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on October 1, 2016
This is our 2nd Bonavita BV1800 in 4 years. They both suddenly stopped working one day around the 2 year mark. We took great care of them both descaling and de-oiling them with the recommended products. Our 2nd one failed yesterday so I decided to disassemble it this morning thinking I could maybe clean it or blow out and buildup. Was shocked to find galvanic corrosion all over the aluminum coil. This is caused by a chemical reaction between the aluminum coil and non aluminum metal in direct contact with it. This includes the steel pump and mount screws that thread into the aluminum on either end, and the heating element. This is prevented on aluminum body cars by using hardware with a special coating. On aluminum boats they use hardware and/or a sacrificial anode. Doesn't matter how much or little you use it, once a certain amount of time has passed, letting the chemical process reaches a certain point, the electronics will fail and the pump and heater will no longer work. Won't be buying another one based one what I saw today, we'll try a Technivorm instead.
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on February 9, 2012
I'm really happy with this coffee maker, having chosen it over the Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer With Thermo Carafe - Technivorm 9587. It brews extremely quickly (about 7 minutes), and I measured the temperature of the water coming from the spout at about the 195F-200F range, so it's in the right range for extracting optimum flavor -- the brew from this machine is just at the point of being tip-of-the-tongue scalding. The water is dispensed at a number of different points into the filter, and looking at the grounds afterwards you can tell that the dispersion pattern works well, as the coffee grounds remain clumped at the bottom of the filter, rather than being thinly spread across the entire filter.

Note that this is a minimalistic coffee maker. It is fairly compact, has an unassuming appearance, and there are no glowing dials, no HUDs, no clocks. There's one control: the on/off switch. It has no timer. It doesn't have a brew stopper, so you have to let the coffee maker finish before you can pour yourself a cup (since the coffee maker brews so quickly, this isn't too big of a deal). You cannot navigate your kitchen at night by the light from this coffeemaker, nor can you signal passing UFOs.

Nonetheless, it makes great coffee.
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on May 18, 2012

The video captures brewing the first pot of coffee with the Bonavita and (briefly) how to fold a filter. It demonstrates pouring.


Today I received my Bonavita Thermal Coffee Maker and made my first brew with it.

First impressions: This is one fast and impressive little machine. No wonder it garnered the Specialty Coffee Association of America's coveted Certified Brewer Equipment award: one of only four machines to do so as of this writing. This machine makes very hot coffee indeed: I measured the coffee in the preheated thermal carafe right after brewing at 188° F. With a non-preheated carafe the coffee was 183.2° F right after brewing completed.

Temperatures during brewing were at 195° F at 58 seconds into brewing and reached as high as 205.8° F briefly at the 4:04 minute mark and at 203.3° F at the end of the brewing cycle (see photos). Brewing time was 5 minutes 48 seconds, so just under six minutes.

A photo is attached of what you receive with this brewer, and the list, like the brewer, is very basic.


* Bonavita BV1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker
* Bonavita Thermal Carafe
* Carafe Lid
* Filter Basket
* Bonavita "Brewing Perfect Coffee Everytime" Manual
* Small paper insert on how to clean the showerhead (the lid and showerhead are removable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher)
* "Bonavita Exceptional Brew" Manual
* Pink sheet of instructions for care of the thermal carafe, also known as the "Melitta insulation jug."
* Starter pack (4) of Melitta Super Premium Flavor Enhancing #4 Coffee Filters in Natural Brown


* Extra filters. A starter pack will get you going for the first few days.
* If you choose it, a gold tone filter, instead of paper filters. I purchased the Cuisinart GTF Gold Tone Filter, which fits inside the Filter Basket, in case you'd like to fit your Bonavita with a permanent filter. Be advised that gold tone filters do let in sediment (depending on how your coffee is ground), so if you use a gold tone filter, you may get sediment at the bottom of the pot. As a sidenote, so far, the Bonavita brew times have remained within the recommended SCAA guidelines when I tested it.
* ETA about the gold tone filter: Although I am a fan of gold tone filters, I have become a big fan of the Melitta filters since my Bonavita purchase as they have no paper taste. So I am sticking with paper Melitta filters for my Bonavita.


