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on October 7, 2017
This was just awesome. It had cheese, it had boobs, it had blood, it had Spanish fly, it had taco meat, and it had Reggie from Phantasm. Doesn't get much better than that.
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on January 20, 2015
The hype behind this throwback to the slasher-comedy falls flat on it's face. Just nothing here but poorly delivered jokes, Even Reggie has trouble keeping this steamy poo interesting. Okay, his pajama's are funny, but lets not get hasty.... I didn't watch any of the extra's yet, but honestly I can't imagine how they could give this cheesefest any depth. To compete with the other slasher throwbacks such as "Father's Day", "The Sleeper", "Gutterballs", they need to bring some better, juicier practical effects. Most of the kills I found to be disappointing, as if I were cheated out of the eye-candy.
2 Stars.
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on June 16, 2013
I will begin by saying YES i love this movie. It is a blast to watch and found myself seriously laughing out loud 3 times, which is rare.

BUT i am an 80's kid, so i found issues that bugged me with styling a movie placed in 1977 and 1984. The makers of the movie did a fine job and for most they may never notice the things i did, but i have this weird thing in me that goes looking for "lack of 80's-ness" and that is what dropped 1 star off my vote.

First, the 1977 part looked great except one dude had to keep his "Justin Bieber / Shane Dawson Hair" - sorry, if it were fashioned more like the Monkeys maybe... Now to 1984... They admitted in the commentary about having trouble with background cars in the parking lot across the street at the General Market. Other things though included Giant brightly colored energy drink cans in the cooler, the cash register being modern and although they did ok with the purchases of the chubby kid, you really couldn't buy Jester Hats in local gas stations back then - a likely substitute that "could" be at any gas station was the Steve Martin "Arrow-Thru-the Head", but overall that is passable. What really wasn't was: Although they did a good job with fashion of the period, one character didn't and that was Brittany. I can see some reason for "why" as she is the main sex object of the film, but even though she went "retro" almost none of her clothes existed back in 1984. All of her outfits even though done with a retro style were modern low-cut boy shorts and ultra minis right down to her barrettes, being kinda heart shaped colored metal, which you had 2 choices in 1984 straight colored metal or colored solid plastic with animals. One thing with promiscuous girls fashion then or even fashion in general were Tube-tops - they were everywhere and it was that thing where you didn't wear a bra with them - oh she wore a bra... from Victoria's Secret most likely and no 80's panties. So yeah, she dressed modern day retro, most likely to keep the level of sex appeal to modern day boys watching this movie. So, 1 star subtracted for promising 80's and not fully delivering.

The movie though was a blast. I really enjoyed the acting and the casting seemed spot-on. The characters were fun stereo-types and the comedy was pretty solid. The kills and gore were just as good. The movie took a slight pause for me at the 1 hour mark, but picked right back up and never got too dull. It was a very enjoyable fun ride all the way and is highly recommended even if you can't overlook the period flaws. The bonus materials were also good with an excellent commentary track.
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on September 29, 2014
This is how horror comedies/slasher flicks should be made! The laughs keep coming (some are cheesy, but still funny) and they are all delivered perfectly. The gore is also quite a treat! Even though this movie has a 2012 release date, it looks like it was filmed in the late 70s/early 80s which definitely works to its advantage. Great casting, great script, great fun! Definitely recommended to anyone that calls themselves a horror fan.
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on February 4, 2013
As a child of the 1980s, my friends and I used to stay up all night to catch the gory slasher flicks they used to play "Only after midnight" on the networks. These films were not Shakespeare, and the lead characters weren't riddled with pathos either. That was just fine with us, we enjoyed them because they were scary, gory, and (most important of all) FUN. When I watched "Bloody Bloody Bible Camp", I was instantly reminded of those good times.

The film begins with a set of grisly murders which take place at the Happy Day Bible Camp in the late 70s, by a homicidal masked figure known as Sister Mary Chopper. Flash forward to a few years later in the early 1980s, and we find Father Cummings (the "Hardest Working Man in Horror" himself, Reggie Bannister) heading to the camp with a fresh band of horny (and often clueless) bible campers. They're forewarned of the potential danger, but of course they don't listen. They're too busy thinking about themselves, who's going to score with who, and who's going to win the Bible Bowl trivia contest. They pile into their van and head out towards their doom, gleefully singing their favorite ode to Jesus (it's an original tune written by Reggie Bannister himself, and so catchy you might find yourself singing along before you know it).

All the trope characters you love are represented. The Jocky D-Bag (played with manic jerk energy by Matthew Aidan), The Comely-but-Dim Sex Princess (Jessica Sonneborn), The Childlike Fat Kid (Christopher Raff), The Rakish Camp Counselor (Jay Fields), The Shy One (Troy Guthrie), The Troubled Goth (Deborah Venegas), and The Subdued Mysterious One (the excellent Ivet Corvea). They spend their time frolicking in the lake, talking about sex, sneaking out of their cabins, and removing their clothes for no reason (and who needs one?). All the time they're blissfully unaware there's a twisted killer working up a bloodlust for their hides, just around the corner (a villain who truly creeped me out but also amused the hell out of me).

Make no mistake, this movie keeps its tongue firmly planted in its bloody cheek and that's the very top reason I loved it so much. It never takes itself too seriously, it's a tip of the hat to the high spirited slash-fests of yore and it never shirks from owning that fact. It's campy, it's purposely ridiculous, never brutal but consistently gory (early in the film comes one of the sickest and hilarious decapitations I've ever seen, equal parts gleeful violence and twisted humor). The production values here are solid for an independent horror film, and I was actually surprised at just how good the special effects are. I've seen some painful indies that look like they were done with a handy-cam and a tube of fake blood from the neighborhood costume shop, but you'll find none of that here (even the music was impressive for a small budget film).

It just had everything I loved from old school slasher flicks (right down to the gratuitous T&A). I felt I got more than my money's worth with this movie. So far I've only watched it by myself but it's going to be perfect for future slash-fests with friends. In fact, I'd go so far as to say this movie is tailor-made for that purpose, especially for those who remember late-night horror sleepovers as kids in the 1980s.
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on December 25, 2013
This isn't for the amateur collector, it's a bad movie but it's what makes it so great, if you understand that then you should get a copy!
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VINE VOICEon November 20, 2017
NOTHING is serious in this film. But the fun!

Anytime Ron Jeremy is Jesus, then you've got a hit!
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on January 1, 2015
This film pushes to the edge on all fronts. It is an enjoyable watch and feels like there is a good drinking game to be found. Don't go into this expecting something other than a blood soaked romp through a bible camp.
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on April 2, 2015
The dvd was received in excellent condition.
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on September 2, 2017
It's not terrible but parts are extremely irritating and go on and on and on. The comedy doesn't work but at least the pace is very fast. Despite the problems, I like it but will never watch it again.
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