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Blue Twilight (Twilight Series Book 11) Mass Market Paperback – March 1, 2005

3.9 out of 5 stars 23 customer reviews
Book 11 of 18 in the Wings in the Night Series

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Mass Market Paperback, March 1, 2005
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--This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Intrusion: A Novel
A loving couple, grieving the loss of their son, finds their marriage in free fall when a beautiful, long-lost acquaintance inserts herself into their lives. Learn More
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Editorial Reviews

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

White Plains, New York

"He'll be here," Maxine Stuart said as she smoothed packing tape over the flaps of a cardboard box. "There's no way he'll let me leave without coming to say goodbye. He's nuts about me."

Stormy leaned over the box with her black marker and scrawled Kitchen Stuff across the top. Then she capped the pen and put it back into her pocket. "That's it," she said. "That's the last of it." She picked up the box and started for the door.

Max snatched it from her hands. "I told you, no heavy lifting."

"Knock it off, Max. The doctors say I'm fine."

Subconsciously, perhaps, Stormy ran a hand over her short hair. It had grown back by now, short, spiky, platinum blond and overly moussed, just as it had always been. Her hair covered the scar where the bullet had rocketed through her skull only a few months ago, plunging Stormy into a coma and nearly killing her.

But though Max couldn't see it, she was acutely aware that the scar remained. She would never forget how close she had come to losing her best friend. It shook her still, to remember.

"Stop looking at me like that," Stormy said.

"Like what?"

"Like those coppery curls of yours are going to catch fire from the intensity. I really am fine."

"You'd better be." Max shook off the melodrama, knowing Stormy hated it. "Get the door, would you? My arms are breaking here."

Stormy opened the door, and the two walked out of the cozy white Cape Cod, down the concrete front steps and around to the back of the bright yellow rental van that waited in the driveway. Its back doors were open. Max climbed aboard and crammed the final box into the one remaining spot, near the top of the pile. Her whole life, she thought, was in that van. Sighing, she jumped down and closed the doors.

"Excited?" Stormy asked.

"To be starting a whole new life, yeah. I am. Are you?"

"If I wasn't, I wouldn't have agreed to come with you. Besides, what's not to be excited about? We're moving into a restored mansion, for crying out loud. Hanging up our shingle. Starting a new business."

"Think it will succeed?"

"I think it will kick ass," Stormy said. "What with those flyers we sent out with both our pics on them, full color, no less? They made us sound like the best detective agency since Sam Spade's. And besides, we're hot."

"We are hot," Max said.

Stormy pursed her lips. "You don't look very excited, Maxie. You look as if your heart's breaking."

Max leaned back against the van and eyed the house where she'd grown up, its neatly trimmed hedges and freshly mown lawn. "I'm a little bummed we're going to have to make two trips. I mean, if I trusted myself to drive this van with the car behind it, I'd use the tow bar that came with the thing. But I'm not that confident."

"Uh-huh." Stormy crossed her arms and tapped her foot, giving Max a look that said she knew perfectly well that was not what was bothering her.

Max nodded and gave in. "I really thought Lou would agree to go into business with us. I mean, you and I have two P.I. licenses and some pretty powerful contacts—"

"Even if they are mostly dead," Stormy put in with a wink.

"But none of that adds up to a retired cop with twenty years under his belt."

"I think there's other stuff under his belt that interests you more."

"Yeah, well, short of bashing him over the head and attacking him, I don't think I'm going to get within a mile of his belt. Much less what's under it."

Stormy tipped her head to one side. The sun caught the rhinestone in her nostril and winked. She'd given up the eyebrow ring. During her coma they removed it and the hole had closed up. But to celebrate her recovery she'd added the nose stud. Personally, Max liked it better. It was petite and daring, just like Stormy.

"Are you telling me," she asked Max in a tone of disbelief, "that during the whole time I was in the coma, and you two were up in Maine saving your sister from notorious vampire hunters and tracking down the bastard who shot me, that you never once—"

"Like you don't think I'd have told you if we had?"

"You'd have rented a billboard," Stormy said with a sigh. "So now you're giving up?"

Max pursed her lips. "If I'm living in Maine and Lou insists on staying here in White Plains, I don't see what choice I have."

Stormy looked at her, a mix of pity and skepticism in her vivid sapphire eyes.

Slowly, Maxine straightened off the van, looked down toward the road and smiled. "I'm not beaten yet, though. Here he comes." She nodded toward the oversize rustmobile that was pulling up to the curb, since there was no room in the driveway. The small square of blacktop held the rental van on one side and Stormy's little red Miata on the other. Max's green VW Bug was in the garage.

