Customer Reviews: Boat Trip
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on January 3, 2011
There are not many comedies I can watch over and over, laughing out loud each time, but Boat Trip cracks me up every time I watch it. Boat Trip is about contrast and the contrast is what delivers the laughs. Cuba Gooding Jr's comedic timing is absolutely perfect, delivering punchlines both verbally and visually. His facial expressions and body movements add horsepower to the laughs. Horatio Sanz is the perfect complement to Cuba, adding straight and comedic volleys that extend the laugh sequences. Roselyn Sanchez has never looked sexier onscreen. She'll make your pixels SIZZLE!!!! Lin Shaye as Sonya the (tanning) Coach is hilarious. Vivica Fox played her part well. Roger Moore tried, but didn't quite mesh with the cast or the movie.

Boat Trip is a 94 minute stand-up comedy routine. It is outrageous on every level just like the best onstage comics. It definitely won't appeal to homophobic souls, but for everyone else who could care less about a person's sexual orientation, you will crack up.

The DVD at a 1.77:1 or 1.85:1 aspect ratio fills a widescreen TV and is sharp and enjoyable. The unrated version has boobs, lots of 'em, and a fair amount of F-bombs, but what would you expect? As apparent from the other reviews you'll either love or hate this movie. I friggin' love it.
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on June 19, 2015
Boat Trip is just a flat out goofy comedy! It's about two men played by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Horatio Sanz who intentionally get shoved in a boat full of well, amazon won't let me use the word... a boat full of men who prefer the sexual company of other men! There THAT'S a nice way to put it! This leads to several outrageous moments of comedy such as when the two friends arrive on the cruise ship they don't suspect anything right off the bat and assume they're going to score with the chicks... then they take a look around and notice something isn't quite right, haha. Surprisingly Will Ferrell only appears for about a minute in the beginning and that's it. Wow how many movies can we say Will has a limited role? Anyway perhaps Cuba and Horatio should've been a little bit nicer to Will and his "friend" and this never would've happened.

Anyway... there are no chicks on this boat (at least not initially). The reason for the arrival of the women later on was a bit odd, but it helped play a major role in getting the story underway. It turns out Cuba has a thing for Roselyn Sanchez character (and looking at her who can blame him?) but she assumes Cuba likes men so for a significant chunk of the story he basically flirts with Roselyn in a way where she doesn't suspect anything. This allows her to be comfortable around Cuba compared to the usual scummy men she normally finds herself tangled up with. Meanwhile Horatio finds himself in love with a Swedish chick but often stumbles down the wrong path if you know what I mean, hehe. Cuba's character is way more important and eventually greatly overpowers Horatio's story to the point I actually forgot about Horatio.

I wasn't expecting the ending to be so good either! I mean the final 20 minutes really went out the way to deliver a satisfying conclusion. You could argue those final minutes were more memorable than the story itself. The ending made the other chunks of the story more important than I realized. I can't spoil what happens, but let's just say you can pretty much guess what's coming. It's not like Roselyn is going to fall in love with Cuba since she assumes he likes men, right? Of course not. That would be silly and nonsensical! Cuba's wife climbs aboard and well, you can probably put the pieces together. The ending is just flat out awesome though. The whole 20-some minutes.

The laughs come in the way Cuba and Horatio trying to fit in with the other guys in order to impress the ladies. My favorite scene is when Horatio sneaks into what he believes is the Swedish girls bedroom late at night to uh, munch on something, only to discover it's the old cranky obedient lady he met earlier who suspects he's up to no good! What happens next is just too inappropriate to share but it's REALLY funny! Speaking of the humor, yes it's usually inappropriate but the tone of the film overall feels like it goes out of its way to try and be likeable and inoffensive more often than not even though sometimes it can't help it, though I suppose there's a whole community of people who might be offended by the stereotypes understandably (of which there's many). The side characters are just as memorable and hilarious as well. Overall worth watching for its utter silliness.
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on March 20, 2016
Two straight men want to get away and take a singles' cruise to meet women. While booking the cruise, they get the travel agent angry, who retaliates by putting them on a cruise for gay men. They get on the boat, all excited about meeting women, and they have no idea that it is a cruise for gay men until they discover it after the boat has sailed will not dock for four days. So, these two straight men are trapped on a boatful of gay men, with lots of gay activities and gay situations and, therefore, gay jokes.

I found this movie very funny, and I actually laughed out loud many times. This movie was entertaining and different. There were some scenes which were insulting to just about everyone, but these scenes were funny anyway. In the middle of the movie, a load of women in bikinis get on the boat, which I thought was unnecessary and ruined the plot for me. I did not like the ending at all.

I would recommend this movie if you can just laugh at it and not take anything seriously.

