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on January 13, 2013
I have purchased both this device, and an externally identical unbranded device. This device, I suppose by way of it's firmware, has slightly different benefits/issues than the often cheaper clone. The Patuoxun iLink functions nearly perfectly for audio, when used in a compatible powered dock (refer to the other reviews & comments regarding basic requirements for use). It does, on occasion, drop out for a second or so, and this occurs consistently regardless of the dock I use it in. This occurs when used with an iPhone 4S or iPad 3. If used with my MacBook Air, the dropouts become more of an issue, as it has a hard time "keeping up" and remaining in sync with video content. The audio lags behind by as much as two seconds. So, to summarize, this device is a great choice for audio-only pairing with a compatible dock and my iPhone/iPad.
Now, the generic clone, which you can find elsewhere for less, identifies itself as an iWave. It behaves a bit differently. No lag when paired with my MacBook Air, and no dropouts. On the other hand, the iWave makes a popping sound before passing the audio. So, for example, if you were to get a notification tone on your iPad, iPhone, or MacBook, you'll first hear a rather objectionable pop.
I mention the iWave along with this device because some of you may have seen it and thought (as I did) "Hey, it looks like the same thing for less money." It's not quite the same. Neither are perfect, and that's a shame. But, if your primary purpose is audio only, and you don't mind a dropout here and there, this is a good choice overall. If it was possible to update the firmware in this device to resolve the dropouts/lags, it would get 5 stars.
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on February 22, 2015
Paired our Bose SoundDock my wife's iPhone 6 within two minutes of taking it out of the box. The only very minor quibble, it's not with the Mpow, but with the Bose SoundDock. The Bose does not have a physical On/Off switch. When you decide to stop streaming music, after a bit, the SoundDock goes into standby mode. This effectively puts the Bluetooth adapter to sleep. The only way to wake it up to resume streaming is physically remove and reinsert the adapter. Like I said a minor quibble but something to be aware of.
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on February 18, 2013
This device works like a charm. It took no time to pair with my iPhone 5, iTouch Gen 4 and iPhone 3G. I have 2 older generation Bose Sound Docks. Because of the pin configuration issue, none of the Sound Docks could charge my devices. I bought a SCOSCHE IFWAHBK Charging Adapter for Smartphones for $4.99 from Amazon so that I have charging capability (will not charge iPhone 5 due to lightning connector) and also provide power to the Bluetooth device. The sound quality is better than expected given the signal is not a solid connection. I am so glad that I only spent $20 to be able to bring my Sound Docks up to date. The best thing is I no longer have to get up to change song selections and adjust speaker volume, I can do it remotely. Though, it only has a roughly 20 ft range which is plenty good for me. I am ordering two more as gifts to my friends who also have the obsolete Sound Docks. If you have a new Sound Docks, you can skip the charging adapter which makes it even more aesthetic pleasing.
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on March 31, 2014
Husband purchased to use on our Portable Bose speaker. It connects and works to my iphone, but the phone has to be no farther then 2 feet from the adapter. He purchased this for us, so we could be in our pool and change the songs, without going to the speaker and changing it every few minutes. I stepped 2 feet from the adapter and speaker and it turns off. I tested this numerous times, and you have to sit right next to it for it to stay connected and working. Total waste of money, not even worth paying for shipping to send it back. the only time I use it now is if I am sitting outside next to it, on my phone and don't want all the cords going from my phone to the Bose speaker. Move on to a better one, don't waste your time on this one.
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on February 8, 2015
Great product. Works as advertised; however, you must be using the newer 30 pin adapter. If your base station stereo won't charge,say an iPhone 4 or an iPod Touch, then you need an adapter. At some point, Apple rewired the 30 pin connector on their iOS devices to use a different route for power to charge the battery. Something purchased for the original iPod series, original iPod Nano, etc, won't work with this device without an adapter. Other than that, it works well. Range is a little short. Only reliable out to about 15 feet. After that, it depends on the surroundings.
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on November 25, 2014
I bought this product and was disappointed that it did not work with my Bose sound dock. I feel like I spent my money and still do not have a means to use my system to listen to music via Bluetooth. I wish there was a way to interact with sellers like on eBay If there are some tricks of making this work please let me know. My sound dock charges my iPods so I know there is power but the device never lights up and transmits a signal
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on January 25, 2015
Great product for the price. The only thing is that it is easily interfered with by large passing vehicles or planes. Just be sure to follow the pairing instructions and use the code that comes with it. This is definitely a great alternative to replacing the old Bose Sounddock with the Bose Soundlink due to its lack of bluetooth capability. But there is a better option for those ready to move on to better audio for their phones.
The better alternative is the Creative T50 speakers which doubles as a pair of computer speakers and a bluetooth speaker for your phones and tablets. There is just no comparison between the Bose Sounddock or Bose Soundlink and the Creative T50. Because the Bose docks have the speakers close to each other there is virtually no stereo separation. Further, the Bose docks are limited to one speaker cone on each side of the device whereas the Creative T50 has three speaker cones each. The configuration of Mids-Tweeter-Mids makes a difference in the sound. The bass reflex port is more than adequate as it produces a good bass response.
Having purchased this bluetooth adapter I was able to finally compare the Bose Sounddock with the Creative T50 and the T50 won that battle by a mile. The sound is just simply better. The Bose showed its age. Whereas it used to be considered a great option for iPods and iTouch, it is now outdated and lacking in features. The Creative T50 has a much better stereo separation and better sound stage. The sound coming from the Creative T50 was clear and the mids and highs are present. The bass is actually quite good. And the kicker is that you can adjust the bass and treble on these speakers whereas the Bose Sounddock and Soundlink has no such feature. You're basically stuck with what Bose in their opinion is the correct settings. But each style of music demands different attenuation.
If updating your system is not an option, this adapter will do fine to allow you to use your Bose Sounddock with your phones or tablet. But just be aware that there is a much better option. If sound really matters to you, go with an upgrade to the Creative T50.
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on November 11, 2014
I purchased two of these as the various 30-pin devices give way to Lightning connector based devices. For the car connection (BMW iPhone adapter), it worked great, no complaints. Audio quality seemed similar to other Bluetooth devices (i.e, OK, but not great; that's Bluetooth's fault, not this adapter.)

