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on April 25, 2014
I've been a fan since the early seventies and they just refuse to back down. I read the startling reviews of Blue Horizon and must admit I was a bit skeptical that it could compare with their masterpiece Argus, but it does. OMG! The guitar work interplay from Andy and Muddy is just flat-out stunning! I won't bore you with a mini-review of each track, but "Deep Blues" and the title track "Blue Horizon" are not only as good and anything the band has ever produced, but ultimately stick-in-your-brain unforgettable! I can't get enough of this killer CD. Bravo Gentlemen, and while I am at it, thanks for the endless tour. See you in the Midwest US this fall! Can't wait!
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on March 20, 2014
The best Wishbone Ash album since Illuminations.

"Take It Back", written by Aynsley Powell, is a fine opener full of the key elements in Wishbone Ash's style. The lyrics are a gentle exhortation to never abandon the passions and creativity that fuel our youth - the writing is characterized by fine writing like the couplet "Deep down you did the digging/Tied tight all the rigging". Powell's nuanced vocal connects in equal parts with compassion and authority.

"Strange How Things Come Back Around", written by former Wishbone Ash guitarist Roger Filgate, is a wonderful acoustic-driven song with a tremendous "circular" arrangement, outside percussion, and a memorable conclusion.

"Way Down South" is a mature, moving AOR masterpiece. Powell's sensitive vocal conveys the dichotomy of weariness and longing to spectacular effect.

The band goes in for a bit of social critique on "Tally Ho!", but never overplays it with heavy-handed preachiness and the band tackles the shifting tempos with utter confidence.

"American Century", Aynsley Powell's second song on the album, is an ambitious, multi-sectioned song with a strong progressive flavor. The extended intro lays down the gauntlet and the band barrels through an impressive array of tempo changes with supreme confidence.

"Blue Horizon" is another ambitious, multi-sectioned tune in a progressive vein. It is impressive how Powell and Muddy Manninen weave their guitar parts around each other to create a cohesive tapestry of sound. Stunningly good from the first note to last.

Blue Horizon's closer "All There Is To Say" opens with a single guitar playing a melody strongly reminiscent of both "The Pilgrim" and "Throw Down The Sword". It widens into another full-on nod to the band's progressive side with its multiple sections and surprising shifts. The best full-on band performance on the album - the layered approach and stunning guitar work will linger in the memory long after the song ends. Andy Powell's lyric rings with concern about acceptance, self-understanding, and the enduring value of self-examination. Your point of view might vary, but this is an intensely affecting song and ends the album on a strong note.
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on March 26, 2014
what a fantastic studio album this is by wishbone ash for 2014 in there 45th year, to be honest off the bat i liked the last one in late 2011 a bit better then this one but i still have to give this 5 stars as i see andy is keeping the band on the same path the past 5 years or so now, if you have been a wishbone ash fan as long as i have and you love there 70s stuff then you will love this cd with out a doubt!!!! the guitar work on here is totally wishbone ash and the signature sound of theres can be heard from the first track onwards, as most know wishbone ash where the pioneers of the twin guitar rock that would explode into heavy metal by the late 70s so they where a huge influence on bands like saxon judas priest and iron maiden in fact these bands have credited wishbone ash as an infulence so just ask them, i think these songs will sound good live when the guys tour for this in the spring, i hope there is a long island area date for this tour as this is a great cd, also you have to love the artwork here!!!!!!, if this does get released as a 2 viynl lp i will buy it for the artwork alone!!! the music on this disc comes in at 59 minutes so that would have to make this a double lp, anyway the vocals are very smooth and the band is just so together here i can go on and on, i am very happy to be able to say i just got a new wishbone ash album in 2014 as music is so awful today and well, if you said to me back in 1981 i would be buying a new wishbone ash album when im in my mid 40s in 2014 i would have thought you where nutz!!!!!!!! i cant reccomend this cd more to prog rock and hard rock fans that still worship the 60s and 70s sounds as much as i do, on one last note though this is probably not the place to mention this, check out the new double live cd by martin turners wishbone ash, it was recorded live in europe back in 2010 and just came out as a 2 cd shm set in japan, anyway im so glad andy keeps this legendary outfits legacy going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on February 22, 2014
I have been anticipating the newest by guitar masters Wishbone Ash and had already ordered the CD. Today I found that the MP3 version was available! Oh Happy Day!
Downloaded immediately and I have to say it is masterful. Wishbone Ash at their best, never a wrong note or so so song. All are everything I expect from them.

