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on September 8, 2011
These are NOT Blue Lounge cable clips. They are fake, from China, in packaging from JYLP as the manufacturer, covered in Chinese characters. They didn't even bother to translate the item description properly. They reek of chemicals and the adhesive pad does not stick to the clip. Worst of all, they are FAKE. Amazon should ban this seller for misrepresenting their product and using the Blue Lounge name. Extremely disappointing.
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on January 4, 2014
These are amazing for by the bed or a coffee table next to the couch. It keep's them up off the floor so at night you don't have to search for them or accidentally step on the head of the cord and bend the prongs. I recommend cleaning surface with rubbing alcohol and holding in place for at least 10 second's to ensure proper adhesion.
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on August 5, 2015
These cable holders are very useful and are very easy to use. I use three or four of these at any given time to hold wires onto the side of my desk. This way, if I need to charge something, all of the cables I may generally need are within arm's reach. In the few months I have been using these, I have never experienced any problems with adhesion.

I generally carry around a few different devices in my book bag that I use somewhat frequently. These include a wireless speaker, portable battery, Amazon Kindle reader, and a cell phone. These are all devices I need to charge somewhat frequently. In addition, I have a razor that requires me to charge it before each use. To avoid clutter with wires, I use four off these cable holders to hold up one micro USB 3.0 cable, one micro USB 2.0 cable, one mini USB 2.0 cable, and a charging cable. These adhesive units allow me to hold them on the side of the desk, where I can reach any of them without moving. This prevents clutter from the top of the table, and from the floor, as these wires will not need to sit on the floor while I am not using them.

Each of these units can hold up to two thick cables or three thin cables. The adhesion is strong enough to support the weight in any case. I have never had to replace one of these cable holders as a result of it falling under the weight of the wires. When I touch the unit after it has been placed on a surface, it does not budge unless a great deal of force is put on it. You would have to put some muscle into it before it rips out of its position.

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to reduce wire clutter.
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on June 10, 2015
There are two things to keep in mind when using these:

1. Apply only to metal or glass (anything but wood, really) tabletops because these stick VERY well. As in, if you apply it even for half a second and want to adjust it, you may rip off the finish of your table.

2. Adjust it accordingly and THEN peel the back of the adhesive off for the reason above.

They do what they're supposed to, but maybe too well, and it's annoying that wall mount putty wouldn't stick to the piece covering the adhesive - I tried in an attempt to avoid having to use the cable management clip's super sticky adhesive, and failed.

Also, the product I received had a different packaging than the one pictured, but no big deal about that.
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on July 13, 2014
Blue Lounge Cable Drop 6-pack - is like many other products, a Great Idea, but Poor engineering, so I'm assigning a 3.8 Star Rating, even though it will show up as 4 Stars, becasue I know how to squeeze more life from these products.
Since we live in the middle of the Pacific, we always have to either fabricate our own items, Or, take an item and Modify it, and is what I did with these cable drops, since my past expereince with any item that sports a mounting adhesive option, just don't work for the long-haul. including the 'suction-cup' hangers.

USES - For mounting 3 to 8 mm USB, ROUND, charging/sync cables, Earphone cables and larger 7.5 mm single cables.
with USB iPod/Iphone I can mount 2 to 3 easily. I bought these for strictly for Modification.

How-To-Mount on Wood & Metal Suggestions - - Disclaimer: any modification may cancel the terms of a warranty.

1. Tools - small drill set + Bosch Lithium Driver + an array of different sized, brass picture hanging wood screws (phillips head).
2. To mount on Wood (Permanently) - I drilled a 1/32 hole about a 3/8 inches down from the top collar opening of cable drop. Then used a 1/8 inch brass, flathead WOOD screw to mount on a 24 x 2 x 0.5 inch board strip, already on the wall next to my desk.
Note - I did NOT remove the adhessive protective cover, just drilled through it.

3. To mount on Metal surface - first, locate a Magnet that is about the same size as the adhesive back, ~ 1 inch, I got mine from some of the old beer bottle plastic/metal openers, from Wally-World, and the magnets are EZ to remove.
Then, take the adhesive backing OFF and stick to one side of the Magnet. I placed a Book on top for a few minutes.
Now, you can stick cable drop on any Metal surface, and hang your cables.

