Customer Reviews: Bh: Pure Burn Super Strength
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on July 30, 2010
How in the world did I miss this guy? Well, I think it's because I stayed away from the dvds with Biggest Loser marketing. My loss. Bob kicks a**!! I love Pure Burn Super Strength! Definately not for the faint of heart. This has to be one of the best strength workout dvds ever - IMO. There are two workouts:

Workout 1 - One hour full-out (a little over an hour including warm up & cool down)

Workout 2 - 20 min. beginner workout

You need weights. I used 3lbs & 5lbs, however, will use 8 lbs next workout. Obviously, men will use heavier weights to start out with. Bob says up to 12 lbs...but for guys, I would think higher. If you have hard floors, you'll also need a mat.



Squats with weights
Bicep curl to shoulder press

Squats w/ weights - increase speed, then hold...BURNS!
Down & Outs - add push up
Pushups then go halfway down - hold

Bicep curl w/ shoulder press
Down & Outs - pushups
Fast Shoulder presses then hold....

Back Rows - then pulses

Right leg in front - bent over rows
Arm Raise Combo - Front, Side, and Posterier pinky up side
Hold arms out to side - 3x

Left leg in front - bent over rows
Arm Raise Combo

Holding one weight only - lunge forward
Pass weight under leg, back & forth
Bent over (squat) single arm fly - working deltoid
Repeat on opposite leg, and opposite single arm fly
Alternating lunges, then lunge jumps!


Bicep Curls - Bob points out not to worry about bringing weight all the way up. Helpful tip, felt a difference.
Squat position w/ elbows right above knees - little bicep curls
Tricep Extensions

Skull Crushers
Chest press (keep elbows close to focus on triceps)
Crunches - regular crunches, crunches with arms reaching out to sides of legs - then pulse, arms back behind head & raise one leg (knees at same heigth), switch legs while continuing to crunch, then both legs up
Back to standing

Single leg (balance) while doing hammer curls, switch legs continue with curls
Supination Extensions - forward extensions & side extensions, then squat down & do side supination extensions. OUCH.
Continue in squat position, put arms down...hold, then weighted jump squats, finish the burn with more weighted chair squat!

Tricep Extensions
Floor - Skull Crushers, Chest Press, Crunches w/ legs extended
Roll over to Plank position for Weighted Plank Rows
Weighted T-Stands - pushup w/ T-stand, T-stand each side, then pushups w/ T-stand again - Seriously Hurting
Hold Plank Position

Stand up begin Matrix Lunges
Matrix Lunges (holding one weight) - lunge forward, lunge side, lunge back (pay attention to the back lunge, form is unique)
Standing Weighted Pullovers
Matrix Lunges on other leg
Iso Arms - hold arm straight out, then arm out to side palm down, front, side...repeat iso arm other side

On floor in plank position on forearms. Raise/lower hips, then twist hips side to side for twisting plank
Press up to straight plank, back down on elbows, up, down, up, down, up..really it is torture
Side Knee Plank - bring knee to elbow, other side, then go really fast!

WORKOUT 2 - 20 min


Weighted Sumo Squat
Bicep Curls, then pulses, and lastly hold (arms 90 degrees)
Tricep Extensions
Tricep Kickbacks

Alternating Lunges - then hold leg in lunge position, alternate & hold, again...good burn
Front Raises - palms face eachother, lift to eye level
Lateral Raises - arms out to side, palms down
Posterier Lateral Raises - pinky up first side raise
Then do all together - Front, Lateral, Posterier

Dead lift - knees slightly bent
Slowed down dead lifts
Back rows - slightly bent over
WATERBREAK - stretch

Pushups - on knees.. 2 sets
Hold in Plank position
turn on back for crunches
Hold crunch & lift leg up..switch legs
Switch legs - crunches, other leg - crunches
Hold crunch

Fransisco, Helen, and Stephanie are the lucky exercise talent. Stephanie modifies for those who need to lighten up a bit because it gets TOUGH! Bob does an excellent job explaining form, cueing, and pushing you to the next level. I highly recommend this DVD!! It would be tough for beginners. I think intermediate to advanced fitness levels will appreciate this workout. You absolutely must get this workout!!

