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on July 11, 2012
Since people are asking about which movies are included, I did some internet research. The list of movies is:
1. Dr. No*
2. From Russia with Love*
3. Goldfinger*
4. Thunderball*
5. You Only Live Twice
6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
7. Diamonds Are Forever
8. Live and Let Die*
9. The Man with the Golden Gun*
10. The Spy Who Loved Me
11. Moonraker*
12. For Your Eyes Only*
13. Octopussy*
14. A View to a Kill
15. The Living Daylights
16. Licence to Kill*
17. Goldeneye
18. Tomorrow Never Dies
19. The World is Not Enough*
20. Die Another Day*
21. Casino Royale*
22. Quantum of Solace*

*Already available on Blu-Ray

Never Say Never Again is not included since it is not part of the "series," being produced independently. Likewise the David Niven spoof of Casino Royale. Also, there was a British TV version of Casino Royale that is not included.
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VINE VOICEon August 23, 2017
I was only 5 years old when "Dr. No" hit the theaters, and saw none of the Connery films in the theater. However, I've seen virtually every Bond film beginning with "Live and Let Die" in the theater. I saw all the early films many times on broadcast TV, and have seen ALL the films at various times on cable in normal resolution, and in HD where available. I saw many of the films on VHS, and have viewed them all on DVD ... excepting the Craig films which were available on Blu ray and which I purchased in that format. In short, I have far more than an above average familiarity with all of these films in most of the ways a person could possibly have viewed them. There are more die hard Bond fans than me, but I haven't missed many opportunities to see these films, and have seen each one many times, my favorites probably dozens of times.

I've sampled several of the films in this set with an emphasis on the earlier films, and those that were highly criticized in what is (at this time) the top spotlight review. I'll have to say that these films look great. As I watch them, I'll keep this review updated film by film to provide details of my reaction to each. I'm watching these Blu rays on an LG 7600 55" LCD ... a set which always delivers sharp images and stunningly beautiful colors to begin with.

The case holding all the Blu rays is beautifully designed. It is essentially a book of Blu rays with two discs presented per page.

There is some criticism that the discs are difficult to get out of the cover, with some Chicken Little talk that you probably can't do it without scratching the media. You'd have to be pretty ham-fisted for that to be even a remote possibility. You'll quickly learn the little trick that gets them out easily. First, hold the "page" elevated slightly ... don't leave it flat down on top of the book of discs. That gives the page itself some flexibility. Then use the finger hole provided to elevate the disc from the page, and roll it out of the sleeve.

Sadly, the United Artists intro screen with their distinctive musical fanfare (which was present in the Special Edition DVDs) has been replaced with the MGM Lion and its roar. Don't get me wrong, I've always liked the MGM Lion, but that UA fanfare was always a nice psychological symbol for me that a Bond film was starting. It doesn't seem the same, somehow.

*** Dr. No ***
Of course, I first watched "Dr. No". The colors were rendered superbly, however they are "warm" enough that non-tanned faces seem a bit red. A couple of short sections of dialogue seem rushed, and are hard to make out as a result. The very short section of ending music is badly distorted. Those are the only flaws I noticed. Overall the film looks and sounds great. The special feature on this disc is a short documentary about the company contracted for the restoration, with discussions of their process and philosophy. For "Dr. No", they were able to scan the original negatives as filmed. In particular, the scenes on Crab Key during the day before Bond and Honey are captured are absolutely stunning.

Direct Comparison: I have the Special Edition DVD of this film, and compared it directly to the Blu ray in this set. Much of the DVD looks like you are viewing it through a screen door. Do you really want to be watching Ursula Andress walking up to the beach through a screen door? (That's exactly what it looks like on the DVD). I thought not. It might not be so noticeable unless you had just watched the Blu ray, which is very sharp and clear. The DVD also has numerous defects (dirt and film damage) which show up as random white and black spots appearing in most frames. Virtually all of those are eliminated in the Blu ray.

