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on April 30, 2015
Still issues with this system.........
UPDATE 3 - April 2nd, 2016: I first wrote a review of this product in April, 2015, so it's been installed for almost a year. Initially, the product worked OK, although I felt that a derived "local" forecast (no matter how much science and climatology was used to describe it), was no substitute for a physical rain gauge.
Then in late Fall 2015/early Winter 2016, I noticed on several occasions, the sprinklers were running while it was raining (after several days of rain). I was in contact with Blossom support and in March 2016 claimed to know what the problem was with their algorithm.
I now have another problem with this system. On several occasions recently, the sprinklers have been set on come on, the iPhone app says "Ran 6 zones at 3:51am. Finished at 5:07am". The light on the controller is solid blue, but no irrigation has occurred - neither can I activate the sprinklers from the app. I have no failure or error indication. If I unplug the Controller and the powerline extender for 30 secs, then reconnect them, I can recover control, at least temporarily.
So I'm now wondering if I have a $200 (I paid the initial price for this system) "boat anchor".
Unless Blossom can address these issues quickly (and so far that's not been the case), I can no longer recommend this system.
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on May 25, 2015
Welp, I've just ordered a Rachio Gen2. Like I said in my original review, I really really wanted to make this work. And not just because I'm out $200. Sunk costs; move on with life.

It worked fine as far as I could tell last season. I set it up and mostly forgot about it. The lawn and stuff stayed green, and it didn't run when it was raining, so that was cool. This season, as I've been bringing up the system, I just can't reliably get the controller to start zones. Why not? I have no idea! The app doesn't tell me anything about why the zone isn't running. I've tested with a multitester and verified continuity and resistance. The bottom line is: Sometimes the zones go, sometimes they don't.

I recognize the limitations of the controller technology -- it's only as good as the wiring and valves in the ground. But it really bugs me that I can't bypass the cloud and manually drive things. I would have more confidence that the problem is local if I had that capability. As I am a DIY irrigation operator for now; I've been willing to suffer with the vagaries of a Cloud-controlled device, but if I eventually decide to cede responsibility to a professional, this configuration won't work. The Rachio allows for local manual operation, and gets better reviews. Onward and upward (I hope!)...

------------------ Original Review -------------------

Blossom, I want us to communicate more. I feel like I don't really know what's going on with you. You look great, don't get me wrong. And you seem pretty smart, but I just can't seem to get past a superficial relationship with you. Maybe we're not meant to be together, I don't know.

Please, open up to me. I know you can. We can make this work. I really want this to work.

Joking aside, the installation and setup were brilliant. And then... Well. I think my lawn is being watered. If I get up early enough I can still see some evidence of moisture on the walkways and lawn. But is it dew, or water from the irrigation system? Not sure. Did the system decide not to water this morning because there's supposed to be a shower this afternoon? Don't know. When was the last time zone 2 watered the rhododendrons, and for how long? Don't know.

Are you seeing a pattern? I know that there are rumors of an updated app, but even the company is fairly tight-lipped. No blog. No periodic emails to let us know what's going on or what to expect as far as new features and improvements. I'd expect this from a big multinational like Toro or Hunter or Rain Bird or whatever, but I thought you guys would be different.
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on May 3, 2015
I'm sitting here at 8:23 PM on a Sunday, with my sprinklers cycling on. I have setup my Blossom to water on Fridays and Tuesdays, not Sunday.


Why is it on? Who knows? The app gives you absolutely no information about how long it will water, if it's currently watering, or how long it watered for. Absolutely zero feedback or live control ability. You want to turn off the sprinkers because you want to take a shower or they are just going haywire? Well, unplug the box, partner. This is inexcusable and cannot simply be dismissed as "we're working on it". Such functionality is fundamental to the operation of something as important as an irrigation system.

Before deciding to waste my water today, it actually turned on per schedule on Friday, but the "Smart Watering" decided it needed to run the sprinklers for more than six hours straight... in drought-stricken California, on a day when temperatures were in the 60s and 70s! Sounds more like "Brain-Dead Watering" to me! I shudder to think about how long it will want to run in the summer on 90-degree days!