All that really matters to me is that a movie makes me laugh and I can watch it over and over again, which is really what a movie should do. This is the kind of movie that you can fast-forward over the parts that you don't like, and it does not really affect the plot at all if you leave out certain scenes.
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on May 9, 2014
When it comes to Gay/Lesbian films the depiction is stereotypical, stale and generally inappropriately comical. This film does have many of those elements, but, to a thinking audience it provides much more showing the variety in the Gay community shocking the straight characters with the reality of it. Jerry [(Cuba Gooding Jr.) after losing his girlfriend in embarrassing situation] and his friend [(Horatio Sanz) a born to lose loser] find themselves on a Gay cruise because of a rude run in with a travel agent due to the friend's behavior. A lot of names in this one (Richard Roundtree, Vivica Fox, Roger Moore, etc). When all seems lost the duo embark on their own journeys finding growth and surprisingly romance. Though both are straight they quickly learn that Gays come in all shapes and sizes as well as all careers learning tolerance and acceptance of diversity. Perhaps had we not "forgotten" what we had once known the world would not be so overly populated today. I think the "R" rating was poorly selected probably because of the "gay" thing, PG-13 or NC-17 would have sufficed. Still watch it before you show it to younger audiences, probably you're likely to be a little confused too, Much of thee humor is nonsense, but, still fun. The film does have a lot of special features, but, no trailer. Mostly the cast goofing off and singing. It is not subtitled in English (only Spanish) but is closed captioned.
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on April 9, 2005
Geez I cant believe some of you people. Whah! Boo Hoo! This offended me. So it made fun of gays. Most other comedies make fun of the general population. A million movies make fun of you everyday run of the mill Joe Schmoe and its not offensive. So why cant you people just loosen up a bit, stop crying and take the movie for face value and stop reading too much into it. No I am not a racist and no I do not hate people who live alternate lifestyles but you people screaming this offends me and that offends me is what is wrong with this country today. Life in general is not fair to every single human on earth at one time or another so get over it already and stop making it more miserable for the ones who dont gripe and complain all the time. Its a movie and a good one if you can allow yourself to watch a movie while taking it with a grain of salt.
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on March 27, 2005
Well, a movie that shamelessly plays into every conceivable gay stereotype and cliche has got to be annoying, even offensive, doesn't it? That was my first impression when I started watching BOAT TRIP, but as the film moved along, and meandered through a bad script and over-the-top slapstick physical comedy, I found myself chuckling, then, of all things, actually laughing. It became apparent that BOAT TRIP never, ever, had any intention of taking itself seriously, so why the heck should the viewer?

The plot is lame, but still entertaining: Jerry (Cuba Gooding Jr.), distraught over being dumped by his girlfriend, and his pal, Nick (Horatio Sanz), decide to "score" by booking a cruise. Problem is, it's a gay cruise--much to the shock and horror of the two buds. And of course, every conceivable gay stereotype is then trotted out for the viewer; some of it bombs, some of it (the gay poker players) is downright funny. And then Jerry finds himself falling in love with the only woman (at the time) on the ship, dance instructor Gabriella (played by a wonderfully hot Roselyn Sanchez). Problem is, Gabriella is fed up with hetero men, and longs to seduce a gay man, so Jerry must pretend to be gay (leading to even more absurdity, yet Gooding manages to pull the zaniness off).

Gooding and Sanchez do well with what they have to work with, while Sanz is an annoying John Belushi wannabe. Other cast members include a very creepy Roger Moore, and sensational Playboy playmate Victoria Silverstedt. Will Ferrell even makes a brief, over-the-top appearance. No, BOAT TRIP is probably a movie I won't take the time to watch again, but it has its fluid, laughable moments. Hey, how can a film featuring the Swedish Suntanning Team be a dud?

--D. Mikels
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on June 10, 2013
Boat Trip (2002). Unrated version. Running Time: 1 hour, 36 mins.

The very second you pop in this DVD, after the Arstian logo, you will see the option menu is of 3 half-naked, topless woman talking to each other while laying in the sun on the boat deck. They will chat for 4 mins, 20 secs. if you don't make a selection, otherwise the scene is repeated.
When you try "Set-Up", one topless woman will roll over and speak to the woman next to her, the adult chat continues for 4 mins, 20 secs, if you don't make a selection, otherwise the scene will repeat.
When you try "Xtras", a topless woman rolls over to talk to the woman on the left. The adult chat continues for another 4 mins, 26 secs, if you don't make a selection, otherwise the scene is repeated.

Easter Egg #1: On Option Menu, use your "right" button until "Boat Trip" becomes a purple hand. Click and you will see the Playboy Playmates and Eric, the hairy-chested man, laying with them.

Easter Egg #2: Click your "right button" down the list until the 2 pink stars become a purple hand. Now click "enter". The hand turns yellow and you will see an extra adult scene.

The Playboy Playmates in the option menu are: Deanna Brooks, Jami Farrell, Natalia Sokolova, Shauna Sand and Teri Harrison. Eric Marinho (sorry if I misspelled) is the hairy-chested man walking past the women.

Jerry prepares to make a proposal to his girlfriend, Felicia (Vivica A. Fox). He takes her up in a gold-colored hot air balloon ride. As he begins to propose to her, he gets sick and throws up all over her breasts. She then tells him she has someone else. Their relationship is on a different level than theirs. Her new boyfriend works at a car wash.

