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on July 24, 2014
When my kitchen remodel was done I was promised a free steel sink with the deal. I told the sales person that I didn't want a cheap, thin-walled, apartment style sink in my new kitchen. Well guess what? That is exactly what I got. I had them rip out that steel sink and since they had to re-cut the opening in the countertop I was forced to buy a large sink. I found this one, ordered it, and had the installers put it in. I can't begin to tell you how much I love it. For some silly reason I thought I should have a divided sink and now that I have this giant rectangle of a sink I find that it is so much more convenient. Don't even consider a divided sink in your house, just get one of these.

By the way, a small tip, the installers under-mounted this sink but left a 1/2 inch edge, of the top of the sink exposed. At first I was upset that the countertop didn't completely cover the whole sink but I found a cutting board that is exactly 17 1/2 inches long so now I have a cutting board that bridges the front-to-back of the sink and I can just sweep waste directly from the board into the disposer. Everything turned out better than I had expected.
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on August 18, 2017
I never thought a sink would help to contribute to my happiness, but here I am, giving 5 stars to a sink. The size, color, and sturdiness are all awesome. I love being able to procrastinate on doing the dishes by piling them up on the left and still having plenty of room around the drain on the right! I also got the matching sink drain insert and it looks great. It's gotten major use since being installed 6 months ago and there have been no issues.
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on December 15, 2016
I replaced our dual cast iron/porcelain sink with this model after upgrading our appliances in the kitchen from white to black stainless. Wow, what a difference a new sink makes .I should have replaced it a long time ago!

The new sink arrived promptly and was packages in a sturdy box surrounded by dense foam/packaging material. I closely inspected the sink for damage but couldn't find any.

To my surprise, the new sink was about 1/2 the weight of our old cast iron sink. Installation went smoothly with the old hardware except for the counter top hole size. The mounting brackets on the new sink stuck out just enough to prevent it from slipping into the existing hole. As such, I had to enlarge the counter top hole by 1/4" on both sizes.

Instead of using a punch to remove the plugs, I bought and used an inexpensive 35mm diamond hole saw from Amazon. The process took about 10 seconds per hole and eliminated any possibility of chipping or cracking. I noticed that the "punch here" stickers weren't line up perfectly with the holes. Take that into consideration and double check the alignment before punching them out. I highly recommend the hole saw method as it leaves a perfect finish each and every time.

Despite what the instructions said, I ended up using plumbers putty for the sink's drain. I wasn't concerned with discoloration because the sink is black and the area is hidden. I used 100% pure silicon around the edge of the sink to adhere it to the counter tops. I didn't bother installing the included clips because the silicon and weight of the disposal/sink will keep it from moving.

Compared to the old double sink, the new sink is HUGE! Dividers in 50/50 and 60/40 sinks take up ~1/4 of the sinks total capacity. Without the divider, one can soak a huge turkey roaster and still have enough room to rinse dishes before putting them into the dishwasher.

The finish of the Blanco sink is matte black with a light texture and some small specks of silver mixed in. I can't attest to it's durability as I've only had the sink for a couple of weeks.
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on August 12, 2014
I. Love. This. Sink. Have had it for a few months now and replaced a 30year old chipped enameled cast iron beast. This sink fit in the same hole as our old sink but has almost twice the space without the divider in the center. I absolutely love it. Easy to clean, and I can pile a stack of pots and pans in it to soak while still having space to use the sink. Best change we have made in our kitchen so far and it looks sharp with our white counters and black appliances. I wish we would have bought this sooner-it would have made a great spot to bathe the babies!

Easy install-fit the same hole so basically just had to pop the old sink out, clean up the old caulk, tap out the holes on the sink we wanted for the faucet and drop in with a bead of silicone. Highly recommend!
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on December 14, 2016
1. The Sink arrived in poor condition. With Cracks and Holes in it
Please see the pictures attached.

