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Color: Navy Blue|Style: Wrap|Change
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I am not at all the type of mom who knows about specific wraps or is super into "baby wearing", I was simply a first time mom who thought the baby bjorn looked a little uncomfortable. So, I bought this, watched a Youtube tutorial about how to wrap it (VERY helpful!) and my baby girl loved it! Once in a while she would cry for no reason and once I put her in here she would fall right asleep. My daughter is 6.5 months old now and does not enjoy it even with her legs free (there is a different way to place older babies) and I really miss the days of her snuggled tight to me! Very easy and very useful. I machine washed and dried it several times with no issue! Also I am plus sized!
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on May 18, 2016
Love this wrap so far! My husband and I were looking for a good carrier for a newborn. We have a sturdier one that worked very well with our first child but didn't work well when he was a newborn. He disappeared in it! Our baby often falls asleep in the Boba Wrap. Then I can position his head to make it hands free (awesome!). It has taken me a little while to get used to putting it on, but it's not too difficult. I watched a video online which helped. Another reviewer mentioned the tip of putting the wrap on before you get in the car when you go places (great idea!). It can be a little stretchy at times so you have to make sure to put it on tight enough so you don't feel like the baby is falling down. It's very long (I'm fairly short at 5'3") but I figure it's good for my husband who is taller. Would definitely recommend the wrap as a reasonably priced option for newborns.
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on August 26, 2015
I like it but never used it much. My daughter always seemed to slouch down lower and lower as I was wearing it. I tried my best to wrap very tightly and she would still keep dropping. I felt the need to hold on to her with one hand when bending over or with much movement, and she around 12 lbs at the time so I know it wasn't a weight problem. She did love being in it though. It was comfortable to wear around the house and easy to figure out how to wrap with the instructions provided. I really wish I had tried another less stretchy wrap or some sort of carrier.
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on December 2, 2014
This has got to be the BEST thing we have ever bought for our baby. It's definitely a life saver when out and about...just put it on before you leave the house and it's ready to go when you reach your destination with baby. Our baby is not generally a fussy baby, but when we are out at a restaurant, she tends to get bored after a while in her stroller and gets antsy. I pop her in this wrap and she gets cozy and falls asleep in no time. The fabric is breathable and I love that I can just throw it in the washing machine when it needs to be cleaned. It's great for hands-free tasks while carrying the baby, although for newborns, you will still feel the need to keep one hand on their head just to make sure it's not flopping around. I definitely recommend this if you're looking for a baby wearing apparatus. Works great.
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on November 28, 2015
My godson loves it! My inlaws went away for the weekend so I bought this for him as I am by far not the professional. Naptime and bedtime were a breeze thanks to this. First time I used it he took an hour nap. Yay!
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on August 16, 2016
It's a lot easier to put on then it seems. I procrastinated till my son was 5 weeks old to learn how. I didn't use it much because he was heavy and it was easier to put him in the swing or bouncer in the house or the stroller outside. Then when I tried he hated it. Lesson - figure out how to use it before the baby is born, use it early, it probably wasn't necessary to get this and a soft carrier for our first child. However I think this will come in handy with the next baby. Also, my friend got carriers and a stroller and she was the opposite of me. She used the carrier everyday and never used the stroller since she lives out in the country.
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on July 1, 2015
[As reviewed by the wife] I originally loved this product but not so much after getting an Ergo Baby and a Bitty Bean. According to the videos, it would only take 2 minutes to do the wrap but I always take at least 5. And as a short person, The ends of the wrap always ALWAYS graze the floor and I absolutely hate it when that happens because first-time-mom and do-spray-alcohol-on-your-hands-before-you-touch-my-baby's-toes.

Although you can throw this in the washer, you can't put it in the dryer. And since it's such a long fabric, it's cumbersome to hang.

Also, if it's not warm then it's just HOT. That's why I got the Bitty Bean; I was looking for a summer-friendly carrier.
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on December 8, 2015
We purchased a hotsling, a babybjoern, an ergobaby with infant insert and about two weeks into our daughters life a boba wrap. This is our third baby and I really wish I had know about the boba wrap with our two older kids.

Our third baby is colicky, it can be aweful - she has bouts of crying that seem unstoppable and it's as if she is in pain. The absolutely only thing that will get her out of her crying mode within less than a couple of minutes in 100% of cases is the bobawrap. She already calms down when we slide her into it, and often falls asleep within minutes. If it was up to her, she would be inside the bobawrap 10 hours a day. I highly recommend the wrap for families with high need babies or infants that cry a lot, it's been a life saver for us.

POSITIVES ABOUT BOBA: Tying is less complex than it looks - watch the youtube video rather than relying on the instructions. You can keep the wrap on even when you are not "wearing" baby, almost like an extra layer or a poncho : ) Baby is really close to you and feels your body warmth and hears your voice, and is jiggled around whenever you move (slightly, not violently). In colder climates, the Boba keeps you and baby nicely warm. In comparison to most other carriers, the Boba is inexpensive and baby's weight is nicely distributed across your back/shoulders (if you tie correctly and spread the fabric well across your entire back). It's washable like a sweater and the material is soft. In comparison to the sling carriers (hotslings), it's much easier on your back and baby feels much more tightly tucked in.

NEGATIVES: I don't think it's that easy to breastfeed while the wrap is on, and once it's off you have to find a semi-clean space to tie it on again (you don't want the wrap that goes right around baby's face to touch airport floors or public bathrooms), which takes a coupe of minutes longer than tying/untying babybjoern or ergobaby carriers. In hot climates, you are likely to get pretty warm in the boba wrap.

Altogether, if you are going to buy only a single carrier for the first six to eight months, get this one! I am so grateful since without the BobaWrap our infant's crying spells would be lengthy and unbearable.
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on July 31, 2016
What a great infant carrier!! So I started out with an Ergobaby original, which my newborn daughter did not appreciate. My OB-GYN suggested this wrap as a way to carry my daughter everywhere since she disliked being put down. It worked like a charm. It does take some getting used to trying to figure out how to wrap it; however I just looked on the manufacturers website and was able to figure it out. I used this until my daughter was around six months old and then really didn't need it anymore. I used it just about everywhere including while doing chores around the house. If I was going to run errands I would put it on and then I would be ready when I got to my destination.
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on September 5, 2016
Lovvve this! It's all organic so it doesn't irritate baby's skin or my own! And I feel great about wrapping him up in it because of that! Also it doesn't just have straps that fit over the shoulders-- Since it fits like a t-shirt, the weight is more evenly distributed so it doesn't hurt my back and shoulders (like the Ergo/virtually every baby wrap I tried with my other babies)! I wish I had this for every baby!
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