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on December 9, 2015
I just received my glasses and put them through two stress test. First, I'd like to say they surpassed my expectations of blocking blue light. One test was with my reef aquarium growing Radion XR15w PRO full spectrum LED light fixture. It includes 4x CREE blue, 4x OSRAM deep blue, 4x CREE cool white and 9 other led lights with colors ranging from green to indigo UV. By testing the full wattage of blue, deep blue and indigo UV, these glasses filtered out almost all, if not all, blue light. Very impressive. From photos provided, one shot is from iPhone 6s' new 12mp camera (no filter) pointing straight-on aquarium. Very blue. The other aquarium shot is with the Swannies' lens upclose and covering camera while taking the picture. No blue. This light fixture setting is to provide maximum "morning" sun output for high coral growth. The second test involved shining a 200 lumen LED flashlight directly at the glasses lens to question it's blue light blocking abilities. It reflected all blue and blue related light to the wall (see photo). I tested my $200 UV protecting Ray Ban P's and you can see the results were not close.

Im a person on the computer for proposal creation, PC gaming (intense graphics-- CounterStrike and WoW), creating marketing material on Photoshop and ESPN reading coupled with a Sony XBR Ultra HD TV watching Inside Out, and the likes, with my wife and little boys. Don't forget about last minute catching up with Instagram, FB, last minute fantasy football lineups and the 10 o'clock news while in bed. My life is usually in the fast lane, like many others, and my sleep is very important, especially for someone who uses a Cpap machine for sleep apnea. Having the amber lenses on these glasses provides the protection I need without losing visual brightness. I did not like the normal yellow blue blocking glasses as they did not provide much blue blocking. After testing these glasses I feel reassured that my body will start producing melotonnin at regular levels and hopefully they'll take care of my headaches as well. From what I gathered so far I give these glasses a very big two thumbs up for blue blocking abilities, without hindering visual, and and a plus for style. Sleep is vital and worth the cost of these glasses. I have no affiliation with this company and I did pay full price. I'm just a concerning parent adjusting to the new ways of life while technology tries to fix this new growing problem.
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on February 17, 2018
I never make reviews. However, these glasses are brilliant. I was skeptical on how they could help me sleep. Yes, I use GABA, Melatonin, L Thiamine, Minerals and I always still had issues with sleep. Then I bought these glasses - rest is history. I sleep like a baby. Seriously. I saw the much cheaper versions, but I'm the kind of guy that does things properly...and I know you pay for what you get....and because sleep is very important for me I decided to go with these after doing some checking on the web re these glasses. I highly recommend these to anyone with issues with sleeping. Not saying they will make the difference they made with me with you....we are all different, but I cannot see how they would not help to a large degree, for sure.
If you're reading this, you are obviously thinking about buying these blue light blocking glasses. Dont think any more, just add them to your cart and do it. Love them that much, buying 3 more pairs for my wife and daughters.
No, this is not an advertisement, just a dude that is freakin happy with my purchase.
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on April 24, 2018
I have been searching for the right pair of blue light blocking glasses for years. I just received my Swannies, and I think the search ends here. You can see the different brands of glasses I own in the photo. Pictured from top to bottom are Gamma Ray, Gunnar Intercept, Uvex Skyper, and Swannies. Not pictured is another brand I reviewed and returned because of the bad glare.

All my previous purchases fell short in one way or another. Some felt flimsy or did not block enough blue, while others were uncomfortable or caused a blue reflection when looking at a light source. One of them has a slight magnification (standard for this style), which I think worsened my vision.

The Swannies do what they're supposed to, and they do it well. Sturdy, quality frame, true blue light blocking lens, no annoying reflections or glare, comfortable fit. These are the things I look for in a pair of blue blockers, and you would be surprised how many brands fail to meet these criteria. Do your eyes a favor and invest in a pair of Swannies. After getting many different brands at different price points, I think I know a thing or two about what to expect from anti-blue glasses.

My order was sold by Swanwick Sleep and fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon's fulfillment center overlooked a small issue, and the seller immediately stepped in and remedied the situation. So, not only are you getting a quality product, you know you're also getting stellar customer service. Look no further.
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on September 20, 2017
I love these glasses! This is my first pair of blue light blocking glasses so I can't compare to much else. I did buy a less expensive pair by Eye Keppers to compare to (vintage computer glasses) which ended up being very flimsy and crooked and did not block nearly as much blue light as these. I am using these while working at a computer for up to 10 hours a day and loving that they block out the flourescent office lighting. They fit perfectly and feel solid (I got the regular size) but don't necessarily sit well if you push them up on your head which is a non issue. I plan to add a cord to hang around my neck if I need to pull off bc I drop everything and don't want them to get scratched! I'm sure my co workers will give me extra nerd points for that. Even my co workers have taken an interest and I've had them try them out as well. They agree the yellow tint and blue light blocking effect makes it much easier on the eyes staring at the computer. I plan to use near bed time as well while using my phone or watching tv. I would definitely recommend these to anyone with eye strain or fatigue, anyone staring at screens all day long! I wish I had these five years ago and will likely buy another pair to keep at work/home.
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on May 8, 2017
Spending most of my day on the computer used to massively wear me out. I would sleep relatively well, eat right, exercise, take breaks. Nothing seemed to help. I always crashed no matter what I tried. After being diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome, I sought these glasses out to help alleviate the symptoms.

