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on December 6, 2013
The first case I received for the Nexus 7 2013 was AWEFUL! It didn't match the pictures which was a sign of the many problems. HOWEVER, Blurex has a support number to call, on this page, and the quickly sent me the corrected case and assure me it was just a bad batch shipped to them. Blurex is the ONLY company I've ever seen on Amazon that puts their phone number on their Amazon page and give support. BRAVO!

I highly recommend the latest Blurex Nexus 7 2013 case (12/24/2013)!
It's fits as well as the N7 2012 case. Props up in 3 viewing positions quickly. Flip the front cover around to the back, it lays flat again. The thin bungie strap quickly pulls over face of the N7 then around to the cover clip so the cover becomes a hand strap for reading. The magnet in cover to turn on/off the display is brilliant.

I can't imagine using another case. The magnet and handstrap make this the best reading case out there, IMHO.
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on July 21, 2014
Holy cow! What an amazing case.

I recently bought the Google case for the nexus 7 2nd Gen from Best Buy, at $50 it was a terrible idea. This case from blurex opened my eyes and made me realize, that brand is not important and does not generally constitute a great product. Blurex did an amazing job with this case, great build quality, great look and a perfect fit. This case has it all, look no more. Installation is easy, pops on and stays on, when you open the flip cover the screen on the nexus turns on, this is very convenient, as you may already know the nexus has an oddly placed power button. The case works as a stand, a case, and folio. This would definitely be worth a good $50 had it been branded as a commercial product that everyone is familiar with, I.e. Zagg, casemate. This keeps the aesthetics of the nexus 7, and does not add any bulk to the slim profile of this amazing tablet. If you are looking for a great case, this would definitely be something to look at. A feature of this case that I think deserves a line of its own is the elastic hand strap. One word: WOW! You have to try this case to believe me, and blurex support is amazing - what more can you ask for? For less than 3/4 of what the normal cases sell at the store - this is a steal.
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on January 2, 2013
the screen goes off/blank when the cover is open and folded behind the device. at first i thought it was a problem with the Nexus, but many people are having issues, as seen in reviews online. i think the magnets are too strong and it shuts the device off when you fold it back.

also, it does not stand up very well when you place it in one of the grooves (as shown on the picture). it slips out on it own. I'd not recommend it.
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on December 5, 2012
This product is awesome. I love the shade of the green case, it's not too bright an definitely not a dull shade. I read other reviews and people complained about the screen protector. The screen protector does what it's supposed to do, it's not a "Zagg" product if that's what they were expecting, but it works well, and still allows the tablet to function as if it was not present. I love the stand option as they gave two different levels, which gives different viewing angels, and you can place it anywhere for an hands free experience. I have small hands, but with the hand band I am able to hold my tablet in the case more comfortably. I have no need for the other attachments (stylus holder). I never experienced my tablet coming loose from the case/when opening or the tablet falling out. Hope this was helpful!
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on January 1, 2013
I had a hard time deciding between the orange and the red as I wanted to be able to see it easily in my purse and on my night stand. I'm all the colors are nice but glad I went with the orange for this purpose, it is a very warm inviting color.
If this is supposed to be "faux" leather, than it certainly would have fooled me. Feels like real leather on the outside and suede like on the inside.
The hand strap and the other little strap to hold it open have proved to be quite useful. I use them more than the stand as I like to hold my nexus 7 to hold with one hand. Someone wrote in one of the reviews that the hand strap left marks on the screen saver, I have not had any issues. I have an SPG screen saver on mine and have had no problems at all.
The fit on the nexus 7 is perfect. I have had no issues turning on/off, adjusting the volume, or using the speaker or camera. The sleep/wake feature works great and really helps to save battery time, and of course the cover helps keep the dust away too.
I would highly recommend this well thought out and well made case to enjoy your nexus 7 even more!
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on April 13, 2013
I couldn't believe how small those tabs were... they weren't kidding when they said that the tabs don't obstruct the screen!! But, once they are all on (which is very easy) you can shake the opened cover around and your device doesn't fall out. The bottom clips move quite easily out of the way to kick it into portrait mode, and re-clip into place just as easily.

They did fix the magnet/off problem - they moved the magnet strip out of the front cover and into the closing clip on the side. When you close your cover, the magnet is right along side the tablet, but when you fold the cover to the back the clip is sticking out away from the tablet and plenty far away to prevent turning it off. I tried it several times, even squeezing the cover to the back to try and make it turn off, but it did just fine.

The hand-loop is nice - you don't have to get a cramp in your hand by trying to grip the edges to hold the tablet. Just slip your hand into the strap and let your fingers relax. Because of the cover's padded strip it is a bit hard to find the hand-loop on the back without looking, but I'll probably get used to the location without too much trouble.

I don't use a stylus, but the loop seems to be positioned so that it would be held in a good location, and snugly. The loop is small enough that I don't mind it and won't cut it off.

I am pleased with this cover - it is quite slim, will easily tuck into a medium sized purse, and the closing clip feels like it will prevent accidental openings from sliding it into places. If dropped, the pleather looks like it will do a decent job protecting the corners, and the padded cover should flex enough to protect the screen.

