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on April 21, 2017
The character Munya, played by William Forsythe is, to me, the most credible character so far. It may be because Forsyth is such a solid character actor in the entire cast, but this character is a welcome addition. The way the Darmody character is developed depends on the introduction of Munya to the storyline.

One problem that arises in this second season is that there are entirely too many anachronisms in this season. The federal case against Nucky is made using RICO predicates, without calling it RICO. The AUSA goes after Nucky for murder, which is not even a federal crime. Maybe it's helpful to tell the story by ignoring historical facts like this, but it makes it too hard to suspend disbelief.

Still, Boardwalk Empire is entertaining in a way that no 2 hour movie could ever be. Thanks to HBO for introducing another great series.
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on July 15, 2016
This show is fantastic, I am so glad I was randomly flipping through show after show and fell into what is considered "the show hole"...I git tired of trying to find something interesting for a change and on a whim clicked on this Boardwalk Empire...Man oh man I am glad I did. A crime period drama, created by Terence Winter , so that right there should perk your interest. Also Mark Wahlberg is an executive producer and so is Martin Scorsese. Brilliant right!? The show is based on Atlanta City during the start of Prohibition. Of course this is the birth of corruption in Atlantic City. The main mobster is Nucky Thompson, who is brilliantly played by Steve Buscemi. I was never a fan of his until this show. This is his best ever performance in my opinion. Another favorite character of mine named Chalky White played by Michael K Williams makes for a perfect cast ! This is a really strong series, the storytelling of the characters and dialogue holds my interest. I mean I binge watch it as much as I can. Evena young Al Capone's character is thrown in the mix. And as the character Margaret gets my heart played by Kelly MacDonald, that accent is to die for and her role as a young widow, mother and mistress....she is rather surprising in some episodes from the shy quiet field mouse to strong bold and rather daring. Enough said. Watch it. You won't be disappointed. Only disappointment I had was only 5 Seasons !
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on December 7, 2016
When I see an historical movie I want to see authenticity from haircuts to clothing. Boardwalk empire satisfied me many times over, as I tend to be a nonforgiving stickler for detail. I can't stress enough how delightful it was to see a production whose researchers knew what they were talking about. The styles changed with the passage of years. The cars were beautiful to behold. But the delicious icing on the cake was the music. Everything was in it's correct era of popularity. Barney Google was perfectly and psychotically sung. Japanese Sandman was authentically played on the uke as it would have been. I could go on with more examples, but the proof of the pudding was "Does Your Spearmint Lose Its Flavor". This is an obscure song from the 20s which later had to be re titled due to copyright concerns to "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor". In 1960 it was a hit song by Lonnie Donergan. Thanks for not insulting my intelligence by using the later title. It was wonderful to see such a well done historical production. Good on you!
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on July 13, 2015
Actually, I'd like to give this series 5 stars....the reason I did not was (and in light of the overall quality of the series, probably trivial to most) Michael Pitt's character, Jimmy Darmody. We are told that he was raised by his mother and Nucky Thompson (as a guardian and surrogate father figure). Thompson made sure the boy was taken care of and eventually sent to Princeton. His mother, Jillian (played by Gretchen Mol) and Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) have wonderful speaking voices, cadences and above all, diction...however, Jimmy Darmody, as played by Michael Pitt, sounds like he has spent his entire life on the docks as a stevedore in Hoboken....it just didn't "fit" the backstory of this character...I don't know if that's how Pitt speaks in real life, or if he was directed to play Jimmy that way, but it was the one aspect of the show that just did not ring true and interfered with the suspension of belief that drama requires. However, the performance of Michael Shannon as tortured Prohibition Agent Nelson Van Alden was simply and utterly brilliant to watch, as the character spiraled downward into the abyss.....just...brilliant!
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on January 31, 2017
Many films and TV series over the decades have dealt with the theme of gangster activity in 20th century America. However, few TV series on the subject have been done as well as Boardwalk Empire. Along with the Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire is loaded with excellent acting, powerful scripts and a story line consistent with what we know about not only that era but of Atlantic City history in particular. As it turns out, the series is based on real life personages such as Nucky Johnson (Nucky Thompson in the fictional role.) It appears that the real life Nucky was not that far removed the series lead character. However, one of the most striking aspects of the program is the way in which it depicts life in the 1920's down to the most minute details. Watching the show gives one the impression that although the 1920's were not really that long ago, everyday life was dramatically different from today's world. Of course, human nature has not changed very much and that is what makes this such as riveting and throughly entertaining series.
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on July 25, 2016
Well, as Prime subscribers we thought we were getting all 5 Seasons free only to find out after watching 4 seasons that the 5th one would cost over $24 for us to buy... could not watch for free. Needless to say, we did not take this bait. Having said that tho, really enjoyed the 4 seasons we did see. Nice mix of history with fictional characters based on real ones. Story revolves around the "Nucky" Thompson clan in Atlantic City and his dealings with mobsters from Philly, NY, and Chicago during Prohibition. Violent, yes. But enough humor interspersed to take that edge off a bit. Really enjoyed to transformations of Van Allen character who starts out as a religious Prohibitions Agent then transforms over the next 4 seasons. Again. violent but so funny! Recommend this series for those that have the stomach for it.
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on February 26, 2015
In this second season, we see lots of changes in the characters and their storylines. Several cross paths including Nucky and Nelson Van Alden but never in ways you would suspect.

