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I've used H&R Block's tax software every year since 2004. Some annoyances, but most of it is excellent.

The 2011 version is much like 2010.

You can save money by waiting for price dips (see below).

Unlimited number of tax returns: (family members, what-if copies of your return, etc.) 5 Federal e-Files included. Nice!

Unlimited paper filings for one state ($ 19.95 extra per state e-file). So, I just file state returns on paper.

I would say it delivers huge bang for the buck.

- - - Price Dips - - -

The amazon price swings mostly between 25 and 40 (see Note 2). Amazon has almost always had the best price. There's an "Online Price Alert" that will email you whenever this or any amazon product dips below your target price. Google it. It's nicely done.

- - - Typical minor annoyances - - -

These are all carry-overs from 2010

- Upgrade pitches: They weave it into the interview and make it sound as if "an upgrade to Premium is advised for your situation" even when it makes little or no sense for your situation. Sleazy.

- Unclear wording in a few places, although most wording is very clear and accurate.

- Privacy Policy: Hard to view. Hard to read. Has reassuring tone, but doesn't hold much water.

- Copy...Paste from Interview screens: That would be very handy at times. No can do. Can't print them either. Only way I found is ALT + PrintScreen, then paste the graphic into Word or a paint program.

- - - Alternatives - - -

TurboTax is the head-on competitor. Both products have their fans and haters. Both can import previous year's data from the competing product, but most people become married to one or the other. TurboTax fomented a huge rebellion in 2008 when it introduced fee-per-tax-return pricing. They backed down on that, but they do usually charge 15-66% more than H&R Block.

H&R Block's Basic and Premium editions: See H&R Block's helpful comparison table. There are also Basic and Deluxe editions without a state download included.

Free File Tax Software - multiple IRS sponsored tax softwares to choose from if your last year's AGI was 58,000 or less. Available after January 17 via the IRS site. Free File Fillable Forms are available to all income levels -- No tax help, and no state forms are bundled in.

TaxAct has a free version, but it does not import previous year's data, and does not include state. Their better versions are almost as expensive as H&R Block at low tide, and not as good.

- - - Download Version - - -

Downloading via Amazon is pretty smooth and painless. You can easily download it again later, even to a different computer if need be. Your authorization is stored in your account at amazon. You need to first install Amazon's special Downloader software -- also fairly painless. (Download version)

- - - Notes - - -

Note 1: Early Versions: Before the mid-January update, it may not reflect all tax law changes, but I was able to punch in all my numbers and do some valuable "what-if" scenarios before year end (Federal only. No state modules were available as of January 1.) You can easily flag your estimated numbers as "Tentative" so they won't get accidentally included on your final return.

Note 2: Price History: If history is a guide, you can get this on amazon for about 25 bucks sometime in January. (Price dropped to $20 for 1 day on January 7, 2012). I plotted last year's price history as a pic and uploaded it, but amazon removed it on Dec 22.
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on March 3, 2012
First, let me begin by saying that I have been using tax software since 2000. First, I began with TurboTax and wasn't happy with the way it calculated figures to my disadvantage.
From then on I went with H&R Block TaxCut, now called At home. I must add I have no idea why H&R Block decided to change the name. I still call it TaxCut. I can't remember the "At Home" name. To H&R Block, changing the name was entirely stupid and a waste of time and effort.
Now to this program, I am dissappointed by the decreasing quality of it. First, DeductionPro, an useful program for valuating donations to charity was included on the disc. Then, I used it. Over the last few years, H&R Block decided no longer to include it. Now one has to go to the website to look up the info. Unfortunately, the info can't be stored on their server-what's up H&R Block??? Aren't you supposed to make things easier for the taxpayer with your software? Why are you changing things to make it arduous to do our taxes?
As if this isn't enough; the Deduction Pro one is a minor issure, really, though an inconvient one. While running this program to do my 2011 taxes, I found there were several areas where H&R Block didn't provide enough information, or no information at all to help me choose the appropriate answers to complete my taxes. I actually had to contact both the IRS and my state revenue office to locate the necessary information. Also, the program is supposed to choose filing options and deductions that would be best for you. I found that was not the case. For my state filing, the program suggested filing jointly as the best option with the most deductions. However, out of curiousity, I chose both to see if there was a difference, and yes there was. In choosing "combined", I saved $30.00 more on my deductions. So much for H&R Block choosing the best option for me. That says a lot about this edition of H&R Block. It isn't what it used to be.
Based on my experience with this year's program, I can't recommend it. It is still easier than doing it manually in longhand. However, now I can't help wondering just how accurate this program is now.
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on August 22, 2014
Worked for me
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on January 15, 2012
Since I've been using H&R Block's software for several years I ordered the new version as soon as it became available in late 2011. Now that 2012 is here I finally loaded it up and started entering tax info for 2011.

