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on April 7, 2011
Hello everyone,

So I have had the armband for approximately one month and have worn it every day since then. Here is my review of it:

How it is GREAT-

1) The pedometer is accurate, so long as you are walking or running on hard surfaces. The sleep monitor is also accurate. On days when I feel that I haven't slept well, I can see my sleep deficit on the activity manager dashboard.

2) It is a wonderful motivator. I have the display device that I wear as a watch and I am constantly syncing it with the armband to see my stats. If I see that I am not burning enough calories, then I know it's time to get moving.

How it is just OKAY:

I have averaged a 400 calories deficit according to this device and have still not lost a pound. I measure my food with measuring cups, spoons, or a portable food scale, so I don't think that I am that far off with respect to calorie consumption. But still, no weight loss; I have been wondering--why is this?

My conclusion is the following:

1) I think that the monitor is as advertised - 90% accurate. That means that if the display says that I have burned 2400 calories, then all I have really burned is 2160. Since I set my calorie intake at 2,000 calories per day, then my calorie deficit is not high enough to lose a pound per week.

2) The standard setting for vigorous activity is not set high enough as walking at a moderate speed will count as vigorous activity. To change this, as I did today, you have to go into "preferences" and change the MET scale. I have now changed mine to the following standard: 3.5-8.0 METs will count as moderate activity (such as walking 3.5-4.5 MPH), and anything above 8+ MET's is vigorous activity (such as running 4.5+MPH)).

We will see if these changes fix my present dilemma. If they do, then I will upgrade my review to five stars as this product does what it advertises.
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on August 4, 2013
I tried this some years back under the BodyBugg name from 24 Hour Fitness. I had a low metabolism and I was hoping this product might give me a better idea of how much I REALLY burn in a day. Total fail. It's made for people with normal metabolisms. I knew I wasn't burning 2500 calories a day because I ate 1600 (and exercised like a crazy person) and I gained; and no, it wasn't muscle.

Well, after having three doctors tell me my thyroid was "fine" and "normal," I finally got a doctor to listen to me. He discovered there was a problem. It took a couple of years to find the right combo of meds, but I am feeling good again and can eat like a normal person. So I decided to give this thing a second try and so far I like what I see. I had no idea how much I was eating or burning, resulting in a slow weight gain. Hopefully tracking my food will help me to eat less so I can lose.

The sleep tracker is a little disappointing. It shows a very broken sleep pattern, but really, I only get up once or twice a night, and then go right back to sleep. I know I sleep way more than the monitor is giving me credit for. So I'm not too impressed with the sleep tracker. But I am otherwise impressed with the product so I will give it 4 stars.

The pedometer function seems to count low. I wear a regular one at my waist and the armband always counts fewer than my pedometer.

As I said above, if you have an underactive thyroid, this product won't work. It doesn't know if your metabolism is slow or fast; it just goes by the average metabolism for someone of your gender and weight. If you can get on the right meds so you feel good again, then it will work.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 24, 2012
I picked this item up after seeing that My Fitness Pal had added integration with it to their application. As someone who has lost over a hundred pounds using tools like My Fitness Pal and Lose It, I trust when they integrate with a system that it will be a solid, useful addition to help me with weight management. Well, at least until now.

I already have a heart rate monitor and already log calories using free systems like MFP and Lose It, so the added benefit of this system would have been actually truly calculating my calories burned during a day. However, there are a lot of problems:

* I can't wear this strap - The included strap is too small for me to wear comfortably. After one night with the strap, My arm is incredibly sore. I'm not a huge dude (5'11, 250), but presumably their product is for people who aren't in the best of shape?
* BodyMedia FIT does not sync with my computer - After plugging in the BMF, reading all of their FAQs regarding syncing, none of the expected behavior is happening regarding actually communicating with my computer.
* Most egregiously, after spending $100 on this device, in order to extract any data from it, I need to sign up for (yet another) $7/month service? Come on. This needs to be more clearly stated, because even if it was working, there are better alternatives than being tied to some paid system leeching your bank account every month.

