Customer Reviews: Bleach: Soul Resurreccion - Playstation 3
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VINE VOICEon August 2, 2011
Bleach Soul Resurreccion is America's first Sony developed Bleach game. Although we have not received many of the PSP ones, Bleach Soul Resurreccion is a great first entry for the franchise on this system. Rather than being a fully fledged fighter type game, it takes the established hack and slash formula but adds a bit of the good ole Bleach flair to it. What this created was a fun yet extremely short story experience that highlighted 14 key moments of the arc in the franchise with some narration that was heightened by the fact that we could play through these moments. Ultimately, it was enjoyable.

The real joy of the game comes from over 25 different missions that can be played by a majority of the games 21 member cast. Missions can vary between defeating 100 soul reapers, to being handicapped by not being able to jump. It is here that I have to replay and build my characters level to take on opponents in three different difficulty modes to be able to unlock more soul points (utilized for raising the characters level and growth, up to lvl 175) to have character gain new abilities and better states. What is the price, perhaps gratification and being able to complete numerous trophies. This game prides itself on replayability and because of the Bleach franchise and playing as Rukia, Hitsugaya in his bankai state, Byakuya, Ichigo in his bankai state, Grimmjow, and others, it wont get old for a long time. The story mode took me naught but six or so hours, while missions mode is taking me quite a long time. In addition to missions mode there are character figures to collect, with voice clips, which is a nice touch.

Graphically the game looks great via its manner that emulates the anime. The opening animation appears to be a different take on various scenes on the anime and looks great. Attacks in the game are flashy and gorgeous. It never gets old seeing them. There are numerous attacks for the characters, close to six or more for some of them that all look true to the anime as well. This adds variety for the controls on top of being stacked on simple combination attacks and skills that can be chained together for combinations. I have been able to chain numerous combos to try to get to 2000, which is possible.

The game allows one to play in both English dialogue and Japanese dialogue, music is the traditional rock type for this genre of gameplay and some songs are pretty addictive and nice while others are just fitting. Characters that are not part of the playable 21 still appear during the game and chime in to talk to your main character and often sometimes its fitting, hilarious, or just true to the anime counterpart.

The only faults of the game is that the storyline is short, varying degrees among fans about the fights in question (anyone can argue for or against the importance of the ones shown), no online multiplayer or co-op (considering Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, a game in the same genre has it, it is a baffling omission), no anime cutscenes (it would have made it nice to have considering this is based on the anime, however the cutscenes it does offer using the games visuals are nice), and lastly, the games story could have been told in a way that would help newcomers to Bleach take part, the way it is told through narration using the same Voice Actor as the anime, it drops names with no faces to many characters it refers too and the story and is a rather brief overview leaving out some details. However, if one is experiencing Bleach for the first time, it provides enough background that they can understand what is happening, and maybe, check out the anime once they finish the game.

All in all, this game is definitely worth it and a great use of the Bleach license. I love playing as Ichigo, Uryu, Rukia and other characters, and the fact that there is mission mode, which also incorporates something from the as yet to be released in America, Hell Arc character, there is fun to be had. Definitely check it out if you are a Bleach fan, as one wouldnt want to miss this.
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on August 13, 2011
Let's start off with what they did right, shall we?

The Good:
They did a good job at making you feel like you're a kick butt Bleach character in powered up mode--all of the enemies die relatively easily. This can be a bad thing as well, but a simple difficulty increase fixes that problem. There is lots of replay value (assuming it doesn't bother you that the side quests outnumber the main storyline content in orders of magnitude) that will keep you busy and upgrading your characters for quite some time. They did a decent job at making all the characters have different strengths, and mostly different attacks. Hell, they even threw in unlockable guys gated behind the last sidequests, which will give you something to aim for.

The Bad:
This game just FEELS like it should have been a fighter, and not an action/RPG. There is very little story, and it skips large segments of the Bleach storyline to the point where it is basically spoiling the story for you if you haven't yet read/watched that far in the manga/anime. It even implies that certain characters beat certain bosses, where in the manga they simply fought (and the battle didn't neccessarily come to the conclusion you would think). The game doesn't explain how you went from point A to point B a lot of times (especially near the end), but again, that ties in with the lack of a cohesive story. As I alluded to earlier, the main story is EXTREMELY short. By that, I mean I beat it in a single morning--and this was with breaks to play the mission mode (the sidequest/repeatable missions I spoke of earlier).

And that's pretty much it. If you are reading my review and think it sounds really negative...well, I guess it kind of is. BUT, this isn't to say I don't think it's worth a playthrough (assuming you already know the storyline--don't spoil it for yourself) because it is. If you're a big Bleach fan (and love hack and slash action games) I'd even go so far as to say buy it. Maybe not at it's current $60 price tag, but you can decide on what your money is worth. They could have done so much more with this game, but I think it's worth spending some money on, if only to let developers know that you'd like a better version of this in the future.
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on March 25, 2013
Although the story mode isn't as faithful as it could have been, this game is still a nice change of pace to the anime video game realm. The graphics are great for having the anime look, the lip sync is far better than most anime games. The specials and spirit attacks for the most part stay true to the anime. Although this game has a good quality in gameplay, it gets repetitive kinda fast so i reccomend playing this game in sessions. After u get bored with it, beat a different game and then come back to it. Or just go back and forth between two games, whatever works for you. Oh and this game can have some very challenging missions and ALOT of Hidden Trophies.
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on July 25, 2012
With anime-based hack and slash games(Beat'em ups)being the games that japanese developers have focused on for a few years its no suprise this game exists. Games such as One piece pirate warriors(A real game that pleases fans),Naruto ultimate ninja impact(It was a copy of the ultimate ninja storm series with hack n slash combat instead of fighting and it was fine), and even the new blockbuster anime game title Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 3(Looks like an amazing game) will have Hack n slash levels in the story mode. Every popular series (Except for dragon ball Z for some reason) is making these types of games and Bleach too jumped on board. But it should have really just stuck with the fighting game genre.