2. Also, it came with mounting clips (However, I'm not sure if they're necessary for undermounting)

3. There isn't a strainer, therefore you've have to purchase one separately
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on April 27, 2015
I LOVE this sink! First of all, to all those buyers who scheduled their plumbers to install the sink the same day it was scheduled to be delivered, shame on you for leaving a bad review. That is your own fault, not the fault of the product, manufacturer, or the shipper. I waited till my sink was delivered, as anyone should, to call my plumber and schedule installation. The box for this was massive, but very well packed. I unpacked it myself and carefully inspected it. There was not one crack or any defects with this sink when it arrived. The installation went very smoothly, we installed it as an overmount sink and it looks beautiful. We get compliments on it when anyone sees it. It's large enough to wash my crockpot with ease and does not scratch or stain like my old stainless steel sink. We have a water softener, not sure if that helps, but when the sink dries there are no water spots whatsoever on it, it looks like a brand new sink when I wake up every morning. It also has a nice little glitter to it. We got a new faucet with it as well, you can see our before and after picture.
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on July 3, 2017
This is the best sink I have every used/installed. Having had them all, porcelain, stainless steel, farmers, double, single and so on, this sink is incredible! First, the material is wonderful. Strong, easy to clean, and looks great! Sound attenuation is good. The offset drain is brilliant! Works well for dishes and pots and pans, with the added bonus of creating additional storage space in the cabinet below. I would recommend adding the Blanco 221-010 Sink Grid, it adds to the functionality and looks good too!

I would not buy or recommend the Blanco BL441095 drain. While it would have looked good, it did not work to reinstall the Insinkerator disposal. Had to reuse the old one. The retainer ring simply would not hold to the Bianco drain. While I would recommend buying the Bianco 440851 under-sink mounting clips incase your situation needs them, the sink came with clips included in the box (though they are different). In the end, my countertop installers created a plywood cradle to support the sink, so didn't need those either.

Be aware that this is a relatively DEEP sink. By the time the disposal is installed, with the required trap, the drain outlet in the wall needs to be fairly low (this is of course true of all deep sinks). If yours is not, you may need to revise the plumbing.

Finally, best of all is now much my wife loves this sink. Of all the work that went into the kitchen remodel, she comments most frequently about how much she enjoys using it. Happy wife, happy........happy!
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on May 16, 2017
Unfortunately I received this sink as several others did: It was scuffed on top and badly enough that I had to return it. and THIS is the primary reason I use Amazon. It is a piece of cake to return. I printed the label and UPS is supposed to come by and pick it up tomorrow. I am debating whether to still replace the sink that I have. I really want a single bowl, but they all seem to have a fairly regular record of coming cracked and scratched (which makes me wonder how they will hold up). I can get a single bowl version of the Kohler double I have now but that is like $1,000!!! Not sure I am going to finish this part of the project. Wish there was more selection.
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on January 2, 2017
Gorgeous sink--and the customized stainless steel rack is worth every penny. I ordered the Blanco sink stopper and air gap too. This essentially black sink sits on top of my white tile counter, and creates a beautiful contrast along with my black dishwasher and black and stainless steel double oven gas range. Refrigerator is white, my preference, and it doesn't look at all out of place since it ties in seamlessly with the white tile on countertops. Wish you could hear the glowing comments my friends have made about my black and white kitchen. I'm a pianist, and one of my friends said it reminds them of the keyboard on my piano. Everyone loves it.
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on September 13, 2013
Absolutely gorgeous sink!! My whole family loves it! I debated for weeks on this sink versus a two basin versus a stainless steal, etc, etc, etc. I knew this was the one I wanted but was still nervous. I couldn't be any happier with it!! The look, the color, the depth and functionality are all amazing. We paired it with the Kraus 1602 faucet and my husband and I LOVE it!!

We did have issues with getting one that wasn't cracked but Amazon was phenomenally helpful and accommodating. We had to re-order three times as it was not packed well enough to keep it from cracking in transit. After the first two, I called and requested additional padding for shipping. The sink arrived in a huge box with loads of foam protectors around it. That did the trick! It was installed with new granite countertops in a medium sized kitchen. It does not seem too big but is big enough for my two year old to bathe in, which is a great convenience for me and she loves it. She bathes while I cook! My 9 yr old is jealous that he can't bathe in it too ;) The color is beautiful, solid through and has resisted any potential scratches. Hasn't broken any glassware yet either even though items have been dropped into it by afore-mentioned two year old. Very easy to keep clean and great for holding loads of dishes so they don't stack up on the counter while you're cooking or busy. This is my favorite sink and I'm so glad I chose it and stuck with it through the process of getting an undamaged one. Would definitely choose again and have no interest in any other sink anymore.

If you're in a hurry or want to up your chances of getting an undamaged one, it may help to do what I did and contact amazon after ordering to request extra padding for shipment. Also, a time-saver, if you do order this sink (which, you should!!), when the sink arrives, check the inside corners for little cracks (the top corners where the sink will be glued to the counter). That's exactly where the little cracks were on my first two which saved me additional trips to the granite company.
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