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on December 3, 2017
pro: They keep my iced tea cold for a long LONG time, but they are not cold to the touch on the outside of the glass.
pro: They don't sweat on the outside at room temperature (even at 50% humidity).
pro: Classy.
These are the reasons I keep buying them. I use them every day.

con: Very fragile. I've broken 4, all due to handling accidents on my part.
con: The ones with the silicone plug in the bottom started showing condensation between the walls starting with the very first washing in my dishwasher on 'normal' setting.
For these reasons, I would never give them as a gift.

rant: I started with 4 of the version that was fully sealed and had no silicone plug (maybe 15 years ago?). They NEVER had a condensation problem. (And still don't. --2 of the original 4 remain in service.)
Several years ago I bought 2 of this new version, with the plug, and both developed the condensation problem (which waxes and wanes, sometimes clearing up completely). After I broke those, I bought 2 more of the new version in 2017, hoping Bodum had fixed the condensation problem. Nope. Same ugly problem. (Aside: the originals weighed 4 ounces, and the new ones weigh in at 4.9 ounces, but are not visibly different in size. The heavier weight and silicone plug have not reduced breakage in my experience.)

Why, why, WHY don't they go back to the original fully-sealed design??? The new version is slightly cheaper, but the interior condensation is not worth the marginal cost savings. They are still expensive glassware, priced for the well-to-do, so they might as well do the job right.

note: All of my tumblers have been the 8 ounce size.

note: My father-in-law uses a plastic version, like those made by Culver, Tervis, and Boston Warehouse. At his house, I can plunk my "glass" on a marble table without experiencing breakage anxiety!
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on August 11, 2017
fast shipping. item was exactly as described and even more.. i was expecting a more fragile feeling mug. these mugs feel like they have a little weight to them, which makes them feel more durable. but sure if they are or not? i hand washed them so far. my coffee stays hot longer and the best part is when i fill my mug up with fresh super hot coffee, the outside of the mug is completely cool. Great size also not to big not to small(12ounce) little getting used to not having a handle, but no big deal.. would highly recommended...

UPDATE: 11/04/17
I broke one mug today. theyare a little more fragile than I thought. also the narrow base makes them very easy to tip over. all&all still when not broken and tipped over Great mugs!
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on July 18, 2012
I've broken at least 20 glasses so far.

But, does that stop me from ordering more?

Oh, HELL no!

Once you use these glasses, you're spoiled forever. NOT hold these glasses under the refrigerator ice dispensor...the falling ice will break the glass.

Do NOT let anyone touch your glass because they will put the glass down on the counter top the wrong way and it will break.

Never, ever, leave your glass where someone can touch it because they will break the glass just by looking at it.

When you are done using the glass...hand wash the glass and hide it where no one knows where it is because .....if somone sees the glass on a shelf, it will break instantly.

I love these glasses and I order two boxes at a time.

I always have a spare locked away....
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on December 27, 2013
The quintessential cocktail glass. The double walled- insulation keeps the ice alive for an unbelievable time. Yet the shape and feel is almost delicate to the touch. It has also become a favorite for our guests, who continuously comment on what a great glass it is. We did lose one to the dishwasher, but we ordered two more immediately. Never to be without!
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VINE VOICEon December 1, 2017
I've been using these glasses for years and I like them. They are fragile and a few have broken but I can't fault the product for that. Buyers need to know to be careful. The problem I have is that over time, the glass clouds. The manufacturer says that the borosilicate glass won't get cloudy, ever. But they don't stand by their own claims. They advertise an attribute falsely, give a limited one year warranty, and when the glasses don't last as promised they don't stand by their statements. That makes these good while they last, but even with normal use you can't expect them to last.
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on March 30, 2016
One glass cracked in the bottom immediately and I blamed myself for being clumsy ... However, the second glass cracked along the top rim and I KNOW it was not through mis-use by me ... I went to my original order to return the product and found it was too late to do so .. Now I am stuck having paid a great deal of money for glasses which are definitely not worth it ... Sorry for this bad review, but I feel I was definitely NOT satisfied with this particular Amazon seller .. Thank you . Elaine Abate
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on August 21, 2017
These mugs (glasses?) are wonderful! I have an older version of them that doesn't have the opening at the bottom with the rubber gasket. I never had a problem with them getting fogged up or compromised, but this improve design should guarantee that never happening to anyone.

I love the reaction you get from people who hold them with hot liquid inside! There is no heat transference whatsoever and they are very light but somehow sturdy. These are my every day coffee mugs.
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on February 4, 2016
Beautiful, elegant, modern -- gorgeous to look at when a liquid is inside, lattes with whipped cream especially, however it has one fatal flaw: If you *drop* one of these things, it *will* explode, like a glass grenade. You're in for hours of fun playing Mojang's new glass-sweeper game with a broom, vacuum, flashlight, and pair of tweezers.

That said, it's totally still worth it. Holds heat well and is fantastic to look at. Ordering some more because I accidentally two cups. :)
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on May 15, 2017
Bought these to replace our coffee mugs at home. They are great! You have to be careful when sipping hot beverages, as they don't feel hot to the touch (even if I've just poured boiling water in them). They look great and feel great in the hand as well.

However, I noticed that one of these is actually a bit shorter than the other. It's noticeable enough for it to annoy me a little bit, but I suppose that's the nature of handmade items, so I won't take a star off for it.
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on April 23, 2017
Seemed nice, but I think the manufacturer- and perhaps everyone else in the order fulfillment chain- should add (more?) quality control.

One glass seems fine so far (2-3 weeks of use); the other showed water inside after first only-under-running-water-never-submerged hand wash. As it turns out, the rubber/silicone piece on the bottom is off placed just enough to be completely ineffective- hence nothing stopping water from getting between the two glass walls.

Now what?

Posted to Amazon Q&A to get ideas on getting water out- which was no help.

What next? Email seller? Contact Bodum?

Either way, it's a bit of "pita"... and one that shouldn't be necessary.
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