I highly support the aims of this system, and I salute those who it is working for. I'll note that you can get the same sorts of information this is (supposed to be) telling you by meeting regularly with a nutritionist and from logging calories into free systems that have broader community support. Good luck...
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on March 5, 2011
I have tried everything...lost 60 lbs without hitting a plateau, but have been stuck on the last 15 for over a year now. I bought a heart rate monitor to make sure I was putting in enough effort, increased exercise, tried to watch what I eat...lose 3, gain 3. ugh.

SO I decided to try this. I love it! Been wearing it for 2 weeks now, and have taken off the Christmas yo yo weight and am 11 lbs from my goal...down 3 lbs in 2 weeks.
I discovered that even with reasonably good exercise of 45-75 minutes a day, getting my HR up to an average of 135 or so, I only burn 1800 calories a day. And that means to lose weight at a decent pace, I am down to 1000 cal a day diet or it isn't going to budge. Logging my food also helps...seeing it in black and white for me is good incentive. And if I don't want to bother to look up the calorie content of something...then I figure I shouldn't eat it.

The unit set up perfectly on my laptop...everything was automatic and within minutes it was ready to go. It syncs with no problem. I have managed to navigate the web site OK, although I wish there were a little more description on what is available...I keep finding new things.

I think I am finally going to be able to get down to my target weight. And that makes it worth every penny.
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on February 16, 2011
I bought this item about a week ago, and I have to admit that it is pretty cool. BodyMedia believes that the key to weight loss include; calories consumed, calories burned and sleep duration. I was especially interested in the sleep calculator this device has. The calorie calculators online, for me anyways, have been wrong and this is something that I have been wondering about. According to most based on my heigh (6'-5") and weight (250lbs) and seditary job, my metabolic rate should be around 3600-3900 calories, but i'm only burning around 3000 + - on a non-gym day. The sleep function on this device is pretty amazing. I work grave yard and catch a nap around 3am and it is sensitive enough to record this 30 minute nap.

The subscription-webbased program that is necessary is pretty functional, cheap, and has a great inventory of foods including fast food and name brand products that make inserting your calories pretty simple.

The only minor problem I see, is that I will probably have to replace the arm band soon. It is a velcro strap and after 2 weeks its getting frayed where I attach the end. Replacements are not really expensive and I don't really see an alternative to velcro so we'll see what happens.
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on January 27, 2012
I've had this for three months now. I wanted to have it a while to get a good assessment before reviewing the item.

-It takes a while to get used to the bodymediafit armband on your arm. After a week I was comfortable wearing it except while in the shower or washing my armband.
-It only comes with one armband, and after working out that one armband is probably going to gross you out. Since it's Velcro, every time you wash it it gets a little nastier looking. Plus you have to take it off to wash. A replacement armband is 15$ with shipping.

-I find it to be incredibly active when I am sedentary, asleep, sitting, and walking. The sensors monitor temperature, movement, movement speed, and skin humidity. I think because I'm not that sweaty of a person it will sometimes have my mets looking less than they were. Example- I was on the treadmill busting my behind, able to talk but completely unwilling to as I was doing 80% of my max heartrate. The bodymediafit recorded it as moderate activity, calories burned 536. My heartrate monitor recorded it as 560 calories. So fairly accurate, though it sucks to have your hard earned work called "moderate activity" instead of the "intense" it deserves. You can change the Met level that is the distinction between the two, but I still think I was at least pushing a 7.
-The sleep efficiency stuff I find pretty damned accurate. I sleep regularly, though, fidgeting while awake and being completely still while sleeping. I don't really care much for when I was sick and it congratulated me on being asleep for 14 hours. Felt more like a taunt than anything else, but I know I'm nitpicking.

