Customer Reviews: Blood Type A Food, Beverage and Supplemental Lists
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on September 24, 2002
I purchased this small companion book along with the big hardcover "Eat Right for Your Bloood Type." My 77-year-old uncle had convinced me that my family history (all blood type A+) indicated that I would benefit from following the eating plan. His comments and his experience were very persuasive.
If you accept the validity of Dr. D'Adamo's approach, there's no need to open the big book right away. With this small companion book, one can get down to business. By focusing on highly beneficial foods and avoiding the "poison" foods, it's easy to change your food selections and preparation style.
You can take the book into supermarkets, specialty foods stores and restaurants as a handy guide. You can bring it with you on vacation, business trips and dinner parties. You will quickly get a sense for the highly beneficial foods that you most enjoy. The book also makes it easy to experiment!
In many ways, using this book makes it fun to eat. It's easy to go meatless quickly. Yes ... one can even enjoy tofu (it's not bad ... really!). There are lots of great alternatives for protein that allow you variety and flexibility.
It's still a good idea to read the big book. But you can change your life right away with this small companion! I truly can feel a difference in my health after just two weeks.
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on March 9, 2006
I found this book extremely helpful in making great food choices. Though I was skeptical at first, I lost 6 pounds in eating according to the plan in the first 2 weeks. When I follow the diet, I have more energy, feel healthier, and lose weight. I highly recommend this dieting tool.
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on January 14, 2007
My whole life I've been battling with my mother over the foods that I eat. She always made me eat meat and when i told her that I feel sick after red meat she would tell me I'm silly. A couple of years ago I stopped eating oranges and tangerines because I broke out from them and once again my mother laughed at me. She criticized me for not eating a lot of foods. I picked up a copy of the A type food and beverage list and it turns out I was right all along to reject those foods because they are poisonous to me! I fell in love with this diet because what i feel for myself and what the doctor (author) says, is the same thing! (of course giving up cheese and olives will be hard) I can trully relate to this diet.
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on January 31, 2013
For those of you who have doubts about whether blood type should really be a reason for eating a certain way, I feel you. If you do, I strongly recommend that you take a good look at a few of the online breakdowns of the Blood Type diets online (likely very brief, doesn't include all the info of the book though) & see if: 1) some of the foods you favor are amongst the "Beneficial", & 2) while other people go crazy for a type of food (eg: seafood, mushrooms, pickles, etc.. anything!) are what you're not quite a fan of (or hate).

After I checked this out was when lots of things suddenly started to make sense. I am Type A blood. This may sound a bit weird, but I tend to enjoy my foods a little blandly (oatmeal w/ nothing to flavor, black iced/hot coffee w/o cream or sugar, etc) Lots of the time I will eat something without condiments or I ask for my salad w/ no dressing b/c dressing is just gross to me). This is in part, due to the way I grew up but also is mainly how I've responded to my reactions to moderate or even very small quantities of sugar, salt, or other things like spices & vinegar: I always got swollen the next day (eyes, fingers, puffy cheeks...etc..) But more than how I've grown to like how I eat now, I've never been a huge fan of certain foods (like the above mentioned) & while my friends all go crazy for lobster/crab/shrimp, sweet pastries, Korean bbq (all-you-can-eat-till-you-explode-quantities-of-meat), I typically felt whatever about eating them & then felt like crap the next day after eating that stuff. The list goes on about what kinds of foods make me swell up by the next day (which I didn't realize, was an allergic reaction to the foods I was eating--you should never swell up or react badly over something you ate if it's good for you) but I'd rather not.

On the other hand, the foods that I'm a HUGE FAN of are listed as "Beneficial" (technically, medicine) for my body. I feel so much more energy when I stick to what I really enjoy including pb&j sandwiches, fruit, veggies, & moderate amounts of chicken every now and then. It's all the more so when I stay away from red meats, vinegars/salts, bananas (which I used to eat just for post-exercise but I realized I never liked bananas that much...) I do like the taste of this kinds of stuff occasionally, but I always feel really good when I limit these & prioritize the stuff that's listed as Beneficial in the book. Coincidence? I think not.

Everything, so far, matches with how I've learned to eat already. Basically, I've just become more appreciative of the way I treat my body (by responding favorably to energy levels instead of ignoring how I physically feel & eating junk foods & weird processed stuff all the time) but I'm learning more about the other things that I can eat to get the variety of nutrition that my body needs. While I've heard of lots of people losing weight with this diet or book, I haven't lost much (I have athletic build) but I definitely feel my clothes are a little looser than before I started keeping track with this book. (I guess that now that I'm keeping track, my nutrients are going to the right places & not to my fat anymore.. haha) It's been about 1 month since I first ordered this book, & my weight is now consistent, not fluctuating by 5-7 lbs like before when I used to eat very little, & I can eat plenty & simply feel satisfied (not too hungry after a few hours).