I DO THINK THAT IF THE COVER IS OPEN, AND THE DEVICE DROPPED, THAT THE COVER WOULD POP OFF!! However, the cover should be closed most of the time the device is unattended and likely to be bumped off a surface. In short - this is not the cover to get to let your small child play with your device. This is for adults who want accident-protection. If you have a kid who gets to use your tablet, spend the $$ and buy an otter box.
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on August 23, 2013
I have mixed feelings about this case/cover. On the one hand I love the design and love how much smaller it is than the case I bought from BB. I also like the way the tablet is held in place (the claws are preferable over straps in my eyes). Simple yet functional - just what I like!

On the other hand there are some serious flaws here; at least with the one I received. First and most glaring is the fact that THERE IS NO RETENTION STRAP FOR THE COVER ON THIS VERSION (The NEW Nexus 7 version)!!! With mine, the hinge material was likely cut too short and when you try to fold the cover around the back of the case, it binds, causing it to stop at about a 30° angle. So essentially, were you to fold the case and set it down on a flat surface, the portion where the tablet is held would still be sitting at an angle. No big deal right? Well try holding the tablet like that! It's annoying and almost impossible to use the tablet due to the spring effect caused by the binding of the material.

Secondly, if you look closely at the pictures provided by the seller, it's clear they're showing the new AND OLD versions (meant for the original Nexus 7). The original version of this flip case featured an elastic strap which kept the front cover in PLACE while using the tablet. Well, guess what? It's not on the one you'll receive. I don't know if they intentionally mixed in the old pictures to make you think you're getting something you're not, or what. All I know is in some of them you can clearly see an elastic strap. And in the case pictured with the elastic strap is an original Nexus 7 tablet. Look closely, you can see the silver outer edges.

The workaround for the cover issue was to insert a medium sized sharpie marker into the spine of it and bend it around backwards, stretching the hinge material. It required a substantial amount of force to stretch, so at least I know it's strong material. I shouldn't have to resort to something like that, though. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? I'm sure I weakened the case by stretching it like that.

While I do like the cover now that I've stretched the hinge out, I would not purchase this item again. I would have gladly paid more for something that was made to better standards. I didn't buy this case due to how cheap it was; I bought it because I liked the look of the design.
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on February 1, 2013
Edit 2/15/13: a Blurex rep contacted me about my 1-star review and offered to make it right. I had already sent in the case to Amazon for a refund, and my updates are based on the replacement provided. The rep also sent in a magnet blocking sticker should the issue recur, although he stated that the case had been specifically tested before sending to me. The review as you see it now is based on the replacement, but I have included the original text below for reference and posterity.

The case is a darn fine value for the money and works as advertised. It doesn't activate the sleep function when flipped open and the microfiber liner is a great touch. It feels almost like decent suede to the touch and keeps the screen well-protected. The extra screen protector film is a nice extra touch; while I prefer the kind of case that you can securely drop a tablet into, this is close enough for me.

The tablet is held very securely into place. I haven't had the guts to drop it from height to verify if it'll stay when it's dropped with the tablet tilted on the stand notches, but it feels solid with very little wiggle. Drops performed with the case closed keep the tablet safe; the latch holding the cover closed are far stronger and more reliable than the comparable Moko case.

I'm not sure if the outer material is leather or simulated leather, but it feels good to the touch and isn't too slick/slippery.

I don't use a capacitive stylus with my N7 but the loop to hold one is nice. The elastic band around the edge does a great job of being a redundant strap to hold the cover closed too, although I rarely use it.

For the price, this is a good bang-for-your-buck case in a nifty variety of colors. I'm okay with recommending it.

(Old one-star review is below)

This case is as good as the Snugg case for the Kindle Fire was, despite not being a drop-in case. I love the notching for different stand angles. It's just that on mine, when you open the case and fold the cover all the way back, the magnet triggers the tablet to go to sleep. So it's useless for that. I returned it after setting it up and hopefully some other inexpensive tablet case does what I need in the same vein.
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on April 27, 2016
It's a second one that I ordered. Old one got worn out after approximately year and half, "hands" which hold the tablet got loose and it would slide out easily.

The reason I bought second one is that it was for 7$ and this case in my opinion is best functional case for nexus 7. Magnetic cover works great, you can fix tablet in two positions for watching a video or something like that, it's a good protection and material feels good too.

First case was black second one I got is purple and it looks much better I guess. 4 stars only because last one lasted no more than 2 years.
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on February 26, 2013
Seems like a great case for the money. I can tote my Nexus 7 all over the place and I don;t worry about it getting damaged if I drop it or something. The Nexus 7 clips into the case. The cover clips onto the front when it's closed. The cover does have the magnets which turn the Nexus 7 off and on when you close and open it respectively. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to set up the angle stand -- there are 6 clips which hold the device in and you unclip the 'bottom' two and slide it across the inside of the cover, which has ridges to hold it at a few different angles. There's an elastic band on the cover which isn't needed to hold it closed (the cover clips on strongly) but I think is intended to hold it open when in use. I clip over a fabric loop (stylus holder?) on the case back and it sort of weakly holds it open. I wish it held it open more strongly, but it is what it is.
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