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on February 9, 2011
I recently bought this phone from Worldwide Distributors. In the Technical details of the product it clearly states "Quad-band GSM cell phone compatible with 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies and US/International 3G compatibility via 800/850/1900/2100/ 1700/2100 MHz, UMTS/HSDPA plus GPRS/EDGE capabilities" The phone I received is not compatible with all 3G bands as stated. I got a T-Mobile phone which works with 3G bands 1, 4, 8; that is equal to 2100, 1700, and 900 and does not work with 1900 my operator 3G band, also does not work with 800 and 850 as stated in the Tech details. So I bought a 3G phone that does not work in 3G which is equal to a 450USD paper weight. Needless to say I am surprised that Amazon been a company of such high reputation allows sellers to publish such false and misleading advertisement. If that wasn't enough Worldwide Distributors return policy clearly states "Cell phones may only be returned for refund within 3 days if they have been unopened and all original seals are intact." You will need to open the box and turn the phone on in order to see frequency with which it works, so this means, screw you, we will not accept the return of the phone. Last but not least, should you happen to know which operator works with which frequency, they have this little pearl in the return policy "Buyers are responsible for network, GSM band, and Carrier compatibility, including internet browsing, picture and text messaging functionality which are not guaranteed." Double screw you, you just paid 450USD for a paper weight and you are stuck with it. Worldwide Distributors you SUCK and I will make sure that everyone I know knows about this, and AMAZON ignorance is not an excuse.....
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on March 21, 2013
They already seven months elsmartphone You Buy BlackBerry Bold 9700 Smartphone - 3G - WCDMA (UMTS ) / GSM - QWERTY - BlackBerry OS - black , And Truth met ALL my expectations ... The item was delivered on time established with the SPECIFICATIONS described by the seller . Even the moments you have not any inconvenience Works fine . I think it was a good buy and What was the economic cost .
A Commentary 's sent him Battery installed and the time it took to get to my Country . Battery was burned and get the team did not work ... But the rest of the computer working properly on ANY type of inconvenience . As Tal said descriptions Same article came FULLY UNLOCKED Therefore any telephone line fits In My Country and raises 3G. has not any inconvenience ... Brought all accessories Charger, Battery , cd , manual, earphones , USB cable and a 2GB memory ... Create extra room for emails , messages, apps , multimedia files, documents and all the other important things that you want to take with you .... The phone arrived in excellent condition with no ... No News In my view , the article 100% recommended ... good seller and fast purchase was smooth ... the phone has been dropped several times and has not suffered any damage . although my daughter uses only 5 years too taking pictures, voice and video gravaciones and the phone has not been damaged . size has given no hangs , works well on screen motion sensor is intact despite the drops and bumps that has been ... is not a phone of this world, but to me it served me very well because I have a little girl and the phone is not so sensitive she can handle with no problem and I do not care that it can be easily damaged , so this computer fits my needs , the most important is to be connected with family, friends and coworkers , receive text msg , pin and emails and social networks also takes high quality photographs , videos . can be adapted to several emails . otherwise the battery takes up to 6 hours of talk time and 2 to 3 days . Access what's important with trackpad navigation based on how laptops are designed . Slide your finger over the trackpad to scroll through menus and icons. A slight press and click lets you select an item to navigate where you want to go. Enjoy music , videos , photos and documents in color and sound. Easily sync data and audio files from your desktop to the BlackBerry Bold 9700, and get up to 35 hours of music playback time . Enhance the 256 MB of flash memory by easily inserting a built-in microSD card. Create extra room for emails , messages, apps , multimedia files, documents and all the other important things that you want to take with you. Along with a 3.2 MP camera , the BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone features video camera functionality . Record videos and view high-res screen , and share them through email, text messages or social networking sites . High-speed 3G network connectivity lets you browse the web or view attachments faster email, while Wi -Fi support enables your BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone to access available hotspots
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on February 18, 2015
First off, I love BlackBerry. Wife and Kids use iPhone, not me. I need my BB. Anyway, the phone came in a BB box with a manual and a charger and looks like it was never used. Beautiful phone. Absolutely lovely. Battery was completely toast. wouldn't charge, phone wouldn't power up. After 3 days ordered a new battery. This is OK with me, the quality of the used phone more than made up for this detail, and hey, now I have a new battery! I have been using Curve models with the trackball for years. This is my first Bold. Screen is nice. bright and clear. WiFi works ok. The thing is the keyboard. The keys are all stuck together, where as in the Curve they were spaced apart. See photo. Curve is red, Bold is Black. I'll try and get used to it by with my fat fingers it is hard to type on this Bold.
review image
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on October 7, 2011
Realice mi compra hace unos 10 meses, estuve muy contenta con mi nuevo celular, es bastante rápido y cumple con mis exigencias y a pesar de que el equipo llego en perfectas condiciones y pude conectarlo sin problemas con movistar, a los tres meses de uso tuvo una caída pequeña y se me daño la pantalla (el repuesto más caro del equipo) Terminé arreglandola un mes después y a pesar de esto bastante contenta. No más de un mes de uso y el cargador repentinamente se me daño (no tengo motivos para explicarlo). Estuve usando por un tiempo el cable usb y se me terminó dañando la pila del celular. Otro gasto más, una pila nueva. Finalmente tuvo otra caída (siempre cuido mi celular, está bien protegido, accidentes que lamentablemente pasan) y se le daño nuevamente la pantalla. Es el primer celular que he tenido que gastarle tanto, pudiera asociarlo con que vino defectuoso de fábrica, no se si este modelo tiene fama de fallas, o que realmente he estado un poco salada. Pero aqui les dejo mi experiencia con el equipo.
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on July 3, 2011
Me siento profundamente ESTAFADO por la tienda donde compre el teléfono, no es ni la sombra de lo que compre, el celular NO ERA NUEVO pues esta totalmente reconstruido, a solo un mes de uso se daño el pin de carga, no es posible la comunicación entre el celular y la pc pues no reconoce la tarjeta Micro SD y lo peor es que lo he llevado a varios centros autorizados por BlackBerry y me dicen que no tiene solución, pues vino DAÑADO, ademas que aunque en las características destaca que el celular es tecnologia 3G NUNCA se conectado como tal, ademas en ningún lugar especifica que el celular es de TMobile de haberlo sabido NO LO COMPRO porque la tecnología de TMobile no es compatible con las operadoras de servicios telefónicos de mi país.