With the relationship over, Jerry goes home with a broken heart. He stares at the screen saver on his computer which is a picture of Felicia.
Six months later, Jerry is still looking at the same screen saver photo of Felicia. His friend, Nick (Horatio Sanz), invites him to go on a boat cruise with him.
They don't know it yet, but the travel agency manager booked them on a gay cruise.

Also in the cast: Will Ferrell, Roger Moore, Roselyn Sanchez, Maurice Godin, Victoria Silvstedt, Lin Shaye, Richard Roundtree.

Just wait until you see Roger Moore ("James Bond 007") play a gay cruiser.

Filmed in 2001 on Royal Olympic Cruises from Athens, Greece, while stopping in Alexandria, Istanbul and Rhodes. Also filmed in Cologne, Germany and the isle of Hydra, Greece.

Language in English 5.1, 2.0. Option of subtitle in Spanish.

Xtras: Tanning Tips from the Playboy Playmates, Making of..., 5 deleted scenes, 7 outtakes, sneak peeks, credits.

Trivia Track is an option you can play during the movie.
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VINE VOICEon October 9, 2003
Here's a movie that seems to have offended almost everybody. It's certainly different. Artisan Pictures snuck "Boat Trip" into theatres in early 2003, months after it's completion the year before. In 2002's "Boat Trip", Jerry and Nick are two cool Gen-X guys just looking for love; they get side-tracked onto a rollicking 5-day, non-stop European cruise. OOPS!! Too bad this cruise is just for gay guys! TV screenwriter-turned-director Mort Nathan has assembled a lively, fast-paced comedy that dares to pull it's pants down. Pardon me. His pants down. Gender-bending, gay-bashing, and outright homophobia clash with Swedish bathing beauties in this zippy, sparkling frolic. "Boat Trip" stars the remarkable Cuba Gooding Jr., and features Vivica Fox, Will Ferrell, and the delicious Puerto Rican Roselyn Sanchez. 74-year-old Roger Moore is nearly hysterical as a devilish gay queen. Flooded with bright, tropical colors, "Boat Trip" was shot in Cologne, Germany, and the alluring Greek Islands. This brand new 1.77:1 anamorphic widescreen DVD includes out-takes(not too good), deleted scenes, chapter stops, tanning tips(don't ask), a trivia track, trailers, and a documentary first aired on Showtime Cable last spring. "Boat Trip" doesn't take itself too seriously. And guess what, neither should you. Put aside 90 minutes, check your brains at-the-door, and be sure to buy a ticket for this "Boat Trip".
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on March 23, 2003
In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you had a movie that had both Greeks and non- Greeks screaming with laughter at the same parts, with the Greeks chuckling at a few "Inside Jokes" placed in there.
This movie is similar. The theater was filled to capapcity with a mixed straight/gay crowd and hardly 5 min. went by without the audience bursting into laughter and occaisionaly applause, punctuated with a few outbursts of laughter from gay members of the audience at some of the inside jabs.
This movie has been accused of being filled with unflattering stereotypes that are insulting, of course the people saying that are humorless straight critics with nothing better to do than to try to look for things insulting to the "Others" who need to be protected from things like humor.
In truth this is a hilarious laugh out loud comedy with the rather simple plot of, "Boy (Cuba Gooding Jr.) gets dumped by beautiful yet icy girlfriend, played by Vivika A Fox. Boys semi-obnoxious beer guzzling friend tells him they're going on a cruise to meet women, after insulting the travel agent they wind up on a gay cruise, hilarity ensues. Throw in a gorgeous woman dance instructor on the ship that catches Cuba's eye, a rescue of the Sweedish bikini-Suntanning team and more hardbodies than you see in an average Gay Pride march and there is something for everybody in this film. Add to that a mixture of funny scenes and some great one liners (My favorite being when the obnoxious friend, at the buffet says to Cuba "Do I look like a gay guy?" and another customer at the buffet saying rather bitchily "An out of shape one, but it's ok, we have those too). And you have a movie that is a perfect Saturday night comedy. Look for Roger Moore as a former British Army Comando on vacation in a suprisingly funny role.
If you want to relax, laugh and have something to recomend to your friends, straight or gay, Grab some Popcorn and buy a ticket for Boat Trip.
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on November 19, 2003
Cuba Gooding, Jr. must have had some free time on his hands when he filmed "Boat Trip". It's definitely beneath his acting ability, but I guess he thought it would be fun. If you are one of his fans, it's worth a look. He plays a man named Jerry who is dumped by his girlfriend (Vivica A. Fox) for another man. His best friend Nick (Horatio Sanz) convinces him to go on a cruise to hook up with some women. After a squabble with a travel agent, the two friends are set up to take a gay cruise unbeknownst to them. On a gay cruise he finds of all things the woman of his dreams. The story line is lame I must admit, but there are some laughs. There is absolutely no gay bashing. The R rating is due to the nature of conversation and suggestive actions. The only nudity is watching some men walk around in those butt less pants. Plus, they have a new one. Instead of the Swedish Bikini Swim Team, they have the Swedish Bikini Tan Team on their way to an Hawaiian Tropic competition. They were rescued by the crew after their helicopter was shot down with a flair gun.
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