The noise level dropped to zero when Lou shut off his engine; then the heavy driver's door swung open. Lou got out, and Max drank in the sight of him. God, he was something. Oh, he tried real hard, especially for her, she thought, to pull off the saggy, burned-out ex-cop routine. With his loose-fitting suits and always crooked ties, and slow-talking, slow-walking ways, he tried to be the living proof that forty-four was over the hill. And way too old for a twenty-six-year-old. But she saw through the act. He wasn't too old; he was just too damn wary. The only thing burned out about Lou Malone was his heart, though she didn't know why. She'd always intended to fix it, whether he liked it or not. Now, she thought she was about to run out of time.

He came across the driveway to where she stood, glancing at the van, then at her. His eyes met hers, held them, and she thought she saw something sad in them before he covered it with a smile. Could he be sorry to see her go?

He broke eye contact and nodded hello to Stormy.

"Hey, Lou," Stormy called. "We'd just about decided you weren't coming to see us off."

"Wouldn't miss it. How are you feeling, Stormy?"

"Fine, except for being sick of everyone asking how I'mfeeling." She softened the words with a smile. "You?"

"Can't complain." He eyed the van, his glance tripping over Max's tummy on the way. Good, she thought. It would have been a waste of good low-rise jeans and a cropped-short T-shirt if he hadn't even noticed the bared section of skin in between.

He cleared his throat, nodded at the van. "Are you going to have to make a few trips with that thing, Max?"

"Nope. Everything that's going is packed up and ready. Except my car, anyway. I'll have to come back for that."

"Everything?" He lifted his brows. "You couldn't have fit furniture in there."

"You've been to my sister's house, Lou. Morgan's will left me everything, furniture included."

"Still, seems like you'd want some of your own."

"Most of the stuff in this house isn't my own, anyway. It's nearly all hand-me-downs from my parents." She never qualified the word parents with the word adoptive, even though it was true. "Besides, what do I have here that would fit there? That place is…opulent."

"Yeah, but it's not you."

She planted her hands on her hips and frowned at him. "What's that supposed to mean? I'm not opulent?"

He lifted his brows. "It wasn't an insult, Maxie, just an observation. Morgan's house is—hell, it's Morgan. Dramatic, dark, rich. You should be in a place that's…I don't know. Cute, quirky, fun."


He sent her a quelling look.

Maxie sent him back a wink. "That's what you meant, and you know it. But don't worry, Lou. Once I get settled in, I'm going to redecorate a suite of rooms just for me. I can't exactly do the whole place, though. It's not like Morgan's really dead, after all."

"No, I suppose not." He lowered his head, shaking it slowly.

"What?" she asked.

"We talk so matter-of-factly about it. Like it's nothing. And then every once in a while it hits me. Everything that happened. Everything we saw. Stuff I thought was nothing but superstition, turning out to be real. The fact that one of Mad Maxie Stuart's conspiracy theories turned out to be dead on target."

He said it with a teasing smile that made her want to lean up and kiss it right off his face. Instead, she only shrugged. "I wish you were coming with me."

"Yeah, well, I told you, I didn't retire from the force with the goal of going back to work full-time."

"Right. Instead you're going to buy a fishing boat and spend your time lying around, smelling like bait and growing a beer belly."

"Sounds like paradise, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, for a seventy-year-old in failing health, maybe. Not for you."

He eyed her, maybe seeing a little beyond the words she said out loud, so she averted her eyes. She hadn't meant to sound petulant or pouty. Childish was the last way she wanted him to think of her.

"I'll visit, I promise."

She shot her eyes back to his. "When?"

"When? Well…I don't know."

"How about now?"

"Now?" "Today."

"Maxie, sometimes I don't even know how to follow your conversations."

She rolled her eyes. "Hell, you're going to make me admit it, aren't you?"

He held up both hands, shaking his head, as if she'd lost him.

"I'm not sure I can drive mat…thing." She nodded toward the van. "It's huge, and I can hardly see over the steering wheel. It steers like a truck, shifts like a tank, catches every breeze like a sailboat. It wobbles and rocks, and I can't see behind me with those stupid mirrors."

He looked again at the van, then at her. Stormy said, "I'm going back inside, make sure everything's locked up, shut down, turned off, you know."