Realmente me siento estafado por el vendedor por lo que no le recomiendo a NADIE comprar en dicha tienda.

Eduardo Villalobos.
Mcbo - Venezuela
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on October 4, 2011
I hope this serves a lot, I'm going to say.
I'm sorry I bought this phone. First, because the seller must indicate exactly what you sell, your espcificaciones techniques. Of course it does, but these phones do not work with all the bands as indicated. I got a T-Mobile, another one will be reached AT & T, etc. The truth is that each company (carrier) telecommunications has its own technology, and so on. That's why I bought a cell phone that said it all tested, so I did not worry about it.
Now, says T-Mobile, that is, only a few bands working the T-Mobile, I can not surf on 3G at the company where I have the service.
The parties, such as hearing aids, generic trinket are pure, so you definitely need to be careful what you buy, because hardly the seller responds.
I'm sorry, but be aware next time. Pretty pictures, explanations pompous, but at the moment of truth, is not what you think.
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on July 2, 2011
i got this phone from sellphonestop and isnt new, its refurbished, the first time i saw the phone i thought was new, but few days later i start to have doubts about it because the phone started to crash. theres a way to know if you phone is new or not. first if you have an older OS than 6.00 you need to do this:

go to options, then status and write BUYR, will appear hidden data about the use of the phone, if the data is 0 then your phone is new

for os6.0 find status option and do the same

i tryed today and my phone use was 11 hours of voice time, and 481mb of webbrowsing. so be aware of this seller
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on September 2, 2011
Disculpen mi pregunta la hago por la razon siguiente, me acaba de llegar el equipo pero al recibirlo no me senti satisfecha ya que en la descripcion del producto decia que ¿Qué hay en la caja? Cargador, Batería, CD, Manual, Auricular, Bolsa, Cable USB, 2 GB tarjeta de memoria

NO me vino la tarjeta de memoria, la bolsa extremadamente grande para el celular, el cargador no es original el cable USB tampoco es original, los auriculares tampoco.... Quiero un poco de sinceridad ya que no quiero sentirme estafada, le tengo mucha confianza a Amazon ccada año que puedo compro aqui por la confianza que ha dado, seria la primera vez que me quejaria la verdad no me quiero sentir ofendida, en cuanto a el sistema del celular no les puedo expresar mucho ya que apenas lo acabo de recibir como les comente..
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on October 29, 2011
Phone was refurbished. I was told I would get a brand new phone and receiver on refurbished instead. But that's not the worst part, no accesories were included on my package (I only received the battery and the USB cable).

Keyboard didn't work well, it kept on typing letters I hadn't pressed so I had to get it fixed by a technician. Besides the battery they sent me was not a Blackberry original and didn't work, so I had to buy a new one, and to make it even worst the phone goes off with no notice. It just goes off and won't start unless I plugged it in to get charge.

Don't get this product I feel totally dissapointed and cheated.
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on July 16, 2010
This phone is great for someone like me who needs to switch sim cards while traveling. It works everywhere and I get my email wherever I am. The screen is not too big, but not too small and vibrant. At first I didn't like the new trackball, but after a week of using it, it is so much better than the old trackball that would get stuck, and not point where you wanted.

The biggest drawback is setup. You have to get the blackberry service in some country first. The old blackberry's would let you just have internet and run everything from that. Now you have to get the BB internet service from a provider for the Gmail and other email accounts come up. This can be expensive, but the service is great when you have it.

All in all, I would recommend this to anyone who can use a smartphone to simplify their life. It never stops and needs a restart like windows machines, and offers better security than droid.
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