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on May 21, 2015
these don't have the metal connection on the negative end. they're just holes on the negative end, which creates a direct connection to the battery's negative terminal. however, if your device doesn't contain a pointy spiral spring, if only a flat spring, then the connection is not good. Amico's have a large metal connection on the negative end, so that's why theirs are more expensive. i prefer Amico's instead because Not having a good connection forces you to test the batteries often because you never really know if it's just a bad connection. And if other family members don't understand the problem. then they may throw away perfectly good batteries.
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on October 29, 2014
Contrary to what the photographs included in the description imply, this product is no longer delivered with the Bluecell Tie nor the metal contacts on the negative end of any of the adaptors.
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on February 12, 2016
Interesting, battery and device fit can be hit and miss. I actually tried these out because I had a bunch of eneloop AAA's that I had no use for, so I bought these to use them in remote, etc. that hold AA's. The fit can be a bit off. It appears they are a bit too long for most of the AAA's I tried in them. If your device has a spiral type spring at the negative terminal end it's not likely to be an issue. However if it has the bent metal tab type it may not contact the bottom of the battery once it's inside the plastic case. Essentially the battery goes inside the case, which separates in half, on the positive top there is a metal button built into the adapter, but the bottom is just left open so the contact can meet the bottom of the actual battery. However with the play in the case, the bottom of the battery actually ends up recessed into the plastic adapter (see photo). A coiled spring contact will reach in there fine, but some of the wider tab type contacts won't. Ideally they would have put a contact into the bottom of the adapter as well to ensure contact with a wider range of devices.

It's interesting because product photo showing the adapter split in two looks like there should be a bottom metal contact built into the adapter, however none of the units I received had any bottom contact, they are just open to the battery inside.
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on January 17, 2013
I have a solar charger that directly charges AA batteries, but when I'm off the grid, I need to charge AAA as well since all of my lights are AAA. These work like a charm to let me directly charge AAAs from the solar charger, as opposed to using a USB stick charger via the solar charger's USB port.

Note that I only received 5 adapters instead of the 8 in the listing. The seller responded to my email quickly and told me they would re-ship, and promptly (or as promptly as possible from Hong Kong) sent me another 5 adapters in exactly the same packaging as the initial 5 (even to the included cable wrap), so my suspicion is that they have decreased the number of adapters in this product but haven't updated the listing. Since one of the second set was defective, it was a good thing they sent 5 instead of just the missing 3 since I would have been very unhappy to have to wait for a 3rd shipment to get all 8 that I ordered.

Other than the defective adapter, which is missing the metal piece that passes through the plastic and contacts the + end of the AAA, build quality seems to be good, and there have been no issues so far with sizing in regards to fitting into different devices or accommodating different brands and types of of rechargeables and alkaline AAA. The adapters snap together in the middle, and only time will tell how well that connection holds up.

May 2013 update: I've been using these adapters for about 4 months, and I've found that some of them are not staying closed anymore. Upon closer inspection, the connection between the two halves looks like a screw connection, but with only one set of turns, and apparently after being opened and closed several times to swap batteries in and out, the connection doesn't hold up. The ones that have been left continuously around an individual AAA and that aren't being manipulated are holding up, but not the ones that are opened and closed more frequently. (And when I say "frequently", I mean the adapter has been opened and closed a half a dozen times or less in a 5 month period to swap batteries.)The connection between the halves would be better with a bigger lip as a snap connection, or with more turns for a screw connection, but the in-between format is not durable. Subtracting one star because of this.

Sept 2013 update: I'm now finding that about half of the adapters will no longer establish a connection between the AAA and the device without lots of manipulation (or at all), and I'm having to try several adapters with an individual AAA battery to get one that works. The worst part is that it's a bit random - I've numbered the adapters so I can keep track of them, and one day an individual adapter will work, and on the next day it won't. Out of the original working 9 I received, I'm probably down to about 3 that consistently work. 2 more stars off.
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on July 21, 2016
 Great little items for around the house. HaveBluecell 8 PCS Clear Color AAA to AA Battery Holder Converter Adaptor + Bluecell Cable Tie saved us from crazy kids many times, here is my video review.
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on August 5, 2016
When my kids toys changed I ended up with a ton of left over AAA alkaline batteries (in excess of 100+). I didn't want to waste them since everything I had used AA batteries. I got these upsizing shells and they have been working perfect. Great product!
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on August 29, 2015
I have so many AA devices from flashlights to a couple of weather stations and i plan on getting quite a lot of AAA Eneloops in mind that some of the low drain devices would do better with AAA batteries instead of an AA battery which the AA's are slightly more expensive. The idea is to save some of my AA Eneloops for devices such as flashlights, weather radios or anything that is high drain.

These little things are great where if i have a lot of AAA batteries or that my AA rechargeables do not work and need replacing. Not to mention i do have some devices that have 3AA setups where the AAA batteries might come in handy. It all greatly depends on where i plan on using what type of batteries.

These are a bit finicky to use, some AAA batteries i have used doesn't register a voltage right away so it's ideal to verify this before sticking one of these in a device. It might be that some of my AAA cells have dented on the negative side so there isn't a stable connection. Those are fairly old cells and they eventually will be replaced.

10.2.15 update,
These are so affordable i decided to get the 16 pack as well. It might be more than i will ever need but if any of them are not working properly i got some spares. Plus when i get some AAA Eneloops these will be getting more usage, I got some flashlights that would be getting irregular usage and lots of low drain devices when my junk cells give up the ghost.
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on March 10, 2016
Case does NOT have the metal bottom as shown in the original photos, also does NOT come with the wire strap as stated in the description. The Velcro strap is no big deal it a 2¢ item at best, but if you are not going to include it anymore remove it from the description that all. The bigger issue is as others have stated the bottom of the case protrudes further than the metal battery case bottom. If you have a device with the negative terminal is a pointy spring no problem, if you have a tab style terminal then it may or may not work.
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on April 2, 2016
As some complained, pictures show these have metal plate at the "bottom", for the negative end of the battery, whereas actually they don't. However, because the battery negative end comes flash with the "bottom" of the adapter it is *not* a big setback. The positive terminal of the adapter is what pushes the battery down to be flash with the "bottom" of the adapter. Thus the battery is pretty tight inside. My charger doesn't have spring terminals, yet it makes good contact with the negative end. The delivery was very prompt, and the merchant responds promptly as well.
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on August 12, 2016
They were $2.79, no shipping, they work, they fit, I don't know how long they will last but even if the snap stops working they will still hold the battery and work. I am buying some more for this price.
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