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on October 20, 2011
I expected a weapons heavy no frills smooth controlling FPS and for the most part that is exactly what this is.
The story is you work for a privately funded militia that sends out lone soldiers to settle battles with small time warlords. The story does expand into the scifi realm but only so far.
The single player campaign clips along as you run headlong solo into all sorts of intense firefights. Switching weapons, reloading, intel pick ups and movement all come very naturally and this is an addictive experience as the levels have tons of routes through them and you will want to best your grade by repeating them in BODYCOUNT mode.
The co-op and multiplayer should play well for those who want to share the mayhem I haven't been able to try them yet however. The game also froze up once during the single player missions, but only once after many hours of play.
For the PS3 there is a tiny install, and the top resolution is 720p, I played the demo on 360 and it looked better but seems to play smoother on the PS3, probably just finished product vs. demo. Lots of fun for the type of player who doesn't want a team slowing you down, and the intel collecting and powerup usage really adds to the level of destruction you can wreck on the environment and enemies, just plain old trigger happy fun with a bunch of detailed and different weapon options. Star off for the forced strafing on zoom mode and the one freeze up.
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on January 13, 2012
I was pretty excited about this game when I 1st heard about it and waited anxiously for the price drop, I knew this wasnt a $60.00 game but it still peeked my interest. Its a $20.00 game at best, its def a no-brainer old school shoot'em up game. Graphics are decent, slightly better then PS2, controlls are okay not difficult to pick up, some cool boss fights, its just a cheesy FPS where you go all out and shoot everything that moves. No real strategy or basic brain funcion to play this one, but it does have its upside with the carnage and devastation that you are able to cause.
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on August 16, 2012
This games makes me appreciate how much work goes into making good games like Halo, Killzone, COD, BFBC etc.

The sound is terrible, weapons and explosions sound ok, but then there are other noises and random dialog that is just plain annoying, especially in the African missions, or in the Target bunkers.

The graphics are very, very PS2, which I wouldn't mind if the enemies and the environment were better differentiated, the color pallete really strains the eyes.

Weapons are ok, melee (knife) is not good. Enemies appear out of thin air in certain areas and keep materialising till the waypoint is reached or mission completed. I've killed over 40 militia just standing in one place, squeezing the trigger every few seconds, in other areas they materialise right of walls right in front of you.

You can't aim down sights so you only get headshots when the game decides to give them, so-called skillshots are impossible to execute with consistent precision, but the game penalises you for running & gunning, spraying & praying.

Controls for PS3 are strange too, and unlike just about every other game out there don't have the option to switch, R1/L1 are for grenades and mines, while R2/L2 are for aiming and shooting.

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but I really didn't enjoy this game. Bought if for less than $20 so I'm not too sad. If you're looking for an FPS where you can just spend an hour after work shooting stuff up, get Borderlands Game of the Year
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on April 14, 2016
This seller is great. I received exactly what was promised. And my game came complete and works perfectly. It was on time or arrived early. Great experience!
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on November 14, 2012
The game is designed for players with low skill levels, I enjoyed it for that reason. Strange as it seems the next to last episode was much harder than the final game ending. That is fine with me. The "Real Hard Core Gamer" might not like the game at all and its a game with less challengers.
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on February 19, 2015
So for some reason I was really excited about this game - I like a "dumb fun" First Person Shooter as much as the next guy, and I heard this one had some decent chaos/explosions, etc... It does in spots, but mostly it's deadly dull - the weapons aren't very interesting, and there's very little variety between them. Also, this is one of those games where you can't pick up your enemies' weapons so you're stuck with the same two through most of the stage. It gets really old real fast, especially when alot of the guns (like the pistol) are useless and you'd only choose them just to inject some variety in the gameplay.

The graphics are weak but also redundant. You go to the same areas over and over again, or at least it looks like you do. The enemy designs are uninspired. The story is boring but also kind of confusing. There's hardly any cutscenes and most of the story is given through text scrolls/loading screens. Speaking of which, this is a masterpiece compared to Call of Juarez: The Cartel, but it shares the same unpolished feeling like you're playing a demo or a game from several console generations before.

This would all be forgivable if the gameplay was fun, but the aiming mechanics are weird and you'll often be shooting everything BUT your target. You get 4 special "powers" in the game that are honestly more trouble than they're worth - this is one of those games where it takes FOREVER to earn enough energy to get about 5 seconds of increased damage or invincibility that may or may not have helped. They might as well not have included the powers because you hardly ever get to use them!

