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on August 22, 2011
I bought this phone because all my friends had one and I want to chat on BBM with them for free.

APPS: The apps that are available for this phone are not that great, I've seen way better for the Iphone and for Android. Most of the good apps are not free. Only a few good ones are free, such as KAPLAN's GRE word app and's dictionary and thesaurus.

Operating system: It comes with 5.0 version of the Operating System but you can upgrade it for free to version 6.0.

Memory: It doesn't have a lot of memory so you will DEFINITELY need a memory card if you want to store more than 4 songs and some pictures on it. It comes with 35MB of storage space for music and that is woefully inadequate for today's phone user. There is much more space for apps though so you won't have to worry about that.

LOOKS: The phone is not very big but it is not small. Please buy a phone case and a screen protector so you can retain your phone's value and look for a long time. The keys are small but because they are kinda slanted you should not have a problem typing.

Warning, this phone takes FOREVER AND A DAY to boot up so please don't turn off your phone unless you absolutely have to.

BBM and BIS: You will have to dig into pocket when you get this phone if you intend to do anything with it because all IM apps, e-mail and such have to go through your Blackberry e-mail address and you will have to pay for Blackberry Internet Service in order to get the e-mail address. Depending on the carrier you use, you might have to spend about $20 extra per month for the internet service. I think that's because you have to access RIM's servers and you need to pay for that.

CAMERA: The camera takes pretty good pictures. I've seen better but this is pretty good. One thing that I've never seen on another phone, so far, is the video light. The video light is rather unique and is brighter, I have tested it, than the flashlight on a Nokia phone.

BATTERY: The battery life on this phone ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!! It cannot last for more than 12 hours or so. I have to charge my battery every single day and that is not cool.

CALLS: You can make calls from a lot of places on this phone. The calls are not that loud but it's ok. Speakerphone is also available. You can makes notes about what happens on each call and I like that a lot. You can also do pretty much anything on the phone while you are on a call. Also, if you want to make a call and you are, for example, playing a game you can just jump out of the game, make your call and jump right back into the game without losing your progress and that's awesome!

All in all, this is not the best phone ever (HTC has that) but this is a very good phone to have especially when it comes to keeping social.
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on January 3, 2014
It has no UMA capabilities. This model can't seem to do many the things my previous blackberry curve 9300 could do.
UMA. Send pics in a text, NO EMAIL!!! WOW!!! It is just a big disappointment as far as phones. Blackberry sure failed with this model!!!!
I now have to make the choice to down grade back to curve 9300 or spend a great deal more to upgrade to another addition that does have UMA... I'm just very disappointed in this model of blackberry.
Upside is... I did get truly great service and a great price here on amazon to find this out. So... I do keep that in mind... Its not the end of the world...
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on July 14, 2017
I am totally happy, since I bought the first Blackberry, and same this model, which has been my fourth. People, all, who have had BlackBerry, know what it means, fidelity, immediate response, quality and safety. Except the bug "object".
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on December 27, 2012
It is the worst phone I have ever gotten, cracked, peeled and broken. I am so surprised because I have been a regular customer of amazon and this is the first time I have been deceived. It beats my imagination that one can actually package a phone that is falling apart, that I would be hesitant to give out for free, lest the individual thinks I am insulting them, for sale as very good albeit fairly used @ d price of 130usd. I have had a Black berry curve for over 2yrs that has taken a lot of beating from my 2yr old and it is looks new compared to this one I bought on amazon.
I have never written a review but I usually read them before making a purchase, sadly I didnt read reviews before making this and it has cost me plenty.
I have requested for a refund but from their policy, I think getting one is as good as camel passing the eye of a needle.
To say I am upset, angry and disappointed is an understatement. I just writing these so others can learn from my mistake. If the miracle do happens and they refund even part of my money I would update on it.
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on April 15, 2012
Bought my phone from SellPhoneStop who delivered a refurbished phone that fell apart when my little daughter (2 feet tall) dropped it. Cam is no longer working, teh phone has trouble reading the memory card and the frame is all broken. Had no trouble in buying refurbished items, I'd like to know in advance though. SellPhoneStop is apparently no longer available, no wonder why! Amazon should take a closer look at the sellers because if they lie, Amazon will, eventually, lose customers.
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on January 4, 2012
I purchased Blackberry Bold 9700 phone from 11TH STREET WIRELESS INC through Amazon and till date this phone has given me a lot of trouble. I live in India and purchased it during my business trip and hence I couldn't return this phone as well. None of the accessories including charger, hands-free headphone seem to be functioning fine. The worst part is the battery. Even if I charge it fully, in the mid way the phone gets switched off causing a lot of annoyance. I replaced the battery once but no use. The USB charger also gives trouble sometimes. Sometimes, I am unable to open the SMS received by me and can't reply to the sender. I am using it since I paid a very good amount for it but really disappointed with this seller and even with Amazon. I am really repenting on my decision on buying this phone.

I have decided not to purchase any electronics goods from Amazon henceforth since don't trust the sellers that they have registered on their website.
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on March 4, 2012
This company is advertising the phone as a new phone when it is actually refurbished, I purchased the phone and after receiving it the battery only lasted for 4 hours and at 40% battery level the phone would turn off automatically and would only turn on if plugged in a charging source. I reported the problem to the wireovia staff and was sent a battery the problem persisted. I then sent the phone and was told the phone would be exchanged when the 'new phone' came the same problem persisted and the phone had slight scratches the colour of the back of the phone was different from the phone itself the phone was black and the back grey. Clearly this company is selling refurbished phones as new ones. I would not advice anyone to make a purchase from this company that is if you want to buy a refurbished phone. I was very upset at however the staff at this company is very nice. But it did not add up to the fact that they are guilty of false advertisement.
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on July 29, 2016
This cell buy some time and still have, it is an excellent product , although fashion is the android still is a functional unit.
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on September 29, 2017
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on February 6, 2012
Last December I bought this phone, Blackberry Bold 9700, I requested the purchase of new phone and I receive that is used, has hundreds of photos and home videos, the battery is generic, and has used a blow, while charging the battery is not fully charged.
When trying to use the software submitted failures so I had to speak to a technician to update the software.
I feel cheated because I bought a new product and sold me a used phone and defects.
I do not recommend anyone buy phone by Amazon and less if you make the purchase from abroad it is impossible to make any claim or refund.
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