*** Diamonds are Forever ***
From the other reviewers criticisms of some of these films, it seems that he disliked the restoration of "Diamonds are Forever" the most, so I tried it second. The other reviewer called it "brown". I don't see it. Some of the scenes are dark, and in those scenes dark colored suits tend to blend into the background. However, the colors are vibrant. Skin tones tend towards tanned. Browns appear where the color should be brown, such as wood paneling and desert backgrounds. I watched this film "out of order" to see if I agreed with his knocks on it, and I did not agree. If this is the "worst" rendering in the set, this set is great. The special features for this movie are interesting. There is an interview with Connery from shortly after filming. There are a few short features showing the filming of some of the action sequences. My favorite was the Deleted Scenes, including an extended version of the Honeymoon Suite opening with Connery and St. John. It ends with a bit of dialogue not kept for the film that made me chuckle aloud.

Direct Comparison: Once again, I sampled the Special Edition DVD right after viewing this Blu ray. The colors in the Blu ray are a close match to the colors in the DVD, except that they are more vibrant and pleasing to the eye. Skins tones are very similar. Jill St. John and Lana Wood are presented in both formats with very fair skin tones. Connery's skin tone is somewhat more red in the indoor scenes of the DVD, and more tan in the outdoor scenes. In the Blu ray, his skin tones are uniformly tan in both settings. As in "Dr. No", virtually constant film damage/dirt is present in the DVD presentation, and virtually none of those artifacts remain in the restoration used for this Blu ray.

There is absolutely nothing satisfactory about either of the DVDs of the above two films once you've see the Blu rays. You simply cannot go back to the muddied colors, damage/dirt flashes, or annoying grain (which in my complaint is not true film grain but film AGE).

*** Goldeneye ***

I skipped forward (again) to this film, because I read a lot of criticism of the picture. Specifically critical reviewers claim that excessive DNR (digital noise reduction) causes the Blu ray to be a terrible viewing experience. While it may not be the sharpest Blu ray I've ever seen, these criticisms are completely off base. Some dark interior shots and sky backgrounds look a little grainy, but that is the case in a lot of Blu rays I watch (DVDs too). Many outdoor backgrounds in this film are very blurred. However, that was a "depth of field" lens decision made by the cinematographer, not something in the Blu ray transfer. That artistic choice is, I believe, rare in Bond films. It may have confused some reviewers who expect all foregrounds and backgrounds to both show full detail.

There was nothing about this presentation of the film that made me cringe, and much that I was very pleased by.

Direct Comparison: As soon as I popped this movie out of my player, in went the Special Edition DVD. The picture in the Blu ray is MUCH more detailed. Colors are good in both. Since this is a more recent film, there wasn't nearly as much film damage evident in the DVD as for the two movies described above, yet there were occasional flashes from dirt and damage. ALL of that is cleaned up in the Blu ray. The sound in the DVD is a little muddy, especially if you listen to it after just having viewed the Blu ray. The sound in the Blu ray is crisp, and special effects sounds are convincing. The DVD has a lot of color streaking that I did not notice when watching the Blu ray. Edges in the DVD are more ragged than in the Blu ray, as you might expect. Additionally, the image in the DVD seems to sort of flicker in the details, and that flaw is not present in the Blu ray either.

So while it is possible that this is towards the bottom of the barrel as far as the Blu ray transfers in this set are concerned (and I'm not totally convinced this is true), it is a MAJOR step up from the DVD.

*** Goldfinger ***

This Blu ray doesn't look as spectacular as "Dr. No", but the there aren't nearly as many spectacular outdoor scenes. However, all the damage specs from previous releases have been cleaned up. The criticism that the colors from the gold painted body are muted are fair. Compared to the DVD, the colors in the Blu ray are not pushed as much, particularly in that scene. However, the body DOES look gold, it's just not as bright. One reference for this is the red wall behind the bed. It isn't as red either. Again, the sound on the Blu ray is better than the DVD. The United Artist fanfare is present on both this Blu ray and "Golden Eye", I had worried that only the MGM opening would be on the releases for this set. The bottom line is that "Goldfinger" isn't a spectacular Blu ray, but it IS a BIG improvement from the DVD. Strangely, I didn't notice the film damage as much when I only had the DVDs to watch. But viewing them after these Blu rays makes the DVDs almost unwatchable. The difference is that great.


