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on March 22, 2014
When I purchased this it appeared that this device had quite the interface to customize my sprinkler usage. I have 12 zones and very specific needs for time of year and watering times in each zone. Thus, I thought this product was perfect for me.

Upon installing and using the device, there is a lot of bugs that I have found and general lack of tools and data to help you work around the issues. The issues I found include:

1. Schedules must remain simple, or buggy scheduling occurs
2. Lack of Logs - Can't tell what was watered, for how long and when
3. Poor visibility - Calendar schedule doesn't tell you what will be watered today.
4. Stability issues - 1 unit goes dark for hours at a time
5. Long watering times >45 minutes - unit shuts down every 3-4 minutes and then restarts 1 minute later

This product could be very useful, but the issues above make the product more work than for me than my old controllers.

Maybe if they release a 2.0 version of their firmware some of the issues above could be fixed.
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on August 20, 2014
Update: BlueSpray has been working much better since auto-updates were enabled and having the repeater. It does still require occasional electroshock therapy (once every 3 months), but now isn't so demanding. I have even created a program called CatShooter, which will cycle through all the sprinklers for 15 seconds when the feral cats in the neighborhood get howling at night. Very useful... and I can tell that Bluespray likes it too.

Summary: Codependency is defined as a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition; and in broader terms, it refers to the dependence on the needs of, or control by, another. If you are prepared for this, then this is the device for you.
My relationship with Bluespray started in 2013. After setting up the device, although easy to do, Bluespray seemed to require me to come back to it often. I quickly realized that Bluespray wanted and needed me to interact with it. If I didn't do this, Bluespray got upset. If I communicate with it when it is in one of these moods, I learned that it thinks the time is January of 1970 as this is the time the system clock always seems to reset itself to (also the zero time for Unix). Fortunately, if I connect my browser to Bluespray, it likes me again and picks up the time from my system and is happy for a while, but if I forgot to connect to it regularly, alas... back to 1970.

Picking up when Bluespray lapses back to the 70's is fairly easy to see: I wake up in the morning and the garage door is open because Bluespray didn't close it last night, or if when coming home from vacation, I sometimes have dead plant because Bluespray has decided not to water them. But, connecting to it again usually fixes Bluespray, but not the plants (alas). And if I cannot connect to it via a browser which also happens, I just power cycle the device (like Electroshock therapy), and this makes Bluespray happy again.

Bluespray does behave better if it has a good connection to the Internet, where I guess it like to talk to NTP servers all day because they keep telling it what time it is. However, because Bluespray comes equipped with a tiny low power WIFI antennae, it can't easily connect to my WIFI router which is less than 100 ft. This is strange because Siri has 3 WIFI bars.

I think this makes Bluespray loney and sad, but by giving Bluespray a repeater (another $50-$100) and spending time getting that working with the security on my home WIFI network, Bluespray stays happy as long as both the repeater and router stay connected to the Internet, which also seems to be a problem in my Verizon DSL, but that is another woeful story, which I won't go in to.

Talking to the creators of Bluespray, fortunately is quite easy, and they are very friendly being also from Texas. We have interacted a lot, trading funny stories about Bluespray... We both wonder why Bluespray acts weird, we tweak settings on Bluespray, and sometimes fully reset Bluespray which lets me reprogram the device, seasons, sensors, schedules, and zones all over again. Also, you can get Bluespray to act differently if you upgrade its firmware. This is fun because Bluespray acts very funny then making the garage door do funny things like go up and down every five seconds until, at last, the door finds its way all the way down and it stops. By fully resetting the device and reprogramming it, Bluespray acts nicely again.

As with any codependent relationship, Bluespray and I are not as happy as we were at the beginning. What I had hoped to be a cool little helper has turned into relationship which requires attention often and is depressing us both (well at least me). My hope is that someday, Bluespray will act well and do as I ask, perhaps with another firmware upgrade, or perhaps with some hidden configuration setting, or perhaps Avidz would send me a new and improved WIFI antennae, or perhaps add a RJ45 ethernet port, perhaps perhaps perhaps....

I love you Bluespray.
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on March 19, 2016
(Originally reviewed on Mar 19 with 4 stars. Updated to 5 stars following excellent interactions with Customer Support)

Great product. Setup is a little bit laborious the first time, but once things are set it's painless to operate and I no longer have to go out and reprogram my controller every time the seasons change or daylight saving time adjusts.

So that you understand how the programming works, you can set up an infinite number of programs (e.g., open master valve, water zone 1 for 4 minutes, zone 2 for 2 minutes, with 1 minute between zones, etc.) and choose either minutes or seconds for time units. You can then also set up an infinite number of schedules (e.g., run program X on Mondays at 5am). You can prevent it from watering if the weather forecast has specified % chance of rain, and/or high winds. It also has a rain sensor (sold separately) with the ability to conserve water by watering less frequently.

