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on May 8, 2014
Having read several of CJ Lyons's books, i looked forward to reading this one. I was not disappointed. The plot grabs you during the first few pages and keeps you turning pages as fast as you read them! I could not put it down!
Sarah, the protagonist of this story lost her husband and son two years ago. The serial killer who was killing people at the time when Sarah's loved ones went missing, is executed without giving Sarah closure by telling her where her husband and son were buried although he did give this information to other families. At the execution, he dies looking straight at Sarah.
This is enough to grab the reader's attention, but the plot and characters keep the reader turning pages. Who can Sarah really trust and what is the truth about her husband and young son? I am not going to give anything else away. You will have to read this story to the very end to find out the truth. And you will not be disappointed with this "thriller with a heart."
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on August 25, 2011
I read a lot, especially in the summer. Sometimes I need a break from "heavier" reads, and mysteries usually fit the bill. I bought this because it was well rated here on Amazon, AND because it was only $.99 as a Kindle download. The story line was interesting enough to make me want to finish the book to see what happened, but overall it was way too convoluted. The character development was OK with some of the main players, but woefully lacking for others -- JD, Julia, the Colonel's wife. The character/part of the plot that really affected my rating of this book is Hal. That twist came out of the blue, but not in a good, reach out and grab you kind of way. It was all too unbelievable, based on the way the author developed the story. And it was like she knew it didn't really fit, since she had Caitlyn say several times that people like Hal can hold down jobs and appear "normal." Just didn't all hang together for me. But, as I said, it was OK for an easy beach read.
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on November 2, 2011
I usually don't select a book that has less than a solid 4-star rating, but am glad I chose to read this one. The plot had more twists and turns than a coiled rattlesnake and just as deadly. Sarah's husband and son are victims of a serial killer, a killer who is executed without revealing where he buried the bodies. As Sarah seeks closure she is assisted by a victim's advocate lawyer who is far from what he seems to be. He is looking for thousands of dollars that Sarah will, unkowingly, inherit upon the death of her husband; a husband who had a past she was totally unaware of. Other assassins are also looking for Sarah and the money while the town she lives in is in danger of being blown up by someone seeking revenge. Descriptions of the characters and setting made me feel as if I were right there on the mountain side with them. Some reviewers have commented the plot is not-believable; probably not, but it is an exciting read that I couldn't put down.
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on November 1, 2011
Do you want to read a novel with:

1. A fast paced, unbelievable plot
2. Two very very strong, attractive and capable women
3. Men who are either flawed, evil or weak?

Then you will love this book. I think the author has thought through quite a complex story line and has presented it reasonably well. However, her style, at least for me as a male reader, has an off putting aspect in that virtually every scene is riddled with almost unbearable angst. I have never read a book with so many pierced hearts, unendurable physical pains, agonising tasks and gut wrenching tears. Additionally, some of her sentences are quite long, certainly not the short punchy style of a classic writer such as Hemingway.

So although I did pursue the book to the conclusion with some interest, I was never in any doubt that these two super women would overcome falls down cliffs, make underwater escapes, foil attempted bombings and win gun fights, all in the midst of incredible emotional agony and physical pain in order to find true happiness. The chick-Lit Ken Follet? Well, no. A mildly entertaining summer vacation read? Well, yes.
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on September 24, 2012
This is a fast moving and action packed suspense novel that is very hard to put down. This a story of a mothers love for a son and husband that she believes have been
murdered. In her quest to find her sons body and put him to rest she finds out that things are not as they seem. Crooked authorities, Russian mafia, witness protection, missing money and murder aswell as deception keep the reader riverted as the story unfolds. As things start to unravell a female FBI agent begins to piece together that things don't add up and she investigates and eventually assists the mother to save her town and to be reunited with her son. As the story reaches a conclusion it comes down to whether a mother can forgive a husband his lies so that they can go forward together as a family once more.
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on December 3, 2014
This book kept me reading well into the night! Just about time you think you have everything figured out, up comes a new twist. The characters are so real I found myself feeling what they were feeling.
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on October 9, 2011
I usually buy simple romance books that offer me an escape from day to day reality. This time I have decided to give it a try and dip my feet into something more serious and sinister. I was very pleasantly surprised both with the plot and the characters. It was a very good read, though a bit on the long side. After this purchase I will definitely look more often into the mystery - murder genre, it is much more fun to read than I expected.

The book itself was fast paced and well written, with the story making total sense from the beginning to the end. I was looking forward to the final conclusion, and it was surprising.I enjoyed it a lot even though some of the writing style was a bit confusing - that is the reason why I gave this book four stars. However, I think it is a good read for very little money and I will look for more books by this author.
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on March 28, 2013
I found this story as usual by this outstanding author most exciting, with thrills-a-minute on every page. I often wonder how the writer manages to keep up with so many diverse characters that leap out of every paragraph.

At times I become confused with the great many names of all the participants who are portrayed from the FBI and underworld. Nevertheless, I love the magic descriptions of scenery, horrific kidnapping events and out of this world adventure pictures, painted by the author. These titillating stories burst throughout the entire novel.

However, I thought the romantic love stories and descriptions were a little sloppy.

All underworld readers would enjoy.
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on January 27, 2015
CJ Lyons draws you in from the very beginning. The characters are real and constantly surprising, taking you for a ride that interests and horrifies you at the same time.
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on September 26, 2013
Is a very compelling and fast-paced story, with characters that seriously makes one think about such things as a Russian mob and their henchmen.

Wasn't sure, initially, how the early characters fit within the story, but it is a smooth transition from good guy to bad guy. Wished local sheriff, Hal Waverly, hadn't died, but CJ Lyons wrote the perfect ending for Caitlyn after all; at least for the time being.

If you love murder, mayhem and happy endings, this is the book to read!
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