For a small portable stereo I have, though, it did not work. The power would not come on. The stereo will charge an iPhone, so it should work, I think, but it didn't. I tried swapping the two devices (so I tested a known-good device), but it just didn't want to power on. I even pulled the device out of the plastic case and tried plugging it in, just to try to rule out a bad connection due to not being plugged on far enough or something. So, not sure what the problem was. I docked it 1/2 star (but had to round down) because I think it should work, although the description only talks about the Bose Soundock.

In any case, nice little device, but may not work in all devices.
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on April 14, 2016
I love this thing! I recently acquired a JVC stereo system form my parents after they were about to toss it due to the CD player being broken. It did however, have an old Apple 30 Pin input, so I looked into options for this connector. When I found out they made a Bluetooth receiver, I immediately started researching. Although many of the products are similar, this model had consistently good reviews for a low price.

UPDATE: After using this for several months, I can attest to its quality. The Bluetooth range is more than acceptable, and quality of music has been fantastic. I do most of my steaming through Spotify on Extreme quality, but this has worked with regular MP3 files just as well. I highly encourage purchasing this device; it is a great way to modernize and give new life to your old Apple based speaker systems!
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on November 19, 2013
let's just say I am NOT a bIg fan of of the iPod, I have the Bose iPod dock. I love the speakers it fills the room with unlike any other. Unfortunately iPod touch number 5 didn't give me the warm fuzzy feeling like it was going to last like the previous four. my dilemma is having this system that was only built for one inferior product until I came across this gem. the ratings were good and the price was really good so I figured I would give it a shot.I took it out and put it on the docking plug and boom I had music...good sounding music. So if your docking port supports charging this little guy will work for you.
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