical discussion on how it is man who creates all his own problems and all his fears are based on ignorance. I know that. But I want a "real" terror, not a philosophical diatribe against man.

I know that is not what Beck was attempting. But for anyone writing about "big foot" or "yetis" or "Saq" there is absolutely no where to go. It is like all those people running around in the woods with the absolute WORST camera they have "looking" for big foot. And all they get, after all these years, is some hairy something, possibly a guy in a hairy ape suit, with big feet running around.

The "Indian" was very interesting, the "legends" were interesting, the "hunt" for information was very interesting, but not much else. Again, stupidity is a primary motive amongst the people "on the ground." "Yes, people are dying and there is a lot of blood and we have found very suspicious things, but, nothing that can't be explained away by bears or lions escaping." Nothing to see here, move along.

I don't think that massive doses of mangled flesh or blood or torn limbs are the stuff of good writing or movies.


Beck kills off Alex's mom. And with her death, her dog is killed, too, trying to defend her. I absolutely hated that scene. There was so much potential there. Perhaps Beck was attempting to show that Alex is truly alone, that he is more a creation that a human. So be it.

And another huge problem. The author makes a point that modern weapons cannot kill this big foot. BUT Indians from hundreds of years ago almost hunted them to extinction and managed to scare the "Bigfoot" so that they ran away.

Not buying it.

And finally I really hated that Arcadian has become a template for out of control automatons. Extra strength makes you crazy and there are "deranged" scientists waiting every where to feed more human beings into the maw of science.

Beck had created a great character, he placed him in interesting environments, though I found "Green Hell" to be a little tedious. But, still good enough, just not up to standards. Though I understand that "Green Hell" is a touch stone to explain Alex's transformation.

This book is worth at least one reading. AND it is important, not for big foot, but for Alex's "growth" towards what he will become.
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on December 20, 2012
I've read all of Greig Beck's books and truly enjoyed them all. This one, like previous ones continues the saga of Alex Hunter (the Arcadian), a biologically enhanced soldier/leader of a special operations military force. Typically, external threats are centric to Hunter's exploits. This one has a very personal connection for him. It's fast paced, possesses an interesting premise, difficult to put down at the end of each chapter with the suspense and excitement making you want to continue. It's very obvious the author does extensive research which allows the blend of science and fiction to be so believable.

Then why only 4 stars? To me, the underlying premise (think Bigfoot) isn't as well developed as those in previous books. I was also put off that all remaining personal connections to Hunter's past were eliminated (think killed off). Of course, this is science fiction so anything is possible within the Alex Hunter grand plan.

If you're a first time Greig Beck reader, I would recommend at least reading This Green Hell before Black Mountain since it establishes the back story for this book. Am I glad I read Black Mountain? Absolutely! Will I continue reading Greig Beck's upcoming books? An emphatic yes!
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on November 30, 2013
I have enjoyed Beck's other books on the Arcadian, but this one is very disappointing. The writing is over-the-top in many places, and it makes me begin to wonder if he even wrote it - or if maybe I was too uncritical in reading his other books. The emotions of every character are stated in the most obvious terms, with nothing left to the imagination. The characters say things out loud that no one would ever say, and it's almost embarrassing (for the author, that is). Then there's the science: this is the first of his books that explicitly discusses DNA and genetics, topics about which I am an expert. Unfortunately, he gets the details of the science and the technology (of DNA sequencing) wrong in multiple places. This doesn't really affect the story but it would have been easy to get them right. It's jarring if you know the facts. This is my fourth Beck book, but it will be my last.
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on August 21, 2014
I finished the book today. I loved it. Mr. Beck improves with each book. The story this time takes place right here in the U.S. I was skeptical when I saw that as I loved the ones in exotic locals, however the story is flawlessly written. Also I noticed no typo's ect, I do get angry with e-books that have them. I would love to encourage all to read Mr. Beck, however I feel to know the story, you need to read them in order.
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on September 30, 2013
I genuinely like Beck's writing style and particularly his research that is tightly-woven into the story line. I am also a big fan of his character, Alex Hunter. However, I was sadly disappointed with this book. First it was too difficult to believe and second, it was not well integrated. It had Alex being pursued by various agents trying to kill him (his usual problem for a superhero!), and then his own demons in his mind, and then on to a mountain to fight a bunch of monsters that have been living in a cave for eons. The other characters were poorly developed and the story dragged to a boring ending. I would skip this book and go to others such as "This Green Hell."
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