There is a "dry/wet" slider to allegedly tweak this behavior but it can only cut the "cloud-chosen" watering time by 50%, not even close to enough judging from Friday's timings. (And per the above, forget about getting any insight into how long the "cloud-chosen" watering time will be, the app cannot tell you.) If I go full manual watering, I lose the ability to account for rain, since there is no rain sensor connection, and I lose the ability to account for season, since there is no global budget meter. Both of these features are present in even the cheapest ordinary irrigation controller.

The hardware is very nice, granted. No problems installing or connecting wires. But the software is completely unusable. They clearly released this a year before it was ready. Even apart from the functionality issues, the Android app is full of major graphical glitches on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (a very popular phone), ones that greatly impact its usability.

The unit is getting returned and I'm going with a Rachio.
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on August 1, 2015
I'm very excited about my new sprinkler system! It works great, BUT THE INSTRUCTIONS LEAVE A LOT TO BE DESIRED! I followed all the directions, but there was no way to connect to wifi (instead of Powerline) without the help of tech support. I spoke with a very nice person who apologized for the poorly worded Start Up guide.
I absolutely love controlling my sprinklers from anywhere. Once I've watered my lawn thoroughly for a bit I will switch over to smart watering.
Two thumbs down for the instructions. Two thumbs up for the product & tech support.
review image review image
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on October 20, 2015
I had the Blossom for about 3 weeks before I decided to return it.

The hardware is second to none. This really is a top notch product from a hardware perspective. It hit all the points I was looking for. Clean design, nice LED light, can be used outdoors, easy wire setup, wireless and a single power source. The hardware engineers really built a fantastic watering controller here.

The downfall for me was the software side of things. The app is very limited (more of that below) and it had many bugs that shouldn't be there. Here are my gripes.
1. The app doesn't tell you which zones will be running next or give you a historical graph of what ran, when and how long. It'll say that a zone is running tomorrow at 3am, but if you have 12 zones, you don't know which ones those are.
2. There was a bug where it wouldn't work if your times were set between 12am-2am. I had this confirmed with their support and it seems like a big oversight to me. In the middle of summer with no water for 2 weeks, 2/3rds of my lawn died.
3. The system will use "smart" settings to change the duration of the water but it won't tell you why.
4. Can't select different days and times to different zones. You can pick ONE time per day for all the zones you want running on that day. If you have 12 zones, lets say, and want to run 3 zones on Monday at 3am and another 3 zones on that same Monday at 3:30am, this is not possible.

I ended up buying another smart watering controller by RainDrip for $85 that is not quite as "smart" as the Blossom but it's much cheaper, got a $80 reimbursement from my local watering agency (Blossom was too new and they didn't have it listed), and there are no bugs; it just works.

I really wanted to like the Blossom, I really did. I even went as far as using the money out of my own allowance and not out of the joint account setup between my wife (mind you, buying this was basically spending one month's allowance). This should've been a joint account expense but I wanted this so much I just bought it as if it was my own toy. That's how much I wanted to like this product. Amazon was as amazing as ever with their customer service and I returned it probably on the 25th day or so. What a shame.
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on June 18, 2015
Definitely worth the money spent over the competition. Install was easy, and I am using the system over my home wifi with no issues. At first, the system would not connect to the Blossom servers and I had initial issues scanning the 4 zones in my front and side yard. However, after a reboot of my wireless router, all worked well.

The app could use some improvements to keep up with Skydrop and Rachio. I would like to see my local weather shown on the app and the system using the weather history to determine if watering is needed or not. We have had a lot of rain where I live, and Blossom is set to water on Thursday and Sunday evenings. Today was the first day watering was scheduled. I could see in the smart watering feature of the app, the amount of time would reduce over the day, due to rain we had in the day. However, an hour before watering was scheduled, we had a big rain storm and the system was still scheduled to water. I was able to find in the calendar where I could turn off watering to avoid this issue. I also turned off watering for the upcoming Sunday considering more rain is in the forecast and the amount of rainfall the past week and a half. Would like the app to display a message indicating watering has been cancelled due to rain much more in advance and to take into account the weather history and amount of rainfall to determine if watering is necessary or not. Additionally, if the smart watering feature needs to increase or decrease amount of time to water, an explanation as to why would be great.

