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The second season of "The Guild" picks up shortly after the events covered in season 1 and it is still one of the cleverest series I have ever seen. This season has 12 episodes (there were 10 episodes in season one) and they retain the same basic format where each one opens with Cyd setting the stage talking to us on her webcam. The episodes are fairly short, but they are packed full of good acting and humor that almost anyone who spends time on-line will be able to relate to. Felicia Day is great as Cyd Sherman (an "On-Line Game Addict") and her alter ego "Codex" (cleric/healer) who mixes her real life with her on-line life. Her problems and the individual neuroses of the other characters (both live and game characters) are explored in greater detail, often with actual laugh out loud results.

This is a very good series and the DVD is reasonably priced. While the entire series can be found on-line, I bought the DVD to support the show.

It should be noted that there is a good bit of adult content and innuendo that makes this in appropriate for younger audiences.

Highly Recommended!
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on May 19, 2009
I put off checking out "The Guild" for months because I assumed it would go over my head, not being a gamer. I was wrong. It's hilarious. And it can appeal to a broad audience. I even got my 67 year old dad hooked! Most DVD reviews review the series instead of reviewing the DVD itself. Suffice it to say the series is excellent but I won't go further into that.

The DVD package is impressively well-done given the budget constraints an indie production like this has. There are brief cast interviews. However, what's unique is brief interviews of the crew and extras as well. Our starstruck culture conveniently forgets that film is a collaborative medium. While we see the people on camera, there are loads of folks off-camera who contribute as well. It was interesting to get to know what some of their jobs are as well as seeing the way The Guild's quality material has attracted passionate fans that are willing to pitch in to help the series succeed (whether as extras, crew, donors, etc.).

There are gag reels, the script, audition footage, the Ep 1 table read, & fan art. The Ep 1 table read and audition footage gives you insight into how lines are re-written even up to the moment of filming and how line reads change as the actors become more familiar with things. From the beginning, The Guild has tried to be accessible to an international audience. With the help of fans, they've provided subtitles in several languages. There's also a cast commentary and creator/director/producer commentary. Though you can watch the series free on MSN Video (if you don't mind prostituting your eyeballs and putting up with the annoying interface), they've given you enough extras to persuade you to pony up for the DVD. And, really, the DVD is offered at a very reasonable price.
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on May 19, 2009
Despite my review title, I wasn't surprised at all when I saw how awesome The Guild Season 2 is. I had watched Season 1 soon after it ended and I've been following the Guildies since then. Waited a few months (but it felt like long long months) to Season two and I had VERY high expectations. Well, it was even better than I expected.

Season two upped the game. The video quality is beautiful, so colourful and shiny! Episodes are longer, which means more awesomeness per episode. The cast grew and we had the addition of the gorgeous and lovely Michele Boyd (Riley), the super cool Fernando Chien (Wade), and the also cool Brett Sheridan (George). Plus, the most awesome extras ever.

The main characters are even funnier than in Season 1, the story arcs were great and it all ended up in an amazing and surprising season finale.

I haven't actually got the dvd yet (long way from the US to Brazil, but I'm patiently wait to get it on my mail box), but from the little extra content we've seen online, I'm absolutely sure the dvd extras will be awesome as well.

Buying this dvd means you have on your home the dvd of the best web-series ever (and let's face it, even one of the best series - between web and tv - that is out there nowadays) and means that you are supporting the SUPER AWESOME cast and crew that work so hard to do this.

As a fan of many things, I have to say that being a Guild fan is one of the best fan experiences I've ever (and probably will have) have.

So huge thanks and congratz to this brilliant cast and crew!

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on June 28, 2009
Is there anything Felicia can't do? I haven't seen her try bull riding or playing baseball - maybe one of those is her Achilles' Heel. When it comes to writing a web-series she created, acting in that web-series, singing in someone else's web series (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog) or acting on a regular tv show (Dollhouse episode #13), she doesn't seem to have any peers. The Guild is laugh-a-minute hilarity about a group of online gamers who have had the misfortune of meeting each other in real life. It's mostly about Felicia's character, Codex (who does a preamble vlog to begin each episode), but it's also about the other five members of the Knights of Good guild - a more flawed group of people you've never met. Of course, it's their many flaws that make them so incredibly interesting and funny. The main storyline revolves around Codex's attempts at either having or avoiding a love life. The other characters have their own problems that they are trying to cope with. That these six completely different personalities all wound up in the same guild makes for insane interactions between them as their expectations of each other are often way off the mark (Yes, Bladezz and Tink, I'm especially thinking of you two.) I won't go into specific storylines, as that would give away too much. Just go ahead and buy it - you'll enjoy it. Oh, I forgot to mention the killer extras - the commentaries and other extras aren't online and they make the dvd worth buying all by themselves. I definitely recommend this one very highly.
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on May 19, 2009
This is a no-brainer. The Guild is a wonder web series that revolves around the lives of a group of on-line gamers. What makes this series so wonderful is that it is clear that it is written by someone who is 'writing what she knows.'

The true delight in the show comes from the group dynamic. Ms. Day has taken the players that she has played with and has somehow boiled them down to 5 personalities, the likes of which everyone runs across in the gaming realm.

The real treat on this DVD is the extras. There are quite a few. Two excellent commentary tracks, gag reels, and...well, I don't want to ruin it all but I also found an Easter Egg (hilarious).

It is funny because even though you can watch all these episodes for free online or via Xbox Live, I would still recommend that you pick up this DVD. It is a must have. The way the series Spaced captured a very specific time period of pop culture, The Guild captures the present period. Kudos to all who worked on this and made it possible.
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on May 19, 2009
If we lived in an age that appreciated screwball comedies, Felicia Day would be a big movie star--she's hilarious both in her own right and reacting to the even crazier characters who populate The Guild. In Season 2 of this terrific show (first shown on the web), she has once again created a slew of painfully funny situations and given her talented cast terrific material. But there's also real humanity here, as the characters struggle to figure out how to live in the perilous world that exists outside their computer screens.

I love this show, and I think a ton of other people will too.
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on May 19, 2009
The Guild Season 2 continues to follow our favorite Guildies in thei misadventures. Everything you liked about Season One, but more so. It's funnier, more touching, looks amazing and I think if you say it's name backwards it may grant you magical powers. In all seriousness, The Guild is a wakeup call for the Hollywood Studio System. Web content from "amateurs" is smarter and funnier than any sitcom that's made it through the Hollywood meatgrinder in years. The Guild's talented staff are fulfilling the promise of new media, one episode at a time. Watch your back, networks!
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on April 5, 2014
This is a wonderful, quirky comedy. Each character is a lovely, deep treat who develops in unexpected ways. If you have ever played a computer or online game, you should seriously check this out. If you don't like episode one...keep watching. This series is best taken as a whole.
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on September 20, 2009
I bought this at the same time and watched it in the same evening as season one -- this was as good if not better than the first season. While keeping true to the comedy that made me enjoy the first season (gamers will just get it when they watch it) they actually did a great job developing the characters further. The end of the season was both epically hilarious and left you hanging (and craving) for season three.
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on July 15, 2009
The Guild is a comedic gem lovingly directed at and about geeks and gamers, but the cast is so great together and Felicia Day (Codex) is so charming and lovely that this show would be hard for anybody NOT to love. Filled with in-jokes and geeky subtext, every episode is an absolute riot to watch over and over again. The second season is every bit as clever and hilarious as the first but with even better production values.
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