"You drove it here from the rental place," Lou said, as if he hadn't even heard Stormy's announcement. Stormy shook her head, sent Max a surreptitious thumbs-up and hurried back into the house.

"Of course I did," Max admitted. "How do you think I know how hard it is to drive?"

"I think you're trying to twist my arm to get me up there."

"I can think of a lot of men whose arms wouldn't require any twisting at all," she said.

"Then have one of them drive you."

"I don't want one of them. I want you." She let the double entendre hang there.

He pretended not to notice. It was damned infuriating. He responded to all her flirting that way, either pretending it sailed over his head—when she knew damn well it hadn't by the flash of fire it sometimes evoked in his eyes—or by changing the subject. She was beginning to think he didn't take her efforts at all seriously.

"I'm going fishing for the weekend," he said. "Leaving from here, in fact. Got my bag all packed in the car, and a friend with a big boat waiting for me at the pier."

"God forbid I interfere with that," she said.

"You'll do fine on your own, Maxie. You're the most capable woman I know."

She drew a breath, sighed. "Fine. Just fine. Will you at least hang around until I get the beast backed out of the driveway? You can pretend you're a traffic cop again."

"Aah, the good old days." He looked toward the house. "You gonna wait for Stormy?"

"She's driving her car up. And she knows the way." She dug in her jeans pocket for the key, then climbed up into the van and cranked the engine. Through the windshield, she saw Stormy step out of the house and close the door. She sent her friend a secret smile. Stormy frowned, looking worried.

Max shifted the van into Reverse and looked in the side mirrors. She saw Lou standing in the road, making hand motions at her, probably to tell her to back out. She popped the clutch. The van bucked and then stalled.

She started it again, and this time backed up a little before the bucking and heaving began. She kept that up—start, stop, start, stop, jerk, cough, sputter, start— until a car came along the road and Lou changed his hands to a "stop" position. Then and only then did she back up smoothly and quickly, over the mailbox, aiming dead into the path of the oncoming car.

A horn blasted. Tires squealed. Stormy shrieked, and Lou shouted.

Max stalled the van again and got out, leaving it sitting there, with its ass-end poking out into the road. The car had skidded to a stop five feet short of the van, and the driver, a neighbor she recognized, got out, looking scared half to death.

"Sorry about that, Mr. Robbins," Max called, sending the man a sheepish wave and walking behind the van. Lou and Stormy joined her there. She looked sadly at the crushed mailbox and shook her head. "Okay, this isn't so bad," she said. "I'll just pull in and start over." She looked ahead at the driveway, where Stormy's car was parked. "Um, you might want to move that."

Mr. Robbins was muttering, shaking his head and stomping back to his car. He got in, pulled a K-turn and drove away. Stormy went to move her car.

Lou said, "Didn't you hear me tell you to stop?"

"I did. I just hit the wrong pedal. I'll do better this time, promise." She went to the driver's door, reached up and put her foot on the step.

Lou's hands closed around her waist, picked her up off the step and set her back down on the driveway. She had to forcibly resist the urge to moan in pleasure, because she loved his hands on her. Anywhere, anytime. She really hadn't tried hard enough with him, she thought. Flirting was flirting. But men could be awfully bad at picking up hints. Maybe she should have set him down and told him flat out. She visualized it in her mind. Her looking him in the eyes and saying, "Lou, I want you. I want you in my life and in my bed and in every other way that matters. What do you say?"

He probably wouldn't say anything, she thought. He would probably go speechless with shock.

--This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

About the Author

RITA Award winning, New York Times bestselling author Maggie Shayne has published over 50 novels, including mini-series Wings in the Night (vampires), Secrets of Shadow Falls (suspense) and The Portal (witchcraft). A Wiccan High Priestess, tarot reader, advice columnist and former soap opera writer, Maggie lives in Cortland County, NY, with soulmate Lance and their furry family.

--This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

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Product Details

  • Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Mira (March 1, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0778321509
  • ISBN-13: 978-0778321507
  • Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.3 x 1.1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Average Customer Review: 3.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (23 customer reviews)
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,131,165 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

By Dr W. Richards on March 8, 2005
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Maxine Stuart, private detective, is moving to her sister's home in Maine to set up her own agency. Her partner, Stormy, is coming with her, and Maxine is desperately trying to persuade her old friend Lou to join them. A former cop and 18 years older than Max, Lou claims to be too old and burned-out to be of any use to Max. However, Max has been in love with Lou for years and is determined to prove to him that her feelings are real.