The instructions are basic and easy to follow. Using the "Bonavita's Exceptional Brew" manual, I measured 7 grams of coffee for every cup or a total of 56 grams of coffee to make 8 cups. (Bonavita recommends between 7 and 9 grams of coffee per 5 ounces of water. The Bonavita "cup" size is a 5-ounce cup.)

You can also measure your coffee to taste or use the scoop size you usually prefer if that is your preferred method. More detailed instructions are in the manual.

I put a paper filter in the filter basket, folding the crimped edges of the filter (per the instructions on the back of the filter package) -- the filter fits perfectly this way. I put the coffee into the filter, then placed the filter basket on top of the thermal carafe. I placed the thermal carafe onto the coffee maker, put in 40 ounces of filtered water, then turned it on. Voila! It began to brew.

The brewing cycle is fast and efficient at just under 6 minutes. I was expecting the filter basket might be clumsy to remove: not the case. Having previously used Chemex, Krups, Braun and even Cuisinart (with all of their dreaded innards), the simplicity of removing just the filter basket and replacing it with the thermal carafe lid was marvelous. One complete turn and the carafe lid was in place.


My first impressions of the coffee? Delicious and strong. Hot at 188° F. I went back to the carafe three hours after making the coffee and took off the lid. Still hot. You *will* get hot coffee from this machine: blissfully hot coffee.


There are a few reviews about exploding carafes. I clean my carafe by only swishing warm water inside of it (see the pink sheet of instructions). I don't put sponges, plastic dish scrubbers, or anything else inside the carafe. It's been fine so far.


There is no plastic taste with this machine. If I put my sensitive nose into it, I smell no plastic smell. I don't taste plastic in my coffee. Even with the first brew right out of the box. This is likely due to Bonavita's use of BPA free plastic. Hallelujah!


* Very hot coffee.
* Speedy brew cycle of 6 minutes: within SCAA guidelines
* 1400-watt heating element (aluminum)
* Auto off after 15 minutes
* Glass-lined carafe that keeps coffee hot for hours
* One-full-twist easy-on carafe lid
* Easy off filter basket makes clean-up easy


* I'm only mentioning this so people will be aware in case it happens to them. After brewing, when I lifted out the paper filter from the filter basket, there was a small amount of coffee that had not drained from the filter basket. Apparently this has to do with the position of the hole in the filter basket and is for better extraction. I removed the paper filter and simply tipped the filter basket with its coffee directly into the thermal carafe. The amount of coffee is so small it is insignificant. ETA: After doing this a few times, it depends on the amount of coffee or your grind. The water might drain into the carafe on its own.


* If you love coffee; and you just want a deliciously brewed, piping hot, delicious cup of coffee
* If you want a machine that produces fantastic coffee but without all the "bells and whistles" such as programmable features, brew and pause, etc.
* If you are looking for a truly great thermal carafe: one that keeps the coffee hot, pours easily, and has an easily removable and replaceable lid
* If you want a machine that is easy to clean
* If you want a machine that easily fits under cabinets: my kitchen cabinets are low at 17 3/4" and the Bonavita fits under them easily at 11 5/8" high.

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this machine.

Please see my photos and video for more details.
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on February 12, 2012
At the time I'm writing this review there were no reviews of this coffee maker and I almost overlooked it and ordered a different one. I would normally wait longer to post a review but this review may bring others attention to this machine. I have only used mine twice but I know from those two times this machine extracts more from the grinds than my Starbucks Barrista did because I can feel the effects of the caffeine after 3 cups (about 3/4 of the carafe) whereas I didn't feel it at all from the Starbucks unit (also 8 cup capacity) after a whole pot. I don't notice that the coffee is any hotter than it was from the Starbucks unit but it is piping hot. My Starbucks unit was 8 years old and had started to leak water on the counter during the brewing process and shut itself off before the reservoir was empty requiring multiple restarts. I am not trying to compare the Bonavita to the Starbucks because I did not descale the Starbucks unit anywhere near as frequently as I should have which may well have lead to the leaking problems. The Starbucks unit did brew a very good pot of coffee.