Please leave a comment if you have any questions =)
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on August 9, 2010
I have been doing work out videos for many years. It wasn't until discovering the Jillian Micheals DVDs (30 day Shred, Banish Fat Boost Metabolisim, No More Trouble Zones) that I actually found a workout challenging. No more spending 45 minutes doing silly dance steps that, when you are finally done, you realize your heart rate is barely elevated and you aren't the least bit winded. What a waste of time that used to be!!!! The Jillian DVD's were a breath of fresh air as they actually use your own body weight to create more resitence and give you a better workout in less time. Because the Jillian ones were so great, I was skeptical of this DVD. Especially since Bob is "the nice one" on the Biggest Loser. HA! The hour long workout on this DVD is absolutey intense. You can make it more or less challenging for yourself by adjusting the amount of weight you use or how low you go into some of the moves. I have not finished the entire hour long workout yet in one session. Partly because its so long, and partly because my arms are shaking by halfway through and I have nothing left! Every time I find that I can complete more of the excercises and get farther, so I am working my way up to it. If you are of average to slightly above average fitness level looking for a challenge you will not be disappointed!
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Wow, this workout is so different from Bob's other ones, yet it retains all the things I loved about his other DVDs

First, I must say that I collect fitness DVDs like some women buy shoes...I like to rotate them to keep me inspired and try new ones to retain motivation. While I may not always have time to make it to the gym, I typically can drag myself to do a routine at home even in a time crunch. So, I do have all his previous DVDs.

I wear a bodybugg with a digital display to show me how many calories I'm burning during a workout but also continue reading the burn after the workout is over. That way I can not only compare a workout DVD to others during the workout, but also see how many calories it burned AFTER the workout is over in ramping up the metabolism. This is especially important with a strength training DVD because, while a cardio DVD will burn more calories DURING the workout, a good strength training DVD will burn less during the workout but will continue burning long after the workout is over, and build muscle so that you burn more calories even at rest. I mention all this only so you know my calorie burn measurement is based on scientific measurement rather than perceived exertion...and Bob knew how to "work it" in this routine. In fact, it's the one Bob Harper or Biggst Loser DVD I'd say doesn't adjust as well as others for beginners. Even in the short routine I think you need to have some strength training experience before you jump into it. It not only works every muscle but burns far more calories than most pure strength DVDs due to him getting the heart rate up and working major muscle groups often even when working smaller muscles for the most benefit in less you don't stop during this workout to learn something...he teaches as you go so you don't miss a beat and neither do your muscles! BUT because of all this, you will get a 5 star calorie burn not usually seen with only strength training.

DVD: This one is exceptionally well made. Gone are the Biggest Loser contestants behind him doing the moves wrong as though they just picked up the routine somewhat on the fly...the camera offers close up shots of how to do something in detail as Bob explains it and his back up team is serious about knowing how to do it RIGHT. The music is not the boring electronica found on many workout DVDs but an upbeat instrumental that is far more inspiring on a professional looking gym set.

Bob is always excellent, in my opinion, in not tripping you up. I say on all my DVD reviews of any fitness product that I am not exactly gifted in coordination and I never miss a beat or do a wrong move with his cueing. No different here but boy he really goes into great detail in the instruction. I don't know if he's taking off on his own doing more "Bob Harper" produced DVDs as compared to the old Biggest Loser ones but he really seemed "into" this routine and it seemed better produced to me. It may very well be the same production company but if so, they've moved up the quality.

This is a trainer who is exceptionally comfortable on camera but retains a positive "push" as he drives you through the workout. I typically feel as though I have a great trainer right there in my living room rather than someone wanting their camera time. I am pushed, but it's also done with much positive motivation and thinking.

While I think this may be tough for someone who has NEVER done strength training to jump right into, the instruction is clear enough that you could, perhaps, with lighter weights or less reps. In other words, he simply won't allow you to do a move WRONG. You not only get clear instruction on what to do but reminders of what not to do so that you get the most gain from your workout.

While you will get your heartrate up this isn't like most of the Biggest Loser DVDs that combine lots of cardio and strength. This one is truly focused on building muscle and building EVERY will do enough reps at enough speed and form to utilize every muscle in your body from core to head to toe and do it WELL.

Workouts: Start with the 20 minute's still a great workout and once you feel comfortable and able to take on the hour workout, he'll kick your arse. It's really a "last chance workout" routine as far as strength training goes.

