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on August 14, 2016
I have so much love for this series! This was my second time reading this book and I can honestly say that I liked it just as much as I did the first and maybe even a bit more. One thing that I enjoy about re-reading books in series that I love is seeing how many things have changed for the characters. I love how some of the groundwork for future events takes root in earlier books.

The characters in this series are wonderful. Mercy is awesome. She has a wonderful sense of humor and she is tough. She knows that she is not as physically strong as many of the people she surrounds herself with but she more than makes up for it in mental toughness. She isn't afraid to take risks especially if it is the right thing to do. This book actually has a pretty big cast of characters and I really love them all. Adam and Sam are both great characters. The members of Adam's pack are all so well defined that they really stand out as individuals. I think it takes real skill to bring such a big group of characters to life.

The world building in this series is phenomenal. Everything just fits perfectly. It seems like each book adds another layer to the whole picture with complete consistency. I love all of the pack politics and learning about how all of these different groups have learned to live with each other. There were moments in this book that were quite creepy and I loved every moment of it.

I really enjoyed Lorelei King's narration. Her voice fits Mercy's character quiet well. It was really easy to follow and I thought she did a great job differentiating between all of the different characters. I also thought that she did a great job in displaying all of the different emotions of the story. I can't wait to continue this series in audio.

I would highly recommend this series to others. I think that anyone who enjoys urban fiction or paranormal stories should check out this series. I am a huge Patricia Briggs fan and can't wait to see what she can come up with next.
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on February 24, 2011
Synopsis: Mercedes "Mercy" Thompson is your average mechanic that owns her own shop. So, she turns into a coyote every now and again...who doesn't? Mercy's friends also happen to be of the paranormal persuasion: vampires, fae, and weres. It isn't too surprising then that Mercy is drawn into the middle of a dangerous situation by one of those friends.

The vampire Stefan, to whom Mercy owes a favor, asks Mercy to accompany him in coyote form to see a new vampire that has arrived in town. The vampire is in town without the local vampire mistress's approval. As it turns out, this vampire is no ordinary vampire. He is a sorcerer and demon possessed. Mercy serves as Stefan's witness as the sorcerer/demon/vampire murders a woman in front of them and take command of Stefan himself.

Mercy, though she tries to stay out of it, lands right in the middle of the hunt for the sorcerer vampire when Stefan goes missing and is presumed dead. It will take all of Mercy's strength and power to find the crazed vampire, and whomever he is working for, before more people die.

Review: I read Moon Called a long while ago, probably right after it first came out, and I have to say I was not a fan. I generally don't like to dismiss an entire series based on one book, but I had never gotten around to picking up the second book in the Mercy Thompson series, Blood Bound. When I won a free Kindle book on twitter from @BookYap, I asked for Blood Bound and I am glad I did.

Blood Bound was excellent and so much better than I remember Moon Called being. Mercy was a much better developed character in this novel. I really liked her as a character. I enjoyed her learning more about her supernatural gifts, but still not knowing all there is to tell about them.

The plot moved quickly and was very engaging. I was totally caught up in the storyline and plowed right through the novel. The details and action moved the story along smoothly and quickly. Because of this, I came to appreciate Briggs' writing style and skill as an author much more.

I really enjoyed this book. I highly recommend it. I will definitely be checking out the other installments in this series.
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on January 26, 2016
This is the second book featuring Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson, a young woman who can shift into a coyote at will. In the previous book we became acquainted with her world, where werewolves, vampire, and fae live uneasily alongside humans, some 'out' to the public, some still living in secrecy.

Mercy is asked to accompany a vampire friend of hers to a meeting, in her coyote form. The idea is that the other vampire won't recognise that she's anything other than a regular coyote and she can be a witness to the exchange. But it all goes horribly wrong. People are dying and her loved ones start disappearing, despite all of them being stronger and more powerful than Mercy herself. How can she possibly save anyone? But maybe, just maybe, she can.

The only thing wrong with this book is that it ends. While it doesn't technically end on a cliffhanger, the romantic triangle between Mercy, Adam and Samuel is unresolved, and the reader is left feeling like they need to read the next book to find out what happened. Maybe I'm spoiled by stand-alone romance novels, but I hate feeling like I have to buy another book to find out what happens in the end. Having said that, the book was a decent length, and I wouldn't have cut anything out, so if the author had managed to include everything, it'd be a longer novel than the Lord of the Rings! Ha ha! So I do understand why the author has made the decision to tell Mercy's story in multiple books, but there's also a part of me that resents it.