This machine is one of only four coffee makers certified by the Specialty Coffee Assoc. of America for home use. The certification is based on the machine's ability to heat the water to 195-205 degrees which is the ideal temperature to extract maximum flavor from the grinds. Bonavita claims on their packaging this is the only coffee maker sold with a 1400 watt heating element. The other three certified machines are a Bunn HG Home Brewer (sold on Amazon) which is slightly less money but when I read the reviews is very unreliable, the Technivorm Moccamaster which is $300 (sold on Amazon) the reviews indicated quality control problems, and the Lance Larkin BE 112 Brew Express $300+ (not sold on Amazon) which requires a water line permanently installed and is designed to be built into cabinetry. Since I was not going to spend $300 the choice was between the Bonavita and the Bunn but I immediately excluded the Bunn because of the numerous recent reviews indicating it stopped working and had to be replaced sometimes more than once. Bunn is known for high quality machines but it is very apparent this is not one of them.

The Bonavita's thermal carafe is manufactured by Melitta and has a glass liner. It can be purchased separately from Bonavita (perhaps Melitta too) and is so satisfactory to use I would recommend it even if you don't purchase the Bonavita coffee maker. One of the things I noted repeatedly in many reviews of thermal carafe coffee makers (all the brands Amazon sells) was users having difficulty using the tops of their carafes and/or dripping when pouring a cup. This carafe has a very easy to use top that screws on and has a trigger for one handed usage. My Starbucks carafe always dripped and the center spring loaded button broke on two tops. I am thrilled that I don't have to wipe the carafe and counter every time I pour a cup anymore.

Because of the caffeine effect from this machine's brew the next pot I'm going to use 3 rather than the 4 coffee measure spoons I have always used to brew 8 cups and see how that tastes. The machine is very easy to use, I simply fill the carafe and pour into the non-detachable reservoir than the filter basket sits on top of the carafe (with the carafe's top removed). After brewing which takes about 8 minutes you simply remove the filter basket and screw the top on. Again, because of the caffeine effect I have yet to finish a whole pot so I can't say how long the carafe keeps the coffee very hot but it is still piping hot 2 hours after brewing. My guess is probably 4 hours, maybe 5 like my Starbucks thermal carafe. It uses #4 cone filters and Bonavita claims using the paper filters is preferable to the metal style filter because the paper filters absorb more coffee oils.

The machine appears to be well built and all but the bottom and recessed drip tray area are stainless steel. Two potential downsides of this machine are 1) you cannot pour a cup until the brewing cycle has completed (doesn't bother me but may bother others) and 2) there is no timer function which for the cost of the machine I think there should be. It is not a feature I used very often on my Starbucks unit so I'm OK without a timer but others may want one.

The reason I rated the Bonavita 4 stars rather than 5 is because the machine is in such limited distribution the $149 price is in my view not a deal like almost every other coffee maker Amazon sells. There are however two ways to look at the price, I read an online review which favorably compared the Bonavita to the Technivorm unit which costs twice as much. Still, I think at some point this machine will have wider distribution and the price will come down. If you go to Bonavita's website they list the resellers and everybody sells it for $149-$159. I think closer to $100-120 would be a good deal.

It does have a 2 year warranty and at this point given my limited usage of the machine I would say that I am very satisfied with it. It does brew an excellent pot of coffee, is easy to use and clean and I like its appearance. So if you want an excellent pot of coffee poured from a drip free carafe and can overlook the lack of a timer and the ability to pour a cup before the brewing cycle has completed and don't mind the price this is a choice well worthy of consideration.

I was mostly satisfied with my Starbucks Barrista except for the carafe always dripping so thus far I like this machine better because the carafe doesn't drip. Here's a tip for Starbucks machine owners, call their customer service when yours stops working and complain that they have no support because they no longer sell coffee makers. When I did I was initially offered a $10 gift card but ended up with a $25 gift card.

On a side note, I was truly amazed by all the problems other owners reported with virtually every thermal carafe coffee maker Amazon sells. From machines that stopped working to those that spilled water/coffee all over the floor/counter to tops that leaked and/or were difficult to use. I probably spent a good 6-7 hours researching all the thermal carafe models filtered by highest reviews and had selected the Kitchen Aid 12 cup model but before I ordered it I quickly reviewed the models one more time and caught this one on the last of 7 pages of machines with no reviews. I'm glad I did. I hope my review will cause others to consider this machine.