CONCLUSION: This will be on heavy rotation in my workout routine. while I try to get in lots of cardio, this is a full and complete strength training routine that, in my opinion, lacks's so professionally done from camera to instruction to set to music to results that I don't have a negative opinion on it whatsoever...
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on August 4, 2010
After losing 120 lbs. never stepping foot in a Gym always walking& running doing Bob & Jillians workouts on Dvd this workout is what we need take it to the next level and build more muscle. I tryed the p90X and I always felt I had to do more cardio after I worked out.With Pure Burn my heart was at 139 most of the workout and I burned 651 cals. in the hour And I already feel it great workout you can do it.
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on August 29, 2010
A few thoughts on this:

* To the folks who reviewed this by saying it was not "fun": It's not supposed to be fun, it's supposed to be a work out and, frankly, it is!

* Frame of reference, I'm a male in my late 40's, in better than average shape (can run a 5K but a 10K is way rough for me).

Now, this video really kicks your butt. The 60 minute workout is very difficult for me to do. But what I do like about it is that it can apply for many fitness levels. Doing the modifications and/or using lower weights will make this good for those in relitively mediocre shape and increasing weights or speed will tax even those who are in the best of shape. It taxes your thighs, chest, shoulders, upper back, bi's/tri's and abs nicely. The lats are not hit much but it's damned near impossible to hit lats without a pulldown.

To be clear, it is not the "be-all-end-all" of fitness videos, but it warrants a place in your DVD collection because after an hour, you are done.
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on August 29, 2011
Results for me after one week: burned over 1000 calories over the 66 minutes, which is on the high end for me, jury still out on major muscle soreness/development. Lots of very true things being said in other reviews. Some observations I'll add/highlight:

- Difficulty: The full routine is grueling (I have tried a couple times but can't do the whole thing). But the short routine is way too short (20 minutes including warm up and cool down! I ended up doing another video afterward). I wish there was a middle option to act as a standalone workout to start with. As it stands, there are areas where the bar is so high I don't even bother, and hope that over time I can work up to that challenge.

- Cast: the exercisers are very "real" here, in the sense that you can tell Bob is destroying them through their facial expressions, sounds, and inability to perfectly keep up. Though it can be distracting at times to see someone give up when I'm thinking of doing the same, it's nice to not have smiling robots as I struggle through such a tough routine. Bob is generally likable but surprisingly mean at times. I think he could have been as effective without going that far but I'm getting over it. He is excellent at coaching on the right form which is to me the most important part of his job.

- Workout structure: I would have preferred a bit more of a pattern, like a circuit 1-2-3 type of thing to help me feel some structure. It seems like I am just working on the next random thing Bob throws at me. I'm starting to feel that there are sort of natural segments every 20 minutes, but it would be nice if it was a little more explicit. That said you definitely get full coverage of strength, abs, and cardio (as long as you keep up the pace). As another point regarding structure, I did not like it that Bob never really gave a water break when he said he would the second time, he just said you can grab water while he keeps working the exercisers.

Overall I'm glad I got this DVD and I recommend it at such a great price. I'm happy to have something more strength oriented to add to my rotation, though I look to other videos for some of the things I've noted as missing above.
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on April 29, 2011
This is not an easy workout but it is not as tough as the exercisers in the video would like to make you believe by all the grimacing, grunting, screaming etc. The camera work with freeze-frames of grimaces on their faces is very annoying. The worst thing about it was the poor form in many of the exercises, to which Bob was only yelling "faster, faster, faster" which iMO is totally irresponsible. This is supposed to be done with sufficiently heavy weight so that his approach combined with poor form displayed in the video is a recipe for injury. For strength training I'll just stick to Cathe. She emphasizes good form and safety in her workouts, the DVDs are professional with people in the video following good form with no grimacing or screaming, she doesn't yell at anyone and her workouts deliver a lot better in terms of strength and muscle development than Bob's.
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on July 20, 2011
I wish I could give this 4.5 stars. It's one of the best weight training strength and endurance dvds I've tried but a couple of things hold me back from giving it the full 5 stars.

This dvd includes a 20 min. beginner workout and a 67 min. advanced workout. I started with the beginner and it is definitely for beginners. Very basic and not at all scary, but nice when you don't want something as intense or long. As for the longer workout, it is difficult. I typically like to challenge myself with heavier weights, always thinking back to the fact that most people don't lift enough to get any benefit. However, there's no way I'd be able to get through the entire hour with anything more than 3 lb. weights. (I have fairly weak arms, but still typically use 5 or 8 lb. weights with workout dvds.) This is as much an endurance workout as it is for strength. Bob keeps you moving the entire time... multiple reps, multiple sets and lots on one leg/arm before switching sides. The multiple sets of the exact same move got somewhat boring and repetitive at times. It would have been nice to work the same muscles but with a slight variation in movement to keep it interesting. He gives some modifications to make moves easier or harder throughout though not for every move. There are 3 people demonstrating with him and 1 typically does the advanced, 1 the normal and 1 the basic variation. I have to cut down on the number of reps for certain moves, as they are too strenuous for me... even with my light weights. I like that it gives me something to work toward though.