Well done! This will not disappoint either a long time fan or someone trying them out for the first time.
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on June 19, 2014
This is the best Wishbone Ash album since Martin Turner departed. Andy Powell has led this version of the band for several years now and all the work has paid off. It not only has quality songs but really has that famous Wishbone Ash "sound". This album made me go back and re-evaluate everything from Bona Fide on. I have a new appreciation for this incarnation of the band. Long live the Ash!!!!!!
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on March 28, 2014
Refreshing Wishbone Ash! All of the songs sound more organic this time around. No sense of trying too hard to sound like Wishbone Ash. I like all WA work but this record seems easier to listen to than the last two. I love it!
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I recently saw Wishbone Ash in a small club promoting this album. It was a great show! Even though Andy Powell is the only original member who is still in the group, the new band did a wonderful job playing the old classics, and the few new tunes went well in the show. I got this album shortly after, and I found it to be a nice disc....but it fell way short of measuring up to the old WA! Most of the tunes are good, but there are a few that didn't quite stack up. Overall, the album has a nice sound, but none of the guitar solos were long enough. They spent more time writing more expressive lyrics, and they think that means they didn't have to spend as much time letting the music do the talking without voice. They do have some nice musical passages where they stop singing and let the music speak. There are moments of decent WA-style prog rock composition and a few decent guitar solos....but not as many as there should be. The writing and lyric attitudes have certainly changed, but that is certainly understandable given the personnel changes and just the fact that everyone in the group is older (they're not kids anymore). That's okay! In fact, a little change after so many years can be refreshing! Still, what made WA such a great band in the beginning is that they were a Guitar God band: lots of long guitar solos and prog rock compositions and time where they would stop singing and let the music do the talking. This album has some of that, but those moments are too few and far between.....and with no LONG guitar solos and a few weaker tunes, the album falls a bit short of my expectations. It's not a bad album, though. If you'd like some new music that has SOME feel of the old days and SOME feel of a Wishbone-ish prog rock work, you might like this disc. It's much better than anything new that kids are listening to nowadays. Like me, you might find this a pleasant album that's worth playing every once in a while......but don't expect it to measure up to the old Wishbone....because it just doesn't!!
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on April 2, 2014
Despite numerous personnel changes, reunions and departures over the past four decades, Wishbone Ash has managed to produce 23 top-quality studio albums. Their latest release "Blue Horizon" is no exception. The band has created a progressive rock masterpiece that embraces a variety of genres including blues, funk and jazz. They make good use of sophisticated guitar riffs, heart-felt leads and their signature harmony lead guitar sound, which is reminiscence of the band's glory days of the `70s. The songs are well crafted, powerful and melodic with impressive musical proficiency. Hats off to Wishbone Ash for maintaining their prominence over the years and for creating such an enticing and fresh album that is brilliantly played, produced and recorded.

I pre-ordered "Blue Horizon" from Amazon, and to my surprise, I received a German import, which is stunningly packaged in a glossy 4-panel digipak that includes a booklet with linear notes and lyrics tucked into a pocket in the inside left panel. The artwork on the CD is equally impressive.
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on January 5, 2016
Recently on a whim I decided to look up Wishbone Ash and see what they've been up to, and purchased "Blue Horizon." I was so impressed with the first listen, that I called up my friends to share.

We sat around the kitchen table, snacking on Missouri wild venison and other goodies, listening to the album in its entirety, reflecting on the "good old days" in the early 70's when the holidays always brought new music and friends gathered together anxiously awaiting the needle-drop on vinyl. "Blue Horizon" brought the good old days forward to 2015.

The venerable KSHE-95 radio station in St. Louis that was instrumental in introducing Wishbone Ash to our region might play "Phoenix" every few months, but their corporate-driven play list will not allow new music from old masters. I called them up and rubbed it in, shaming them for selling out and missing modern musical genius.

Thank you, Wishbone Ash, for your musical integrity, a Christmas to remember and a splendid album.
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on November 12, 2014
If you're a Wishbone Ash fan you will like this CD. It is the same members of there last CD (Elegant Stealth) if you like guitar solos it
has some great lead and rhythm duos solos. Andy Powell is the leader of the band he still writing great songs his band members also are writing great songs. Great CD, like there old stuff.
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