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on March 18, 2016
Purchased both front (white) and rear (red) Super Bright Blitzu Cyborg lights for my new road/hybrid bike. Great lights, bright, very noticeable for daytime riding, even early dusk. I use the white/front on steady and my rear/red on regular/slow flash. Seem to work great and I've not been even close to hit by a car, and I ride on very winding, hilly country roads in New Hampshire. Did a lot of research lights before I purchased these from Amazon and really feel like they do a great job of getting me that extra bit of notice coming around a corner or when obscured by shadow or roadside bushes and trees.

Easy and quick to charge via the short USB cable, but have to remember to take them off the bike after each ride to ensure that they're ready to go for the next one. But the charge seems to last for a long time and I haven't come close as far as I know to running out on my couple hour rides. If I had any quibble at all it would be that the "locking" mechanism by which they attachment to the bike is a bit fiddly. The rubber strap itself is good and solid, but the small square plastic slot the light back fits into is difficult to get the light into sometimes in a tight space, such as on the seat seat post between the top tube and the carry bag under the saddle. I can make it lock in with a bit of fussing each time, but it's not a simple snap and go as it is with the front light which has more room.

----- Updated 3.25.2016 -----
Changing my rating from 5 to 4 stars: This morning when taking off both lights to charge for a ride tomorrow, the plastic retaining clip snapped on one (it had already on the other). This makes both lights now, front and back, without any kind of fastener to keep the light in the slotted holder, other than gravity and friction. Neither of these breakages are from wear and tear as they've only been taken out a few times for charging since adding them to the bike. I'm trusting they'll both stay in during future rides, but will be returning one or both if they pop out and I can't rely on them to stay attached to the bike.
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on October 19, 2016
 I would like to give this light 3.5 stars, but since I can't, I will give it 4. It is not super bright, but bright enough that it will get drivers', cyclists', and other peoples' attention. I have attached a handful of images from behind the bicycle at 10', 25', and 75'. I also attached a video clip of the highest flash setting at 75'. I do the majority of my riding on a bicycle path, as well as on dimly lit suburb streets.

Inexpensive. For the money, seemed hard to beat.
Ease of mounting. Strapped right to the seat post tube. Could be mounted in 4 different orientations (2 horizontal and 2 vertical).
Ease of use. Turns on in the solid mode, press and hold to enter flash/strobe mode. Not difficult to navigate. 6 total modes.

Average brightness. I totally believe that it is 168 lumens. If you want something brighter than that, look elsewhere. This light is for being seen, and performs adequately.
Feels a bit cheaply made. If I apply pressure to the USB port cover, I can feel it flex. But again, at the <$20 mark, it's a decent tail light.

All in all, seems to be not bad. I will update with the run time once I run it down. I have been using it on the High flash when I ride, so that ought to give a good estimate for length of usage.
review image review image review image review image
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on September 19, 2016
I haven't had a chance to use this yet. Bought it for a replacement for my 5 LED cat eye (same length) taillight. Did take a few minutes to figure out how the various light modes worked (one button operation for multiple modes). Overall, does indeed seem much brighter than the one I had, which is great. But I like strobe functions for taillights, especially irregular ones - opposing chaser lights, back and forth/center-out and back in, etc etc. - not too fast, but fast enough to be visible and noticeable. As a driver at night or early mornings, I'm usually distracted/tired enough that any bikers with constant lights, or steady blinking/strobe patterns are not as effectively visible to wake me up. However I am a bit worried that the brightness and intensity of THIS strobe (sadly it seems to be a constant repetitive strobe, not irregular pattern) might be too much (ie, Pokemon - throw them into epileptic seizure - type strobe). The last thing I need is a driver going into a seizure next to me while I bike. Also a little worried about the mounting attachment. Just molded elastic plastic/rubber. Other taillights have a screw-on mount to the bike, which is then in theory never supposed to be removed. This one seems redundant as it has a standard quick release. . . but then the mounting pops on and off with a pull - that can be good and bad. Good for easy removal, bad in that it might pop off accidentally and I'm guessing that in the future it will snap after repeated use, since it's plastic/rubber. . . at which point, you have a light but no mount. Most likely I'll secure the mount to the bike with some zip ties to prevent it from falling off, and then just use the quick release to remove the light once I lock it up. Also, will probably just put it on high blink mode in combination with some other random strobe lights I already have.
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on October 31, 2016
This light is extremely bright, perfect for a taillight, the other version of this with white light would suffice as a headlight at lower speeds. 160 lumens is not much to ride by if you're going over 10mph. But hey for $15 apeice this light is a deal!

While it is extremely bright for a taillight, its range of visibility is at max 180 degrees or less. This isnt as good as the Vis 180 by light and motion ive that has lenses to project the light evenly in all directions, rather than mostly directly behind as this one does, and also has a bright side light to prevent a sideswipe. However the Vis 180 is around $40, this is less than half that and still very bright, just not as good at right angles.

