Customer Reviews: BlackBerry Z30 Factory Unlocked Black - 16GB
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on November 5, 2013
I bought the unlocked version from Malaysia.

Only a company such as RIM / Blackberry can do this. I can keep writing forever about how great I find this phone to be. But here is a short and quick review..

I have been using an iPhone 5 and BB Z10. The Z10 itself was much better than the iPhone in several departments but was lacking some crucial features such as a confusing copy paste functionality and weak battery life.. With Z30's new hardware and OS 10.2, BB has taken it to the a whole new level. The Z30 has the best network coverage. In a basement where my iPhone gives me 1 or 2 signal bars, the Z30 gives me almost full network. The call voice quality is amazingly clear and natural. The speakers give a stereo sound. Off-course you cant compare it with a home theater system, but it is certainly one of the best and it makes the experience of watching Youtube videos, Pandora very enjoyable. The screen resolution though not 1080p is really nice. BB OS10.2 has some drastic changes and improvements. With USB host, I connected a mouse, keyboard and pen drive to it and also connected it to a monitor via Miracast. I was amazed to see how the Z30 delivered in all the departments. BB OS10.2 is way better than iOS7. Trust me on this.. Once you get used to the gesture based navigation on a BB, you would never ever like to use the iPhone. In OS10.2, you can instantly reply to messages through the notifications without leaving your current screen. Lastly not to mention, with moderate usage, my battery lasted about 2 and a half days. This beats every other phone in the competition.

Bottom-line: If you are looking for a cell phone with superior sound quality, powerful communication, great battery life go for the Z10.

If you are someone who cant live without Apps such as Netflix, Instagram.. then this may not for you. It is for people who are looking for a powerful and secure communication device. I find it a great fun device too.

The only one thing that might be a shortfall for some people would be the number of apps available on BB World. A phone is judged by its quality and features and not by the number of apps. You could anyways side-load all Android apps onto the Z30. That said, the BB World does have over 120,000 apps and counting including the most important apps that one would need.

Agreed that BB has made some crucial mistakes and has stepped into the game a little late, but its well worth the wait. It takes sometime for a new platform to mature and stabilize and BB OS10.2 has done just that.
Don't be surprised if the US starts bashing this phone in their reviews solely because of the lack of apps compared to iOS / Android. Its become a sort of trend here to bash a brand and give biased views.
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on December 20, 2013
The Blackberry Z30 is a great phone, but many of the Amazon merchants are selling international models (e.g., STA100-2) that will not work to their full capabilities in the United States. I had to return mine and buy one from Telus in Canada.

Besides the CDMA version sold by Verizon, there is only one GSM model of the Blackberry Z30 (STA100-5) that works at LTE speeds in the United States - and it only gets LTE speeds on T-Mobile. The STA100-5 works on ATT's network, but only at 3G/4G & Edge. If you are in the US, be sure to ask what model is being sold before buying a Z30.

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on December 17, 2013
Have been using my Z30 for a couple of months now and I'm still loving it. I'm one of those people that love to take risks and tinker with tech toys. Within a few days of my purchase I loaded BlackBerry's latest operating system leak

The leaked OS allows this phone to load and run android apps with ease. Although most of the apps I have wanted are available in blackberry world, there were a few, such as my local credit unions app, that I knew would never be offered. Very happy that I can run both systems on one phone.

To be honest the apps are less of an issue than most people think. (Yes Candy Crush works just fine). The real beauty of this phone is the integration of all the tools that we use daily. Checking multiple emails, texts, social media, BBM and more is always just a quick swipe away. With a glance at the hub I can see if anything important or interesting needs to be dealt with; then it's a quick tap into whatever has caught my attention. It's hard to describe how much better BlackBerry's Hub works... I carry an S4 for work and it is a good phone, but it is not the smooth, quick communication rockstar that the Z30 is.

The screen size is perfect. Easy to read, but I can still throw it in my shirt pocket for easy carrying.

Battery has never been an issue; even on very busy days I have never seen a low battery warning on this phone.

The keyboard is good and fast to type on. (I have typed this whole review on it.) I like the flick feature, but can't help but think that if it had swipe the keyboard would be unmatched by any phone.

The antenna in this phone is the biggest reason I carry it. When my company issued S4 loses reception in remote areas the Z30 is still working. When you have a loved one with health issues that is priceless. The Z30 also holds 4G LTE when my S4 cannot. I have also ran Speedtest side by side on these phones several times in different areas. The Z30 is always faster on upload and download speeds.

The built-in browser is also a welcome surprise. On all of my previous phones I have used Dolphin or Firefox because the stock Android browsers lacked functionality. The Z30 browser has the features I like and it is not necessary to get another.

Build quality on this phone is very impressive. I like the carbonite back cover and the grip it affords. The speakers are very good, especially if you set the phone down on a hard surface. They seem to be designed to amplify off of the table top.

Bluetooth has functioned flawlessly with my car stereo and my home system. I transferred all my music on to the Z30 and never use my ipod anymore.

