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on April 6, 2016
So I have been using this cable, daily, for over a week now. It works great so far and I'm very pleased. I'm using this to connect my Dell laptop to and external Dell Monitor to operate Dual screens. The quality is great and I love to use the HDMI port on my laptop to connect the monitor instead of the VGA. I previously purchased a VGA to VGA for this purpose from another seller and the cable quit after a few days. This HDMI to DVI seems to be of very good quality.

The cable boasts some great features:

Connect your DVI equipped device to an HDMI equipped HDTV or display
-Fully compatible with all HDTV formats. Supports resolution 720p, 1080i, 1080p and beyond
- Gold plated HDMI A Male to DVI 24+1 Male connector for optimal conductivity
-Fully coated and shielded PVC outer layer for maximum protection from RFI and EMI interference
-BlueRigger Limited lifetime warranty

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I take my reviews serious and will only provide accurate and honest feedback. I am not connected to this company or any of the companies of products that I review.
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on July 27, 2016
I had a nice little setup on my work computer where I had a 2nd monitor hooked up so I could dual screen to work on spreadsheets while referencing the info I needed, or sometimes just to watch you tube or something while working on the other screen. Well I decided to change it up and set myself up so I could use my laptop at work instead, that way I could just bring it in with me in the morning and take it home at night and always have access to my work files and not have to worry about saving things to thumb drives etc. Well I really wanted to still have 2 screens at work but I realized that both screens only had DVI and VGA ports but my laptop only has an HDMI output. So I looked around at some local electronics stores and couldn’t justify spending $25-30 on a stupid cord just to have a 2nd monitor. Then it occurred to me to look on amazon and I found this product and it was exactly what I needed. It was long enough that I could route it neatly through my desk but most importantly give me my 2nd monitor back. When it arrived I was surprised at how nice it was. It is very well constructed. The connectors are very sturdy and the cable itself seems very rugged a durable. I swear it looks way nicer than the ones that were much more expensive at the local big box store. I should also point out that I plug and unplug the hdmi end of this cable every single day and it has not shown any signs of wear. I have had hdmi cables that have gotten loose or that I had to wiggle to get to work.. none of that with this cable.
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on February 16, 2017
Bought this HDMI to DVI cable along with the 10 ft HDMI standard cable to cure screen flickering problems on 2 systems.

My computer screen would flicker and seem to just start acting up, out of the blue every few weeks.

I installed the new HDMI to DVI cable a few days ago and so far so good.

The other system I was having problems with, my PlayStation to TV connection. I was using the PlayStation to watch Netflix and amazon video and was experiencing flickering and blank screens every time and so far it seems to be fixed after installing the new BlueRigger HDMI cable.

I will come back and update this review if my computer screen ever starts acting up and flickering again.

So far I'm happy and can highly recommend these BlueRigger cables. They seem to strike the right balance between cheap and good.

Link to other BlueRigger standard HDMI cable in case any one wants to know the exact cable I bought - BlueRigger High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet - Supports 3D and Audio Return [Latest Version] - 10 Feet
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on March 20, 2015
It's amazing how many times I find myself in a situation where I need a cable. It used to be printer cables, then USB and now HDMI, etc. You could go to your nearest big box, but be prepared to shell out more money than you want, and more often than not end up with a 'passable' product.

This was my first experience with BlueRigger. I purchased the HDMI to DVI Adapter (6ft). As an Amazon Prime member I got the cable quick. It was a terrific price (less than $7.00) and when compared to my local stores charging 4-6 times as much you could call it a steal.

Why you should consider this product beyond the low, low price? Quality.

The ends are steel which means they won't deform and the connections are tight. The ends look to be gold plated, which insures good connectivity. The cables were strong, of good heft yet flexible. Plugged this between my new monitor and my laptop and that was it. I am looking at my monitor now and asking myself why or why have I waited this long to upgrade to a larger screen for my computing needs?

As some have said the connector ends are blue. This shouldn't really enter into it but when I was showing off my new computer set up I'll be d*mned if my friend didn't spend an extra minute looking at the quality of my cables. He ordered two HDMI cables from you last night and he WORKS with computers. BlueRigger, that's a marketing success story I'll be relating to my customers, and you should too. And besides, it DOES look cool - lol.

