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on March 14, 2015
**Her fifteenth novel and filled with total suspense by bestselling author Kathy Reichs who never disappoints her readers!...........As she looked around totally disgusted by the crime scene before her, forensic anthropologist Temperence "Tempe"Brennan feels she is about to be sick. Paired up again with her ex-boyfriend lieutenant detective Andrew Ryan,he shares her sentiments. Two nights earlier a woman by the name of Amy Roberts just walked into the hospital in labor, gave birtth and left without a trace. According to the form she had filled out, she put down the address that Tempe and Ryan were now investigating. Tempe had found three dead babies and one of them was mummified. While they were probing, a stranger drove up to the house, stopped, got out of the car and was asking to see Alva Rodrigues. Ryan was in no mood and he demanded to know who this guy was. Was Amy Roberts and Alva Rodrigues one and the same person? During their investigation, they learned of another residence and it was rented by a young woman by the name of Alma Rogers. Tempe knew that their was a dead body in the apartment and she informed Ryan. Together they searched the premises and what they found there made their heads spin. It was another dead baby. Tempe thought her day couldn't get anymore worse but she was so wrong. Needing to go to Ryan's office, she was stunned to see an old acquaintance no other than sergeant detective Ollie Hasty of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and a complete jerk. Not only that, Ryan's whole demeanor changed towards her and he became obnoxious, cold, adament and totally rude. What did Ollie tell Ryan about her and what was bugging him? Jealousy? During her constant probing, Tempe couldn't help but think about Ryan and the way he's acting towards her. Even though they broke up, they were still very close and totally protective of the other. When murder occurs, they discover information on diamond mines in the location of the Yellow Knife Great Slave on the edge of the Artic. Is this the reason why people were getting murdered? Or maybe the dead babies are in no way related or connected in any way? Once again as she runs her own investigation, Tempe's life will be in danger as she unfolds information discovering betrayal, corruption, attempts made on her life and the true identity of a ruthless , cunning, cold calculated killer. Will Ryan find her in time like he always did in the past? She prayed and waited for a sandy blonde -haired man with gorgeous blue eyes to rescue her.............this novel was excellent.....impossible to put down......thank you♡♡
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on September 7, 2012
having read all of Reichs books I must say she has fallen into the trap of formula writing. You know early on she is going to have a dream that leaves her wondering how everything fits together, you also know near the end she will get caught by the bad guys and that one of her male "partners/lovers" will rescue her. This one also had too many characters in and out of the story so by the time you find out who is the villain you have to stop and think now who was this guy.
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on July 26, 2014
I've read all the Temperance Brennan books that came before this one and have really enjoyed them. This one not as much. I think this story seemed like a bait and switch. The story starts with Tempe looking into a pretty intense and disturbing case. I personally was very invested in seeing how that case would be resolve. However in the course of her investigation a secondary plot develops and takes over the story. The original case is resolve but I found it's conclusion abrupt, simplistic, and anti climactic. The secondary plot was resolved at the end of the book in the typical style of this series. It was a good and interesting ending but there early storyline promised to take me some where that I wanted to go and although I got close enough to see it the story to a left turn and took me somewhere completely different. Over all it was a decent book but I can't help feeling let down.
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on June 11, 2015
What starts out as an investigation to a crime which is grisly evolves into a complex scheme.
Dr. Temperance Brennan is called in to evaluate the bones of a just born child who is left to die. There is a woman who had gone to the hospital complaining of vaginal bleeding and, according to the doctor, appeared to have recently given birth. It appears that this woman had a child and after its birth, wrapped it up and left it to die. Slowly, the identity of the woman is revealed, and, at the crime scene, Dr. Brennan discovers more child bodies.
A hunt is on to locate this woman who is found to have left 4 babies to die.
The trail leads to western Canada, and the Dr. is asked to continue with the investigation and is joined by Detective Ryan as well as a Sergeant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As they delve deeper, other characters surface. What appears to have started as a homicide investigation, morphs first into a drug turf battle and continues its evolution into so much more.
Using her forensic knowledge, as well as bringing together other scientific facts, Dr. Brennan uncovers a plot that was years in the making, and through her investigation, it starts unraveling, putting her in danger for her life.
Very good and involved plot with the pieces coming together in the end.
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on May 9, 2016
I have read her entire Temperance Brennan series and love that they are a fairly quick read as I do not have a lot of spare time. I can get through a book and not have to worry about having to sit it down for a few weeks and not remembering what all happened. Each book left me ready to read the next as this last one did...I cant wait for her to have a new book come out in this series....
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on September 16, 2012
Just as expected, Kathy Reichs delivers with Bones are Forever. Same great style that keeps you reading. Good "cliff hangers" at the end of each chapter that force you to keep reading. Wonderful characters who add so much to the story - can practically see the "skeeters". Humour that detracts from an otherwise gruesome subject. Best of all, the old Ryan and Tempe relationship seems to be resurfacing. As always Reichs informs, educates and entertains. I will continue to be a fan. If there is one criticism from me it is that Reichs ends each of her stories in the same fashion. Tempe, going rogue, on her own, being saved in the nick of time (hopefully not a spoiler). Try something new please Kathy.
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on July 27, 2017
Story setting is remote Canadian town in NW Territories. Best aspect of the book is geography and culture of the area. The romance between Temperance and the cop from Montreal is getting a little old, but I enjoy the dialogue and quick wit.
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on November 2, 2012
In anticipation of the release of Bones are Forever, I prepared by re-reading all fourteen previous novels in the Temperance Brennan series, and enjoyed every word once again (Clearly, I am a fan).