If I encounter any issues with this machine I will update this review.
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on November 10, 2015
Sometimes terrible (or just non-existent) customer service can be a good enough reason to run screaming from a product; even when said product actually does brew pretty good coffee.

As has been the case with so many other people, the glass inside the carafe of my coffee maker exploded. Like a bomb. I'd already read that I needed to be extra careful about temp changes and had been babying it for more than a year. All I did was dry the inside with a paper towel after letting it get to room temp. Glass got all over my hand and my kitchen. Tiny sharp prices of glass too. To say it was hard to clean is an understatement. We are still finding shards in corners of the room.

So I naturally thought could call the company to replace it - especially a company that charges such exorbitant prices for its coffee makers.

Not the case - I have left 5 voicemails @the customer service number, since no one ever answers, and have not heard a word despite the fact that they guarantee a response within a specific amount of time. I have sent multiple emails.

No response at all from Bonavita, even though they know they have produced a carafe that is dangerous even with the most careful handling.

Buyer beware. Other coffee makers are just as good. This company will clearly not stick by their product, even when it is clearly their fault.
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on December 1, 2016
Perfect coffee. I am amazed how much better coffee tastes with this. After reading tons of reviews I decided to purchase the Bonavita and am delighted with it.

I only drink 2 cups in the morning and with my previous drip coffee maker the 2nd cup was never as good as the first. Just finished my 2nd cup through the Bonavita and it was as flavorful and hot as the first.

Things I like about it: Brews quickly. Coffee is hot and stays hot longer. I drink coffee with cream and even after I add the cream the coffee is the perfect temperature and stays hot to the finish. Enhanced flavor - honestly, I haven't had a cup of coffee this good since I was in Italy. I didn't know a good coffee maker could make such a difference. (grew up on Mr. Coffee) NO DRIPS the pour spout is wonderful, no drips. Little bonus you have to remove the coffee ground container to put the cap on the pot so I immediately dump the grounds (no more forgetting the grounds...) I like this feature keeps me tidy.

Highly recommend this coffee maker.
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on February 18, 2017
I'd like to compare the Bonavita to the Moccamaster. We've had the Moccamaster for years, recently purchasing the Bonavita for a second home. I won't go into taste; if I was blindfolded, I probably couldn't tell the difference. Rather, I'd like to share form and function differences between the two.

Both have a small footprint and load from the side, requiring little counter space. Build quality is better in the Moccamaster, but the Bonavita is still quite acceptable. Both are simple machines, only one button to operate. The MM is tall and elegant while the Bona has a stocky elegance about it. Not so elegant is the Bona's carafe. It's surprisingly chubby. In its defense, it doesn't seem to be heavier than the MM, but 20% shorter and 20% "fatter." Simplicity would be the Bona carafe's strong suit. The carafe has a lid which requires a half-turn to seal. With the MM the lid is screw-on, requiring two hands to serve, one to hold the carafe, the other to loosen the lid. With the Bona's carafe, you simply press the lid handle and have a no-drip pour, all done with one hand. Another nicety with the Bona is filling the water. With the MM you must remove the water basin lid and fill, then replace the lid. The Bona's lid is hinged and flips to the side for filling. Another feature with the Bona is the electrical cord can the wound beneath the machine allowing only the amount of cord needed to reach the outlet. With the Bona, you have to deal with a couple of feet of unneeded cord cluttering the counter. Coffee connoisseurs refer to the shower head. Spraying the coffee makes sense. I haven't measured the sizes between the two, but I think the Bona's head is a bit larger.

This brings me to how the coffee is brewed. The Bona has a feature I really like, although at first it seemed a bit odd. The filter basket and carafe are united during the brewing process. You rest the basket on the carafe, fill with grounds and then place this assembly beneath the shower head. When finished, the basket and carafe are removed from the maker, the basket removed, and the twist-top is installed. Two things I've learned to love about this arrangement. First, the MM basket might have a few drips splatter on the counter after the carafe is removed, where with the Bona the basket is removed away from the machine. I also like that the Bona doesn't have the adjustable valve in the basket as the MM. More than once, sleepy fingers haven't had the MM filter basket valve clicked in the proper position resulting in a coffee-covered-counter. Also, we've had to replace the MM basket a year ago because the adjustable valve had worn out. The Bona has a louder rattle-and-hum during the brewing process which I find somehow comforting in the morning. The Bona's finale is a whoosh of steam announcing brewing is complete.