Do yourself a favor. Buy their products. If my experience is reflective of all the products they provide, they have won a lifelong customer.
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on August 17, 2015
Pros: quality, precision (low tolerances)
Cons: none

I bought this rather than have an adapter hanging off my machine because I didn’t wan the extra leverage breaking the socket on the motherboard. I looked at many here and chose this one because it looked like it was made with good materials. Luckily I was right. The cable is machined well so it doesn’t wiggle like some cheap cables do when their tolerances are too high. The cord itself is very flexible. I learned that between cables of the same thickness, that a lower oxygen cable is more flexible, will last longer and of higher quality. Plus is also means you aren’t fighting with the cable to make it lay where you want it to.

It is also inexpensive: don’t fall for “gold” connectors and pay 3 times as much people. As long as the metal is conductive (non-corroded) and a solid connection is made (because of tight tolerances) a copper connection is just as good unless you live in a very humid/dirty area. This one just happened to have gold plating that means it won’t corrode, so it was a plus. But gold is not really essential for a quality cable. So, under ten was perfect for this 2m cable.
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on July 2, 2015
This was just the right length and of durable construction for my needs.
After the PC input port on my Samsung UN40C7000 failed, I had to come up with a better connection for the Windows based home computer which serves as our HTPC.
I needed to to connect the DVI out port on the HTPC to the HDMI/DVI port on the Samsung TV.
Because the touch screen on the HTPC (it operates as a music player kiosk when the TV is off) and the Samsung TV are of different aspect and therefore resolution I needed to adjust for scaling on the video card settings when duplicating the displays (this results in full screen on the TV without weird stretching and black bars on the touch screen above and below the widescreen aspect view on the 4:3 monitor--once the touch area was re-calibrated it works great)
In the end this cable works really well, it connects strongly to the PC and correctly to the TV HDMI as best as possible and we can continue to use the computer with the TV together for our needs as hoped. It is hard to gauge if this cable is better than others, but with the DVI connection instead of the VGA connection to the TV, the output is much better.
I'd buy again.
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on February 23, 2012
I upgraded my system and decided that I should upgrade my cables in the process. Besides, I also wanted to use the HDMI connector and avoid a possible signal degradation issue when using an adapter.

This cable has a very well-built feel to it, nice feeling materials. It connects well with the extended screw grips in the DVI side, and the HDMI side plugs in firmly and stays where it's put. I like the matching blue ends to help identify these connectors among the dozens I have due to the several systems behind my desk.

I use this cable to switch between multiple connections on my monitor and it's working great for that purpuse. I can switch to the VGA port to use my KVM and support several systems there, or back to my DVI port and this system. It allows me great flexibility in chosing which device uses the monitor at the time. The length is about right for placing a system on the floor behind a desk and them reaching up to a monitor that's mounted on a arm system like I have. It's long enough that I can swing the arms around and nothing binds. See my other reviews if you are considering a monitor mount as there's a nice one for a good price on Amazon too.
review image
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on March 4, 2013
I have an older Toshiba Cinema Series projection TV (HD-ready, 1080i). It does not have HDMI connections, just RCA, Component, and a single HDCP/DVI connector. With this cable, we utilized the HDCP port on the TV (because all others were taken) to connect to the HDMI on the Xbox360. Picture is great.

