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on August 18, 2015
This worked great for gate checking our Bob stroller. Other reviewers complained about how difficult it was to transport through the airport given its size. Our solution was to put our carry on bags inside the stroller bag. The stroller bag has a handle and wheels, so you can easily pull it through the airport. Once you get to the gate, you can remove the carry on bags, insert the stroller, and check it at the gate. You will want to practice disassembling the stroller to fit inside the bag before you get to the airport. It is not too difficult, but you have to follow the directions precisely to get it to fit. The bag is expensive, but it was worth it to have our Bob stroller with us on vacation. A standard stroller would not have met our needs.
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on December 22, 2014
My wife, 3 year old daughter and I travel internationally each year to Germany. This is the first year that we felt inclined to bring our Bob Stroller as we planned on doing some Alpine trail hiking. I purchased this Bob Single Stroller Travel Bag and the stroller fit like a glove. It takes maybe, 5 minutes to pack the stroller in the bag. There was even enough room for extra items like our 3 year old's boots and a couple of blankets. We packed the stroller in this bag and checked this with our other luggage at the airport. The bag protected the stroller on both arriving and departing flights. I deducted one star as, when we arrived back in the States, I did notice a small tear on the bag. I taped it up with duct tape. I'm not so sure of the durability of this item if you are inclined to use it often and on numerous flights. With the way airlines man-handle luggage, I'm sure that this bag will get pretty beat up with nicks and tears after awhile. But, for protecting the integrity of the stroller inside the bag, I have full confidence in this bag. For my purpose, as an item to protect daughter's Bob Stroller on yearly international flights, I think it will hold up fine. We have also used this case for a road trip. With the stroller in the case, it makes it easier to stack/pack other luggage on or around this in your trunk. This is an essential item if you plan on traveling with Bob Stroller. Just be sure to throw a roll of duct-tape in the stroller bag as you might need to patch up tears from time to time.
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on February 4, 2015
Nice case to protect your BOB stroller. We have BOB Ironman single and recently have had 4 flights – no any damage to stroller, just case got dirty. It takes a 2–3 minutes to pack stroller and a bit longer to assemble it back. You need to disconnect wheels and position stroller in case the right way what may be a bit tricky for the first time but doable. When you got the concept – it's a piece of cake. Assembly needs balancing of the front wheel so it take longer, so we were breaking it down well before boarding and assembled back in hotel, not to repeat all steps at taxi stand. Keep in mind that airport staff usually confused with this huge case, so you'l have to keep telling them it's a stroller.
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on June 24, 2015
Absolutely great for carrying the stroller, though did roll on side when pulled while walking fast.
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on January 21, 2016
Quality of the item is great. But we haven't ended up using this much because it's bulky and it's another bag to drag around after you have taken the stroller out to use it. Good for use if you are flying to one location - not good for moving around while on vacation. However one of our wheels recently got badly bent while flying, and I'd say we'll try to use this more often now. Before spending the money on it, decide if it will be useful for you.
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on April 30, 2013
It took a while to figure out, but now I like it and can see us using it to protect our stroller a lot more when traveling.
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on September 24, 2009
I bought this bag thinking I could bring it with me on a recent trip with the family. The idea was that we could gate-check the stroller, but pack it into this bag right before sending it off to be tossed around.

Of course the bag is large enough to fit the stroller (pretty big) and doesn't fold up small enough to carry it with you in the airport, plus it's fairly heavy. In addition, you have 27 steps in the instructions to follow in order to properly pack the stroller inside (including removing the wheels, etc).

I would say if you plan to check-in your stroller with your bags, it could be useful...but you better pack it up the day before your trip. However, it is so much more helpful to bring the stroller to the door of the airplane and hand it off to the flight attendant. And with the durability of the Bob, I didn't have much damage other than a small tear in the handlebar padding.
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on January 9, 2016
We just sold our single BOB after our daughter outgrew it. We used this travel bag to fly with frequently and it protected our stroller 100%! Baggage handlers seemed to handle the stroller with more care, but even with the bumps of airline travel there was not a dent or scratch anywhere on the stroller. We were able to get a great re-sell value on the stroller and include the bag as well. It is well worth the money!
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on April 22, 2014
I was hesitant to spend the money on this to take our Bob Revolution to Disney World. In the end I bought it figuring I would sell it to somebody after the trip. My reasoning for finally giving in was the fact that my previous jogging stroller (not a Bob) was destroyed after flying with it on a previous Disney trip.

Bottom line: this thing is virtually bomb proof. While taking the stroller apart is not a blast and takes a little bit of time, it fits very well and very securely. We ended up packing it ahead of time and checking it. Something that made me second guess the security of my precious stroller. I literally watched with my 2year old as they "tossed" the stroller onto the conveyor when loading our luggage on the plane.

When we got to Disney my stroller was unscathed. Even the bag was unscathed. Like I said... Virtually bomb proof.

Worth it if you take great care of your stroller like I do. Buy it! You won't regret the decision!
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on September 1, 2015
We purchased this travel bag for air travel with our BOB, and it has worked wonderfully at protecting it from damage. First, I'll start by saying: the instructions that came with the bag for how to arrange the stroller inside, were very difficult to understand. We ended up having to call the company and have them walk us through how to fold the stroller inside. There is no room for error with this bag, so the stroller has to be situated just right. After speaking with the BOB representative, we realized that the instructions that came with our bag were outdated, and not relevant. If you are having this same issue, you can google an image of how to fold the stroller inside. All the misinterpretations aside, now that we've got it figured out, it's a breeze to fold it up, taking only a few minutes. The travel bag has hard plastic sides much like a suitcase, and our stroller has been very well protected while flying. Also great, there is a carry strap and wheels on this bag for getting around the airport. Lately, we've taken to checking our stroller since the bag is so heavy duty, and we haven't had any problems with the stroller being damaged. My only complaint is that the unused bag takes up a ton of room since it does not fold down with the hard plastic sides. When not in use, we use it to store our other kid travel essentials like car seat cover and car seat travel cart. A must have to protect your BOB for air travel!
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