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on November 1, 2011
Blue Christmas, the latest from author Diane Moody, reminds us that an innocent encounter, in a most average kind of place, has the potential to change lives forever. The author takes us on a well-crafted journey into the experiences, faith, and personalities of each of the characters. It is a journey I greatly enjoyed taking.

As a middle-aged (alright, perhaps slightly older than middle-aged) man, this genre is not typically something I would dive right into - however, knowing the previous works of this author, I thought it best to put my personal preferences aside and give it a read.

I downloaded the book onto my iPad after getting into bed for the night, and I began to read - that was a big mistake. The next time I looked at the clock it was 2 am and I hadn't put it down. The book had captured me in a most unusual way and I looked forward to picking up where I'd left off the night before.

With her short story, Blue Christmas, author Diane Moody pulls back the curtain to reveal a novel with crisp character development, great plots and sub-plots, intrigue, faith, and playfulness.

As someone who reads a great deal, I am always intrigued by the finite number of words available to us, and the infinite number of ways those words can be placed alongside one another and woven into a story that will capture our heart, mind, and emotions. As the scope of work from this author continues to grow, it is becoming more evident with each subsequent novel and short story, that Diane Moody possesses the ability to place those words in a manner that brings great joy and satisfaction to her readers.

Blue Christmas is a book I would highly recommend giving to friends and family, of all ages, during the upcoming holiday season. It is a great read!
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on October 6, 2011
Even though this book was written for those much, much younger than I am, I could not put it down. I loved Laura and Frank and the family dynamics. The gathering around Jackson's bedside was so emotionally stirring. Then I laughed till I could not breathe at the sports car incident at the Sonic Drive-In. The author once again gave me a fun read with a happy ending.
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on January 10, 2017
I got this book about 4 years ago but never got around to reading it till a few days ago. YES FEW DAYS AGO. HA. AND I am not one that leaves reviews on books....when I should. :) BUT I tell ya....Diane....this book was such a good read. Not many books can keep up late into the night. Reading from my I "flip" pages after pages....I laughed....cried....and just didn't know what will happen NEXT. Goodness. I used to help out working at Christian concerts when I was in college. AND all the musicians I have gotten to know have been quite an experience. AND some of them became great friends too. When you do get a chance to even SIT DOWN and have great conversations.....they are just as REAL like us that goes through the daily life. Each band members in the book showed that "BEHIND THE SCENES" of life. HANNAH was just as real of who she is inside out. When Laura....oh Laura.....I tell ya....God works in mysterious ways.....when she invited Hannah for the Candlelight Service and dinner....I had no idea where this was going. WOW. AGAIN....this is a good book. AND I warn you......if you're not a night may be reading into the night. :)
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on February 1, 2013
This book starts on Christmas Eve. But that's where the similarity to Christmas ends. This is a great book to read any time of the year. Hanna is invited to the home of a kind lady customer from the store where Hanna works. After going to church with the kind lady, she then goes to her home for dinner. She wasn't even sure of the lady's name. Imagine Hanna's surprise when in walks the idol of her teen years. Thus starts the beginning of an adventure that has many ups and downs. While we are given a peek into the life of a rock group, one has to wonder if there are any out there like the group, Out of the Blue. They all have a firm faith in God and call upon that faith many times. Are there really groups out there that are in the secular music world that stick to their faith? I certainly hope so. If you don't like books that will make you look at faith in God, perhaps this book isn't for you. But read it anyway. You may just find yourself in one of the characters and discover how God can love you, too.
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on December 4, 2012
Hannah Brooks ended up working in the grocery store on Christmas Eve. She was about to go home to her lonely apartment, when a regular customer invites her to go to an evening church service with her and her husband and to their house for dinner afterwards. She accepted, but, when the couple's son shows up, Hannah is stunned. He's none other than Jason McKenzie, the lead singer of the hot rock band, Out of the Blue. Hannah has been a fan forever. After her initial shock, they spend quality time together, but when tragedy hits a fellow band member and Jason's old girlfriend shows back up, things get even more crazy. Hannah runs away with her heart breaking, but the paparazzi are on her trail. How can a dream come true turn into such a nightmare so quickly?

I enjoyed this story much more than I expected. At times it may seem a little melodramatic, but it's a fun ride with interesting characters and an energized plot. It is also a lovely, Christmas romance with Christian values. Kudos to Diane Moody.
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on December 20, 2015
I reviewed this book for my teenage daughter. I found it to be a captivating read. The characters were memorable and quirky - each individual personality was well developed and likable but flawed. It was realistic and I found myself really liking the kids. (They are mostly twenties, early thirties - but I'm old so I can call them kids).

