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on May 14, 2012
You get season 7 of "Bones".

While the season was only 13 episodes long, because of Emily Deschanel's pregnancy and Fox's desire to test "The Finder", it managed to cram in some huge changes - and big plotlines - into that short season.

With the start of the season, we saw Brennan and Booth both adjusting to their new life together, awaiting the birth of their child. We also saw them let go of the last vestiges of their single lives and find a ramshackle home (which, with Wendall's FAST off screen help!) to move into. With the birth of their daughter, Christine, came a new sense of family.

For many episodes, the family angle was played up. Some might even say it was played up *too much*, but with tonight's finale, I think there was a point to it, so I can understand the reasoning, even if I felt the season was drama light. Starting with "The Crack in the Code", we meet the likely reason for the emphasis on family. His name is Christopher Pelant, a hacker who had messed with the government and ended up with an ankle monitor for his trouble. But the viewers see that is not the end of his "fun", by any means. He is, very much so, an equal to the folks at the Jeffersonian in terms of brilliance. In the first episode we meet him, he manages to murder a reporter and have the remains cremated before they can be examined by altering government red tape. He also manages to fry Angela's expensive equipment when she tries to scan the bones of another erstwhile victim of his by putting malware inside said bones.

An average criminal, he clearly is not.

In between the Pelant arc, the audience gets a shout-out episode - using Easter eggs and hybrid staff names - as a wink and thank you to the fans, as one of Brennan's novels gets filmed into a movie. We also see how Angela and Hodgins are, themselves, adjusting to parenthood, often with Angela using her experiences to help Brennan deal with her own worries.

Maybe TPTB knew there was limited time in which to really dig deep into the drama, so the fluff was used much more prevalently, in my opinion, than in past seasons, hence four stars instead of five. I like fluff, but the show is ostensibly a dramedy and there was a bit too little "dram" versus "edy". Still, I think that was to make things easier on Ms. Deschanel, and to give the viewers a quiet reprieve from the drama of the prior season.

And, naturally, to really build up the happiness before Pelant made his creepy presence felt once again - in a *big way* - for the finale. In which a parallel between Booth/Brennan and Brennan's own past is made. I will not spoil what happens but, needless to say, echoes of Brennan's past make its way into the present with some heart-wrenching choices when it seems circumstances play against her. Which puts the future of Booth, Brennan, and their baby as a family in jeopardy.

And with those unanswered questions, I look forward to seeing how things resolve in Season 8, which, on the bright side, looks to be a full, regular season come fall, including four "bonus" episodes that were ordered for either the summer or for the new season; recently, it was announced these four episodes would be included in Season 8 as stand-alone episodes (versus the usual episodes that seem to have a continuing arc).

So, the moral is, enjoy the fluff while it is around - even if a bit too much - because the drama will always kick back in. Hart Hanson and Company have proven it once again.

ETA: 06/20/2012: Oddly, while no release date for this set is still posted here, Amazon's Canadian site, Amazon.ca, is also taking orders and has a release date now for October 9th. This should apply as Canada and the US both have Region 1 DVDs and use Region A for Blu-Ray. Also, October 9th is a Tuesday, which is typically when new releases come out in the US. So just a possible update in terms of just when this set may be released!

ETA, Part 2 - 07/19/2012: As you see, the key art for the DVD/BluRay set has been released. TV Shows On DVD has the release date as October 9th, though Amazon does not have that listed yet.
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on January 24, 2012
Its wonderful to see a show into it's 7th season stay interesting. The writing is still fantastic, the cases are always interesting, and the interpersonal relationships are realistic. I love that the new parents are shown actually having baby-related problems; you dont see parenthood, or pregnancy for that matter, portrayed honestly very often. Congratulations over all for continuing to give us a show we can actually feel smarter after watching, a rarity in today's reality show fueled media.

