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on November 24, 2015
For the price that this watch is listed at this is an amazing buy. It's a larger watch but it looks very nice on me as I have a larger wrist. Even though I have a larger wrist it still has a little extra room. ( *Note: This is a great watch if you're plus sized and don't like tight watches.) I knew when I bought it that it was a cheap version of a more expensive style I would like to have. But let's be honest, I have several expensive watches and I usually end up getting them scratched and over time move on to the next hot thing so this was a great deal for me. I've even had compliments on it from people who only wear high-end brands and would never in a million years purchase a "knock-off". I was impressed with the beautiful rose gold color and the rhinestones around the face are a beautiful finishing touch. It keeps time well and does all the things you would expect a watch of this price to do.

I had to have mine original watch replaced as a pin fell out and the hinge was bent during the first time I wore it out. I contacted Amazon and the seller graciously replaced it and I haven't had any issues with the new one.

If you want a designer look for a fraction of the price and don't mind waiting for it to ship from China this is a great item to purchase. Keep in mind this is a costume jewelry item hence the price but I was still very impressed with the beauty of it. I may even purchase it in other colors.

*I paid full price for this item and am wearing it on a weekly basis.
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on May 15, 2015
Please note this is definitely just bling. While this looks very pretty with its plastic covering once that is removed so is the rose color. You are left with a very disappointing steel color with blotchy rose accents. The watch face works but none of the other items. The price is definitely right for a bit of bling but don't expect this to last long and it will not stand up to scrutiny. Probably good for clubbing...... You get what you pay for. When the seller contacted me for a review I had to be truthful and they said they would ask their supplier to do better. Perhaps in the future you would see an improvement.
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on October 30, 2014
Yes you get what you pay for. But I knew that when I bought it. It was very BIG meaning wrist size but if you look on the bottom of the watch you will see arrows. So it can be adjusted. I did it myself with no problems popping out the little pins where the arrows are and putting it back together, but would suggest you taking it somewhere to have it done. I took advice from one of the reviews and put the clear nail polish over the little crystals to help prevent them from falling out. On the dial the three smaller dials are for LOOKS they do nothing. There are also three buttons on the side one changes the time the others BEATS ME. Maybe for looks because they don't appear to do anything. The band feels light so because of that it makes it feel cheap. But hey it was CHEAP! If your expecting a watch for 5.00 to look and feel like a 200 dollar watch you might want to reconsider buying this one. I love the fact that I spent very little money and it's cute and fashionable and I am totally sure I will get my whole 5.00 worth out of it !!!
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on December 1, 2014
This watch arrived a week early which was nice since it comes from China, the color is amazing, and I have a large wrist and it is even big on me.

It is only a basic timepiece it has the look of having the date and month function but it is static, there are even 2 side buttons that do nothing but push in. I wish the wrist piece had a little more weight to it for more the feel of a true boyfriend watch. The #1 problem thought is mine was missing 12 gems!!! They did not fall out or where in the box they just never came :(

I would have given this 4 starts if all the gems where there. Hopefully I can fine some gemes and put them in the watch. Overall you get what you paid for from outsourcing to other countries for a cheap price. I actually love the look of this watch so in all I am OK. You make your own decision if you think it is worth it. I don't regret mine :)
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on December 2, 2014
I bought this watch on a whim, I think the ad for it came across my email. I had been wanting a rose gold colored watch and I thought for $7 bucks I couldn't go wrong.

It took forever to arrive, as it came from Asia. It has not broke on me yet as some others have stated and it arrived in working condition.

You cannot adjust the band so plan on having the perfect wrist size to get the thing on and keep it on. I weigh about 126 and have pretty thin wrist and the watch goes on okay and my wrist are big enough that it does not slide off but the watch does slide around which I find a little annoying. All of my other watches I have had links taken out of so they fit right, so I was highly disappointed when it arrived and I realized the watch could not be adjusted.

The watch itself also looks pretty cheap. Not what it looks like in the picture. The color on watch looks like a chrome cheap plastic that was thrown over some cheap medal. I was really disappointed with the color.

