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on June 6, 2016
I orginally saw this movie on the Sci-fy Channel. At the time I thought it was better than most of their movies which isn't saying a lot as most if their stuff is drek. Upon watching the streamed movie from Amazon, I was struck by the poor special effects and the lack of screen time for the giant snakes. Still, it is better than most of the sci-fi/horror movies I have streamed recently. My 4 star review is based on that comparison. Just as a movie this thing is 3 or maybe even 2 stars. If you are starved for monster movies you may want to try this.
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on August 15, 2015
The real test of a "beastie" movie is the "beastie." Neither the "scarlet queen (???) boa" nor the python gets that much screen time, and they don't behave in particularly snakelike fashion when they do. There's no explanation for the size of either creature. The scientist is tending the boa so as to produce anti-venom, hand feeding her smaller snakes. But venom doesn't work when ingested; it works when injected; so feeding small venomous snakes to the boa will not cause her to secrete anti-bodies to their various venoms. One would need to inject tiny amounts of venom, slowly increasing the dosage, in order to get her to do that. And snakes swallow their prey whole. They don't leave bits and pieces of partly eaten prey, strewn around. As for the human inhabitants of this film: it takes more than good looks to make an actor. The cardboard cut-outs one sees outside novelty stories behave more credibly than the cast. Except for the nudity, this movie feels like a not particularly good Sci Fi channel offering.
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on May 14, 2013
I freely admit I bought this movie knowing how bad it was, and for David Hewlett. I've adored him for years now.

The plot without giving anything away, involves a millionaire with a reputation for finding rare or somehow altered animals (bigger is better!) and creating a semi-controlled hunt for them involving other rich folks with too much money and time on their hands. Our villain Broddick (Adam Kendrick) gets a hold of a giant python intending it for one of his hunts and things naturally don't go as planned.

On the other side we have our heroes, Monica a plucky marine biologist (Jamie Bergman) whose developing sensors for dolphins as the navy uses them in dives, in hopes of mapping both the environment the sensors are in, and all that can be seen in it it's field. Joining her is Dr. Emmett (the always fantasticDavid Hewlett) a reptile and snake expert whose own specific research involves Betty, a giant genetically enhanced scarlet boa whose been bred in hopes of creating a universal anti-venom.

When the python gets loose, as giant big damn snakes tend to do, and Samuel L. Jackson isn't around, the government in the form of Agent Sharp (Kirk B. R. Woller) decides to try and let the giant boa take it on and you have your standard cable movie creature feature plot.

What makes this one different is that it manages to walk the line very carefully between being too silly or tongue in cheek, and taking itself way too seriously. The script is several notches above several of the large beast vs large beast movies of the last decade and the cast is too.

Make no mistakes, a great movie that will be long remembered, this is not. There are naturally a few cringe worthy lines and wooden performances, but for an enjoyable "bad" movie with a ridiculous premise, a decent amount of laughs and action, Boa vs Python isn't a bad way to spend a Saturday. And if creature flicks are your thing, I think you'll enjoy it.
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on September 6, 2014
The filmmakers took a supposedly `humorous' approach to this film, assuming that if they didn't take it seriously no one else would (?). The plot involves a millionaire wacko (Adam Kendrick as Broddick) who decides to invite a crackpot team of nitwits to hunt a BIG snake he just happens to have for just such an occasion. Needless to say, said snake escapes requiring several groups to track and kill it. Enter the FBI as one such contingent. They play it smart by turning to an expert to help them pursue this snake. Fortunately, herpetologist Dr. Emmett (David Hewlett) is available and he teams up with a marine biologist (Jaime Bergman) to use his GIANT snake as a bloodhound of sorts (because apparently everyone in this movie just happens to have a HUGE snake when one is required!?). It is a weird premise that also demands full nudity because nothing screams horror movie like a woman taking a bath on a plane!!!

I can't say that it looks as though a lot of effort and care when into the making of this movie. It was obviously made to cash in on a trend. That it failed to meet anyone's standard for excellence is apparent in the results. Still, it was entertaining enough that I decided to keep it for future viewings.
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on November 16, 2015
No plot bad guy ends up dead, good guy gets girl with implants. Snakes mostly dead through the entire movie. Watch if you just want to kill some time on nothing worth while.
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on September 25, 2015
I gave it 2 stars based purely on comic value. This is a ridiculous film that I somehow sat through. I guess I like monster movies, and this one is really silly from start to end. Enjoy
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on November 17, 2015
Just a bad movie.
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on May 8, 2016
i think it is cool looking movie
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on October 30, 2015
Well the title says it all...I'll watch just about anything over 8 ft tall and can rip, bite, or tear off a human body part. This picture fit that description. I can recommend this movie if you enjoy big things, eat'em up, fall in love, live to tell movies (I guess they told someone). I enjoyed it.
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on February 16, 2016
Actually, this is not too bad of a snake flick. It has a delicious nude scene near the beginning of the movie and the action moves forward at a steady face. The acting is better than expected so it makes for an enjoyable experience and is worth purchasing.
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