The story covers a few weeks from Christmas through the new year and there is a lot of drama in a short time - enough to keep you turning the pages. There was no language although it was referenced. There was no drinking although this issue was also addressed. There was no sex or even described physical contact. One sweet kiss, some hand holding, and a few hugs. The theme of faith and prayer is carried all the way through the book and proved a vital part of them coping with the drama.

I found this book to be appropriate for my older teenage daughter and I enjoyed it as well. Was it completely believable? Not in my opinion. Did it romanticize the "rock star" lifestyle? Maybe. But I appreciated the moral character and faith that was evident throughout the book. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and clean read.
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on August 31, 2013
Hannah is feeling a bit sorry for herself, as she works alone in the store, on Christmas Eve. Her plans to go home for Christmas went out the window, when her boss had to leave town on a family emergency. Then her last customer of the evening persuades her to join the customer and her husband in attending a Christmas Eve service at their church, and then to go home with them for a little Christmas Eve celebration. The McKensies are expecting their son to arrive, sometime in the evening.

The home is a mansion; no getting around that. And it was "a gift." Right. Doesn't everyone get gifts like that? Hannah is comfortably seated inside, when the door opens and the son enters, yelling, "Mom? Dad? I've got someone I want you to meet!" Hannah has already imagined such a scenario, with Son bringing in a new girlfriend, either flashy and gaudy or totally stuck up. But that isn't who their son brings in.

Hannah will soon realize who these people are, because the son is none other than her teenage idol, THE Jason McKensie, straight off of the poster that hung on her wall, back home in her parents' house.

Thus begins a dream from which Hannah is sure she will wake, one day soon, to find that it was only a "holiday thing," and not at all real. But Jason is very, very real, as are his friends, the rest of the Out of the Blue band. But no one could have guessed that the awakening would be so rude, so gut-wrenchingly painful, for all of them.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but the scenes in the hospital had tears flowing down my face. They weren't about the romance, they weren't about Christmas.

And through no fault on Hannah's part--or Jason's--the romance was broken when his ex-fiancée arrived in the hospital hallway and wrapped her arms around him, sobbing. Hannah slowly faded from the scene, unable to establish eye-contact with Jason.

Under no circumstances will I tell you how the rest of the story goes. I will say that, despite having thought a number of times that the writing was sometimes lacking in maturity, the characters did wrap themselves around my heartstrings. To have evoked such a strong emotional response says the writing was, in fact, very effective.

Blue Christmas is "fan fiction," apparently, and had I realized it, I might not have bought it. Now I have bought the second and third books in this trilogy, all in Kindle format. Is there a better recommendation?
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on October 14, 2015
The characters were shallow and needed more development. And much of the book was too unbelievable, such as a college student being able to afford to fly with last minute airline pricing and during the holidays. And the rock star's mother was not recognized by others nor was she hounded by the press, but the one-time-seen girlfriend is constantly hounded by the press. I found myself bored, so I skimmed through much of the book, especially during the back and forth dialogue. I felt the book was geared towards a teenage or perhaps a young adult audience.
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on November 25, 2015
It is that time of year when I look for Christmas Fiction Books to read. The first book that caught my attention was Blue Christmas by Diane Moody.

What a delightful book!

It was very uplifting and left one feeling happy and content. Hannah was working through Christmas at the local grocery store in her college town. It would be the first time she was not in her hometown for Christmas. Then an amazing thing happened. A customer requested that she join her and her family for Christmas. And this is how Hannah found herself at the home of the parents of her "teen idol". What happens after that is a story of GOD, love, faith and hope. I totally enjoyed reading this book. Absolutely a great read for anyone.
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on October 24, 2011
In Blue Christmas, Diane Moody's latest release, old man is giving Hannah grief on Christmas Eve. (Think Scrooge) A moment later, the woman behind him in line rescues Hannah and changes her life forever.

Blue Christmas keeps up this toe-tapping pace clear to the end.

Hannah is invited into the world of rock and roll when she is introduced to her favorite band - a place many girls dream about, but few see. The author offers readers a fresh look at what it might be like between members of a musical team who truly care about each and are influenced by real faith.

Moody reveals the faith of her characters gently - no preaching here although I'm pretty sure Marissa (one of the characters I'd love to have a cup of coffee with) is capable of moving both hearts and mountains if given a chance to share her beliefs. The author knew her characters well and revealed their faith to readers so authentically, it felt real. I found myself thinking, "I know a kid like that."

I enjoyed Hannah very much, and found Laura to be the kind of strong woman I'd like to be, but I found myself drawn to the loyalty and sparkle of Kylie. And, the author included a vixen in a lipstick red dress - just when you think all is well - it is not.

While Blue Christmas is a fun, holiday romance, it is more. I could tell you all about that, but I'd rather you read the book and tell me what you discover between the delightfully designed cover or on the backlit pages of your e-Reader.
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