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on April 14, 2016
I love this thing! I recently acquired a JVC stereo system form my parents after they were about to toss it due to the CD player being broken. It did however, have an old Apple 30 Pin input, so I looked into options for this connector. When I found out they made a Bluetooth receiver, I immediately started researching. Although many of the products are similar, this model had consistently good reviews for a low price.

UPDATE: After using this for several months, I can attest to its quality. The Bluetooth range is more than acceptable, and quality of music has been fantastic. I do most of my steaming through Spotify on Extreme quality, but this has worked with regular MP3 files just as well. I highly encourage purchasing this device; it is a great way to modernize and give new life to your old Apple based speaker systems!
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on May 2, 2014
I own both a Klipsch iGroove SXT and a 2013 Harley Davidson CVO Road King which utilize the old Apple 30-pin connecter and recently upgraded from my iPhone 4s to an iPhone 5s. I have added my review for both items below starting with my favorite one.

CVO Road King Review:
Originally I was using Apple's $40 Lightning to 30-pin Adapter cable in the Harley with an iPod touch 5th generation and was fairly happy until I was getting ready to leave Leesburg Bikefest only to find my iPod touch was "too warm" and couldn't listen to any music on the ride home. I knew there had to be a solution that would allow me to play my devices through the 30-pin connector wirelessly. My search led me to this device and although there is some white noise when the music is at a low volume it sounds great when it is turned up and can barely be heard over the factory pipes at idle anyway. The bluetooth range is fine for what I need on the bike, this way myself or my passenger can operate the iPhone or iPod touch and change the volume or music from the device. The handlebar controls only work for Volume +, Volume -. The Mute and Mode buttons basically do the same thing, stop the music from playing. I am not able to change the tracks from the handlebar controls but I didn't expect that when I was looking for this solution. I plan on purchasing a handlebar mount for my iPhone so I can make track changes when riding solo.

Klipsch iGroove SXT Review:
I tried using several 30-pin to lightning dock extension items but none of them worked with my iPod 5th generation or my iPhone 5s, I was nearly at the point of just throwing the iGroove SXT in the garbage. This item has brought a new life to this device and I actually like it better since I can hold my iPod/iPhone and change my music and volume without using the remote or even being in the same room. There is no white noise or interference like I experienced on the Harley. The bluetooth range is as expected, maybe 30 feet direct line of site but probably more like 10 feet through walls or doors.

Overall I am very satisfied, this item would have got 5 stars if there was zero white noise on the Harley.
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on April 10, 2014
I purchased this for two reasons. The first was that my iPad mini has a lightening connector, but my older iLive soundbar has a 30 pin connection. So they are incompatible unless I bought a moderately priced adapter. The second was the I wanted to be able to listen to music and use my iPad at the same time from across the room.

This is a good solution. The sound quality is excellent and the range is about 10-15 feet. Sounds just the same as if I'm listening with my iPhone 4 plugged in. There is no static and no humming when not listening to music. For me, I leave the iLive always on and ready and then I can just turn on the bluetooth on my iPad and listen.

My only issue is the pairing. Once my iPad is paired, even if I turn bluetooth off, the Mpow device is still paired with it. If I want to switch to a different source (IPhone, for example) I either have to go to the iPad and un-pair them or I need to unplug and plug in the Mpow device. Not a big deal, but a little bit of a pain. (And while not the fault of the device, pairing and un-pairing is not simple on an iPad.)

I will add that I originally had some issues with the sound cutting out when the music got quiet. I discovered that I was best to have the iPad sound turned all the way up and adjust the volume on my iLive. If the Pad sound is too quiet, it stops playing. There must be some threshold for volume.

Overall, I am very pleased.

UPDATE FEB 2015: My unit started to fail less than a year after purchase. The vendor sent us a new replacement unit and it works great. For the price, we still love this and were very pleased with the service.
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on July 12, 2014
Works with the Audi AMI cable! You can use the stock cable if you have a VAG COM cable (you absolutely need one of those) or you can just obtain a modified AMI cable online for about seventy bucks. By using the VAG COM to unlock the hidden menu and configuring the AMI cable input to support multiple things, I can use the same AMI cable for iPod mode AND AUX mode. I'll update this review once I've had time to test how seamless the transition between phone audio and car audio is. Hmm, I bet I can stream audio and listen to my phone's Google Maps directions at the same time! (newer maps and live traffic for free)

Update 7/26: The bluetooth streaming, including general phone audio streaming (Google Maps, etc), works fantastically well. Unfortunately the mpow appears to power on/stay on before/after the phone had a chance to pair with it and then goes to sleep. So I have to unplug it and replug it in, then manually tell my phone to pair with it. That's a little bit of a beating but it's not like I have to use it every time anyway. If I find a better way that doesn't involve too many manual steps, I'll update the post yet again.
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on October 11, 2014
Although advertised as being for the Bose Sounddock, I got it for my Ion Tailgater, and it works great! I had previously purchased a similar device (sorry, don't recall the brand), and it worked well initially, but then it flaked out. I prefer this one in any event for a couple of reasons. First, unlike the other one, the Mpow has no "on" switch. I just leave it plugged into the Tailgater, and make the bluetooth connection with my iPhone when I want to use it. Also, it is a little bigger and more substantial, and has clearly visible blue flashing lights to let me know it's on. Finally, it provides an audible sound to signify pairing.

