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on December 29, 2012
This is a must have for surface if you intend getting work done. The touch keyboard -in my opinion- is a joke. Did not add any significant thickness or weight over the touch cover. Very speedy and accurate typing. Highly recommended.
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on July 29, 2015
There have been a lot of complaints, both in the questions and the reviews, that when you attach the keyboard, only the track pad works but none of the keys. That just happened to me. I have a touch cover that works fine, so it wasn't a hardware problem with the tablet. And since the track pad on the type cover worked, I suspected the problem was not a defective keyboard. I followed the steps in the Microsoft troubleshooting guide on their website, but nothing worked. I definitely did not want to do a system recovery, as some here have suggested (and as Microsoft suggests as a last resort in their troubleshooting guide), for fear that it might not solve the problem and may additionally render my touch cover inoperative. So I did some research online and found a simple solution that worked:

1. Go into device manager.
2. Under other devices, you will find two unknown devices.
3. Double tap one, click on driver tab, click on update driver.
4. Click on browse my computer for driver software.
5. Click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers.
6. Select keyboard, then click Next.
7. Select HID Keyboard device and click finish.
8. Repeat for the second unknown device.

Hat tip to The Digital Lifestyle.

The keyboard now works fine, and now I can give it five stars. It's a beautifully designed, lightweight and fully functional keyboard that is much easier to type with as compared to the touch cover.
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on July 21, 2015
I have had my Surface Pro (first edition) for about 7 months now and I decided that I really needed the keyboard to get serious work done. Since I plan on putting a serious typing load on the keyboard, I felt like I needed to invest in the Type cover. So far after a month I have not been disappointed but there are a couple of odd things about the product.

-Superb typing feel just like my laptop
-Mechanical keyboard so it is very responsive and quick to type on
-Feels like a legitimate keyboard not a typical budget tablet one

-Sometimes it randomly stops typing which I think is a software issue in my Surface but I'm not sure
-Can be a bit load due to it being mechanical (you definitely hear the clicking)

-Has Russian characters in addition to English so that's cool I guess (they are faint so not distracting at all)

If you are looking for a keyboard for your Surface, this is a lightweight, heavy duty option highly recommended for school usage.
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on September 2, 2015
Get the package and I look at it and I notice it's been opened before. Not a big deal since the unit appears new, maybe it was returned unushed.

Look a little closer for any signs of use and notice that the keys on the keyboard are in fact a different shade of black, a shiny finish and not the same color (more charcoal / gray) as the rest of the keyboard. The printing on the keys seems a little off, look a little closer in the light and when you tilt it...

You can see the embossing of a letter under the middle of each key, which happens to be Cyrillic.

So apparently someone got a bunch of Russian versions of these keyboard and silk screened them to the US keyboard and are now reselling them.

Nice, now I've got to see if it will even work and I'm going on vacation tonight.

Thanks a lot for a rip off item.
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on December 4, 2014
I have my PHD in computer information science (computer networking) and a associates degree in computer programming and have had all kind of gadgets over the years. When I first bought the Surface RT 64GB I wasn't sure that I would even like it that much. I also bought a 64GB Micro SD memory card for it. After using it for a while I decided that I really liked it. So then I started to buy accessories for it. At first I bought the touch keyboard cover for it. But I found it not to be like a true keyboard that I was looking for. So I decided to buy this one. I found this to be just like a true keyboard and really like it. It feels like a real keyboard which makes it really easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone that has a Surface RT 32GB/64GB. I hope this helps you decide to buy this. Thank you for reading this little post.

Thank you
Professor M Brock
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon January 22, 2014
I started with a Surface. I liked it enough that I bought a Touch Cover.

I hated the touch cover. I could never effectively type on it, because there is no feedback. I am a touch typer and do not need to look at my fingers when I type, and I can type fast-- but the touch cover was never able to be a useful tool for me.

I broke down and bought this one and the difference is night and day. The ability to type and navigate went up to near laptop level. What I lost in hipness of a colored touch cover I gained back in the type cover productivity.

If you're bobbling between the two, I would suggest that you go with the type cover if you have any typing skills that you don't normally require to look at your fingers as you type.

If you type with index fingers, you might be ok with the touch cover.
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on October 12, 2014
I bought this keyboard 5 months ago and am still using it with my Surface RT.

PROS: Fits the Surface RT perfectly. Easy set up. Keys are easy to type with (though I have skinny hands and am accustomed to a keyboard with keys being close together). The cover protects my tablet.