As to the series premeire of Finder, it's not a bad spin off. Those who remember this character will recall he isn't "superhero" by any means, but instead suffered a brain injury in combat which causes him both to compulsively find things, and also to see connections where most would see chaos. As to the question of support.... was it missed that people generally pay quite handsomely for objects to be found? He made more finding one guitar than most Americans do in 6 months; I'd call that ample support. The writing isnt as good but so far it is fair, we'll have to see as the season goes on whether or not the characters fully develope. A promising start for a spin-off show though.
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on July 24, 2012
I am a HUGE BONES fan and even though seasons 1-6 are available on Netflix, I have purchased them all. I will definitely be buying season 7 as well but the price is crazy. Understandably the season was short (13 episodes) due to Emily's pregnancy but to charge almost $40 for the season is ridiculous. I'll wait until the price goes down a bit I guess.
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on August 29, 2017
Great series to watch! I would defiantly recommend everyone to buy and watch It from the beginning! Cheaply priced and well worth it! Shipping was great faster than expected for standard shipping!
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on December 30, 2012
Bones is about a forensic anthropologist and an FBI agent who team up to solve crimes with the help of the "squints" or other forensic scientists, all of whom have very close and invincible friendships. I only recently began watching Bones and was intrigued from the very beginning. The episodes are always different and equally funny, interesting, and suspenseful. This show is for teenagers and adults, ages 15 and up. It is for the most part clean, but it does have the occasional swear word and in the later seasons, as the characters become more romantically involved, contains quite a bit of talk and sometimes showing of kissing and sensual activity. Other than that, it is a very good tv show and the lead characters Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan have a witty relationship that is enjoyable to follow. One last note; in addition to the content described earlier, there are many good and noble qualities portrayed and just duties performed in the show. For example, Booth is a devoted Catholic who has, except for the occasional wrong doing, very good morals and tries to lead the other characters to do the right thing. Overall, I think that if you can distinguish the mistakes from the good in the show, then you will enjoy it immensly. I highly recommend it if you like crime dramas.
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on November 8, 2012
I should preface this review by saying that I can never get enough Bones, which may make my perspective a bit skewed. I am certainly more Booth than Brennan. Season 7 lacks some of the heat and heart that was season 6. Season 6 was a tough act to follow: it opened with the joyful reunion of the Jeffersonian crew, the disappointment of Booth coupling up with Hannah, the ache when Brennan realizes that she "lost her moment" with Booth, the horror of death of the brilliant Mr. Nigel-Murray, the delight of the birth of Micheal Staccato Vincent, and that amazing look on Booth's face in the final scene. How could you possibly follow that up?

Well lets start with the pay off of finally seeing the best will-they-won't they couple since Ross and Rachel finally together, the so cheesy it works birth of Baby Booth, and not to mention the creepiest bad guy since Gormogon. The individual episodes are still filled with the typical Bones recipe of intrigue, science, relationships, and humor. Plus we still see all of the wonderfully cooky and diverse characters we have grown to love from Daisy all the way to Hodgins. And luckily, Booth and Brennan haven't lost any of the chemistry and friction as a fully realized couple. So, while season 7 lacked the punch of some of the other seasons, it still entertains and lays ground work for a dynamite season 8. Overall, this Jeffersonian Junkie is queued up!
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on May 11, 2014
I do not watch television at all, but "Bones" is the only show that I have ever watched season after season. However, I only buy it when it comes out in yearly packages in order to avoid the senseless commercials.

The cast members are all good actors and that makes it more fun to watch; the writing is consistently good; the plots are interesting, locations vary from the beautiful to the mundane urban areas that are supposed to be Washington, DC Metropolitan. Once in a while you can spot something that is out of character, for example: in some stories Agent Booth is a reserve officer, while in others he is an enlisted man. So, he either gets promoted or demoted from season to season. Nevertheless, I enjoy the show and am sure yuou will, too.
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on December 2, 2012
I was concerned this season would lose some of It's flavor with Booth and Brennan as a couple, as well as parents; though we all longed to see this day... However I was not at all let down by the episodes in season 7. Therebwas romance, mystery, comedy, and reality in Bones/ Booth and Angela/Jack sneaking the babies in to the lab. I enjoyed being angry with Bones for leaving Booth at the finale!! While understanding it was likely the best decision. Not having seen ANY of the Season 8 Episodes, for want of viewing all of Season 7, before watching even one in Season 8: I anxiously awaited, discovering the outcome of Bones on the run, Booth without his family, and Angela defending her best friend against all odds! It was fantastic!!!! My only reason for giving season 7 a four of five stars, is because there were far too few episodes this time. I'm use to twice as many. Since Emily was ACTUALLY PREGNANT, and likely had leave of absence for maternal reasons, I completely understand: and therefore give 4 3/4 stars for Bones Season 7!.
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on January 28, 2013
The writers need to do something about the inane approach they are taking with Brennan's character and her interaction with Booth. First, if these two are living together, why are they still addressing each other using their last names (or "Bones"). There is no romance in a relationship that has only one thing in common -- a baby. And then Brennan's ongoing stupidity is really getting long in the tooth. It no longer works on any level. Sure, she's an atheist, but she can't related the practices of any of the cultures she's studied to her own life. She is almost as dysfunctional an educated person can be as I've ever met (I actually met a family who was worse). The short season (thanks to the actresses actual pregnancy) made this set pricey in comparison to full seasons.
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on February 6, 2013
being followers of the series, bones, since the beginning, we anticipated watching this season. the season is an eye opener, with a rotating cast of characters in the lab. but, after watching each episode, we closed the season feeling it was too short and we were wanting more. we always get a kick at emily deschanel's portrayal of "bones." great cast, great series.
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