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on August 29, 2013
I bought this item for my husband. It was a replacement for an otterbox that he had worn out. The price was amazing and my thought was even if it didn't last long, for the price, we could continue to buy replacement ones. However, after we ordered it for $3.07, it arrived very fast and the company even sent two. It has held up better then the otterbox that was purchased before. I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone!!! It's fabulous! Why pay $80 for an otterbox when you can purchase this for less then $5 and it works the same if not better?
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on October 6, 2013
I really like this case! I have dropped it so many times that it would have broken by now if it were in any other case! Easy 5 stars.
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on September 12, 2016
I bought this case back in 2014 and it was GREAT! I got the blue/black model with the blue being hard plastic and at that time the black was a flexible plastic. Tough to get on and off, but very stable and strong. Since that time they've cheaped-out and moved to a silicone based product. The hard plastic is still the same, but the black flexible plastic has been replaced by rubber-band style silicone. It's awful. Put it in your pocket and when you pull it back out half of the black silicone is still hanging on to your pocket, stretching and preparing to slap the tar out of you. And if you have it out already, you're constantly rolling the silicone around on it to get it back in its place. It's not a good design for anything but self torture.
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on January 14, 2016
This case is just like the Defender Case but a different brand.
Appearance: The colors of the case came out just as pictured on the posting. This is a two part case. The red case is a hard protective plastic and the black is a soft rubbery material and feels great to the touch.
Quality:At first I was not too happy with the quality when I first put it on my phone. The clear screen protector seemed to have some give to it and it was hard to type or touch the screen especially towards the edges. I decided to give it some time and after a couple of days the screen protector smoothed out and I didn't have a problem with it anymore. I also got used to the slightly different feel of it.
Durability: This case held up great. I have dropped my phone off tables and out of the car and there wasn't a scratch or a ding on the phone itself. The rubber has a non-slip feel to it and that has saved my phone a few times. The outside rubber has two flaps that cover the headphone insert and the silent toggle. To avoid additional wear, be sure to push the rubber flaps back in when not in use.
Overall judgement: I liked this case enough that I ordered it in a few other colors and could interchange the cases
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on July 14, 2015
I love this cover. It's the same cover that ATT tried to sell me for $50 (maybe more, can't remember exactly). This cover protects well (I've dropped my iPhone more times than I want to count, and have never had a problem. All parts function as they should--I can take pics without the case getting in the way I can set the volume quickly and easily. Charging is also easy. To sum up: all ports easily accessible.

I did have one problem, hence my 4-star rating. It took me days, literally days, to figure out how to insert my iPhone into the case. Two friends tried to help and had the same challenge. Then one day, it suddenly slipped into place. Now I can't get it off, but on is better than off, right? Hehe.
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on January 20, 2014
I wanted to save some money so I ordered this versus a major brand option. However, I didn't save any money because I've had to buy the major brand cover anyway as this one is pretty chintsy. The hard plastic is okay but the screen cover is too glossy and some of the paperboard mock up of an iPhone home screen stuck to it so I had to use some clear tape to cover it so that my phone's face wouldn't get sticky residue on it. Also, the silicone outer layer comes off its tracks on the hard shell inner layer quite easily and the little flaps for port access get caught on things and they seem like they will tear off pretty soon. The hard shell's front cut-out for the earpiece and camera lens isn't exact, the flap for earbuds has the hole for the jack in the wrong place. The silicone is nice for prevention of slipping, but generally this is a cheap cover and I'd have been better off buying an O_____ox cover to begin with. Lesson learned!
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on July 28, 2016
We no longer have an IPhone and this was purchased several years ago, but I can tell you how it held up. This case is nice and makes the phone easier to grip but it did not fit flush with the phone. There were gaps on the side and it was used while working in the field and the gaps allowed dirt to get inside. The case fell apart after six months. I am giving it three stars because it was used in the field. If you are not using this case in harsh conditions it will more than likely last much longer. My husband is very clumsy and dropped his phone many times and the phone stayed damage free from the impact. The only con was the gaps.
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Top Contributor: Coloringon December 30, 2015
I bought this for my dad. He doesn't use his phone much (he's a bit stubborn when it comes to new technology), but he really enjoys this case. He feels his phone is safer. He is able to use his phone without any problems with the case and doesn't feel like it is too bulky. He's had it for a year or two now and has never had any problems. It's durable and will definitely serve your needs if you're looking for a nice, basic phone case.
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on November 27, 2013
it was super cheap, so we thought we'd give it a shot..... but you get what you pay for right? haha... The silicone is SUPER flimsy, not to mention when i opened it, the chemical/rubbery smell was really strong. We put it back in the packaging to contain the smell as much as possible and threw it in the goodwill pile....we figure its not even worth messing with, that silicone would be ripped in a week at best! Good thing we ordered several different cases knowing that a least one would be garbage.....! i also ordered the "Huaxia Datacom Heavy Duty Hybrid Tough Grass Camo Shockproof Dirtp....." and its like night and day difference, its only a little bit more expensive than this one, but actually a really good case, better than an otterbox in my opinion..... spare yourself the loss of a few dollars and the disappointment and don't order this, look for something made by the other manufacturer that makes that camo one i mentioned....!
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on March 24, 2014
You really get what you pay for. I bought this case to protect my work phone and wasn't looking to spend too much money on a phone that i would have to return eventually. This is pretty much a cheap version of an otter-box type case. It is 3 pieces, 2 for the inner shell (front w/ screen protection and back), then one outer rubber shell. The rubber is no where near as sturdy as the otter box, but it still provides protection. One con to this case is that the bottom charger cover/flap does not stay closed all the time due to the cheap rubber.

On a side note if you like to peel the sides of the case and put it back, kind of like fiddling with the phone in your hand, you will stretch the rubber that much faster. I notice most otter boxes and gel type cases are always stretched around the sides because of this habit (myself included).
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