I highly recommend the "Bond 50" Blu ray set. If you are a big-time Bond fan ... this set is essential to your continued happy existence. LOL
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on September 17, 2017
Great quality!! Nicely done DVD menu too - my only small complaint is that the "trailer" on each disk (same one, by the way) hangs at times, and after the first disk - it's a bother instead of being informative...

It's a 'gotta have' collection though!!
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on October 26, 2012
As a devoted James Bond aficianado it was a foregone conclusion that I would order the Bond 50 bluray boxed set containing all 23 Bond films. I was able to purchase the set via Amazon at a reduced price of $150.00 with the condensed hardcover book of 50 years of James Bond Posters included. Parenthetically, I would like to emphasize that I subsequently ordered the full sized edition of the 50 years of Bond posters and that book is a revelation! The edition is spectacular, with much more content and the presentation is marvelous; a coffee table book in a slipcover with multiple versions of Bond theatrical posters from all of the Connery landmark films, including great posters from Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, etc. that bring back many happy childhood memories. If you have the original version of James Bond Posters issued in the mid to late 90's there is no comparison with the 2012 edition. However, returning to the Bond 50 bluray boxed set, overall, the presentation has to be regarded aa a disappointment. The individual discs are not properly protected and are placed in a sleeve, almost like a travel version of the earlier Special Edition boxes. Moreover, a commemorative edition of fifty years of Bond films should have had an accompanying hardcover book issued by Eon Productions with recollections from Sean Connery, Roger Moore { although I am cognizant of the fact that Moore has just issued his own "Bond On Bond" book with photos, reminiscences of his participation in the movies, etc. ] Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby and Daniel Craig, as well as archival photos, rather than this spartan presentation. The special features disc is rather pedestrian, with a montage of the opening credits sequences and some preview features regarding "Skyfall". The opening in the second box for the bluray disc of the current Bond film in 2013 is somewhat ludicrous, in view of the fact that there will undoubtedly be a deluxe bluray edition of "Skyfall" with a Making Of Disc containing interviews with Craig, Mendes, Broccoli, Bardem, Fiennes, Dench and members of the production staff. Unless the manufacturers anticipate that fans will pruchase two sets of Skyfall; one to collect and one for insertion into the slipcover box, this idea was ill advised. Having made these observations, if you want a complete set of all Bond films in optimum form with "state of the art" remastering, this set is for you.
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on December 6, 2012
I bought this set for $177.00 the day it was released on Amazon, and now it's a sale price of $238.00 ???? LOL.Merry Christmas sucker. Love amazon. The set is nice but I don't feel they really did that great of a lob on the transfer and because of the packaging there is no way to get the disc out with out touching it. I've had a couple freeze up and had to clean them to get them to play. They were actually kind of stuck to the packaging slot they store in. Maybe to keep them from slidding around during shipping??? The packaging does suck but is very nice looking. Storing it with your other videos presents another issue if you like to be organized. Very awkward design. Pretty sure Q didn't design this set.
Hope I don't have any other problems with the rest that I haven't watched. This product deserved to be presented in a more fitting fashion for 50 years of bond. I had a couple of the single discs and these are the exact same as those. They did nothing to make them any better (and they could have used some improvement). In all I had all 22 movies in the latest dvd upgrade and these really are not that much of an improvement but they are better. The special features??? really don't feature anything new.
Unless you just gotta have it in blueray then buy it but wait for the price to go back down after the holidays. Personally I could have lived with the latest digital upgraded dvd set and been wiser for it and $177.00 richer. but I'm a bond nut what can I say.
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on September 18, 2016
Each film is a true work of cinematic art. Each James Bond performance is still a roller coaster for the eyes and the ears. The quality is outstanding and is the best value I have ever come across. I will truly treasure this collection.
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on May 18, 2017
...and he was happy with it. Excellent gift for any diehard Bond fan.
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on April 13, 2013
The biggest and best way to celebrate James Bond is here with the Bond 50 Blu-Ray box set, a must buy package that contains all 22 Bond films. With the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, just around the corner, there is no better time than now to invest in this fabulous box set.

