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on April 11, 2011
I am a high level executive at a well-known American auto maker, where the past few years have been very difficult. Fortunately, the government was there to help us weather the storm caused by years of selling a cheap product for a ridiculously high price. When our sales plummeted, I was afraid that I would have to cut back on my extravagant lifestyle. I really didn't know how I would get by without my caviar, Dom Perignon, and of course my staff of 23 personal servants. At first the economy didn't really affect me. I just laid off employees and docked their pay to keep my income unaffected, but eventually I had to sell three of my five vacation homes and lay off most of my personal attendants. Things were really bleak. But then the President borrowed and printed a whole wad of money and gave it to us, because he knew how important it was to keep our company afloat. Some people didn't like that, and they called us "Government Motors". But they don't know how hard it is to get by without the basics in life, like a Rolls Royce with a valet, chauffeur, and a masseuse. Well, I couldn't afford all of that stuff, and my image as a successful, powerful, influential, and important businessman was in grave jeopardy. Then I found this magnificent watch. It exudes power and prestige. Some people balk at its price tag, but that was the attraction to me. People could look at that watch and know that I have accomplished great things in life. So when I got the check from Obama, I finished writing the pink slips for the excess factory workers and immediately went to buy this fine timepiece. Now people will know that I am a self-made man living the American dream. God bless capitalism!
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on October 15, 2010
OMG! this marvelous timepiece looses less that 2 seconds every 24,000 years. How's that for accuracy? I'm a bit disturbed that in 23,999 years I'll have to make a manual adjustment, but that's the price one pays for such a masterful timepiece. Perhaps I can cut this time in half by adjusting it by only one second in 14,000 years. Either way, I'll be way ahead of the other venture capitalist that may also invest in this watch. Boy! I'd like to see their faces when I yawn while they're pulling out the stem to make their adjustments. Ha! the jokes on them.

What actually sold me on this item was the $34,849.01 discount! Damn. Even figuring in the cost of postage, that's quite a savings! This would be my second 5025.3630.52 as I lost the first one when my arm was severed by an albino banjo-playing appalachian youth in Tismont, NC. I searched everywhere, but alas, all I found was my severed arm and not the Blancpain.
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on December 10, 2010
Recently, my father passed on after losing a long fight with Pancreatic cancer. My mom called me at 2:00am one night crying and I knew before she even said anything what had happened. After the funeral, my mother told me that she couldn't live on her own. Who could blame her, she lived with my father for 60 years. She couldn't live there anymore with all the memories of him, so we decided to sell the house and give her a clean start and to also cover the funeral costs. I love my mother so I wanted to help her be happy.

I sold my father house in today's bad market for a lose, but was intent on finding her a nice condo or townhome in a friendly neighborhood where she could meet new friends and feel safe. She would always talk about living by the beach and I wanted to make her dream a reality. Who wouldn't cater to the dreams of the woman that raised you? I had her live in my home while I searched for the perfect beachside condo.

One day, while I was on Realtor.com and talking to a real estate agent, I stumbled upon this watch on amazon.com. Being a victim of ADHD, I hung up with the Realtor and started marveling at this watch! It was magnificent! It function the same way as a watch for a mere fraction of the cost, but at this price... it HAD to be special. I mean, why else would a watch cost more than a small house or Porsche?

When I saw this watch, I knew what the money should be spent on! Well, as luck would have it, the house sold for exatcly $83,050.99 and not a penny more or less. My father owned a Rolex Submariner and he used to always shove that in my face. What would be a better definition of justice than to sell his house (the one he built with his own hands, by the way.) and use the money to one-up him?

I broke the news of this decision to my mother by putting her in a cab and sending her to a double-wide in a ghetto trailer park. She must have still be grief-stricken because when I told her, she went straight into a catatonic state. The watch is amazing and well worth the investment!