This software always seems to work okay. But, every year they stuff more advertising into it. From time to time it will almost insist that you upgrade to a more expensive version of the software. The default button on the screen usually equates to the user saying "of course I'd love to spend more money to do a relatively simple tax return." Somewhere on these screens you can find a place to click to go on without getting or paying for the upgrade. But, it always seems to be in fine print.

Not having used the competing product, TurboTax, for quite some time I don't know if they do the same thing. I wouldn't be surprised if all of the tax software publishers do this.
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on February 4, 2012
I just got my copy of HR Block Deluxe + State and started doing our taxes today. Well I got as far as our stock options and that's as far as I can go. Seems they did NOT account for the new IRS Form 3921 that is being sent out this year and they have NO plans to include it. How do I know . . . I called and talked to them this afternoon. So for anyone that got a "Exercise of an Incentive Stock Option" Form 3921 you are out of luck if you bought this program. You know what they told me . . . I will have to PAPER FILE!!!! Paper file I said, you mean that you all made no plans to incorporate this form into your program??? Of course they said no, they have no updates planned. What a waste of money and of course she said I didn't waste my money! I have been using HR Block since the 90's when it was Taxcut, but this is inexcusable. I just hope I saved someone some money. Oh and I did some research and TurboTax Premier has the forms I need so off to order that! At least someone thought ahead . . .
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on January 3, 2012
I have used this software many times over the years. It does what it should. The only complaint I have is with Deduction Pro. A couple of years ago it was included on the disc, now you have to go to their website to use it. I am uncomfortable with this and it is more difficult.
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on March 17, 2012
I have been using Taxcut for 10 years since I moved away from Turbotax, so my feedback may be biased(I used both to cross check becuase of a few special items)
1. Turbotax had a bug for me that it thought both my wife and I have 401K coverage even though we have only one W2 which result in wrong IRA dedution. I had to do some manual change to get TT work correctly. H&R is smarter here, it figured out who has / has no coverage automatically.
2. If you have net negtive OID adjustment, not only you can use it to reduce this year's OID, but also reduce income up to OID you paid in past years. Taxcut complains adjustment larger than this years OID. Turbo does not complain. So Turbotax is correct here. Taxcut result is still correct even though it complains during data check.
3. Except Turbotax makes mistake on IRA deduction, Turbotax and H&R results for fed and state are same for me.
4. To me H&R menu is better laid out, it explains intermediate results more clearly than Turbotax. I think that they are equally good for most people, it is really down to preference. Once you get familar with one of them, you always think the one you are using is better becuase you know where are the options and selections.
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on April 1, 2012
[[ASIN:B0068TJ7OC H&R Block At Home Deluxe + State 2011

After using Turbotax to prepare my income tax return for a number of years I decided to try H&R Block. Among other things this software decided I operated a business in 2011 (which I did not) that I made a profit in that business of over $6,000 in 2011 (which I did not) and when I tried to remove that false information from my return refused to allow me to do so. While that was the most serious problem I had with the software, it came up with several other errors that it also firmly refused to allow me to correct.

Finally, when I tried to contact H&R about those problems (they do "guarantee" their products) I discovered that the only things you can easily contact them about are TAX problems, not software problems. I was unable to find even an ordinary street address to write the company slo-mail if nothing else! I am not just disappointed but disgusted.-------Jack Bergman
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on March 18, 2012
1. Help from the software goes to the H&R Block website, and after a few clicks trying to define what my question is, I was on the "online" version of the return, where it was asking me for return details, etc. How the H*LL is this help?

2. Can't find a path to an answer for my question on the website, without having to pay another $20 for a "tax advisor" help.

3. My issue here is something that the software for 2010 handled without issue. The IRS changed, and the H&R Block software isn't clear if it changed correctly.

4. More specifically, the IRS changed how 1099B is split between Schedule d and Form 8949. This H&R Block software doesn't seem to be able to filter user data correctly into these two forms...or at least the input isn't obvious, and there is NOTHING in terms of help/guidance in the software or on the H&R Block website.
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on March 25, 2012
IMPORTANT: I'd strongly advise you to either not use this software of triple check your return if you are filing in MD/Baltimore City. The software calculated my MD taxes owed to be 9 times(!!!) what they were supposed to be. Customer service acknowledged this was a bug and told me it could not be fixed.

This was the first year I used this software. I bought it because, on sale, it was a better deal than TurboTax. I'm filing in two states this year. Federal and one state worked fine, but the software would not properly process my Maryland return. Essentially, it does not acknowledge Local (Baltimore City) tax withholding from your W-2. As a result, these taxes are calculated as owed rather than paid, and the final values the software calculates are much higher than they should be.

I wasted a few hours of my own time trying to figure this out. Then talked to customer service for another two hours only to be told there was nothing they could do. I'd really like my Sunday back.

I had an extremely similar situation a few years ago with TurboTax. The issue was that the Baltimore City/Baltimore County distinction was not properly made in the software, and since I was using TurboTax online I couldn't modify the return to correct the mistake. However, TurboTax customer service quickly identified the problem and offered a solution that same day.
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