Story: Bleach obviously follows a kid named Ichigo who becomes a substitute soul reaper(Basically soul reapers are the good versions of grim reapers) after a real one give him the powers. Now him and his friends and the soul reaper captains(Strongest soul reapers in the soul society or heaven really) must fight the arrancars (Evil beings that are half hollow or demon and half soul reaper).Thats totaly normal. The story seems cool but lacks spunk and personallity and is the reason i dislike the anime.

Story mode: Short and how you unlock the games small roster of just over 20 characters. Its basically about what i just explained. While bleach will be bleach it still isnt on par with most anime games and makes it bad.

Mission mode:do missions.there are around 30 or so but they get repetitive.

Soul attack: "Horde" mode pretty much mixed with "score attack" mode.

Gameplay: Solid but dull at the same time. Its of course a button masher but the combos are WAY TOO LIMITED. one button for regular melee attacks. one for ranged attacks. and one for special attacks( Which require your SP bar charged up).Very limited combat making it pretty boring.there is a leveling system but the games quick and easy so no point in focusing on it.

Overall: Fans were disapointed with the game and deserve to be. Bleach was canceled in march of 2012 so probably no sequel game which is fine. Like the series it isnt anything not done before or relatively original.
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on August 2, 2011
First off if you only watch the english dubbed episodes do not play this game it will spoil the rest of the series for you. Dont get me wrong i am extremely happy this game was released over here but considering how much this game covers its surprising that it was released. i mean we are on episode 200+ over here while this game covers 300+ episodes over in japan even the 4th movie(the 3rd movie has not been released here it comes out in november), so like i said if you dont want the series spoiled do not play this game. For me and others like me who have watched the japanese shows with english writing get this game. its a great game its hack and slash and you can level up your characters. it covers all the important battles in the show. the only complaint i have is that all the characters have the same attacks just a lil different. there is alot of replay lots of modes. overall its a fun game and must own for bleach fans. Sorry about the review its just a quickie so no comments about how the review is written please :)
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on September 5, 2014
I haven't played it ,but have watched my daughter play it and she is in love with it. She has gotten so excited that she has gotten me to come watch and she explains to me who is who and what is going on. So if daddy's little girl is happy, Daddy's happy. Thank you for helping me to make this possible. : )
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on August 5, 2011
Some people are calling Bleach SR a Dynasty Warriors clone, but I don't agree- there are some similarities, but the games really aren't that alike. Yes, SR is a brawler against multiple enemies, but there is more depth and more emphasis on projectile based and aerial game play- it just has a very different feel. SR has a grid style XP based progression system (which does require a lot of grinding if you want to progress in Mission Mode). I will say your enjoyment of the game will probably be greatly enhanced if you are a Bleach fan.

The presentation is quite good- very nicely detailed cel-shaded graphics that reflect the anime very closely (just look at the character model viewer to see how good a job they did), though I will say it is not quite in the same league as the Naruto Storm games- for example, SR has very few cutscenes, which could have helped make a more attractive and dynamic presentation, and the details on the characters sometimes look a little low res. But during gameplay it looks great, although there are only a few backgrounds which are all very basic.
Overall the game isn't perfect, but for anyone who is a Bleach fan who has been waiting for a next gen Bleach game of actual decent quality, this is a buy.
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on August 15, 2011
I'm sure most of the people who will buy this game are Bleach fans. Most of us have been waiting for a good Bleach game on PS3 for a while. We now have our wish with Bleach: Soul Resurreccion. I will say that if you're not a fan of hack and slash games then you probably won't like this game even if you're a bleach fan. I understand why some of the reviewers have called this game repetitive but I honestly don't get that feeling. There are several missions to unlock, story mode, and other challenges as well. Add in the fact that you can play with multiple characters on multiple difficulties (you start with normal and hard but unlock very hard as well). Also, I will agree this game has a Dynasty Warriors "feel" but it is certainly not a Dynasty Warriors clone. My only gripe with this game is the fact that they left out some of my favorite characters (although I'm hoping they're just saving them for the next Bleach game). So my final pitch for this game is simple. If you like Hack & Slash games give this game a try. If you don't like Hack & Slash games then don't buy it. If you like Hack & Slash AND Bleach then this is a must buy.
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on August 3, 2011
I've had lots of Bleach games. For the Ds and for the Wii but i never expected one for the playstation. It's an amazing game that highlight about 14 or so main arcs from the Bleach saga. The gameplay is amazing and so are the graphics when hooked up with the hdmi cables. It's definitely a must have.
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on May 18, 2014
I give it a five star rating because I am a huge Bleach fan and I absolutely can not image myself giving it a low rating like 3 stars. What I like about the game the most is the graphics it truly resemble the Bleach anime perfectly. Another thing that I like about the game was the missions mode. It was more challenging and more fun than playing through the story mode. What I didn't like about the game is that the story mode is too short and too simple. Which made playing the game too dumb and childish. You fight these weak stupid Hollows that you have never seen before in the series and after defeating them you go fight the boss. As you are playing the game these text and pics of the characters show up as you play that is canon to the story but be only able to hear it and but not be able to play it. All the bosses are in there final forms which I hate. I wish the bosses had step by step transformation just like how it suppose to be and not have them be in there resurreccion form which would extend the game play and instead of fighting weak stupid Hollows they should have made the game true to the the anime by throwing in other arrancers. I would recommend this to all Bleach fans out there even though its not that great but that doesn't matter to me because it give me the ability to be able to play many awesome Bleach characters.
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