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on April 23, 2016
Spot It is a great little game to throw into a carry on bag when traveling or to bring along to kill time before the food arrives at a restaurant. The game is deceptively simple but it is entertaining for adults as well as kids since the game changes every time.

Spot It consists of a hand sized metal tin with a snug fitting lid and a deck of round cards. Each card has a set of different pictures – some words, some symbols, all dependent on the version you are playing. The most simple way to play the game is to turn two cards over at a time, players search for the one picture or symbol that the cards have in common. It sounds so simple but the kids beat me more often than not – younger eyes move more quickly! The game is fast paced and fun and challenging enough to keep adults and kids alike entertained. No reading needed so perfect for younger kids too!

We have the Spot It Junior Animals version of this game as well but I think that most kids would be fine with the version labeled for older kids and adults.

One of the biggest pros for me is even if one of the cards falls behind the bookshelf, the monster under the bed steals it or it gets torn, you can still play the game. How many games in your basement are basically useless since a card is lost or the green cherries are missing in action?

I find myself suggesting this game when the kids want to have a game night - so much better than the one thousand nine hundred and sixty third round of Candyland. Or Hi-Ho Cherry...please don't make me try to find all those green cherries again.

5 stars for Spot It from us!
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on December 26, 2015
Perfect for all ages! We opened this last night and my four-year-old caught on so quickly. I'm amazed that any two cards only has one matching picture, but that's beside the point. The instructions come with four possible games to play, but we quickly came up with an easy version for just two players (see below). I love this game because it's easy to play in a short amount of time, and my kids can play it by themselves.

Our two-player version:
Both players draw a card from the pile, and then a central card is drawn from the pile. Both players look for a match with the center card and call out their match. The first to call out their match collects their card and the card in the center pile. The other player's card goes into the center, then repeat the process. The person with the biggest pile of cards at the end wins.
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on August 15, 2014
This is a fun card game where the cards are round and 3 1/4 inch diameter, and each card has eight different figures pictured on it (out of 50 different ones) in various sizes from lips to sunglasses to igloo. The figures are the same color and shape on every card, for example, the lips are always red and shaped the same, but they may be different sizes on the two different cards. If you put two cards down there will only ever be one match of the figures on any two cards.
There are a variety of games you can play, and we've only played the first one so far. The game is fast paced. It only takes a couple of minutes to play.
I thought my 6 yr. old granddaughter would enjoy this game--she loves board games. We played it a couple of times, and she beat me both times. Then the five year old played with grandpa and he won also. So it's a great game to play with just two people. (I think one person could also have fun challenging himself.) But the real fun was playing with the grand kids' parents. wow! It got loud and crazy and pretty hilarious. At one point we had five playing.
I really like this game. It's very portable--would fit into a purse--and simple enough to learn quickly. There are a variety of these spot it games, some for younger players that use numbers, shapes, etc. The five year old can't read, so the words on this version and some of the symbols were hard for him, but he learned quickly to just grab the card and point to the match, and when he learned the words and symbols (yin/yang, "art", etc.) it didn't hold him back.
Highly recommended!
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on May 1, 2011
The game says it's for 7 and up and is billed as mostly an adult party game. But I have to say, my 4 year old LOVES it.

We have only played "The Tower" version of the rules - where each player has one card and tries to spot their matching symbol on the top card of the pile as soon as it is turned face up. The first time we played it, we (the adults) would close their eyes and not look at the center card while we counted to 5. This allowed our daughter to have a head start since her visual discrimination skills are not nearly as developed as ours. Each time we played the game, we ended up counting to a lower number until finally, she didn't need any lead time at all.

I highly recommend this game to parents of preschoolers, early grade schoolers, and any kids with reading difficulties. Being able to quickly spot the differences in letters, to decide if it's a "b", "d", or even a "p" is critical to being able to read. This is a fun way to boost those skills as well as a fun way to spend time as a family.
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on March 4, 2016
This is a great game for kids of all ages, adults get a hoot out of playing it as well! It comes with rules but this game can be played multiple ways and allows kids to have fun while learning and bonding with peers or family members. We use this game at home, at church, with friends and as a study tool! We even gifted one to our child's preschool teacher. There are multiple themes available and skill levels as well. This game works well for 2-3 players but can even be played by larger groups of 6-10 players (it just goes quicker, unless you add another stack to it). I have never heard a child in our large Sunday school program (200+ kids per weekend) say "No" to playing, they never get tired of playing and everyone of our adult leaders loves the game as well! Our teacher friends love the educational aspect of this particular one and this game has helped our youngest child who is resistant to reading and learning letters enjoy his practice and study time! I feel its a little expensive, or at least some of the themes can be, but the game comes in a durable tin and the cards are reasonably durable as well- which matches the quality to the price (you get what you pay for stands true with this product). Overall win and worth every penny.
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on March 17, 2017
Was looking for a small game I could throw in my purse on my way to the grandkids. I have played this with an 11, 8, 6, and 3 year old. They all love it! I would say the 3 small ones enjoy it the most. The 3 year old is surprisingly good at it! It's not as easy as it sounds. They beat me on a regular basis :)
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on July 7, 2014
I love the concept of this game and think it is great for a wide range of ages. I am going to use it in my ESL classroom to practice vocabulary. I was disappointed with the quality though. The cards are thin and flimsy. I don't see them lasting long in a classroom with kids who will get competitive or grabby. This is kind of expensive for the quality and also the images are not cute. The images are also very random and not what I expected. I guess it makes it more challenging but I would've liked more pictures of animals, clothing, or food instead of "skull," "ghost/zombie," "jack-in-the-box," "Spot it! hand," "Canadian maple leaf," etc. Also, my can arrived dented due to poor packaging, so be careful if you are planning on ordering this as a gift.
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on June 18, 2016
I purchased this unique card game after playing it with my 8 year old grandson at church camp. One of the other sponsors brought it and all the kids went wild wanting to play it when we were in the cafeteria lines or while we waited. It is small has a tin can to keep the cards and easy to carry around. This is one of the best traveling or all time games I have ever played that is age appropriate for my 6 year old up to my Mother in Law who is 80! There are several games you can play with it or even make up your own. Our favorite is to try to quickly match a picture on the card with your opponents and give them your card. I love having fun games around that are not electronic and this is one of the most fun games I have enjoyed playing myself with my grand children. I highly recommend this awesome card game!
This was a personal purchase I made.
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on June 22, 2016
I am so glad I got this. After reading several reviews, I opted to purchase, in hopes my twin 6 year old nieces and 8 year old nephew would enjoy this and enjoy this we all did. This game is relatively addicting and pretty fun, even for an adult. I know the age range wasn't kosher for the little ladies, but once they understood the concept, what they couldn't read, or what they didn't know, I just had them point out on the middle deck (I believe that is the first game you can play in the instruction sheet).
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on June 22, 2017
It's so hard to find a game that everyone from toddlers to adults can play, so when you find one, you go for it. This game is both super easy, but also pretty challenging. Just because you are an adult it doesn't mean you have an advantage over the young kids, which makes it the ideal game for families. The rules are simple to learn and remember, it's all ages appropriate, and it's fun. You can't go wrong, get it. :-)
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