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on January 30, 2017
What has not been said already by all the other reviewers. This is a cool older movie and well worth seeing by the entire family. Chris makepeace is the scrawny kid in school getting picked on like all the other scrawny kids by the evil matt Dillon and his gang. Chris befriends but first hires Adam Baldwin the big kid to be his bodyguard. Everyone is afraid of him so it is natural. Well what follows is a rollercoaster ride of budding friendship and bullying. See this movie with your family. the Entire cast is superb.
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on November 12, 2015
This film isn't aired enough. Chris Makepeace plays the new kid at a Chicago high school, who is bullied by a boy named Moody (Matt Dillon). He enlists the "bodyguard" services of the one kid everyone seems to be afraid of, a hulking truant named Ricky Linderman (played by Firefly's ADAM Baldwin, not Alec Baldwin as indicated in some other reviews here.) The arrangement doesn't last long, but both boys develop a friendship while each learns to confront their individual fears. Well worth watching.
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on December 5, 2016
For all of those in the 40 year old range, this movie should bring back some wonderful nostalgic memories. It had always been a favorite of mine and when I saw it available, I immediately purchased it. I didn't mind the lack of Blu Ray quality, as it aided the nostalgic effect to have a lo-fi version. A true classic film and one that I was able to share with my whole family. I'm so happy to have this in my collection.
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on December 10, 2013
This has been one of my favorite movies of all time, for more than half of my life! This movie is NOTHING like your typical teenage underdog/bully story; and nothing like modern movies- i.e it is not just a bunch of clichés strung together; and the characters are unique and "real". It's a "feel good" movie, but with depth; and all the quality touches of a movie that was made to be enjoyed by adults. The acting and casting were superb; The sets; on-lopcation shooting and direction were perfect; the writing outstanding.

DON'T write this one off as just another teenage/bully is far more.

In my book, this is a very rare perfect movie!
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on December 20, 2013
Unlike a lot of transfers from films of this era, I found this one pretty exceptional. I was only twelve or thirteen when the movie came out, and every now and again I enjoy watching it in a fit of nostalgia. The performances delivered by all the players were quite exceptional, which only makes it all that enjoyable when coupled with the decent production mastering in the transfer to DVD. Oddly, it indicates widescreen but my copy was full screen (which was fine with me). If you remember the picture and liked it and you're wondering if the DVD is worth it, my opinion is "go for it!"
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on October 29, 2015
I haven't seen this in years, but recently met Adam Baldwin at a convention, and discussions brought this movie to mind. This was Baldwin's first on-screen appearance, and the cast had several soon to be well-known names in their early appearances, and several classic actors as well. All in all, it's a great "buddy" film. Even as an adult, I could still enjoy it, and would promote it to others for a family-night viewing. Minimal violence, no harsh language, realistic situations and settings, and a lot of great actors (young and old).
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on May 9, 2007
The movie is well done with a fine cast. What makes it unusual is the manner in which it deals with some fundamental elements in the "coming of age process." One of the themes one can chart throughout a life cycle is the evolution of the concept of power. One finds that in the elementary grades where power is physical and individualistic. The mindset atthis point is "whose the tuffest kid in the class." As one moves towards high school the notion of power becomes redefined into a more social framework such as team sports (football, basketball, etc.). It still deals with the physical domain of power, but more social (team efforts sanctioned by the institutional structure, i.e., the school). However there is a class divide that exists within the schools. Those who come from middle class families are more readily moved forward towards college and the professions. Those who are disenfranchised do not. The realization of this on the part of the disenfranchised can lead to hostility expressed in the form of physical threats. This is the nub of the movie. A bright student comes to an inner city school and finds himself the target of a formidable group of bullies. Realizing that he is no physical match he decides that the way to deal with this delemma is trump his tormentors by finding someone even more menacing. At first the potential bodyguard is reticent and dismisses the offer, but eventually the two are drawn together by circumstances and become friends. The result of the friendship is the focus of the movie: the evolution of each of these characters as a result of their interaction with one anther. Needless to say, the bullies are vanquished in the end and the two main characters (the "geek" and his bodyguard)continue to evolve well beyond the point of their first encounter. The movie is also a bit unusual in the sense that it treats the psychological motiviation of the "bodyguard" at a deeper level that one might expect from a teen movie. It's well done and the cast is excellent with a story told in a very believable fashion.
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on October 19, 2015
This is one of my all time favorites of all time. A really fun movie with a message can't tell a book by its cover. Just because someone is larger doesn't mean that they are meaner.
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on February 13, 2008
I can relate to Clifford Peache.

The only difference was I didn't grow up in urban Chicago and live at a 5 Star hotel. Actually, I didn't run around in junkyards either (although I liked to crawl through drainage pipes as a young lad).

'My Bodyguard' is a pretty simple story of a kid who is bullied at school. There's more to it, but that is your synopsis in a nutshell.

Every parent should make their kid watch this movie as just about every kid is, at one time or another, laughed at or picked on somewhere along the way when growing up. The difference being, most parents don't have the guts to tell their kids to stick up for themselves and beat the hell out of someone who makes them feel inferior in some sense.

Maybe you don't need to see the movie and just need to make your kids read my review. When someone is trying to act tough around you and bully you or one of your best friends, there are three simple steps to take:

1. Walk right up to them and get in their face and stare at them when you tell them to put up or shut up. I'd say a good eight inches from their face is a good distance. Most of these morons are just starving for attention and need to act a certain way to get that attention, so they'll balk at the suggestion anyway.

2. When they don't do anything but back pedal and stutter, you tell them if there's anymore b.s. coming from their mouths or if you hear any b.s. has continued when you're not around, you're going to punch them in the face.

3. Punch them in the face anyway. That's the problem with bullies, their parents obviously didn't do a very good job of raising them, so you need to do some parenting of your own. Nothing stops until you take action yourself and give them what they truly deserve.

Two punks in Junior High and 1 in high school got exactly what they deserved 16-17 years ago and Moody and Mike got what they deserved in the park at the end of this fantastic, realistic movie.

It makes you feel good when you do it. It makes you feel good when Clifford and Ricky do it. it makes you feel great knowing that the idiots you did it to are probably/will be doing community service by the time they reach 25 years old...if they can hang on that long.

The score in this movie is brilliant, too.
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on February 23, 2013
This video is one of my very favorite. It depicts an adolescent's situation in a new school where he has become the target of a group of bullies. In an effort to protect himself, he recruits the aid of a bigger, seemingly more worldly classmate to be his bodyguard. As time progresses, these two adolescents become friends. Eventually his "bodyguard" teaches him to defend himself so that the last scenes of the video portray the adolescent boy's ability to return blow for blow, freeing himself from the bully's tactics. For those who've experienced the bully experience at school, this film is very good in encouraging the ability to fend for oneself and others who are bullied. A.M. Seidler
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