CONS: (1) After 3 months of owning this keyboard, the keys no longer light up so it's difficult to see the keys when it's dark.

(2) Sometimes when I am typing for a long time (I use my Surface RT for personal emails, work and research), the mouse will not respond and I have to disconnect the keyboard and then connect it again.

(3) The track pad is fine for simple use (e.g. emails, typing up papers - only typing words needed), but it not convenient when you need to be precise with your mouse. E.g. when I use google maps to map out a run or if I am putting together images on a PowerPoint/Word document, sometimes the mouse is very delicate and if I am not patient, slow and precise with the mouse, the route/image will not go the way I want it to. I HIGHLY recommend getting a wireless mouse.

(4) Sometimes if I want to press a button by using my finger to touch the screen, and then I want to use the Type Cover to type something, the cursor will disappear and I cannot type. So I disconnect the Type Cover and reconnect. This has worked every time.

EDIT** I have had this keyboard since May 2014 and not sure what happened since I last reviewed this product, but now the keyboard buttons light back up again and I don't have any issues that require me to disconnect and reconnect again. The ONLY complaint I have is that the mousepad gets worn out and the mousepad left/right buttons are not as easy to use/not sensitive to touch. I recommend this keyboard with a mouse for your Surface. FYI I have the Surface RT (the first original one that doesn't adjust) with Windows 10.
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on September 9, 2014
I have had my refurbished Surface RT for about a month, it has worked flawlessly. I also bought this Type keyboard with the RT unit, and both fit together great inside of the Manvex case. I like the raised keys, and they have enough travel to feel like a real keyboard. I type really fast, so I wanted to be sure there was some tactile sensation to the typing. It is a silent keyboard as well, so when I'm flying on the keys, it is still noiseless. Normally I don't like chicklet style keys, but this feels like an actual large keyboard. I have big hands, and I have no trouble going from a standard keyboard to this one, and back (I use 3 computers at a time at work, typically) The length and width of the keyboard is actually about a key bigger than the keyboard on my HP laptop, so there is no problem wacking the wrong key. This was very pleasantly surprising, since I assumed that the Surface having a smaller screen than a laptop, this would be one of those tiny cramped keyboards. Not at all. This keyboard is a little thicker (less than a 1/4 inch) than the standard flat keyboard you see in the tv commercials, but it fits perfectly inside the Manvex case. I leave it on the tablet all the time, and wrapped up inside the Manvex folio case, it is very well protected. You won't be disappointed with this keyboard. (Based on another review, I purchased separately the Manvex Leather Folio Case cover for it, and it is an excellent match to the Surface RT and the Type Cover as all the reviews stated.)
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on September 6, 2014
what can I say this type cover is just plain bad ass the feel of the keys as im typing this review are completely natural and spring right back not even the keyboard on my main laptop has this natural of a feel to them I have only one small small issue with this type cover I wish it came in the range of colors that the touch cover did red black white cyan and magenta as far as ive seen the type cover does not come in red unless you get it with special designs skulls I believe digitally drawn on the back from Microsoft web store I don't think I have ever typed this fast naturally in years not since trying to learn back in high school
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on June 5, 2014
The Type Cover is a great accessory if you are purchasing a Surface. The Type Cover is made of a rubberized material on the keyboard side with sturdy responsive, click keys. I have found it pretty easy to type on, the keys are big enough as to not fat figure keys very offend, though it does still occur sometimes. It is a fulltime keyboard with arrow and function keys.

The trackpad on the Type Cover is disappointing for how great the rest of the cover is. It is really to small to do much of anything. I really don't use it much at all and would much rather have a mouse instead. The buttons are hard to find and my finger tends to drag across the pad rather than glide.

The back of the cover is covered in a felt like material that looks really cool but tends to pick up whatever dust and trash that is laying on the table you set the cover on. The connectors for the table are awesome, this thing will not fall off of the surface. Yet it is still not extremely hard to remove from the Surface.

The Type Cover really does complete the Surface making it a tablet to get stuff done. However this is a combo that works best on a desk and not a lap. I find that when I try to use the Type Cover in my lap it wiggles and moves around more than I'd like it to. But that is really the problem with the Surface in general. It works great, better than any table I've used, on a desk. But anywhere else it can be a bit awkward and cumbersome. This is the same with the Type Cover great on a desk, not so great anywhere else.

Pros: Great Key feel, looks great, connects to the tablet very well, great on a desk

Cons: Horrible trackpad, awkward on a lap.
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