The entire hour is definitely weight training based. There isn't as much fusion with cardio moves as some other trainers provide, so whether or not this is for you depends on what you're looking for. If you want pure weight training, this is it. It still definitely brings your heart rate up and gets you sweating. The focus is on arms/shoulders, legs and abs. I like that the bottom of the screen shows a countdown timer along with a little bar of sorts that keeps inching toward the finish line so you see a visual for how much you've accomplished and how much you have left.

I like Bob's personality but don't think he's for everyone; he definitely gives me the push I need. I don't watch Biggest Loser but I've heard from others he's much "meaner" in this dvd than he is on the show. He frequently claps out a beat, yelling for you to pick up the pace and never stop, to do all of the reps. He's intense but I also find him encouraging.

Besides the repetitive sets my only other complaint is with the background demonstrators and some of the videography. Throughout the dvd the 3 demonstrators, and one woman especially, have these horrible, exaggerated pained expressions on their faces as if this is the hardest thing they've ever done and it's often accompanied with grunting and awful noises to let us know how much pain they're in. It's really exaggerated and annoying. I almost feel like a director assigned them certain workout personalities to try and act out... one woman is "the athlete" who pushes to the extreme with little complaint and can execute things fairly easily and with lots of focus. The other woman is "the determined beginner"; she never stops but lets us know how hard it is for her by grunting and making faces. And the guy is the "I need to rest" type who wants to keep taking breaks but Bob always catches him and tells him not to stop. If it weren't for this, this workout would be nearly perfect for strength training and endurance purposes. Also, the videography can get slightly annoying at times... zooming in and pausing for a second, almost creating a snapshot of the exercise, with a different color screen.

However, if you're looking for a workout dvd that's strength training focused and will push and challenge you, this is it. I reach for it more often than any of my other workout dvds when I want to focus purely on weight training.
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on October 29, 2012
This DVD is no joke. I've been doing it for a few months now -- it's my kick-butt Sunday workout in a 5- to 6-day-per-week regiment -- and I don't think it's ever going to get easier. Or, hell, manageable. It's hard. Really, really hard. And if it isn't hard for you, you're either doing it wrong or you're being a wuss about how much weight you're using.

My husband and I work out together and we react very differently to this workout, even though we both love it in the end because it's effective. The husband hears the "Come on!! Do it!! Now do it again!!!" and gets energized. I hear it and want to punch Harper in the face. But it's the kind of hate/anger that just fuels me to finish.

I have a bad back, so some modifications are required. For starters, I don't beat myself up for dropping to my knees for push-ups and plank variations because there are SO MANY of them that I must modify in order to keep proper form through the end. And I still feel it big time. In fact, once I let myself drop to my knees in the final killer plank series (hold plank, then lower/lift your abs, followed by swiveling your hips), I finally felt what Harper was going for. Before, I wasn't hitting the right spots. Proper form means you're doing it right. Eventually maybe I'll be able to stay up, but my back is bad for reasons other than a weak core, so we'll see. I'll still kill myself with the modifications -- in a good way.

After this workout, my shoulders kill, the back of my thighs, my butt, my triceps, my core and my delts. Today's particularly rough as yesterday I went up 2 lbs. for most of the routine. But then, every day after this routine is rough. It's a killer workout with good production value and a refreshing display of I'm-dyin'-here backup exercisers drenched in sweat. If any one of those jerks had been smiling ever in this workout, I might have tossed my TV out the window. At least I can see they're suffering, too.

I hate it. But it's been since mixing in this workout that I've broken through a plateau on the scale. I don't think that's a coincidence.
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on October 13, 2010
This DVD was quite a surprise. I am 43 and in good shape. I work out 4 to 5 times a week. This is as hard as any P90X video. I did the 60 min version. I started with 8lb dumbells had to go down to 5lb pretty quick and the last 15 minutes I was down to 3lbs. It is a challenge and not for the beginner. I think this is a really good workout. I took off a star because I can hardly tolerate watching the video due to the facial expressions and noises Stephanie makes. I found her to be distracting she looks like she is going to cry most of the time. His crew is very seldom in sync either and they freeze frame once in awhile which is annoying. Other than that it is a hard and challenging workout. I would recommend it.
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