As for form, the Moccamaster is nice to look at, purposeful yet elegant. For function, I'd have to give the edge to the Bonavita, moving one step beyond the MM's simplicity. As for $100 compared to $300, I'm thinking this boils down (no pun intended) to build quality. Our MM is over ten years old and going strong. Time will tell on the Bonavita.
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on January 19, 2016
If you are debating thermal carafe vs glass read this....I ordered the 5-cup thermal carafe initially because I like the idea of the coffee staying warm but not cooking (and I like the way it looked). I was disappointed by the carafe features. In order to pour the coffee you have to the remove the filter and then attach a plastic lid with which the coffee runs through. Also, as I had seen in the reviews but ignored the carafe will not dry unless you towel it out. I left it upside down for three days in the dish drainer and there was still water that had collected under the rim. The plastic cover (that you need to use) is also difficult to clean and dry. So that being said, I returned that model and ordered the 8-cup glass carafe. I have yet to find a flaw. It makes excellent coffee, its simple and easy to use, the coffee brews hot and stays hot but does not burn. The automatic shut-off feature works consistently. The carafe is easy to pour from with or without the small plastic cap (the coffee does not run through the cap like in the other model) . The machine is not much larger in size than the 5 cup and fits nicely on an apartment-sized counter. The clear filter holder which I initially thought was weird looking in the picture, is actually kind of cool. Its tinted a grey/blue color. I have nothing but great things to say about this machine!! I hope it lasts forever.
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on October 20, 2016
Okay, so how good can a cup of coffee be, based on the coffee maker? And, is it good enough to justify spending a HUNDRED more dollars than the usual machine that you can pick up for around twenty bucks? Is this worth the hype???

The answers are: the coffee can be FAR superior with a coffee maker like this, YES it is good enough to spend the extra for your morning Joe, and, absolutely, this is a rare case where marketing lives up to its claims!

I love my coffee. Don't we all? And, for years I searched for just the right beans, and finally found, unexpectedly, a dark roast that is just the perfect measure of everything that makes the perfect cup of coffee -- full and rich and joyful on the tongue, vibrant and wakeful to the palate, and a consistently awesome taste, every time.

However, when binge watching Breaking Bad, one weekend, I was intrigued in one episode where doomed chemist associate Gale Boetticher crafts an OCD version of the greatest coffee maker of all time, extracting every ounce of flavor from the java to deliver a far superior cup of coffee, based on brewing finesse. Could such a similar option exist, in a machine mere mortals could purchase?

Much searching led me to this coffee maker, which, at present, is one of only six brands to be certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (the SCAA certification is noted in the product description), and, if you're into coffee brewing magic, give a perusal of the SCAA web site to see just what it takes to earn that standing -- pretty impressive stuff! The reviews here seem a bit mixed, and ordinarily only 60 percent of folks giving five stars might make me think twice, but I cross referenced my research and, when it comes to supreme coffee makers, this one seemed the best bet, to see just what difference the brewing process can make, and it was one of the least expensive, by quite a large margin actually, versus other similar machines, plus it seemed the most straightforward in terms of operation.

I bought the one with the glass carafe, by the way, because it has a heater element to keep the coffee hot, whereas the thermal carafe, of course, relies instead on the carafe itself, and I don't particular like coffee out of a stainless jug anyway.

So, taste test! How much better was it? Well, it was better enough, to me, to take somewhat great beans, and make them taste at least 25% better, in my opinion, than a regular brewer (like a Mr. Coffee or whatever) and that was worth it enough, for me, to have spent this much money. Like I say, it's one of the least expensive "fancy" brew machines, about half as much cost, in fact, as other options, and it seemed to cover the main need, which is, of course, getting the temperature of the water high enough, and consistent enough, to really draw out the coffee's flavor so, while I likely would not spend two hundred dollars to boost my Joe up 25% in goodness, for a machine that is not much over a hundred bucks, that better tasting cup of coffee, for me, is worth it, especially since this brewer looks like it will serve well for many, many years to come.