One issue though - and this is not with the cable, but an issue with the Xbox360 and this setup. The Xbox is made such that you cannot use the HDMI connection and get RCA audio out. In fact, the Xbox's proprietary RCA connector intentionally blocks the HDMI connector so you cannot have both plugged in at the same time. Since the HDCP port on the TV is Video-only, the only way to get audio out of the Xbox then in this configuration is by using the Xbox Optical Audio out jack. Since the older projection TVs like my Toshiba don't have that either, there is no way to get audio going directly into the TV using this setup. The only way to get Xbox audio then is if you also have an audio Receiver that accepts an Optical Audio input. Luckily, my setup was also with an Onkyo receiver that did have anavailable Optical audio in port. Dumb design on the Xbox which assumes that if you're using HDMI, you either must get your audio through HDMI, or use the Optical audio - no RCA audio allowed.
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on April 5, 2014
So here's the story... I'm a programmer by trade, and I was working for a few years now on a Dell laptop. Well, over time the laptop may or may not have gotten food particles stuck under the keys. Being the genius that I am, I pulled the 'E' key off and cleaned it out really thoroughly. And that's when things took a turn for the worse. In taking it off, I may or may not have completely destroyed the key. OK, yeah I did.

Being way too cheap to build a desktop that I've been wanting to build for months, I decided I'd just hook up an external monitor to it and I figured this was the perfect excuse to buy a new 24" monitor. So I rush off to Sam's Club and buy a Dell 24" monitor (which is very nice, by the way) for a great price and I hook it up to the laptop with a VGA <-> VGA cable.

I was pretty disappointed. Actually, I was about to take the monitor back to the store because it was so fuzzy. I thought the price was the reason why it was fuzzy. It wasn't unbearable, but it wasn't something I was willing to stare at for 8-12 hours a day, 6 days a week, either.

Then it dawned on me, the laptop has an HDMI output... maybe I should try that. Off to Amazon I go! And here is where I found the BlueRigger High Speed HDMI <-> DVI Adapter Cable. Being impatient, I opted for overnight delivery.

So with much joy, I unhooked the VGA (analog) cable and hooked up the HDMI/DVI (digital) cable. WOW!!! It was like a new monitor! The picture and detail is SO sharp! Staring at PhpStorm for hours on end is a PLEASURE now and I don't feel like I need my eyes checked because of the blurriness!

TLDR: buy this cable immediately. It's absolutely worth the few bucks you'll spend on it.
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இ Fuzzy Wuzzy's Summary:
ѾѾѾѾѾ Highly recommended with warm fuzzies!

Prior to this purchase, I bought a BlueRigger 3.5mm audio cable from Amazon last year. Even though most 3.5mm audio cables are pretty basic and flimsy, I was highly impressed by the build quality of the BlueRigger audio cable. The same excellent build quality is also in this HDMI-to-DVI-D-dual-link cable. The thickness and shielding of this cable is very good, and the gold-plated connectors are solidly built. The cable sheath has the following words printed on it: "High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet E252840 AWM STYLE 20276 20276 80c 30V VW-1 BlueRigger". I am using this cable on laptops connected to a 1920x1200 24" IPS monitor and a 2560x1440 27" IPS monitor. This cable will work with all 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 display monitors.

Even though nearly all HDMI-to-DVI and HDMI-to-HDMI cables only advertise themselves as supporting a maximum resolution of 1920x1200, most of these cables will work with a 2560x1440 display resolution. This BlueRigger cable also works with a 2560x1440 display. You will likely need to add a custom resolution since most graphics cards do not officially support resolutions higher than 1920x1200 via the HDMI port. If your graphics card is Intel HD Graphics (3000 or 4000), open up the "Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel" and click 'Custom Resolutions'. Try setting a 'Refresh Rate' of "60 Hz" and a 'Timing Standard' of "CVT-RB" (Coordinated Video Timings - Reduced Blank). If you get an error saying that the bandwidth is too low for the settings, try lowering the 'Refresh rate in 5-Hz increments. If a 60 Hz refresh rate does not work or produces image distortion or flickering, a 55 Hz or 50 Hz refresh rate should work in most setups, but you may have to go as low as 40 Hz or 35 Hz refresh rate, depending upon your hardware setup. If your video card is Nvidia, open up the Nvidia control panel, try setting 'Refresh Rate' to "60 Hz" and 'Scan type' to "Progressive". Expand the 'Timing' menu, set the 'Standard:' timing to "CVT reduced blank", and then click the [Test] button. Again, if you get image distortion or flickering, lower the refresh rate. After creating the custom resolution, you can select the 2560x1440 entry from the Nvidia Control Panel under 'Change Resolution'.
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