Customer Reviews: BlueRigger Dual Shielded Subwoofer Audio RCA Cable with Gold plated connectors - 8 Feet
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on July 14, 2014
For some time I have been irritated by a ground loop hum coming from my 10" subwoofer and decided to give this BlueRigger Dual Shielded cable a try.

First impressions were that this is a very well made product with a chunky but flexible cable and nice tight connectors to ensure a secure fit.

It was an instant fix - no more hum. However, what I wasn't expecting was the VASTLY improved bass output from my subwoofer. I mean, it's night and day from what I was hearing with the old cable (which admittedly was the cheap, thin, unshielded cable that came with the subwoofer).

All in all, an excellent product at a very inexpensive price. Recommended!
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on February 13, 2014
I was shopping for new Subwoofer cables since I did not like the cheapo ones I got from a local AV store years ago. After a bit of research, I decided to go with Blue Rigger. I almost went with Mediabridge, as they also got good reviews online. After receiving the cables, I can say that these are very high quality cables. They are substantially thicker than my previous cables, and the interconnects are nice and tight. The definitely feel like a very expensive cable, but cost next to nothing. I'm not going to claim that I can hear an audible difference, but I do feel very confident that these are passing a clean, strong analog audio signal. Highly recommended.
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on June 21, 2014
I look for two things when I purchase an audio cable; good construction and a fair price. Its easy to find shoddily constructed cables and just as easy to find cables that are priced not too far away from diamonds. The BlueRigger Audio RCA cable, however, is the perfect balance of excellent construction and good price. Its easy to tell that it is solidly built, with solid connectors and proper shielding. It was flexible enough to bend when necessary as I routed it from my receiver to my subwoofer. And, of course, it works perfectly, transferring the electrical signals as it should. I'll be looking at BlueRigger in the future for other cables that I may need.
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on April 14, 2014
I purchased the shorter 8' cable for my subwoofer hoping to minimize any interference.
However, when the stereo was off or at low volume , there was a lot of ghost noise on the subwoofer, i.e. there were voices coming out of it .. obviously from the cable picking up some radio signals and the subwoofer amplified it. Very annoying.

Went with the Media Bridge shielded cable instead and the interference completely went away. Note: i ended up buying both the 8' and 25' version of the Media Bridge cable and even the longer cable had zero interference
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on January 16, 2014
I am very pleased with this cable. The connectors have a tight (but not too tight) fit and I don't get any kind of hum in my sub-woofer at all.
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on August 31, 2015
I received this cable on August 25, 2015. I had purchased it for use in a hifi system along with a Wharfedale 8" subwoofer. I had read good things, but I was still surprised by the quality of this cable when it arrived. I also use BlueRigger HDMI cables, and I am very happy with those, so I bought this as well. It is a very thick, dual shielded cable, and the ends are gold plated and fit snugly with no play. It was exactly what I needed. Bass was crisp and clear, no hum or interference. I ended up replacing this with a MediaBridge cable because I discovered that if I used a cable with a split mono lead, I could get a bit more input level and a noticeable gain in output. I wish that BlueRigger made a split mono version. I briefly considered buying a small splitter adapter and a second one of these because of how nice it is, but the cost would have been too high. If your subwoofer uses a crossover that only requires a single RCA connection, then this is the cable to get. If you can get a bit more level using a splitter, or a split mono cable, then go that route because there is a noticeable difference.

-Thick, high quality cable
-Gold plated ends
-Snug fitting
-No hum or interference (dual shielded)

-Not offered in a split mono version

All in all, I will be using more BlueRigger products in the future and I look forward to seeing their line expand. I rate this cable at 5/5 stars and highly recommend BlueRigger products. For the cost vs. quality this is easily one of the best brands on Amazon.
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on May 23, 2014
Bought this when another brand I really like was out of stock. It had good reviews so I took a chance. It is just as good in quality as the other brand and that is a compliment. Made my old Philips 6 inch subwoofer from a HTIB system way better (12 years old,) it has come to life! Great sound. I didn't think a cable would make that much difference, but it sounds better. Worth a good look if you would like to have the best sound your unit can provide.
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on June 6, 2016
I gratefully discovered Bluerigger a few years ago, after having other brand cables fail in a short time. So ever since when I need cables, I keep looking for Bluerigger until I find it, or discover to my sadness that it's not available. When I first plug in this cable I had a terrible buzz from the subwoofer, and thought that this can't be. I checked the connections, finding the I'd not fully inserted the amplifier end, and once secured properly, it worked like a charm. I knew it just could not be a defective Bluerigger cable.
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on June 24, 2014
I thought my subwoofer was toast. I saw a forum post that indicated replacement of the cable resolved similar symptoms so I thought I would give this cable a try. Sure enough the cable I was using was the issue. My subwoofer is back working making movies & games sound so much better!
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on March 18, 2014
Great quality cable at a superb price. I have two identical subwoofers, one connected using this cable and another with one made by Mediabridge. The sub with the Bluerigger cable has to be set lower to level match the other sub. Whether this is due to differing manufacturer tolerances in the amps, pre-out voltage, or the cable itself I cannot say.
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