Customer Reviews: Black Widow
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VINE VOICEon August 11, 2007
I'm a huge Willem Dafoe fan so I just picked this up at a flea market. It was one of the worst movies I've ever seen probably something film student made for fun.
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on October 1, 2007
This movie gets a star, I suppose, because I watched it as long as
I did. The opening scene of a small American town in winter, was
evocative (for the minute it ran) of a nostalgic energy quickly vanishing.
But the movie itself plodded on - I've seen better high school plays
and acting , truly. The contrast between a "darkly mysterious" Italian
woman (very young woman; collegiate)and a small-town house caretaker was missing entirely- it was as if these two were running through some lines- no developed characters, and certainly not interesting characters. The "house" was presented as something either special, important to the story, or both- but it too disappointed , being mediocre. A campy brief burst of "suspense music" (sounding like an elf under a toadstool blowing a bugle- did this film not have a budget?) alerted us to certain plot developments- that's good, because the movie was so boring, we could have missed the implications . I too am a Da-foe fan, sorry this missed the mark, and sorry I couldn't take my precious time to watch more, but after a 1/2 an hour or so, I said to my dog- "This isn't very good, Bubala, and
flipped it off.
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on May 25, 2011
I agree with the points made in "myxoplik's" review. This film is definitely more of an art film and nothing at all like what the box description says. We picked our copy up at a video store that was closing. My husband and I watched it together and were entertained but puzzled. But I didn't hate it by any means.

I re-watched the film about a month ago and now knowing not to expect the standard Hollywood type plot, I was able to take away a lot more from the nuances made in gestures and dialog. I quite like the film and I am glad we bought it. The unique style of the film almost gives you the sensation of being a voyeur into these episodes of the main characters lives. We don't know the "whole story" just what we see and hear in this present moment with them. I actually thought Defoe did a great job with his backward, secluded character. He is a delight to watch.

Yes, there is a horn type toot at one scene that is odd. After reading the review which mentioned it as being like an elf under a toadstool, I think of that when I see it and chuckle, but enjoy it none the less. The ending of the film is a bit of a shock, but it is meaningful. I think when you first see the film, you don't realize the importance of the opening scene...
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on January 22, 2008
I watched this movie twice, thinking I must have missed something the first time. Alas no, it was as bad as I thought. Surely an actor of Dafoes caliber is capable of much better, especially in the acting department.
The ONLY redeeming factor was the beautiful rendition of the song "Domani e un Altro Giorno" sung by Ornella Vanoni in the opening credits. I played it several times. Maybe the soundtrack would be a bigger hit.
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on September 9, 2007
Probably one of the worst movies ever allowed into wide release - awkward dialogue, amateur acting, no signs of direction. Willem Defoe is cool; one wonders how he could have been part of this project. He was one of the writers. Autobiographical? Whoever's got the money has got the power. Oh, wrong movie. But anything would have been better than this one.
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on May 9, 2013
whatever posessed Willem to play in this joke of a movie, we will never know. its the worst movieI have ever suffered through... on the other hand... we laughed through every scene... so this movie COULD end up being "cult".
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on November 7, 2010
Most people will hate this movie because it is very unconventional in style, storytelling and theme. It is mostly devoid of plot, action, humour, and even the dialogue is quite sparse and (deliberately) awkward. Instead, the film presents us with a challenging piece about isolation and detachment.

The best way I can put it is to say it's a lot like a Jim Jarmusch film, particularly "Coffee & Cigarettes" except without the comedy, instead substituting a brooding, haunting tone throughout the picture. Maybe it's a bit like "Last Tango in Paris".

The thing to realize when watching this movie is that it's basically a movie about a house. Filmed at the "Rubber House", named so for its twisted, black appearance, this film instills us with all the emptiness that you'd think a lonely house would feel. Characters come and go, and each character (as lonely and disconnected as the house itself) feels an inexplicable connection to the site as well as an affinity for each other, but relationships are always troubled and awkward. It's almost as if the house itself is a jealous, menacing presence that resists any attempts to make it into a happy home.

Although I'm dwelling on the house, it's really doesn't figure into the plot. So don't expect a horror story about an evil house like "Amityville" or "Burnt Offerings" (although the latter is a killer flick as far as evil houses go). Instead, this is a very real story, full of real characters and the monotony of real life, seen through the eyes of a bunch of reclusive misfits.

Despite the heavy subject, there's some well-timed levity, notably in the restaurant scene with the great Isaach De Bankolé playing the waiter (Jarmusch fans will recognize him as the weird ice cream man in "Ghost Dog" or the hilariously annoying busybody in "Coffee & Cigarettes: No Problem"). His perfect deadpan delivery makes the restaurant scene a real treat. The fact that there's no point *is* the point.

Definitely this is not a film for casual entertainment, and despite the spooky title "Black Widow" and misleading DVD description (some nonsense about a thriller mysetery), it's definitely not a heart-pounder. What it does deliver instead is a great melancholy vibe, perfect for a cold, rainy day. It's best watched alone.
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on October 3, 2010
I just watched My Son My Son What Have Ye Done? It wasn`t much better than The Black Widow or Anamorph. In my opinion this actor (Willem Dafoe) is really on a downward spiral and needs to salvage his career before it`s too late.
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