Overall this is an excellent product for the price. Many people do not use a taillight, if you dont have one and your ride on the roads please spend $15 for your life. While this may be lower end than other products ive used, for $30 you have have a headlight and taillight that works. If you want to spend $200 on a light setup, you can have an 800(vs 160) lumen headlight that will take you down a hill going 40 mph with good vision, and 220 degrees of strong taillight in the back. If you want to spend that kind of money, go to Light and Motion's website, the headlight is top-notch especially. Other wise buy this one its great too! However I'm not speaking for the headlight version of this one I haven't tried it.
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on March 17, 2017
I strapped my new Blitzu Cyborg 168T onto my seat post as the Sun set. I donned my helmet and gloves, checked tire pressure, headlight, and readied myself for another night ride. It was a quiet and peaceful night, most people had retired for the evening, a few lights here and there clicked off as I rode through the neighborhood toward the local fairgrounds. As I entered the fairgrounds, an intense blue/green light descended from the sky. I could barely see anything but a blinding light and my face began to feel hot and frigid at the same time. Suddenly, there was a sound as if a million trumpets being played by a host of Heavenly angels. The craft landed near me and a white light emanated from a portal that opened in front of me. A strange being walked out, his name cannot be spoken in a human way, so I called him Razzledorf. He stood in awe at the brightness of my Blitzu light and explained he had thought it was from a race far more advanced than humans, his landing here was a mistake. He asked me where he could acquire such technology and I pointed him to the Amazon fulfillment center in Indianapolis. In exchange, he gave me a ride around the galaxy and even let me blast a few meteors into dust! Fortunately for me, these were not a species of aliens into probing or abduction, just free trade. I'll never forget that night and am now more careful as to riding in open spaces with the 168T - you never know who may be summoned by such an intense light.
In all seriousneess, a great light, my second from Blitzu. I have used only once - I am questioning the battery in this unit but will give it a few more uses (at home and timed) since Lithium Ion batteries take a few cycles to get maximum capacity. As it stands,my Blitzu Cyborg 120T USB Rechargeable LED Bike Tail Light (INCREDIBLE PRODUCT) has a MUCH LONGER RUN TIME so hoping it's just an issue of a new battery that needs to be cycled a few times. Otherwise, I will return.
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Enthusiast: Cyclingon September 1, 2016
I like the light. The multitude of settings are a bit confusing but, after a while, I got it figured out. The trick is to keep your eye on the light to see what is happening as you press the switch. My light, new out of the box, on blinking setting will run about 6 hours on a charge.The view from the rear is good enough for day time running and I believe it will be adequate for nighttime if set on high intensity.
I really like the orange light that shows what is going on with charging and usage.
I lost the little rubber cap that covers the charging plug the first time I recharged the light. If ride into a rain storm (as happens frequently), I will have to take the light off.
Edit 10/20/16 After using this light for about 500 miles and probably a dozen recharges, I don't get 6 hrs of run time anymore. Seems like I'm having to recharge after 4 or 5 hours of run time. The complexity of turning it on and off still is bothersome. But I'm getting used to it. I have apprehensions about the rubber binding that holds the light in place. However, it has not come loose once in the month that I've used it.
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Enthusiast: Cyclingon August 19, 2016
I wish I could give it 4.5. I do like it a lot. This unit is easy to strap on to your helmet, bike, or bike bag. It's very bright and it can be seeing even on a bright day. This is the same high quality mount used in upper end brands (Axiom Pulse). The USB charging is awesome, however, there is not quick charging. So don't expect to plug this in for 30 minutes and get an hour or twos worth of charge. For it's price I think this is the best light you can get. You won't be disappointed. If you are going for a much brighter light for just a few bucks more then I'd go with the Cygolite (80, 100, or 150 Lumens) or the Axiom Pulse 60.

------Update 10/13/16--------
I hesitantly keep this review at 4 stars. I would knock it down to 3.5 if I could. The main problem is the battery life. I'm riding for about an hour each day and I have to charge it every 2 days. Remember, it is a slow charge so it could take up to 3 hours to charge. The following remain true: great brightness, great price, nice mount. If they could improve on battery performance that would make this a 5 star light.
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on March 4, 2017
I've not had a chance to really try this product inasmuch as I'll be using it on my electric mobility scooter. It's certainly BRIGHT enough to be seen during daylight hours...I don't go out after dark. I would like to see the mounting strap a little longer, or maybe make a longer strap available for purchase. I managed to "jury-rig" the supplied strap around the headrest post on the "captain's chair" to get the light high enough to be easily seen.

For a bike, I'm sure it's perfect. For those of us who no longer drive and depend on our mobility scooter for transport, I personally think this tail-light, mounted high enough on the seat back, will give an added safety factor. I'd like to see the manufacturer look into making this light applicable to mobility scooters as well as bikes.
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on March 14, 2017
Due to the crazy weather lately, have only been able to use this light on one road ride, however, for that one 50-mile ride I felt completely safe when being approached by cars from the rear as I could look down and see that my new Blitzu Cyborg light was beaming like a wide angle torch! It is "waaaayy" brighter than either of my previous flashing rear lights and at a very affordable price. The one question I would have to ask anybody who passed on this light is: Is your life worth less than $25?

The reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is that the accompanying rubber attachment band seems very cheaply made and I was afraid it would either break or come off during my ride thus losing my new torch and possibly not being seen by traffic any longer. Thankfully I'd saved both of my previous rear light mounts and I was able to use one of their solid attaching mechanisms to overcome this fear. It isn't a perfect slide in fit but, it still is a much better mount than what came with the light.

Suggestion to Blitzu: fab a better attachment device and then raise the price of this beauty $5 to cover your costs.
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Enthusiast: Cyclingon August 15, 2016
Recently I purchased both the front and rear Blitzu Cyborg 168H USB lights. These lights are super bright and have multiple flashing and steady modes. The only bad thing is the amount of time between charges. I got a little under 5 hours in the steady slow flashing mode. Both the front and back lights both shut down just under 5 hours. I knew this going into buying them though, as it was well stated on the Amazon description. I really love these lights. They charge in only a couple hours, and it is USB. I really love that. Very convenient. The mounts are the same for the front and rear. Very nice mounts and very easy to use. They are also adjustable. They actually can be adjusted. Nice touch. Anyway, I really really like these lights and highly recommend them. These are a must if you right on the roads like I do. Be safe!
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