It was the only flaw though. The characters are strong and multi-dimensional. Some of the stronger alpha-types were shown in different lights in this one, shown to have real weaknesses, which made them feel more real, more human if you will. The pace of the story is superb. The violence is just graphic enough to make you feel like you're there, but without making you feel like you need to put the book down and bleach your eyeballs. The supernatural characters felt real, and that's always an impressive feat. I'll definitely be reading another Mercy Thompson book.
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on December 27, 2015
I’m tired after spending most of the night reading this book. Imagine the word amazing said in five syllables and stressed at the end.
To be honest I was kind of nervous to sleep because of some of the elements in the books. I like to avoid reading about ghosts and demons when I can, but I was enthralled (not meant in any magical way, but I’m not absolutely sure) and couldn’t put the book down.
In trying to figure out what made the book excellent I deduced that it’s Mercy. Her personality is super strong and she doesn’t take nonsense. She protects what’s hers and she’s scrappy. More than once I wasn’t sure if she’d make it, but after a few calming breaths on my part I remembered that there were more books in the series. Of course she’d make it. Would she survive in tact? Hmmmm.
The plethora of different types of creatures engaging together creates a complexity to the story that sucks the reader in. The world Ms. Briggs creates is complete with werewolves, fae, humans, demons, ghosts, vampires and only the author knows what more she’ll bring into the fray.
I love the romance aspect of it, although I know who I want her to end up with. His name starts with an A.
When I finally did sleep early this morning I woke up smiling because I had more of the book to read. And now I’m finished. Good thing I bought book three to tide off any withdrawal.
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on January 10, 2017
I've resorted to purchasing again instead of limiting myself to Kindle unlimited. This series is that great. Mercy Thompson rivals True Blood in the way in pulls you into this alternate world of "other" creatures and makes it so believable. What sets Biggs approach apart is that there are no "fairy" holes in her stories; silly things that make you say, "that's just a little too much for me to believe". I love the way she handles the main werwolves in her life and doesn't always rely on them to get her out of situations. I'm hopeful for a future television series but not before Biggs get through with the story. I don't want alternate tv/book stories overlapping, making me unhappy with one or the other.
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on January 31, 2017
I don't know where she gets the ideas for this world but it and Ms. Briggs characters are awesome. I'm rereading them and enjoying the nuances and connections to the spin-off series involving Charles and the Marrok. All of them are worth the price and are definitely keepers.
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on April 20, 2016
Better than the first book, but not much new to say on the vampire trope. (Is there anything new that can be said about vampires?) The romantic love triangle, now a quadrangle, is okay, and it's fairly clear to a savvy reader who she'll end up with eventually. The plot does move quickly, and the mystery is engaging, along with the lead character. Mercy is a bit different than most of the urban fantasy heroines -- she's an auto mechanic, not a cop, detective, bounty hunter, or agent. She's also not uber powerful, which is a nice change of pace. The author intermingles bits and pieces of German folklore and history into the mix, but not much on Native American folklore, which is sorely lacking considering the heroine's heritage.

Overall a fun read.
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on July 2, 2017
What is better than reading a Mercy Thompson Story...listening to one. I have fallen in love with Audio Books, those mindlessly repetitious chores are completed quicker, road trips are over faster and I can still be in the room with hubby as he watches his shows. Win, Win, Win.
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on April 10, 2017
Great book. Easy to read with a fun strong female lead. Trouble seems to be attracted to Mercy! The author sucks you in and you can't seem to put the books down. This series is based in Eastern Washington, (the author Briggs lives here). This adds to the charm of the book. Rereading them again!! Highly recommend, wonderful to escape your world and step into the world of Mercy Thompson.
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on August 21, 2014
Having loved the world and the character of Mercy in the first book, I was happy to buy the second. It was nice to see that Mercy has developed, showing more vulnerability than she did in the first. We get the feeling there is much more depth to be discovered throughout the series.

The plot is much better developed this time, and more gory, taking little steps into a darker side, although the whole things still reads a little young to be anywhere near horror or dark fantasy. I still like the myriad of characters, and delving into the hierarchy of a wolf pack. Some may not feel this is particularly realistic, but I had no problem with it, and I own two wolf dogs. I could certainly recognise some of their behaviour in the pack members!

I felt this was another fun read, not overly filled with romance, which is didn't need to keep the story moving along and the pages turning. You also don't have to hunt for the plot amongst pages and pages of inane sex scenes. The love triangle is an amusing sub plot that doesn't interfere with the main story.

Patricia Briggs is a writing who can certainly bring a character to life, and make a place feel like you have lived there all your life. Perhaps her plots are not the strongest, but they are getting better and I am still a big fan of this series.
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