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on March 17, 2014
Not long ago I found and fell in love with what I thought and still may be the ultimate " power metal band ", that being Swedens own Hammerfall. I was hooked ! However recently a friend told me to look up the song 16 6 Six Times Dead and take a listen. Before I could stop myself I was buying every Primal Fear cd I could get my hands on and only like having the Devils Ground, and New Religion to having the whole catalog and yes I am a very happy metal head.

Being a collector who prides himself on connecting the dots from bands to bands and musicians, I kicked myself for not pursuing Matt Sinner and his work with Sinner on to this band. I knew of it I just never took a listen , until now.

Now back to Black Sun. This is a great piece of power metal , which tells the story of an exploration into space to a place called the Black Sun. It may sound sappy, but believe me its not. Primal Fear brings it all great duo guitars , ripping solos. double bass and well placed not just speeding thru the songs and vocals that are top notch.

I will agree that Primal Fear may at times seem to be carrying on the torch of Judas Priest with their sound however , I prefer to say that it is a mix of Priest, Hammerfall, with the heaviness of Accept or perhaps a Udo cd. A lot of people whom I know only took to power metal due to the absence of good metal releases in the 90s thru today , I being one just due to it was hard to find good power metal that could stand on its own. I found that with Hammerfall , and now Primal Fear.

Black Sun is a great piece of power metal ! It may not be the best of PF Im finding it hard to rate them against each other at this time being that Ive bought so much during the same time period. But its sure made an impression on me being my first purchase.

Im currently very much into the Jaws of Death also which is a killer PF release. The bottom line is that if you are into metal and of course the European power metal such as Hammerfall , you need to start adding Primal Fear to your library I don't think that you will regret your decision. If your on the fence , take a look over on you tube. A lot of their whole albums are listed there ready for your listening pleasure and if your like me you will like what you find !
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on February 24, 2008
"Black Sun" (2002), Primal Fear's fourth full length album, takes what worked so well on Nuclear Fire and adds more. A little more heaviness here, a little more melody there. More attention to songcraft generating even more memorable songs. The result is, in my opinion, Primal Fear's best release to date.

Many of the highlights on this disc are found in the first third, including the riff-laden "Armageddon", the energetic "Lightyears From Home" and the catchy mid-tempo "Revolution".

But it's misleading to talk about highlights as this album is consistently engaging. There are no weak tracks to speak of. There are no embarrassing instances where a song intro from Judas Priest's Painkiller album has been recycled, as on Nuclear Fire ("Kiss of Death" = "Hell Patrol") and Devil's Ground ("Sea of Flames" = "All Guns Blazing").

One of the things I love about this CD is its diversity, while remaining very much a heavy metal album. The thrash of "Fear" soon gives way to the melodic "Magic Eye". Then comes the ultra-heavy "Mind Machine" followed by "Silence", a power ballad that doesn't skimp on the power. Sometimes the diversity is found in the same song, e.g., "We Go Down" starts out like a ballad and then morphs into a heavy rocker. This variety is one of the reasons the "Black Sun" album holds your interest throughout.

Some may prefer "Nuclear Fire" to "Black Sun". I'll admit the former may have an edge when it comes to pure speed. But arguing about which one to buy is like arguing whether you'd prefer free diamonds or free platinum. By all means get both if you can.
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on October 18, 2009
First off, a note about the main attraction, vocalist Ralf Scheepers. Anyone who's talked to me about Primal Fear has known that I have jokingly refered to Primal Fear alternately as "Primal Priest" and "Judas Fear", but with good reason. All you Judas Priest fans out there will immediately note a resemblance to the vocals of none other than Rob Halford. In fact, legend has it that Scheepers himself tried out for Judas Priest, the job ultimately landed by Tim "Ripper" Owens. Still, I've got to say that Scheepers sounds like a mighty strong contender.

With that out of the way, let's move on to the music. Strong, solid musicianship, also reminiscent of Judas Priest, as well as Iron Maiden. Twin harmonized guitars kick in from time to time, doing their forebears proud. Detuned guitars also make an appearance in the song "Mind Machine".

"Countdown to Insanity" kicks off the album, with subtle sound effects such as a rocket launcing, and chime-ish sounds before slamming into a heavy riff, establishing the overall mood, theme and tone of things. We next go into "Black Sun", a song with a faster tempo, taking you into orbit with the album's protagonists. "Armageddon" is very catchy, and hooks you in. "Lightyears From Home" also keeps the ride going good. After that, a couple of ho-hum tracks that I could take or leave from a musical standpoint, before "Magic Eye" and "Silence" bring us back on track.

Lyrically, Black Sun's content seems to be largely sci-fi fare, and most likely dystopian in tone, given the song titles and what I've parsed from the lyric insert.

"A last goodbye" is referenced in the song "Silence", possibly the protagonist's thoughts towards loved ones on his homeworld. But this isn't a sappy ballad, oh no! Musically, this flat out rocks! So anyway ... yeah, you out there writing a sappy ballad! Take notes from this song! The Primal Fear boys did this one right.

So, long story short. If you like metal, and you like sci-fi, then by golly, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

The weaker tracks *almost* made me take off a star. But then, they don't offer half star ratings here. And even that would be a grave injustice to this remarkable work.
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on June 26, 2015
this is an instant modern power metal classic, easily in the spirits of the heavier aspects of Judas Priest. if you want proof, just listen to the title track. afterward, i'm willing to guarantee that you'll be scouring your home for the nearest broadsword and viking helmet....or suit of armor if vikings aren't your thing. point is: this album is the epitome of epic.
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on March 3, 2010
This album is fantastic. Power Metal with a hint of Priest at its best. Even though all PF's albums are Power Metal with Priest, I believe the percentage of each varies depending on the album. I think their first 2 albums (PF and Jaws...) have more Priest than Power, then the following 3 (Nuclear..., Black Sun, Devil's...) have more Power than Priest and their next three (Seven Seals, New religion, 16.6) are more balanced, but also incorporated a more modern sound.

Black Sun, then, is more in the Power Metal side, an album as good as Nuclear Fire (or maybe even better), and much better than Devil's Ground (to me, their weakest effort). Almost all songs are superb, just a few "not so strong points". I couldn't list my favorite songs, because that's almost all of them. It'd be shorter to list my not-so-favorite (but still good): Mind Machine and Cold Day in Hell, that's it. The rest is excellent. A must have if you like the genre.
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on November 12, 2007
Well this cd was a good listen for sure, it had it's moment no doubt about that. However I found it to be missing something and it took me a few listens before I began to warm up to it. It doesn't have the catchy riffs of say Nuclear Fire and that in general takes away from the overall enjoyment of it.

These guys are pretty much Priest clones (painkiller years) when it comes down to what they bring to the table. However theirs nothing wrong with that and they are very good at what they do. Primal Fear will always give you a solid cd and this one is no exception. I just finds it lacks some killer riff here and their.

Overall it's a decent cd, just nothing spectacular!
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on September 25, 2017
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on May 24, 2015
amazing album
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on October 24, 2008
I was going to wait until I purchased Nuclear Fire before reviewing but I got an e-mail reminder asking me to review it so I thought I would while I'm still thinking about it. This is my favorite Primal Fear CD so far. Yes, Ralph Scheepers does sound very much like Rob Halford and they do play very fast like Painkiller era Priest but with each album you can hear them defining their own sound, especially during the last six or seven tracks. Whether or not you can classify this as Power Metal or Speed Metal is a matter of opinion. To me the line between the two is pretty blurry anyway. They really put together a great overall package with this one. Magic Eye and Mind Machine are my favorites.
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on September 18, 2015
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