4. Recommended Adhesive - If you decide just to use the cable drop as is, without any modifications, but they are starting to lose the adhesive sticking ability; Then, I recommend getting a 1 fl.oz tube of either, 3M or Loctite Vinyl/Plastic Flexible Adhesive, as it has worked well for me, I'm sure that other reviewers may have other recommendations too.

Thanks for stopping by ...
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on January 8, 2012
I've had the REAL Blue Lounge cabledrops, These are NOT Blue Lounge product, the package doesn't say Blue Lounge on it anywhere, these are some cheap knock offs from china. The adhesive tape literally fell off the back of one of these when I took it out of the package.

Previously, I bought a package of these in August 2010 and those were the real-deal; the package was clearly marked as a Blue Lounge product. That set worked awesome and are still stuck on my desk. The quality of those was visible too. These ones I just got look like junk.

I can't believe Amazon is doing the bait-and-switch, isn't this illegal?

Here's an excerpt from the package which lets us know they're made in china junk: "Cable mess will not happen if you have it in hand which will bring you happy feeling."
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on February 13, 2014
I hardly write reviews unless a product is especially good or poor. I do not expect miracles from my purchases. Most things in life like most people are average and that is okay.

Like reported by others here the paste did not hold. I pasted the item to the side of my table so that I could get charging cables easily when I needed them. My need did require that I remove the cable from the product to charge my kindle fire and nexus 7 along with a cell phone. After charging I would replace the cable in the product until the next time I needed it.

By nature I am not rough with things I buy. I never yanked the cable with force loose from the product. For two weeks it was fine then without any noticeable force the product came off together with the cable leaving most of the paper backing with its pasted side still attached to the table.

If I had not seen the other similar reviews I would have blamed myself. The opening on the top of the product seems clearly designed for easy removal and replacement of the cable. So why did it not hold? Why did it not warn that the product may not hold if you regularly remove and replace the cable?

I have seen on Amazon sealed round products which seem designed so once you thread the cable through the center hole of the product and attached the product to a flat surface you can not easily remove the cable and replace it easily back in the product. If you have no need to remove and replace your cable you might try those. But if your need is like mine this product is too expensive a product for only 2 weeks of use.
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on April 2, 2014
Order this to manage the Apple 5 Lightening cable on a couple of desks. Unfortunately the Apple Lightening slips right through the opening of the Bluelounge holder. So this product doesn't work for that cable.

The product is for cables that have LARGE ends that it can not slip through.

Product seems OK - but totally worthless for what I needed on a few desks to manage iPhone 5(s) cables. Honestly it makes no sense why Bluelounge makes the opening so large.

Make sure the cables you want to manage have a LARGE end - so the cable doesn't just slip on through and end up on the floor. You don't need to spend 10 bucks for that.
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on August 8, 2012
I wanted a sticky-back wire holder to direct my various electric cords and USB cables.

This works exactly as I had hoped.

The color of the white product is white -- not the silvery color shown in the photo. I also purchased the same product in fruit-flavored colors.

Be careful... The sticky stickum sticks *IMMEDIATELY*. There is no time to reposition the wire holder.

Follow-up on the stickum, 11/19/2012:
The adhesive is permanently sticky, has an aggressive tack, and stays put, even in a steamy environment. Once this is stuck to the substrate, you can't move it again without ripping its sticky back, and probably the surface of your desk, wall or other surface. Some folks are writing that their sticky didn't work well. Perhaps they got a different product. One person wrote that they received the products in a bag. Curious. Mine came exactly as pictured here.
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on July 7, 2015
I like to keep a charger on my nightstand but the darn thing would always slip off and fall behind my bed. This is especially frustrating in the early morning when I haven't fully woken up and I can't find my glasses. I popped a CableDrop on to the edge of my nightstand and it's worked great. I always know where my charger is and I can tuck the excess cord behind my nightstand since I know it would fall over the edge. I haven't had any problems will the adhesive losing its stickiness but then again, I'm careful and avoid yanking at the cord while it's in the CableDrop. The white ones do have a slight grey/beige tinge to them but I think it's only noticeable if they're against a white surface.
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