The build quality is outstanding, and it works exactly as described. The water gets "pre-heated" before dowsing the coffee, and a wider
"shower" distribution system means better water coverage on the grounds. It even gives a little pre-soak of sorts, before the water comes out in earnest, and I was impressed with how quickly it brews, considering the two step process here, of first heating the water, before the water actually meets the coffee.

I especially appreciate that the warmer really keeps the coffee piping hot. It doesn't scald it, by any means, but it keeps it hotter than any standard coffee maker, so, even after brewing, you can enjoy a piping hot cup, right up to the auto shut off point.

The other reason I bought this unit was because I read that it makes smaller batches with just as much flavor. I don't like the "insta-cup" machines, partly because the last thing the world needs is to be polluted with is yet another throw away item that adds up to millions of landfill items dumped per day, for the mere sake of a perceived quick and easy shortcut, and also because I have never found a single serve machine that gets it right, in terms of flavor, and the coffee never tastes good, to me anyway. I don't know what it is about the single serve machines that fails to impress, taste-wise, but it's a somewhat general consensus that the one-cup method of those brewers is more about convenience than flavor and I don't slam nasty coffee just for a caffeine rush, I savor my coffee, and taste is paramount.

In that realm, this is truly the best machine ever, because I can brew my usual two cup day-starter, and it tastes remarkable. With a standard coffee maker, any smaller batch always lacked the fuller taste of an 8 cup brewing, but I hate to waste coffee when, for just me sometimes, I only will drink two cups, at the max. So, I was incredibly pleased that this will brew me a small batch that tastes just as wonderful as making a full pot here.

Clean up is super easy, use is super simple, and it basically is just the same as any brewing machine I've ever used, except that it produces a superior tasting cup of coffee, and, it may sound cliche, but I have never tasted coffee this good, ever. There might be one little coffee hut I found, on a road trip, that might exceed what I can now brew at home, but, in all ways, this is superior to any cup I'd be charged five or ten dollars for, or whatever, and so I now have the best coffee on earth, whenever I want it. Because it makes such a perfect brew, I find myself, in fact, enjoying coffee more often than before, which is great, given the reported health benefits of this amazing bean.

So, this is more than worth it, and I'm extremely happy that I took the chance to try a better coffee maker. While I can't call the difference to be night and day, I can say the taste is definitely superior enough to not ever want to go back to a standard brewer, like, EVER. Once I've had coffee of this caliber, I will always be using this coffee maker, and likely I will next get one for my office, since the coffee at work is now a very pale comparison to the morning brew created with this wonder machine.

This coffee maker delivers on every claim, and, considering it is much more affordable than other machines which state to do the same (but actually don't get as good of reviews, when you really track down all the data out there) I think it is the best of the bunch, when it comes to a "fancy" brewer system.

I highly, highly recommend!

Thanks for reading -- I hope this has been helpful!
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on October 15, 2013
I purchased the thermal carafe Bonavita in September 2012 for use in our office. It worked great and made great coffee, quickly from day one. Until one day in April. The first pot in the morning worked just fine. Then in the afternoon it completely stopped working. Flip the switch and the light would turn on and then...nothing. No noise, no water heating, nothing. And it would still be like that twenty minutes later. Not brewing at all. Completely quit without warning.

Fortunately, Bonavita provides a 2-year warranty on the product. After only 7 months, I was well within that timeframe. I filed a claim on their website ([...] When I first filed it, the warranty claims person was on vacation for a week or two, but as soon as she got back she quickly handled my claim and shipped me a new unit without any hassle. Great service, and I was happy, figuring that machine was just a lemon.

That was six months ago. Today, the new unit stopped working completely, in exactly the same way that the first one did. I just filed a new claim. We'll see what happens.

So, I don't know whether I just happened to get two lemons in a row or whether this flaw is common to all Bonavitas. Other than that, I like the Bonavita a lot and am pleased with the company's service. I can't say whether I'll buy another one once the warranty period is up.

EDIT 5/4/15: They replaced the second unit quickly, and actually had me ship it back to them so that they could test it. We've been using the third unit with no problems since October 2013. Today it stopped working in exactly the same way as the first two. Make of that what you will. Haven't tried contacting customer support yet. I may be outside the replacement window, so we'll see.

EDIT 8/7/15: This is old news, but Bonavita did in fact replace the third defective brewer. Working fine so far.
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