I've had them for about a week and my attention span is noticeably better and I haven't felt overly fatigued since. For someone like me, it's had a real calming effect and man, what a relief. I highly recommend these glasses. Thanks, Swanwick Bros!
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on October 30, 2017
Love these glasses! They are stylish, initially I thought theses glasses would be slightly bigger and more of a box shape. Instead I would say the style of these are closer to a pair of reading glasses. Which are still good, just not what I expected. They are very comfortable, I don't have that feeling like I'm carrying most of the weight on my nose. Wearing them is not uncomfortable in the least bit. Now in regards to the orange lens. I'm not a gamer, but I am on my phone and computer a great deal of the day. I noticed before after being on my phone or computer for a large amount of time my eyes would feel strained when first leaving the screen to do something else. Or even just with watching TV, I could only watch so much before resulting in a headache. These glasses have made all the difference. I have noticed I've been sleeping better the days I remember to use these. But the largest benefit for me, is the difference I feel in my eyes and head. There is such a massive difference when I have them on vs. when I don't. I'm almost to the point I don't want to be on my computer or phone without them. It takes a little while to get used to everything having a slightly orange tint. But once you do, I think it makes everything look better, in my opinion. And I can't argue with the positive effect they've had on my eyes.
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on December 6, 2017
Several have posted that after a few days or more they noticed the difference in that they slept better. I noticed the difference the moment I put the Swannies on my head. What I noticed was an absence of eye strain that I wasn't even aware of before I received this glasses. I do all my computer work and TV watching now with these glasses on. I don't know how else to describe it other than to say that my eyes feel more rested when using these glasses. Sure, it is just anecdotal and only my experience but I would definitely recommend them to anyone. As for fit: I started to purchase the "Large" glasses originally, but instead got the regular size and they fit just fine. The metallic hinges on the glasses are spring loaded and so the glasses accommodate to the size of your face. As for the color differences when wearing these glasses and watching TV... well, for me it just isn't a problem. Humans can rapidly adapt to a lot of changes in life and this one was a snap to adapt to... no problem. I spend way too much time ( 6 hours or more, sometimes lots more ) viewing a computer screen daily plus TV time as well. I feel confident that these glasses are providing much more than just better sleep. My reason for purchasing them was my concern over the exposure to blue wave light and how that might be contributing over time to macular degeneration. I can live with less than perfect sleep, but not nearly as well without my vision. As for the sleep issue, I haven't noticed any problems going to sleep when I have used these glasses, but I use them during the day as well and they have not lead to any daytime drowsiness issues whatsoever. Yes, anecdotal only... but that's my story.
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on January 30, 2018
If you're REALLY interested in helping your eyes, and decreasing blue light issues that occur from spending too much time in front of a computer, tablet or phone...then these are the glasses you want. IMO, these have been imitated, but not even close to being duplicated. I've ordered several pair of 'computer' glasses, and they may help some...but these really do the job. You will notice a color/tint change while wearing these, but I found you easily got used to it very quickly...but the impact of the lessening of the eye strain was VERY noticeable. I spend much time on the computer at night, before I go to bed, and since I've been wearing these, I've noticed a huge difference in my sleep, and in the general feeling of well being in my eyes simply because of the lessening of eye strain. These do cost more, but as my dad always told me, you get what you pay for. IMO, these are worth a bit more money given the benefits I've received from them.
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on June 3, 2017
I've borrowed the first pair of Swannies from my son when he left to go to basic training. I work in IT and am around computers all day. I wore them and was amazed at how much better my eyes feel from starring at monitors and screens all day long. I ordered myself a pair last December and just ordered my wife a pair as well for night time driving. These glasses are great and well worth the money.
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on December 21, 2017
Blown away. Tried a few blue blockers before. They helped a bit with eye strain but these are at another level entirety. No eye strain at all with them after 8 hours working in front of a laptop. Thought I would need eye glasses at my age of 46, but after wearing these no longer an issue. Also a total surprise was altering my mood. If I wear these as soon as I wake up, I definitely notice I am calmer and generally have more resilience to everyday stressors. Totally did not expect that.....
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