The HDMI port has been great for watching movies that we purchased on BlackBerry World for 99 cents. (new releases!!!) I also used DLNA to wirelessy port videos to our television, but it does not allow copyrighted material. (DRM issues??) I have not tried Miracast yet. The picture quality was good, but not Blu-ray quality.

To sum it all up, if you are on the fence about the Z30, I say go for it. No matter what happens in the future you will have a great quality phone that can do all the extras, but is also a rockstar communication tool.
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on November 1, 2013
Guys, This is the Secong OLED HD Display the Company Blackberry makes in less then a year. it comes with a Dual core CPU and a Quad Core GPU and a yummy 2gigs of RAM, which makes the graphics run smoothly, even smoother than the Z10. sure Blackberry isnt the top Phone seller anymore, but is really fighting for their lost slice of Smartphone Market share, taken over buy Apple and Google's operating system, Android.

At the end.

Thinking of switching?. Do it.

Upgrading from the Z10?. Do it.

you wont be dissapointed.
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on October 29, 2013
Ordered form ACelectronics in Hong Kong because could not get it in US. DHL called to make sure I was available to sign. Nice touch snce I was out that afternoon. Came with Europe 210 charger and converter to US 110V. This is a awesome phone. Need to order Micro SIM since my old smartphone used Normal SIM. Screen is clear and the apps downloaded and installed fast. Everything works as expected right out of box. I like the 5" screen as the text is easy to read and videos are smooth with good sound. Took some time to find the MAc address so I could logon to secured wifi site. The search for MAC addresss turned up no results because it is called "Physical Address" and is under SETUP\WIFI\ADVANCED.
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on December 17, 2013
- iTunes and Outlook "Sync Friendly" .... rare combination these days...
- 2 Days + on a battery charge.... Equals 4-5X the battery life of iPhone 5S and most Android Phones
- 6 external speaker "Natural Sound" is Superior to HTC "Beats Technology" for Music, Hands Free Calls, Gaming, Video Calls
- BlackBerry Messenger Video Chat is Superior to Skype in "ease of use" and "quality of audio and video"....
- Browsing experience is "as good as" if not "better than" anything else on the market...
- New "Paratek Antenna Technology" will enable you to make/receive/retain calls in places you could only "wish for" before
- Top Android apps are "loadable" and will be "even easier" when 10.2.1 comes out in the next couple of months...

I had a Samsung Galaxy 3 for about a year, then a BlackBerry Z10 and wanted a "new phone"... I found the "following":

- iPhone 5S just had too small of a screen and I have a family member with iOS 7 on an iPod and I don't care for the software...........

- Samsung Galaxy S4 (too much like the Galaxy S3 that I had and based on a 74% "recommend to a friend" rating on Verizon - did not make any sense to do that, again).......

- Nokia Phones - no interest in the plastic, the colors or the software.....

- LG G2 - nice screen, played the external speaker and could not believe how "tinny" it sounded - I thought that was a good indication of a lackluster "build quality"...

Bought the Z30 for the reasons mentioned above.... Have had it for a month and it is not only the "Best BlackBerry Ever", I believe that it is the "Best New Smartphone on the Market"...

Don't believe me... go look at the Verizon website where the Z30 has a "better rating" than the iPhone 5S and a "much better rating" than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4.... go to CNET... Amazon and you "keep seeing the same results" from OWNERS of the Z30 .. not the "biased reviewers".

People who had older BlackBerrys are really doing themselves a disservice by not taking a look at BlackBerry, again. The Z10, Q10 and Z30 are some of the finest and best rated phones on the market.... there is not a single line of code in BB10 software that is the same as what you had in your "old BlackBerry"... Totally New Experience that many are Enjoying...

Berry Christmas...
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on December 16, 2013
I replaced my two iPhones with the z30 and never looked back. If you spend a lot time writing emails or sending messages and looking up contacts you will be impressed by the integration of all the services.
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on November 3, 2013
The z30 represents a huge difference from my previous z10 unit. The z30 is peppier and quicker. It also has a better battery life. The 5-inch screen is just right for browsing, viewing YouTube and playing games. It also sits better in my hand compared to the z10. Overall, I love this phone!!
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on October 30, 2013
I have to say this phone is a well rounded smart phone for Blackberry. Just got mine and I am in love with the phone. Sound quality is good, pictures for video is great. Camera is intact and takes good quality pictures. One thing I like about the phone is its simple use of typing to send messages etc. Overall, I can't complain.
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on April 11, 2014
I have had Iphones and Samsung phones And blackberry phones. I have been most impressed by the intellect and effort put into the bb10 os
Of course it is not a toy for teenagers but it is an absolutely quick and joyful phone to use. It has all the apps I needed and there are plenty of ways to adapt all DROID apps as well. It has an amazing battery life easily lasting me a day an half before needing charging. It has great autofill typing and usually I have an easy time typing .although I did like the touch keyboards a bit better. The screen display is crystal feels very light and it has great sound quality on phone calls. It has amazing reception. All in all a very five star phone thank you BlackBerry.
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