If you want good play control and a solid story, stick to the Call of Duty games. If it's crazy over-the-top kills you want, there's Bulletstorm. If you want to actually use power-ups/upgrades, try Crysis. Basically, there's no reason to buy this game unless you're a FPS completist..
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on June 27, 2013
this game was good I liked it some challenging parts to the game. Good graphics and characters plenty of levels
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on November 8, 2012
99.9% of the time I buy first person, real world, shooter games such as MOH, Brothers In Arms, and the like. A while back, at Game Stop, the clerk said I would not like the game, figured what the heck, no new shooter games were available so why not? This game was awsome, missions out the behind, will play again!!!!
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on March 8, 2014
this game is an absolute abomination to gaming industry. I cant even aim. its so hard to aim. worst game of any kind i've ever played. enemies pop up on the SCREEN. one second they're not there. and then. they're. enemies just pop up everywhere for no reason. in groups. all you see is waves of 20 enemies running at you. and its so hard to kill people. i throw grenades all the time because i cant aim in this game. the cursor is hard to move. clunky movement. weapons feel like BB Guns. i've played it for about 2 hours. and you will realize that this is the WORST GAME ever made. i cant believe it was published. who made this crap? its unbelievable. i yet can't believe how bad this game is. and in each map there is a fat guy with a mini gun that takes forever to kill. its like on of those crappy shooters on the playstation 2 i used to play. but even worse. i cant believe this game is published. i got it for $9. and let me tell you. i wouldn't play it for free. the only reason i want to finish it so i don't feel that i wasted my money. piece of s*** game. holy crap. no wonder THQ is out of business. i want to give this -5 stars. but i cant. you really dont want to play this if your a shooters fan. you really dont want to. this is a warning and am not kidding with this.unless you want to know how bad shooters. and video games overall. can get. this is it. the lowest point of a game i've played yet. all those online shooters are better than this. aiming is like a third person shooter type of aim. you see from the side. and there is a cursor. its pretty ridiculous and its impossible to aim easily. takes me few seconds to aim on the enemy. and if they're moving. its impossible to him them if not just randomly spam at them. the only thing i liked. is that there is a futuristic part of the game. there are 2 really cool weapons. and cool futuristic area in the game. but it still suck overall as a game.

where am i currently in the game.

am currently stuck in one of the last missions. might be the last one. where i have to stay in a room for a time. while i get unlimited waves of enemies spawn until a certain time ends. no place to hide. at hard mode. it looks impossible. this is gonna take a lot of time

did i say that i wish i never bought the game. i want to at least finish it. i hate not finishing games. but this is mission impossible. i am playing this on the hardest difficulty. and am having hard time. i've finished every single game i've played and i've played many CODs on veteran mode and done them. but this is just impossible. they throw you into a room with absolutely no place to hide. spawn about 25 enemies at you. which each of them has more health than you do. it ridiculous. what angers me is that they spam grenades. infinite. they will though grenades. they have some sort of a laser grenade launcher. it kills me in 2 shots. there are 4 groups of enemies coming from 4 different directions. sometimes. even more. how did they expect people to do this? this is absolutely impossible to do. i cant believe how made-to-be-impossible this is. holy cow. i just wish i never bought this piece of junk.
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on September 1, 2011
From out of nowhere comes this FPS.
This is a arcade style shooter.With little storyline and thankfully no cheesy one-liners and cussing.
Graphics:Are well rendered buildings look different and frame rates move nicely along.Enemies all look the same and not much gore.Weapons are well rendered and do various degrees of damage depending on type.Damage and explosions are rendered well.

Sound:Is good with each weapon having it's own sound and explosions are well done.

Gameplay:Very similar to Black with all the "Gun porn".Black had a better story but I only have 4 hrs into the game.
No aiming down the sights you zoom in like in Black.The cover system/lean takes getting used to.But there is no learning curve to this game.Pick your weapons and if it moves kill it.
The shredding system is the best part of the game.You can just about destroy everything in this game.So one should not linger in the same spot for long.
As you kill enemies icons called intel will drop and move to you as you walk by to give you power-ups.which can be a air strike or other things you can unlock.There is really no tactics or realism in this game so that will be a turn off for some.To be blunt,this is a old fashioned shooter.

Dislikes:None so far, will update.

Overall:Fun arcade style shooter that should appeal to casual gamers.Can be repetitive but I enjoy turning my brain off for a while to just blast everything that moves on the map.The guy who thought up Black helped to make this game.This game won't get attention from the main stream game mags.As they have MW/BF fever and are slaves to advertisers.
If you are on the fence, I recommend renting first to see if you like it.Not a bad game and I'm having fun which takes priority for me over graphics etc.

I have poor service in my AO so unable to review online aspects of this game.

Update 9-2-11
Have 6 hours into this game on hard.It is challenging and bosses will give you a run for your money.
I recommend playing on normal or higher so one does not breeze right through.I find the fire fights intense and similar to Black.
Enemy AI can be very dumb sometimes and other times they will try to flank and sneak up on you.
Very refreshing old-school shooter.I really enjoy trashing the map with explosions.Each weapon has it's own unique sound.I played this through my stereo and was shaking the house lol!
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