Bond, James Bond is an icon, a Hollywood legend and a hero to many. He’s one of cinema’s longest running franchises and deservedly so. Over five decades and now 23 films, the super spy has brought us adventure after adventure and rarely, if ever, does he let fans down. James Bond is one of cinema’s most beloved and enduring characters and it’s about time he gets his own boxset.

From Dr. No right through to Quantum of Solace, every Bond film is included here, as are all of our favorite stunts, Bond girls, gadgets, cars, opening credit songs and more. The only thing missing is the 1967 Casino Royale parody and 1983′s Never Say Never Again, as both were made without EON Productions’ involvement and due to rights issues, they couldn’t be included.

Having all the Bond films housed in one boxset really makes for a great viewing experience and though some films stand out more so than others (Goldfinger being one of the best Bond films ever and Moonraker being a bit too silly), every film is an absolute blast to watch.

It would be redundant and rather pointless at this stage to review each of the 22 films in this box set. If you’re reading this review, you’ve likely seen most of the Bond films, if not all. So, instead of doing into depth on each one, I’ll just provide a brief overview of the box set, run down the audio, video and special features, and try to drill into your head why you NEED to buy Bond 50.

Housed in a slipcover box you’ll find two books that when opened, hold the discs (two per page). The discs are arranged in chronological order and the pages of the book have images from the films. There’s even an extra spot for Skyfall. It’s an excellent piece of packaging and one that complements the classy style of the titular character himself.
When it comes to the video and audio, this box set is an absolute winner. Even the older films, like Dr. No and From Russia With Love, look gorgeous (despite some dust specks and whatnot). Crystal clear and free of compression issues, this is the way that the James Bond films were meant to be viewed. The films that have already seen a Blu-Ray release are identical to their previous versions and the ones that are appearing on Blu-Ray for the first time are very easy on the eyes.

Of all the films, Goldeneye is the only one with any real noticeable issues. That’s not to say that it doesn’t look great, it does, it’s just not as sharp as the rest of the film. Of course, the newer films look better than the older ones but given the circumstances, each title looks nearly flawless.

Audio is equally as good. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtracks pack quite a punch. Now, a lot of the films were produced before the 5.1 era and in that case, they include the original mono and stereo mixes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just something to note. Dialogue is crisp and clean on the newer releases and even on the older ones it’s solid, though there is a bit of crackle and pop here and there. Add in great atmospherics and a ton of depth and you have some really good audio tracks.

Now, if you already own the Bond films on Blu-Ray (13 were made available in the past with the other 9 now on store shelves), you will be double dipping here. The discs hold the same special features as the original releases did, save for a few extra bits here and there. That being said, there is a bonus disc included in the set that houses a handful of new special features.

You can check them out below, though nothing particularly stands out.

World of Bond: Title Sequences: All the title sequences in a row, amounts to a little over an hour.
World of Bond: Gadgets: A quick montage of some of Bond’s best gadgets.
World of Bond: Villains: Another quick montages dedicated to the villains.
World of Bond: Bond Girls: A montage focusing on the Bond girls.
World of Bond: Locations: A quick look at some of the more exotic locations that the series has visited.
World of Bond: Bond in Motion: A very quick look at some of Bond’s best vehicles.
Skyfall Videoblogs: About ten minutes of promo material for Skyfall
Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style: For about four minutes we get a look at the series from a design point of view, everything from costumes to props is touched upon.
Being Bond (1080p, 3:08): For a couple minutes each of the Bond actors speak on their experience playing the character.
Unless you already own a handful of the Bond films Blu-Ray, you can’t go wrong Bond 50. The new special features don’t amount to much more than fluff but considering each film has its own features ported over from the original release, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the new features are useless. That minor hiccup aside, everything else about the set is fantastic. The films look and sound beautiful in HD, even the older titles, and they’re all just so much fun to watch. Everything about the package is just so well done, right down to the packing and housing of the film.