The opening paragraph of Bones are Forever, grabbed me by the throat and promised a rollicking good Reichs read. Andrew Ryan was back (a much anticipated return) and early reviews alluded to a previous dalliance with a Mountie, Reichs was nailing it once again...or so I thought.

Andrew Ryan barely figured in the story and I couldn't really believe Tempe would have ever tolerated Ollie the Mountie, let alone dally with him. He lacked substance - never mind allure, even bad boy Cotton Dallimore (Flash and Bones) was a more likely candidate for Tempe. Top heavy with characters but lacking the forensic anthropology mystery solving of previous stories, Bones are Forever was a light read, lacking Reichs' previous commitment to her stories. I will of course look forward to the next installment and hope my investment with Reichs' characters pays a dividend.
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on March 7, 2013
Kathy Reichs continues her run of successful Temperance Brennan novels. This book has many little subplots that do resolve in the end. Sadly though I was disappointed at the final resolution to the original crimes that actually draw you into the novel.....their resolution appears to be an afterthought. Many, many characters emerge throughout this book which, at times, can be a bit confusing trying to remember who goes with what crime especially if you've put the book down for any length of time. Overall still loved the book although these are the reasons I had to rate it only 4 stars. I have to say that I still remain drawn to this series and that Ms. Reichs continues writing very interesting novels - nice to see since a few other authors of the same genre have gone downhill. I really enjoy her writing and am also really enjoying the "Virals" series....

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"Bones Are Forever" is another marvelous forensic anthropology thriller by Kathy Reich. As in all her books, this one is filled with fascinating medical, forensic, criminal, historical, and scientific details. The characters and dialogue are skillfully realized, the story authentic and believable...and each chapter irresistibly propels you into the next with clever (and often annoying) cliffhangers. In fact, it's quite hard to put the book down! Best of all, it's easy to get lost in the story and forget you're reading at all. At times, it seemed like events were playing themselves out in my mind's eye like a movie or TV drama. 

 The book starts with the discovery of the remains of three newborns in a small squalid apartment of a young prostitute living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It appears the woman has been killing her full term babies as soon as they are born and stuffing them in various hiding places in her home. Temperance Brennen, a forensic anthropologist, and the star of Reich's series of "Bones" thrillers, is called to examine the decayed body, mummy, and bones of the three tiny victims and to help with apprehending the killer. The case takes Temperance--along with two male criminal investigators--to Edmonton and later to the far northern frontier settlement of Yellowknife. Temperance has past and current romantic relationships with both of her colleagues on this case, and this adds  complications and interest. As the evidence mounts, the case becomes a jumble of conflicting and confusing leads. There are more questions than answers and, as usual, Temperance seems constantly to be getting herself into dangerous circumstances in order to uncover the truth. 

When I was seventy percent of the way through the novel, I figured out the why, but it wasn't until the end of the novel that I knew the who. I was satisfied with the ending and felt it was well supported by all that had come before without any overt literary obfuscations or tricks. I learned a great deal about the First Nation people of Canada and about some of their existing social, economic, and cultural problems. It was a good strong story and a very good book.

If you enjoy this genre, Kathy Reich is one of the best, and this novel is a very good example of her skill. 
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