The description of the sprinklers are confusing when choosing the type for each zone. Some are easy to determine, but some, such as "rotors" or "sprinklers" could be more defined to better help the system understand the sprinkler type. I think my zones are set correctly based on some internet research.

As mentioned in reviews on here, a history of watering in detail would be great as well

Besides what I mentioned above, this is a great tool to have and even better that I can control from the iPhone or iPad. Looking forward to improvements to the app and smarter watering.
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on April 20, 2016
Not that great, I am actually going to return it.
While the concept is great and the hardware is nice I just wish it worked as advertised.
Oh look its raining, gee I do not have to worry about turning off the sprinklers...Wrong! the sprinklers are going off... not once..every time.

I really wish it worked, I wish the app wasn't so basic and really had more flexibility and information. It is basically an on and off button.. I see reviews with answers from blossom promising updates and changes a year ago but it clearly hasn't happened.
Going to go with a Rachio instead.... Sad because the price point was right....
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on March 6, 2016
Living in Los Angeles, we haven't had much to go on regarding the smartness of the smart watering since we installed this device. But that changed last night when we had a large rainstorm. This morning I checked the Blossom app and was disappointed to see that Blossom had conducted a full 45-minute watering cycle literally at the same time as the rainstorm.

It's a nice, simple and easy to use controller if you want to use it manually, but from what I've seen the weatherbased element is totally useless - and that's the sole reason we got this thing.
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on April 5, 2016
I've had this product installed for just over a year now and I'm very dissatisfied with it's performance. The hardware appears to be good, except for the lack of a connection for a rain sensor shutoff. It was easy to setup both the sprinkler connections and the WiFi, it only took me about an hour to replace an old timer box controller & install the app on 2 smart phones. However, that's the end of the good part of the review.
The software that runs in this controller is pretty much useless! This morning was the final straw. We woke up & the sprinklers were running, we checked the app & it said it would water from 04:00 to 16:00, 12 hours!!!! The smart watering feature has a tremendous number of bugs, we continually have to monitor it and adjust the watering times. There is no way to stop a watering cycle without unplugging the controller. We tried turning off smart watering & using the timed watering feature, we set the duration to zero for zone 3, nothing, it would not turn off the zone. I finally (again) had to go unplug the controller to get it to stop. Well, that's the last straw for me, I'll be replacing this with another controller this weekend.
When I purchased the unit, I installed the phone app, contacted the company & they said they would have a web app, with watering reports & other information available shortly, that was over a year ago. I registered an account to be able to use that feature as soon as it was available, but the last time I tried to log in, that feature no longer exists on their web site. There is no information about any development of a web app anymore. I'm done with it! There will be a trip to the local store to purchase a Rachio controller this weekend.
Anyone want to buy a used Blossom?
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on April 6, 2016
I took awhile before I decided to write a review, because I was hoping for an updated app or that the product would be improved. Unfortunately, the updates haven't occurred.

- Control it over WiFi and it tells you when its running at the exact moment it is running.
- Setup is fairly easy.
- They do communicate that they are getting your issues when you report it.

- Smart watering is bad. Ideally, it should know based on your location how much to adjust the watering. However, I have had numerous occasions where it significantly overwaters when it has been cold/rainy. I've also experienced bugs where it reports that it has watered when it hasn't (this is one that has occurred a few times, and the customer service response has been "we'll get back to you").
- When I first got the device it would significantly overwater when in "Smart water" mode. I had set it up correctly and only set it at 10% for each zone so when it says it should only run for 4 minutes per zone it was running 15 minutes per zone when it actually ran so I had numerous zones that were flooded. The solution from customer service was to change the type of watering, but it produced the same problem so I ended up having to avoid smart watering for a long period of time.
- If you avoid "smart watering" and do the timer based it does not turn off the services even when it rains. This is incredibly silly, and would take a few minutes to code so I'm not sure why this wasn't implemented at launch especially since this is how "smart watering" works so the functionality is already implemented.
- It is also missing features that I would deem necessary that are provided by Rain Bird controllers such as running multiple times a day to maximize soaking, or not taking input from a rain sensor. Like many other reviews have reported, it does occasionally run when it rains.
- After waiting for almost a year, I'm done waiting for any new features to be added and going to switch back to my Rain Bird controller or jump over to a different wifi controller that is going to provide better support.
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