If you’re a James Bond fan who has yet to invest in the series on Blu-Ray, this is an excellent box set that will provide you hours and hours of enjoymen
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on October 4, 2012
The Blu-ray set arrived about a week ago and I have watched one disk each day since. No point in my re-telling the stories, please read other reviews for that. Rather, I want to address the quality and features of this specific set.

The quality of the images (watched on an LG 47" Led tv via a Sony 3D/Blu-ray player and Sony sound bar) is absolutely fabulous! Each film has been meticulously converted from the ORIGINAL NEGATIVES to digital resulting in exceptional clarity with brilliant color. WOW! Great job!

So far I've watched all of the disks starring Sean Connery as Bond (Never Say Never Again is not included in the set as it was produced by another company). I first saw these films when they were originally released at the famous old grand theatres in downtown Chicago, and have watched them many times since on tv, VHS, and DVD. Short of viewing these films on a big theatre screen, this Blu-ray set is the next best thing - or possibly better - as I can watch in my jammies and the set includes hours and hours of bonus features.

One fun thing I notice about the early movies is how current and stylish everything looks. As is said "everything old becomes new again", since Mad Men has become so popular, mid-century modern decor is now considered chic as is the clothing of the 60's and 70's. Except for the cars and Bond's swim trunks, the films look as if they could have been filmed today!

I like the album-style packaging and have no problem removing or returning disks to their slots. Plastic clamshells would have been an improvement, though they probably would have raised the cost of the set. I appreciate that a slot is reserved for Skyfall, due for November theatre release.

Each of the disks I've watched contain plenty of extras, some way more than others. All contain at least one or two optional commentary versions. So far they all appear to have been produced in the 80's or 90's. One disk contains a documentary on the process of converting the original negatives to Blu-ray format, each film taking hours and hours to convert. The results are stunning and the results even amazed the technicians. The sharpness and crispness at times made it seem almost like I was watching Dr. No and From Russia With Love in 3D. (Feel free to disagree, but that's how I saw them!)

The bonus features include an incredible amount of additional content such as premier openings, deleted scenes, screen tests, documentaries on filming, special effects, martial arts training, casting, props, location scouting, as well as brief bios of Ian Fleming, Sean Connery and other cast members, original commercials and tv specials about the films (60's and 70's vintage so of poor quality), toys, collectibles and other Bond merchandise promoting the movies. Whew! I said it was hours and hours! One day I watched over six hours straight and still hadn't seen everything on the disk.

The complete set includes 22 Blu-ray disks, one disk of bonus material (besides what is on each movie disk), stored in two albums that fit it into a slick slipcase and the 70 page hardcover book, "James Bond 50 Years of Movie Posters".

I was glad I pre-ordered this set months go. Amazon lowered the price after shipping my set so they refunded the $30 difference, plus as an Amazon Prime member, shipping was free. I initially hesitated pre-ordering the set when originally offered at almost $200.00. But after seeing the quality and all the features the set contains I now think it is definitely worth it, after all it's less than $10 per disk. Once these sets are gone, it may probably be years or decades, before a new set is issued (or maybe never if everything actually goes to owning by downloading the file or watching via instant streaming!)

As the Bond culture lives on, all items Bond go up in price on the secondary market. Every time a new film is released new Bond fans are created. I recently introduced my 14 year old granddaughter to Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No and she loved it so much she took home eight of the extra Flemming novels I had!

The 14 Flemming Bond books have also been reissued for the anniversary, priced individually, not as a set. The last time a set was issued was in 2002 and I was fortunate to obtain a complete set via Amazon's secondary market some months ago for about $150.00.

If you are a Bond fan I think you will love this set as much as I do. Every fan has their favorite Bond movie, villian, woman and favorite Bond. Not every film is great, not every Bond actor acclaimed. But there surely is much great (and timeless) entertainment here for Bond to be alive and kicking for over 50 years!

From this fan of 50 years: Thank you, Mr. Fleming - Ian Fleming!
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on March 2, 2017
Was nice to be able to replace all my old vhs james bond movies with remastered dvd's.
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