Just be clear that this device needs power. Whatever device you are using it on must have a charging feature. The Tailgater, for example, is designed to be used with an iPod or iPhone, and has a switch you can optionally flip to charge the iPod or iPhone. For the Mpow to work, that switch has to be in the on position, to send it power. I see a number of poor reviews that relate to unpowered sound docks.
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on May 7, 2014
Ok, so recently with Apples change to the Apple Iphone input on their new devices it has caused quite an annoyance for many users as alot of our current sound devices are no longer compatible.

My car stereo had a connector for the older Iphone input, but not for the new one. Many people might be looking at an adapter / Bluetooth solution. While this solution between the adapter and a bluetooth adapter will work, please I urge you to check the specs of your car stereo or whatever you are looking to use this device with. The last thing I would want is for someone to buy all these adapters to make something work, only to find out their car stereo is not able to handle the input / output change. If you are not sure, find your stereo model, send an email to the manufacturer. Tell them what you are trying to do and ask them if this setup will work. Chances are they will say no.

I gave it 3 stars because I cant say its a bad product because it never worked in my situation, but at the same time I cant give it 5 stars either. Buying a new car stereo because of Apple, should send them the bill.
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on January 5, 2013
Due to a postal delay customer service contacted me to resolve. I have not used the product yet but feel confident that if any issues come up they will get resolved. Once I received the product due to the delay I received a second shipment. I let the CSR know and was told to keep it. The following week was asked to return. At that time I only had one to send back and inquired on how they would like for me to resolve. I had to order a third one so I can return two now. When I reviewed the purchase I immediately received an email asking to change my neutral rating..... What a pain this has turned out to be.

Again 5/30/13 I get an email to change the negative review. If they took a moment to read this would never have occurred in the first place. Now I even wonder if they read this to see why I am upset with the service.

This is the email........
We are sorry to disturb you by this email but I misread your email last week. We just figured out that you received the receivers twice, could you please help return one the shipment (2 pcs of receivers) to us with the prepaid shipping label in the attachment? Your help will be much appreciated!

Also we noticed that you left us a negative feedback on Amazon. As we always hope that we could offer the best service to our customers and if there is anything wrong, we will try our best to make it right. As the negative feedback is very critical to us seller on Amazon, it will affect our over-all performance rating, which is of utmost importance when selling at Amazon website, coud you please help remove it? Your kind understanding and help will be much appreciated.

Below is the instruction for how to remove the feedback.

1. Go to Amazon.com and click Your Account in the upper right hand corner.
2. Click Your Orders.
3. On the right, select a date range from the Date drop-down box. Click Go.
4. A list of orders appears.
5. Locate your order and click View Order Details in the left-hand
column, under the Order Placed date.
6. Scroll down to Your Seller Feedback and click Remove.
7. The Remove Feedback page appears.
8. Select a reason for removing the feedback, and then click Remove Feedback.

We will look forward to your reply and try our best to serve you. We will much appreciate if you could help.

Best regards,

Patuoxun Customer Service
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on January 5, 2015
I never knew how much I needed this in my life till I finally got it. I have a Sony stereo set with an iPod mount and I always hated having to transfer music into my old, cracked iPod when I had all my music on my laptop and android phone. With this, I never have to go through the process of making sure my music is transfered on all devices because I can stream it from which ever device I choose. Plus, controlling your music and being able to walk around the house while doing it is such a nice feeling. It doesn't have the longest range, but it's not like I bought a super fancy, high priced product, so it's well worth it. Just make sure the mount on your stereo charges your iPod device when attached or else the Bluetooth receiver won't work. With all this being said, there is one minor downside: sometimes there's a little bit of a stutter when music has been playing for a while but it's nothing too major that would put me off. Just be prepared for some half second stutter when using it for long periods of time like I do. Other than that, your stupid if you don't adopt this into your music loving life.
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on October 13, 2014
I had a 30-pin stereo input in my car but recently got the new iPhone, so rather than getting a wired adaptor, I bought this and I'm VERY happy with it. I had actually stopped using my input device as much because it was inconvenient to have my phone in the cubby and/or attached to something all the time. This has brought it back to life!

I've had no connection problems at all, and that sound comes through very well and clearly. The only drawback is that it has to be unplugged and replugged before each use, not just turning itself on when it gets power. That would make it much more convenient for car use, so it just automatically paired whenever you got in the car.

I do wish it had a microphone so you could voice call / have your iPhone take dictation...or...that there was a way to have your iPhone microphone used (sound in) and have the bluetooth only be for sound out. That's probably iPhone's fault though.
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on November 30, 2015
I'm so happy I discovered this little Bluetooth audio receiver because it gave to my Bose speaker new life. Mpow Bluetooth A2DP Music Audio Receiver Adapter for Bose Sounddock and 30-Pin iPod iPhone Dock Speaker Just make sure you have one of this http://smile.amazon.com/SCOSCHE-IFWAHBK-Charging-Adapter-iPhone/dp/B001NXYXX8/ref=pd_sim_107_4?ie=UTF8&dpID=313XDKXqygL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=0AM7KZX31RJD5PXP0AF1 to make the whole package. You wont be disappointment and instead you will have a "new" Bluetooth" speaker.
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