The best things in life are free, for everything else, there's pretentious Swiss watchmaking D-bags!
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on December 14, 2010
I recently purchased this wonderful Blancpain Tourbillion Rose Gold watch with the money I made at the Bingo hall. Ok, I didn't actually win the money, but after I ran over the old lady who did (a few times) with my big wheel, I had enough to buy this watch. Seems as though the old battle ax had had an epic night playing Bingo. So anyway, the next day I was so excited about the watch that I told my special ed teacher. My teacher was very proud of me for being pro-active, and I got a gold star and everything. Then I ran home and told my step mother. However, when I got to the part about running over the old lady with the Bingo money, she beat me like...well...a red headed step child. Did I mention that I have red hair? And that's just another reason to love this watch: It matches my hair.
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on March 24, 2011
I feel stupid. Last month I paid $118,000 for this watch. If I had waited, I could have gotten the watch today for $76,000. Still, $118,000 is a great price for a watch. I had to hold off buying the flux capacitor upgrade for my DeLorean in order to afford this watch but I'll be able to get it once my supply of dilithium crystals sells on eBay.
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on April 8, 2010
First impressions out of the box: this watch is a real beauty! It looks very impressive on my wrist and should be a real babe-magnet. I like that the watch is ambidexterous - I had to do quite a bit of shopping to find a watch that could be worn on either wrist. This one fist the bill just right. I need to switch wrists sometimes because I am a plumber and sometimes I can't fit my wrist in a toilet drain when I am wearing this watch, so I just switch to the other wrist and Presto I am back in business.

Two weeks later: sometimes I forget and leave the watch on my right wrist - when an episode of Gilligan's Island is playing on the TV then I have problems-when MaryAnn or Ginger are on the watch gets too agitated and gains time. Still, it looks nice and makes me feel good about myself... for a few moments at least.
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on December 2, 2010
At first I saw this watch and almost passed on it. Then I saw below the details that if I bought two of them, I would get a $100 Amazon gift card. That was the selling point right there. I know what your thinking, " A $100 gift card for the small price of $160,000". What a deal. Right in time too for Christmas season. That gift card will come in handy buying presents for my family.
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on October 18, 2010
I was so happy to see this watch up for sale here finally! I have had mine for quite some time now. I originally lifted mine from the left wrist of God on the seventh day while he rested under an apple tree. Thanks to the tourbillon movement, I have not missed an episode of "Watch the Perilous Waters Plunder the Peons" in centuries. The watch has really stood up to the weather over the years, and it's built in pun-magnet has kept me smiling every day! I miss Eve. For only a couple years salary, or a trade in on your double wide- you too can be a proud owner of grandfather time. I recommend buying a separate case though, something that will stand up to the elements a bit better than burlwood. Mine turned to dust after a few thousand years. Enjoy!
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on December 18, 2010
At first I was skeptical about this watch, but after getting it I realized that this watch is made with 18k gold, and it weighs nearly 13 lbs.! If you know how much gold is going for per ounce these days, you'll see that this watch is quite a bargain. You can't tell from the picture, but the face is roughly the size of a dinner plate. It's meant to be worn around the waist like a prize-fighter belt, so that you can charitably show everyone the time and look dashing and elegant while doing so. I don't go out to many fancy gatherings where it's appropriate to wear, but I've gotten a lot compliments on it from the ladies at church.
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on September 25, 2010
I have been looking for this watch forever! You see, when I was 12 years old, I found a somewhat battered black diver-style watch in the toilet of the public bathroom of my junior high-school. There it was, lying in a small puddle of spooge in front of the crapper, glistening from it's besmirched position. I unrolled some toilet paper and carefully lifted it from the filthy floor, and rinsed it in the equally filthy sink. It was a little scratched and dinged, but beautiful, and unique-- it was unlike any of the Timex's or Casio's with which I was so familiar.

Later I found out that it had fallen from the wrist of a classmate while he was taking a beating from some of the violent hoodlums who regularly roamed the halls of my high-school, because the pathetic teachers and administrators were too cowardly to appropriately discipline them. I would have returned the watch to the poor chap, but he died from internal hemorrhaging and kidney failure due to the beating. Perhaps I should have given it back to his parents, but they were annoying, and should have taught him how to defend himself better. Of course, I did not realize it's value until finding this listing at Amazon!

I assumed that the watch was a sort of poor-man's Timex, as it did not keep as accurate time as my Timex, and constantly needed to be wound up, while the trusty Timex just kept on ticking. Also, the second hand seemed sludgy, as it lacked that crisp ticking motion that a good quartz movement displays.

Now that I see how much these things go for, I am kind of sorry I used it as my daily beater watch during the workday, at my job as a septic tank cleaner. Although I am a genius and had considered an academic career in thermodynamics, I prefer the rhythm of the septic tank cleaner's life, partly because of the frequent torturous headaches I am subjected to as a consequence of the severe beating I endured at the hands of the above-mentioned hoodlums, having found out that I possessed the watch they had previously overlooked. Apparently, they had heard it was worth something, and regretted leaving it behind. Last laughs on them though, as I would not let them have it, though they beat me to a pulp.

Much as I would like to finish this story, I have to go now, because my head is killing me, and I am told it is time for my injections. Bottom line-- buy the watch, I am sure it will some day have the same sentimental value to you as this one does for me!!
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