As such, it is immensely flexible and able to perform just about any schedule you would like. It may take a little time to set up your schedule the first time, but after that you can forget about it.

For my needs, I was slightly frustrated with a few "simple" programming concepts; one was repeating the same schedule multiple times at one hour intervals ("cycle and soak"). I had to put in 3 separate schedules starting 1 hour apart from each other. BlueSpray customer support has reached out to me and suggested their engineers will consider adding this feature. [EDIT 3/11/2017: I just went to add a new schedule and see this feature has been added! Six stars!]

My other frustration was the limited flexibility of the "seaonal" feature. You can define seasons by start/stop dates, but its only use is "only run this schedule during this season". I want to run the same program but on different days of the week based on season, e.g., "Monday during Winter, M/W/F during Spring and Fall, and 7 days during Summer." To do this, I had to do three schedules, for Monday (all year), W/F (spring to fall), and Tu/Th/Sa/Su (Summer). Combined with the 3 start times in the earlier comment this meant 9 schedules to accomplish 1 essential task. Again, BlueSpray customer support has been proactive in reaching out to me, offering scheduling suggestions, and considering adding this feature to future firmware.

I really enjoy having access both from my computer and my smartphone. The ability to turn zones on/off from my phone while checking and adjusting sprinkler heads (and/or to stop the dog from digging my freshly planted grass) is awesome.

One note: this controller is not designed for outdoor use. Other reviews indicated BlueSpray used to sell an outdoor enclosure on their site, but they no longer do. I contacted them and they recommended the Orbit 57095 Sprinkler System Weather-Resistant Outdoor-Mounted Controller Timer Box Cover which works great.

The reason for my earlier 4 star review was a glitch in network connectivity where if the signal was too weak, it would be difficult to re-sync without power cycling it. I purchased a wifi range extender to improve my signal from 1/2 bar to 2 bars at the units and have had no issues since. This, combined with the great customer support, has convinced me to give the product a full 5 stars.

I've already personally recommended this controller to a friend and am extremely pleased with my purchase.
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on January 23, 2016
I really wanted to get away from pushing buttons to change my irrigation program and bought a 12 zone Bluespray controller in July 2015.

It worked well but lost wifi connection occasionally, perhaps due to the router changing IP addresses. There was some trouble reconnecting each time but simply unplugging and plugging the bluespray back in solved the problem.

I changed my WiFi router in December 2015 and could not even find the Bluespray hotspot to setup up the controller on the new router. Worked with the manufacturer back and forth via email and started to get frustrated. I must say they were very responsive. After exhausting all suggested attempts to reset the controller, I told them that it is still under warranty and it needs to be serviced. They said send it in, I did, and got it back after one week. The switch went bad and they replaced it and updated the firmware. (Hope they improve the switch.)

I configured the controller with the new router and now everything seems ok.