For those of you that have health problems or even discomforts, definitely gotta check this out. Don't believe those doctors who say you need prescriptions or whatnot (those are terrible for you, are just a bunch of unnatural compounds that you'll probably get addicted to, & if something is wrong w/ your body, then naturally, you should attempt to fix it in the way that would be beneficial in the long run.) DON'T believe people when they say you can't cure yourself. You totally can if you just change what (& sometimes, how much) you eat. Exercise & eat right & most of your health issues (if not all) should go away. Best wishes for those who are trying to get healthier! This book is just a key to the door; once you open it, it's your job to go down the road & make the trip worth it.
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on October 21, 2007
This is probably the 10th copy of this book I have purchased. It can dramatically change the way someone feels.
I have told so many people about the book. I just hand it out now to all the Blood Type A's that I know.

I would highly suggest all other books related to Blood Type Eating. You will be amazed at how different your body feels when given the correct foods.
Mental clarity is the best side effect.I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and have benefitted greatly by using this book in conjunction with a Nutritionist. I am after 5 years totally free of prescription medicine. Any one who has the disease knows that the treatment not only includes immune suppressant drugs but also steroids.
I also have a sister-in-law who after 5 miscarriages has finally been able to successfully carry her child that will be do in 2 months. She believes it all has to do with eating for your blood type.

I hope that anyone who suffers from illness of anykind at least give this book a shot, what do you have to lose except maybe feeling FANTASTIC everyday.
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on March 19, 2006
A great little book to take with you when you shop for your food or eat in a restaurant. Small in size but large in information.
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on April 2, 2007
I found this concept so interesting, I couldn't put the book down. I dove right in and started eating accordingly. I have felt so much better and am dropping inches left and right. This is the first time in my life that I have been able to lose weight without being hungry or feeling deprived. I have even switched my kids over to many of the foods without telling them and they are loving them, not even realizing that they are soy products instead of meats. The changes in my eating habits will last a lifetime, this is not a "diet" this is a way of life.
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on October 2, 2015
This is a good little guide, and the blood-type theory is as good as ever. However, when was this last updated? Soy is no longer the go-to protein it used to be, so as a type A I really can't rely on all those soy recommendations for protein. I'd like to know if it's been updated for new dietary and food knowledge, and if not, when will it be??

Apart from this lack of updates -- which really do matter -- I like the book very much for the handy guides, which can easily be carried on shopping trips or even elsewhere
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on February 18, 2012
I recently found out my blood type and oddly, somehow while looking at a different book this popped up and my curiosity piqued. As a Type A+ it reads I should be a Vegetarian (Yay! I already am!) but the book suggests a lot of Fish (huh?!). That means it's a "Pescatarian" program. So I would NOT call this a Vegetarian program as Vegetarians don't eat anything with a face. This is a "Pescatarian" lifestyle (like how I avoided the word "diet"?!). Lecture over on that topic :) Anyway, I found that after giving up meat years ago I felt better! As other people have commented on reviews on all of Dr. D'Adamo's books there are some conflicts (like wheat and soy) but not so many that you can't simply figure it out for yourself. Sadly, it does read to stay away from peppers, spicy foods, vinegar and vinegar mixed foods (like pickles!) and sauerkraut (my gosh! I'm European and I LOVE Sauerkraut!) :( I LOVE THESE THINGS and so does my body! I've never had a "reaction" to any of these foods and I enjoy them so much I couldn't imagine not having them! So perhaps I'll simply cut back. I keep food journals and I've always "listened" to what foods my body likes and those which make me tired or feel heavy or just blah! Ironically, many of his foods he recommends are amongst my faves! This was the first book relating to this topic that I've purchased and after reading countless reviews on all of his books and the strong recommendation to get the "Live Right for your Type" over all the others I just placed my order. As for all the comments about Soy. A lot of research has been done on Soy since his first book and before over-indulging in Soy, especially if you're a woman or taking medications, I'd do some reading on the topic or speak with your doctor. As a long time Vegetarian I can tell you that there are plenty of foods you can have without eating Soy. And as they say, everything in moderation :)
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on June 9, 2007
This small in size large in content book is good to take along with you when you go food shopping. A lot of the foods I like, don't like me according to this book and I agree with 93% of this point of view. The book is a fast read and another good reference for you to consider while building your life time diet plan.
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