-This is really where the product stands out. I know now that on a lazy day I sleep nine hours, sit around and do nothing for four hours, putt around my house, nap, get up, put around and then go to bed. I know that cleaning up gives me such a huge spike in calories burned that I just love to clean now. I even occasionally race to my car from the grocery store and quickly race the cart back either hoping for those two minutes of moderate activity. I know that 20 minutes of working out doesn't really give me that many benefits and I may as well stick around for at least 30 minutes.. if I can do that, why not stick around for 45 or an hour?
-You can change the schedule for weigh ins, you can also weigh in at will whenever you'd like. I like the option. You can even select that it not remind you to weigh in at all. Convenient.

Bodymedia's Website
-If the product has a failing point, it's in the limited catalog of foods. Unlike a lot of other sites, users cannot see the food entries submitted by other users so you end up spending a lot of time entering in products. It's so tedious that I just go to myfitnesspal, enter in all my food and then record my calories and daily macros as one custom meal on the body media site. Sure, it's weird seeing a 1500 calorie breakfast, but it's a lot more convenient than adding every amy's frozen meal individually. There's no option to compose a meal, either, so I can't craft a lasagna plate and then make servings without a calculator. Again, much easier to use myfitnesspal.
-The reports are great. I love changing the sliders to see how much activity and calorie burns I have in a certain time. That said, I do wish there were more report options. I'd love a macronutrient report. That said, I can look at that in another program. They really should seek to synchronize with another, better organized calorie counting site.
-I'm not sure the service is worth the 6.95 a month, but the product is worth paying it, so I continue to.

-When I purchased it, I also purchased it with the display. I don't think anyone needs the display. It doesn't stay synced unless very close to the armband, doesn't clip onto anything but the thinnest material. It's waterproof, but the armband isn't (weird). It also beeps everytime you press a button and there is no option to turn it off. I'd much rather just plug into my PC once a day while in the shower than get a VERY limited amount of information from the display.
-Price points- I've seen this as low as 107 and as high as 179.
-Wear it on your left arm.
-I definitely think this product is worth it for anyone who needs a kick in the butt to stay active. It works well for people who live partially sedentary lives, or work in an office for most of their week. I think for people who stay active a lot more a heartrate monitor may be more to their tastes. I own both, because I am kind of both people. Sometimes terribly active and wanting details on my workouts, knowing exactly how hard my heart is working... and sometimes just wanting to know how badly sitting on my butt is hurting my body.
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on September 10, 2012
I bought a ki because i find it hard to lose weight. I love my ki fit as it tells me just how much I need to move to lose weight, it's compact, it's easy to wear and logs all my movements. Brilliant. My only concern is the subscription price which is quite high. I originally bought my ki fit as a package and a years subscription about 2 years ago. I lost abit of weight then lost interest for awhile, then became pregnant so couldn't use it. I was surprised that even though my subscription had ended to the ki fit website I was unable to use my ki fit armband at all. Being annoyed but now wanting to lose my pregnancy weight, I had a useless piece of kit. But liking my ki I bought a 6 month subscription and then my ki broke down.
Again really annoyed I contacted customer services. They are really nice and helpful people but at this point I was getting fed up. I now needed a new ki armband and my warranty was up!
So I bought a new ki armband from the states as it was cheaper. I like ki fit but they are expensive in the Uk. I I wish I had known I couldn't my ki without a subscription i may not have bought it but, I did and felt commited to using it.
I cannot fault the product as I love it and as such paid the subscription.