I gave a five star rating because they have good customer service and the controller is easy to setup and use. I admire and support people who create real solutions to make life easier and also pay attention to their customers.
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on September 13, 2016
I read some reviews on this product from when it first came out and some weren't that good. I took a chance and whatever they did to fix the early issues worked. I have 21 zones running on a well. I run 7 zones a day. Even though my well can more than handle the load it's nice to give my pump a break between zones with programed pauses. Install was easy and setup was the easiest I've ever had with a sprinkler system. I really can't say enough good things
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on May 26, 2014
My existing sprinkler system was run by a fairly modern (2-3 yrs old) Toro 9 zone controller. I seemed to be always wondering why some zone was running or why i would have a water pressure dip when i did not expect it and i would find some sprinklers running. I have 5 zones for my yard, 1 zone for a drippers for plants, and two zones for foundation soaker hoses. What i wanted was a better way to set, manage,and then with history understand how my system was actually running.
This BlueSpray controller has met my needs and for the first time I feel in control of my sprinkler system.
Good points: easy programming, ability to use a google map for my yard, history, today's schedule display, ability to override with a few simple clicks, remote access via any web browser, service mode to allow any person with a smartphone or tablet to control the system, many more
Weak points: terminals are small, smaller than i think they should be; service switch is small - it works but a larger switch would be easier to use;
Bottom line - this is a great product with the +'s far outweighing the -'s
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on April 22, 2015
This is the first Amazon review I have ever written; I am doing so because this is a great prroduct. This was the first of five of the BlueSpray controllers I have now purchased and installed. Prior to this purchase I had a couple of questions that were asked via email. I received a very detailed response to those questions the next morning, which to me was indicative of the response turnaround time of a service assistance request. I ordered this unit from Amazon based on those answers. This unit worked perfectly and was configured correctly after following the included directions. I recommend using a laptop running Windows 7 with its own wireless node for configuration rather than a hard wired network desktop computer. The unit was configured and tested for three days prior to installation outdoors as a retrofit into a Hunter controller case that was the existing sprinkler controller. The Hunter 24 vac power supply was used and although some case mods were needed to the BlueSpray case, the retrofit installation on a four zone system took about 15 minutes. Setup of zones and schedules can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. I have programmed 40 separate schedules on a controller with 10 zones and 40 seasons without reaching any memory limitations. I give the unit high marks for programming flexibility. I also appreciate the capability to use my own photographs of our property as a backdrop for showing sprinkler zone locations, although it would be nice to be able to host those photos on my local computer in addition to through a Photobucket type of picture sharing site that is currently supported. I also appreciate that I can access all five sprinkler controllers through our tablet or through our smartphones and manually actuate an individual sprinkler. And I really appreciate since there are no external programming controls on the BlueSpray case, that other people can no longer walk up to our controllers and change the settings without my knowledge. One controller is about 180 feet from the house and the nearest WiFi access point and is mounted on a block wall and has maintained a consistently acceptable, not great, but workable, WiFi signal to a Dlink DAP-1650 AP mounted indoors through a brick exterior wall on the second floor of our home. A second controller is mounted on the far side of a block wall 100 feet from the same DLink AP and has had a consistently good WiFi signal. The other three controllers are less than 80 feet from an AP through at least one brick wall and consistently show good or better signal strength. Because of the programming flexibility in the controller, I do plan to control other remote devices around our property, such as lights and large irrigation valve actuators, through the BlueSpray controller.
The second and third controllers were ordered through Amazon, but arrived in a condition that indicated the possibility that they were previously used units. I resolved/repaired the issues and they worked as good as new. The fourth and fifth controllers were ordered through another on-line seller and were both configured and installed without any problems.
One reason I chose the BlueSpray controllers is that all data and settings are stored on the controller and no "Cloud" access is required. Internet access is need for the controller through the main home router to access weather forecast data, if you enable that functionality.
After configuring all five units, I did find a small quirk in the way the algorithms handled the display of the future run times in the Calendar display when run times were set up in seconds. I reported it to the service techs and they worked with me continuously to find the cause and resolve it. The fix will appear in the next firmware update. The company seems to be committed to working with its customers to improve the product and incorporate ideas for future capability betterment.
This is a great product with a lot of potential for additional applications for home automation. I look forward to using that additional functionality as the company develops.
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on August 14, 2017
This unit is rich in features:
Use Google Earth image of your property as background for interface, and drag sprinkler heads onto it.
Supports multiple Master Valves. Any output can be configured as a Master Valve.
Will run multiple programs concurrently.
Scheduler has excellent interface (I am using Chrome browser). If your notebook computer has a touchscreen you will need to disable the screen if using a mouse. This can be done in the Windows Device Manager.
If your wifi signal is not strong, I suggest buying the Ethernet/USB model, and using a standard wifi extender to handle wireless. Then connect BlueSpray to extender with ethernet cable.
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on June 19, 2015
My Irritrol controller died after 4 yrs. I was going to purchase a replacement, but studied the BlueSpray controller. Despite Dr. Bubba's witty description about co-dependency, I thought I'd give it a try. Mine arrived on Monday 6/15.

So a controller is just supposed to water the lawn. I never thought that I'd have to have a relationship with it. That started when I first took it out of the box, and realized that it's not made for mounting it outdoors, where my existing controller is. So I emailed tech. support, who are very responsive. They suggested that Home Depot has a box that will fit. It's the Orbit model #57095. So, for another $34 and 2.5 hrs to get there and back, I had my outdoor box, which fit BlueSpray perfectly.

The next day, I turned off the system because I was going to my other house overnight, and I knew that it would probably rain. When I came back, the breaker had tripped, and when I turned it back on, I heard a buzzing sound and the transformer burned out. I ordered a new transformer, and when I plugged it into another power source, the transformer worked but the controller did not. The fuse on the controller had not blown, so I figure that it just died and I sent it back. I'm sure that this unit is great when it works, but I believe that it's just too flimsy a controller for outdoor use, even when in a weatherproof box.

I have 19 zones, connected all of the wires and just did one program for a full cycle, and voila, it worked!

The wifi radio is not that strong. Could not even get a signal at around 50' in my pavilion, so a wifi extender will be necessary. I was also concerned about whether I'd need a battery backup if power was lost, but support indicated that programs are saved.

Now today, only 5 days into this, the power supply is shot. So I'm now into it for another $13 and several days wait. Let's see what happens next week and I'll determine whether to keep it or send it back. Dr. Bubba's missive on co-dependency is so true, but I want this thing to work.
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on June 24, 2017
I added a 16 zone Expansion Module to the 24 zone unit to accommodate my requirement for 40 zones. I used the BlueSpray system to replace an out of date X-10 based system of Rain8 modules. The BlueSpray system works outstandingly. It is amazingly flexible. I can add all the programs and schedules I want, and I can control them from anywhere in the house...or the world for that matter. Upgrading to BlueSpray was the best decision I've ever made. Customer Support was quick and patient enabling me to get the whole system up and running fast.
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