Basically you get what you pay for. So if you're in the market for a cheap rose gold watch I would get it.
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on June 12, 2013
I was very hesitant to order this watch after reading a lot of the reviews- many were bad. This seems to be a hit-or-miss product. Mine arrived today, it had all of the rhinestones in place, no marks on it and appears to be in perfect condition. The watch does look exactly like the picture, or at least mine does. I have read reviews others have written saying it didn't look like the picture or that it looks like something from the dollar store- that I don't agree with. The band is too big for my wrist (I'd say I have normal size wrists) so I will probably have one link removed and then it should fit perfectly. The only part about this watch that feels cheap to me is the band itself. It is heavier than plastic would be but the way it feels when you're holding it- you can feel that it's cheaply made. Wearing it on my wrist, however, I think it looks nice and I think people would think it was a $200 watch. I am going to put clear nailpolish over the rhinestones and on the inside of the band as I have read other reviews saying the band may turn your skin green and some have complained that rhinestones fell out shortly after they bought it.

All in all, decent watch- especially for the $8 I paid for it. Looks MUCH more expensive than $8, that is undeniable. I am looking forward to rocking this watch and shocking people when I tell them how inexpensive it was.
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on January 28, 2014
My daughter is 23 and has never worn a watch. I can't imagine not wearing one. Who wants to draw out their cell phone just to check the time. Anyway, I wanted a pretty, but inexpensive watch (just in case she never wore it) for a birthday present. She is hard to buy for and I wasn't sure what to expect. I was so happy with her reaction when she opened the box. She loves it and wears it everyday. She's had it for about 8 months with no problems whatsoever. Shows no wear at all. Some reviews complained about the little crystals coming off. None have with my daughter's watch, but then she takes good care of all her jewelry. If you throw this down on the vanity, drop it on the floor and abuse the heck out of it, don't write a negative complaint. This isn't that type of watch. Take care of it and you will love it.
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on October 29, 2012
This watch is a pretty champagne pink color. I really want to like it, I do. But its so large on my wrist. The face is quite large as well. It somewhat feels too masculine (I know its called "boyfriend" style, but it feels like a pink MAN'S watch on me).
If you have an average size wrist it will probably look nice. However, my wrist are extra small (its not the watches fault, I have this problem with ALL bracelets/watches).
I may get a couple links removed as another reviewer did. However, since its such an inexpensive watch, I really don't know if I want to invest any money into it. I may just give to a friend & get another one. Idk... it is pretty color. Hopefully won't fade.

EDITED ON 6/07/13******************

I had a fried take a few links out and this watch looks so good now!!!!! It was easy for him and he didnt charge me, so I am totally satisfied with the way it looks now. It did not fade in color either. I am moving the stars to 5....
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on April 3, 2013
I have very high hopes for this product. The original price showed it was over $90.00, so naturally when I was it was $9.00 I was over the moon. I read some of the reviews and they seemed very mixed to me, so for $9.00, I thought, why not? To say that I was displeased would be a vast understatement.

I expected this watch to come well packaged and nicely kept, but it came in a layer of bubble wrap and a plastic bag which I thought was really strange. Anyway, the watch itself is claimed to be made out of stainless steel when in all actuality, it's made of aluminum. It feels extremely cheap and the sharp edges of the metal have not been rounded off. Furthermore, there are large spaces in between the links which are not supposed to be present if the watch was made properly. Also, the links are not removable, so the watch was big on my wrists which are between 6.0"-6.5" in diameter. The closure also came undone far too easily. I can't imagine how it will wear down if you wear the watch daily for a couple months. The rose gold is painted on the watch and chips off like it has better things to do.

The only mildly redeeming thing about this watch is the color. It really is a nice rose gold, but honestly, I would rather spend more money on a watch that's better quality and will feel nicer, fit better, and last longer.
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on April 6, 2015
The watch was amazing! its for a great price and my watch works well! it did take a while to get to my house however it was worth the wait! i did find out that it was a tad bit too big for my wrist since i am 5"2 and weigh around 113 however that didn't stop me i adjusted the watch to my size with the help of a youtube video and in addition i added clear nail polish to the inisde and on the little gems around the watch so they wont fall off. i did the nail polish thing so it doesnt make my wrist go green. lots of things can be done to fix the watch. and i fixed the time on it. all you have to do is pull the middle button upward and tada! there you go! :) added some pictures so you guys can see the finished product. :)
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