She persuades Lou to help them move, but no sooner do the three arrive in Maine than another old friend calls them for help. His teenage sister has disappeared and he needs them to find her. They travel to Endover, New Hampshire, and find themselves in the middle of what almost seems like Zombie-ville. It doesn't take Maxie and Lou long to realise that there's a vampire around. Their previous experience with vampires has taught them that not all of the breed are bad, but this one seems to be a rogue. He's holding Jason's sister captive, has the town in his thrall and seems keen on killing Lou and capturing Maxie and Stormy. In the meantime, Stormy seems to be suffering from some sort of mental disturbance - could she have been possessed by some figure from the vampire's past? And who is this vampire, anyway?

Blue Twilight is a direct continuation of Embrace the Twilight, the story of Morgan and Dante. Shayne has now returned to finish the story of Maxine and Lou, who were by far the more interesting characters in Embrace the Twilight; in my review of the earlier book I mentioned my frustration that Max and Lou's relationship was left in limbo. Well, now, finally, three books later, Shayne has at last given us that closure. But only in part.
Read more ›
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Format: Mass Market Paperback
I'm a new reader of Maggie Shayne. This is actually the first novel of her's I picked up. Perhaps that's why I feel comfortable giving her five stars. It seems her old fans expect a certain format from Shayne and have give less stars because of it.

Well, this novel is about a couple of paranormal sleuths who receive an urgent call from an old partner. Jason says his sister is missing and he needs Max and Stormy to help find her. Actually, it seems an old and powerful vampire, obsessed with his old blond haired petite love, came across a picture Stormy and was entralled with the likeness. Therefore, he's using Jason by holding his sister and friend hostage until he can get Stormy and Max to his island mansion. Sounds corney? Actually, I found it very readable. I liked the fact the old vampire had two sides. He holds an entire city in tralled, yet he chews out any of his minons if they harm a girl.

The above is the sub-story. The real story in Blue Twilight is the one going on between Max and her love interest, Lou. Max decides to pull all the guns and get Lou to admit his feelings for her. It doesn't work, but something else does in the end.

I'm looking forward to back tracking and seeing all that I missed in previous books. It was weird having to read Shayne referring to previous novels and not have a clue what she was talking about.
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Format: Mass Market Paperback
BLUE TWILIGHT - Maggie Shayne


ISBN: 0-7783-2150-9

March 2005

Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Present Day - White Plains, New York & Endover, New Hampshire

"Mad" Maxine Stuart and her long time best friend Tempest "Storm" Jones are embarking on new careers as licensed private investigators, specializing in paranormal investigations. Max, Storm, and ex-police detective Lou Malone were instrumental in uncovering a covert government organization, DPI, the Department of Paranormal Investigation. They destroyed the DPI facility in White Plains and learned more about the paranormal than any of them wanted to. What they learned about vampires, in particular, will be very helpful in their new enterprise.

Max would like nothing better than to have Lou join their firm, but Lou has other plans. Retired from the police force, he tries to convince Max, and himself, that he just wants to fish and relax. But Max isn't buying it. At forty-four, Lou is too young to spend the rest of his life fishing, and if Max has anything to say about it, he won't. Max has been in love with Lou for ten years, since she was sixteen years old. She's done everything she can to show him that she's interested, but he never takes her "flirting" seriously. With a bit of trickery, Max gets Lou to accompany them to Maine where she and Storm will be living and opening their new business.

The trio no sooner arrives in Maine than a frantic call from Jason, an old friend, has them heading to Endover, New Hampshire, where two teenaged girls have disappeared. As Max, Storm, and Lou help Jason discover what happened to his sister and her friend it quickly becomes apparent that something is wrong with the town of Endover.
Read more ›
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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This is the first book in the Wings in the Night series where the main couple isn't a type of vampire or vampire-like person. Instead we have a friend of the vampires "Mad Maxie" and a police detective, Lou Malone, taking the center stage for the romance. There is still plenty of paranormal types to go around though so don't worry about missing her wonderful vampires.

The town of Endover is just plain weird. It's residents seem to be under a constant mind fog and even Max and her friends feel some strange dulling effect on their brains. When the vampire in question targets one of Max's close friends as "interesting" things start to get exciting. You're in for a good old fashioned vampire hunt - at least at first.

This vampire isn't like anything I was expecting though. Maggie Shayne gave me glimpses into his life and mind that make him an incredibly sympathetic character that plays looks to play a major role in a future book. He is devious and cunning and just a little crazy. He is an amazing addition to the vampires of the Wings in the Night series.
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