Customer Reviews: Blow Me Down (Signet Eclipse)
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VINE VOICEon February 12, 2006
I admit that I'm far fonder of Katie Mac's Vampire & Dragon novels.Who isn't adicted to them? But she is usually good for a giggle & that's all I was hoping for when I picked this latest book up.

What a great surprise! Even though I'm still a little young to adore the late 30 something /with a teenage daughter heroine (sorry those of you in that range, no offense)Amy was very indearing.She and game designer Corbin, who become trapped in a virtual reality pirate game made a delectable couple. The chemistry was perfect!Add a hilarious & loyal bestfreind, a cast of scurvy but lovable pirate characters, a morbid child sidekick, & an evil baddy who could be anyone of a host of suspicious players & you have an explosive hit.

I also liked that Amy aka Earless Erika, wasn't made to play the helpless damsel roll but got to be a lady pirate who kicked but with a good helping of luck. This was a wonderful book! Why are you still reading this review?Go get a copy!
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VINE VOICEon May 18, 2006
Blow Me Down

By Katie MacAlister

When Amy's daughter pressures her to try Buckling Swashes, an online virtual reality game just for a little bit. "Have some fun mom," Amy's daughter orders, and Amy, dutiful mother, agrees to try her daughter's game for an hour. Little does she know that once she's in the game, not only will she discover a side to herself she never knew, but also that nefarious forces are a foot, and she might not get to come home again.

I loved the premise of Blow Me Down, and it starts up from the first page with fun wit and a wry sense of humor. The writing sparkles and the banter between Amy and Corbin sizzles off the page. Sure, the whole house loosing power and lightning shocking Amy has nothing to do whatsoever with why she's stuck in the game, and the whole effects of that are never really explored, and Amy's daughter seemingly doesn't worry over her uptight mother playing a video game for several hours, and the book leaves you wonder whether Amy's daughter made an innocent request or was an underage cupid. But even with these questions hanging over the reader's head, the book with lots of pirate action (and who can not love a pirate story?) and a page-turning plot, makes it hard to put down.

I especially liked seeing Amy's character grow during the course of the book. From uptight, workaholic mother to someone who knows how to have fun. Corbin doesn't seem to have much growth, but then again, he's the multi-million dollar founder of a VR game firm. Perhaps Amy will teach him some responsibility and settle him down. Nah, I doubt it.

Either way, for a fun read, Blow Me Down sails right along.
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on May 2, 2016
This is a book in one of Katie Macalisters series. I love this series and keep looks for more books in it. I love the characters she's created. Plus they're good to read and fun to read. I do laugh sometimes and get worried about the characters sometimes, but everything always works out in her books and they're so enjoyable.
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on December 7, 2015
I've given this book 5 stars. Not because it was a literary giant but because it was super entertaining. I enjoyed it from page 1 to the end. I loved it wasn't your basic romance novel. It was much more than that.
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on January 7, 2014
I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by this book. McAlister is a hit-or-miss author for me, but I thought this story was charming and fun. If you are one of those readers who need clear and pat explanations for every bit of the plot, this book will probably make you run screaming for the hills. I liked the main characters, and while I did not find them to be whiners, I can see why some other readers felt they were. However, the characters do "walk the walk" when they need to. All that aside, even if I had hated the book, Holder and Bas are complete and utter scene stealers.
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on April 30, 2015
This is my favorite book when I need cheering up. No matter how many times I read it, I laugh from beginning to end. Sometimes I have to stop to wipe tears of laughter or get up off of the floor before I can resume reading. It's even more difficult than other KatieMac stories to read in public because people keep interrupting to ask what I'm reading or asking the crazy woman to leave before she hurts someone.
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VINE VOICEon December 25, 2005
The whole plot was simply just too outrageous to believe. This whole being stuck in a game that is soooo realistic that you can feel the pain and pleasure? That the computer can generate what you look like simply by how you see yourself? That an entire world and it's people can interact with you like real people? Just too far gone. There weren't even any periameters set in the game to achieve goals and success at winning. No guidelines are objectives. It was simply too far fetched.

But, hey, even I can live with that if MacAlister keeps me laughing. And at first I was laughing, but then the main character turned into a dingy blonde and I lost interest. Also, I begin to picture the love interest as a whinny pain in the ***. I think I would have rather he stayed the blonde sex-god she first described him as.

Overall, it was a major disappointment. Especially considering this whole plot was done already (only correctly) by Vivian Van Veade (Not sure if I spelled that correctly) in her book Heir Apparent. I suggest ya'll try it. It was a blast to read and she did a wonderful job of correctly portraying what a vertual reality game would could really be like.
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on September 19, 2015
In my opinion, this is one of the best books that Katie MacAlister has done. If you like your novels with a good mix of hilarious comedy, rapier wit, high seas adventure, and a romance that runs from outright goofy-hilarious to extra-steamy, then this is for you. The story is mostly set in a (virtual game) pirate world, rich with great details and a good plot lines, as they race to figure out who the real villain is that has trapped them there while they fall head-over-heels (and over-board) in love. It's a great story, and I highly recommend it.
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on June 12, 2008
I was surprised by Blow Me Down--I'd been expecting something along the lines of The Corset Diaries or Hard Day's Knight, but I got more than I bargained for. I love when that happens.

Katie MacAlister, by the way, is on my must-buy list. Which is not to say that I've caught all her books--there are a few of her backlist I have yet to find, and I only have one or two of her Katie Maxwells.

Amy's a workaholic businesswoman who, according to her teenage daughter, doesn't know how to have fun. So she accepts her daughter's challenge to spend an hour playing Buckling Swashes, a pirate-themed virtual reality game.

And that's where the paranormal part comes in, so you really need to check your disbelief suspension before going further. She gets stuck in the game and can't get out. Furthermore, it's not just audiovisual--you feel everything that happens in the game as if it's real. And your character looks the way you see yourself.

Amy meets Black Corbin, the rival pirate, who's also the game's designer. He initially looks like a romance novel cover model, but when Amy objects, he changes his appearance to something more real. Corbin's also stuck in the game, and hijinks and romance ensue as they try to figure out who's trapped them there and why, and how to get out, all the while continuing to play the game.

I rolled my eyes a bit at Amy's (to my mind) overdone insistence on there not being any killing in the game, and even more when Corbin agrees--hello? It's a pirate game. What do they think happens when they sink a ship? And what, then, is the point of the cannons and swords?

But that was a small annoyance in a fun, delightful book. I enjoyed the puzzle aspect, and despite the unreal setting, the development of the relationship between Amy and Corbin was realistic and sexy. I particularly enjoyed what their characters' appearances said about them. It was a nice touch.

The ending, too--and I'm not going to give it away--was just right. As they started falling in love--and having great sex!--in cyberspace, I worried how that would translate in real life. To my relief, it was handled perfectly.
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on March 21, 2014
I have enjoyed several of Katie MacAlister novels including the three "dragon" series books and a few stand-alones, and this book is not nearly as good as any of those. The action is very very slow. The action is the story just drags, and the reader is stuck in an interminable back and forth in the virtual reality of pirate ships to island to ship to island and on. and on. and on. No one wanted to get out of that game more than I did! The fantasy of the game isn't well explained or followed. The characters were likable, but they are in love a bit too quick (even for formulaic) romance novels. In the end, I gave up and skipped to the end to satisfy my curiosity. My advice is to skip it since it's not part of a series, and some of Katie's other books are much better.
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