I would have given the product 4 out of 5 but price wise it's expensive.
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on March 22, 2011
I have struggled with my weight since 1992. That was when I moved to California and I put on about 40 pounds, then I quit smoking several years later and another 60 pounds arrived. In the mean time I have gained and lost between 40 and 50 pounds several times. At my highest I weighed in at 346 pounds (I am 6'-2") at my lowest in the last 10 years I was at 287. When I bought my monitor 3 weeks ago I was at 306 today I am at 298. So 8 pounds in 3 weeks is not too bad. Granted I am going to the gym EVERYDAY - 30 minutes of cardio in the morning, a prescribed workout 3 times a week and then evening cardio on evenings I am not doing my workout for 30 mintes. The object of this tool is to give you information and it does do that. However, some of the downsides of it are that you cannot wear it while you are driving, it gives WILDLY inaccurate data while you are in the car. I found that it is difficult to remove the device while in the car (or I forget to take it off) when I am wearing a long sleeve shirt. Then I will forget to put it back on. If I am making several trips (weekend shopping) then I don't feel like I am getting valid data. If anyone from BodyMedia reads this, perhaps a button on the device to turn it off while driving, or the ability to edit the time worn to reflect when you are in a vehicle. The sleep monitor has been a life save, I am pleased to see that my sleep averages 80% - 90% efficient each night. The loggin of meals gets old after a while and I am trying to keep myself disciplined. There are a LOT of foods in their database and adding my own is not too difficult. It is easy to create recipes then tell it how much of a recipe you have consumed and it does the work for you. Overall I would recommend this product.
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on May 10, 2011
I bought this and was very excited due to the good reviews. Somehow I missed that the BW was one that would synch with my phone and I didn't get that one. Maybe things would have been different. First, it does not have the time set correctly. I tried to change it by changing the time zone and that didn't work. Many others had this problem as well. BodyMedia did not reply to the issue online or to the email I sent them. This is important because it does not give me the proper number of hours of sleep, and other things are off due to this. It doesn't record my steps correctly, giving me many less than I do. I have done a walking exercise routine and it didn't record any of it- the steps or the activity. It says you can edit activity but when I tried, there was just a message saying it was more accurate to let the machine do its work. What work? So there was no way to tell it that I had done a 1/2 hour of moderate exercise. HELP is ineffective as I said. Online Customer Service is nonexistant. They didn't respond to the clock issue online where others complained about this as well. They did not respond to my email either. Now emails to customer service can only be 21 characters long. What can you say in 21 chacters? I am trying to get Amazon to trade it in.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 8, 2012
I bought a BodyMedia Fit armband last year and used it for approximately 4 months. At first I thought it was great, until I realized that its main function, tracking how many calories you burn and the intensity of your workouts, really doesn't work all that great.
Example 1: Went on a very strenuous 8 hour hike through rocky terrain. I was sweating the entire time and at the end, I could barely climb back into the school van. Being a 260 pound woman who went on an 8 hour hike, you would think this thing would tell me that I burned a lot of calories that day. It's reading: I burned 200 calories for the entire hike and only stayed in the "mild intensity zone." Say what??

Example 2: It does not correctly track your calories burned if you are on a bike or eliptical. Some people say to put it on your leg, but that makes it overcalculate the number of calories you burn.

Example 3: The amount of calories the online tracker tells you to eat are way beyond what you should be eating for weight loss. It told me that I should be eating 3,000 calories per day at my height (5'6) and weight. I figured they knew best and ate this way for the 4 months I used it, exercised daily, and *gained* 7 pounds. And it was not muscle.

My other complaint: good luck getting this company to stop billing you once you cancel your subscription. Their customer service is OK, but not the greatest. I cancelled my subscription, then was charged for that month. Talked to the rep and they said they would refund it. Great. Two days after I got the first refund there was another charge for the same month on my bank statement. Contact them again: another refund. Told them to erase my bank card number from their files. Two days later: yep, you got it...another charge for that same month. They told me it was a "glitch." Went through this six times, had to pay to get a new bank card, lost money in overdraft fees, etc. Not cool.

Bottom line: faulty product that is not as accurate as you'd think it should be and their online service is horrid. If you still want to buy it, I'd recommend buying it with the wrist monitor, so you can see how many calories you burned that day without subscribing to the service.
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