The season starts with Jimmy, The Commodore and Eli plotting against Nucky. We get a good glimpse of the history between Jimmy and Jillian as well as his relationship with Angela. The plot against Nucky proves a fiendish one, but certain ties just won't snap. Despite being a gangster now, Nucky's earlier kinder sides help save his skin a time or two.

Also more fully developed are Micky Doyle(best laugh ever), Nelson Van Alden, Al Capone, Charlie "Lucky" Luciano, Myer Lansky and Margaret Shroder.

If you liked season one, you should definitely enjoy this one. I know that I recognized the characters better this time out. Had a little trouble early on with the huge number of characters.
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on January 31, 2017
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE this show, but I don't think season 2 was quite as good at 1. I'm almost finished with season 3 and I kind of feel the same about that one, as well. I realize that with a show such as this, with the character backgrounds and their many "business" dealings, there is going to be much bloodshed, but a few of the characters that died in season 2 was just plain sad! I'm not crazy about some of the new characters, just because most of them are total A holes! I hate the way the relationship between Nucky & Margaret has taken such a turn and her character has become just plain annoying! Overall, however, this show is SO good. I hate that it ended, but I suppose all good things must come to an end.
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on January 24, 2014
Without experiencing Boardwalk Empire, one might think this is just another "gangster flick." But nothing could be further from the truth. The artistry of the cast, director, set designers, writers, sound engineers, etc., bring the early decades of the 20th Century in America to vivid life. Characters are fully imagined; we come to understand the light and the dark forces that move each of them. The plight of women trying to maintain dignity and a sense of self in a world ruled by men is brilliantly explored from several different angles. There is brutality, because this is a story about ruthlessness. And there are stunning expositions of racial and cultural divisions. There are soldiers wounded from the first World War, who are so damaged that their only career in civilian life is creating death. Hide your eyes, if the violence is too much, but watch this series. Boardwalk Empire is unforgettable.
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on August 6, 2015
Nucky Thompson and Jimmy Darmody are the major driving force to the story line so given that they are totally fictional, that's about all you need to know about the historical accuracy of the series. Which doesn't seem to bother anybody. Otherwise, pretty entertaining though I would call Buscemi the weak center of the whole thing, too much of his character and his character choices seem poorly thought out. And one wonders how the Darmody character, fictional as he is, could possibly be the brains behind the challenge to Nucky Thompson given that he doesn't seem able to get an illegal case of whiskey delivered or repay his debt to an obviously very dangerous killer. But once you get past all of this what is left is an entertaining HBO series with a lot of naked women, a lot more than is necessary, but then entertainment, not accuracy is obviously the goal here.
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